Welcome to Close Quarters Defense®

Understanding the critical decisions and responses necessary to save one’s life or that of another, I established the Close Quarters Defense® (CQD®) System in 1981 – an operationally focused program designed to provide professionals and citizens with the skills to defend against the criminal or terrorist elements and to enhance personal growth to meet the challenges of daily life. With this training you will learn not only to survive a violent encounter, but how to dominate it. You will be trained so that the day you complete the course you will be ready, if necessary, to put these skills into action with appropriate and justifiable force.

Development for high-risk engagements is predicated on the same tenets as those that create success in life – hard work, perseverance, and standing up for what is right. The more we value and appreciate life, the harder we will train and fight to protect it. Along with my staff, I am committed to providing the highest quality services and training.

As an American, I appreciate the professionals, support personnel, and citizens that serve our nation on a daily basis, and the sacrifices they and their families must make in order to do so. I realize the significance and responsibility that I have and it is a distinct honor for me to provide this tactical training utilized in the defense of our country.

Thank you for your interest in Close Quarters Defense.