Testimonials – Dieter's Close Quarters Defense


CQD's validated use and acceptance


In my 15 years in the Teams I have been to numerous shooting schools and seen or attended several “hand to hand courses.” Dieters CQD is the only training that has endured the test of time and combat utility. This training is realistic, it works, promotes team work, is operationally sound for a variety of missions and helps to create a clear operational focus. – D.S.

Outstanding. This is the only training that I have ever received in the navy, or my life for that matter, that I will remember and benefit me as long as I live. I highly recommend this training to motivated personnel. – J.N.

Outstanding. First rate. This should be mandatory for all operators at this command. We should seriously consider recommending this to the community (spec war) as our hand to hand training. This course is the deal! – J.C.

Everyone should receive this training. Each man should get at least (minimum) two weeks of training annually. Standardized training throughout the NSW community (before arriving at *****) would also help move us to the next level. – T.V.

The training was great. I’m more confident and competent now than I have ever been in both my close shooting skills and prisoner control techniques. – Outstanding! The best training I’ve had in this field. – S.W.

CQD is by far the best form of operational and fighting skills I have experienced. This week far exceeds my expectations. – K.T.

This course is a “must have” for every **** operator every other month. – M.J.

Best shooting and fighting course I have ever attended or know about for our line of work. – G.P.

This is combat training. Total combat training! It related to everything I do to train for war. – This course should be incorporated into ***** Team and all operators should be brought up to speed ASAP! No matter what your experience level, you always have something to learn! This is how to fight and win in combat! – J.C.

As closely realistic as any training we get at this command. – W.D.

I’ve been in Spec war for nine years and this was the first time I’ve received formal training in dealing with prisoners. Excellent course! – B.O.

[Prisoner Control] Much more effective than what I previously learned. – [Weapon Retention] It’s definitely proven itself to be better than what I was previously taught in prior workups. – [Benefit the Teams?] It can give the Teams a standardized way of doing this and also give the knowledge and skills needed to improve CQB, prisoner handling. – K.K.

Excellent training. This training relates more to the combat type situation in a more realistic manner than anything else taught in the teams. I also feel more confident in my weapons handling and shooting ability. – G.P.

Blows away ***** and any other fighting skills taught in Spec War. – C.S.

Excellent and most realistic training I have been through. – P.G.

I am impressed with the system and the professionalism in which it is taught. This is the combat fighting system NSW needs. – G.P.

I feel this is the most beneficial 2 weeks I’ve ever had. – D.M.

Excellent. Best single block of training I’ve ever had. – S.P.

Outstanding. By far the best block of training I have ever been through in NSW. – D.H.

Excellent training. All team guys should have this type of training. – J.G.

Outstanding! Best defense training I have ever been taught. – S.M.

Excellent training. The most realistic I’ve had yet. – D.G.

Outstanding, glad that this has become an integral part of training. – R.D.

Superior to all other hand-to-hand/shooting schools previously attended. – T.W.

Good stuff. The best personal defense training I have ever received. – B.R.

I believe I will benefit from this training in all aspects of life! Thanks! – J.C.

Very valuable training for the SPECOPS community. – S.R.

I’ve had some training in the past but I don’t think any comes close to this system. It’s realistic and proven. Thanks Duane. – G.C.

Duane is the foremost reason we now have a high confidence level in every crowd movement, close contact operation. – M.J.

This is by far the best stuff I’ve ever done. There is nothing fancy about it; it is just straight forward combat fighting. – T.B.

I would recommend the 40 hour course for every operator at this command. – M.C.

The most realistic and applicable hand to hand/close quarters control course that I have attended. – Outstanding. – T.S.

This is the only training I know of that is a “total combat” course! Outstanding. – J.C.

Outstanding, by far the best block of training I have ever been through in NSW. – D.H.

All portions were beneficial and I honestly think that all have been responsible for making me a better warrior/husband/father. – R.L.

Great! Eye opening. Training should be taught to anyone who does ANY kind of SPECOPS work. – J.V.

Excellent, every **** Operator needs this! – I benefited from all, excellent for a wide variety of jobs. – M.J.

Pushing our training limits is what it is all about. This command has done itself a great service by incorporating Dieter principles. – M.L.

Outstanding. More time required. Let’s buy some gear and make this something we can do every day. – Excellent techniques very applicable. – J.H.

It will save my life one day!!!!! – M.B.

The best I’ve had. Have done the 40hr *****. This course makes much more sense and applies fully to our job. – H.M.

Right on target. The focus is geared toward the operator and the skills I need to dominate an adversary. Other courses (*****) did not have the operator orientation like this course. – B.T.

This course and these instructors are by far the most knowledgeable, prepared, and professional group of instructors I have ever come across. The course is extremely practical and very well thought out to cover all scenarios and possibilities. – Anonymous

Mr. Dieter has provided invaluable training to various elements of this Team for nearly five years. The techniques he teaches are proven and mission focused. His system complements our tactics, providing the operator with a greater ability to face a hostile threat in a CQB environment. More importantly, it provides the operator/team with an enhanced sense of control, focus, and confidence when faced with challenging situations, which could easily become chaotic. – T.V.

None of the 26 trainees had ever been instructed in a systematic way of PC. Making this course of instruction mandatory, will benefit the Assault Teams as well as the individuals. PC is one of the Actions at the Objective that we are so called experts. The command spends a good amount of money on martial arts training that benefits the individual in a non-tactical situation. I do not believe this benefits the command in its mission. – C.C.

Finally a fighting course that is applicable to what we do. – M.H.

Excellent techniques. Valuable, applicable tools. Length of COI needs to be increased. 2 – 3 weeks of full days and evening work. – K.H.

By putting us into realistic scenarios, the training comes home hard. The Tac-House drills and the vehicle work are invaluable. You are in a realistic environment that is not a set. Anything can happen. That’s how you learn! We need to learn more. – J.C.

Shooting skills make a lot more sense in a combative situation. Target ID and quicker shots at threat along with total safety at all times. My abilities are greatly enhanced. Outstanding! – Anonymous

Outstanding, the skills I’ve learned over the last 2 weeks were some of the best training ever. Very tactically sound. – D.H.

…This is the best system out there. – J.H.

Phenomenal – The best training I’ve received in any subject area. Simply put – you learn and retain. – Duane Dieter should be given the opportunity to instruct every person of high integrity, therefore ensuring the safety of themselves and their families from all foes… – S.C.

Excellent. Should have been doing it years ago at the other teams. – J.J.

Excellent training that pertains to our job. It is motivating and pertinent. “A MUST HAVE!” – J.J.

As a prisoner handling course the techniques taught were exceptional, however the most valuable information was that taught during the DDS theory portion. The ability to analyze future situations in the way DDS trains will be valuable in prisoner handling situations as well as hand to hand combat. – The only thing that can make this better is more time!! – M.B.

Dieter’s CQD is not typical “hand to hand” in substance purpose or attitude. It is to ensure our operators dominate the close contact fight, complete the mission and get home. – D.S.

Excellent. The most informative class I have ever been to. Everything was explained at a level in which everybody understands and wants to learn/listen. – I recommend this class be taken by everyone at the command. Most beneficial for “the mission.” “Two thumbs up.” – E.G.

I feel this training is invaluable and should be taught to all of the Teams. – I feel this course could be a few days longer too. – J.R.

The training was very practical and was easy to understand the reasons behind the techniques. – All the training was beneficial and the “in house” training helped me the most to strive harder to better my techniques. – I hope that in the future we will be able to return or get back together to continue training. – C.T.

The training was excellent from start to finish. The high point was the operational focus placed on the drills and tactics. Working with our gear in our operational environment. – T.V.

Very good. I would like to expand on these skills with follow-up courses up to instructor training. – J.D.

It puts you in a real world situation, to where if you run into somebody you don’t want to shoot, I have the training now to handle them. – As realistic as we can make it. We had role players in part of the training and you saw if the technique worked or not. It works. – Keep Duane coming down to teach us. – M.U.

Outstanding, both in self defense, operational, and home life. – R.L.

Exceptional. Should be incorporated in SQT & platoon workups prior to CQB to ensure good muscle memory. – J.H.

There was a very common sense approach to the training. Nothing fancy, just stuff that works. – D.W.

Great training. Really increases awareness of the immediate threat and provides tools to deal with that threat. – S.F.

Fantastic, enjoyed every minute. – I’m not leaving needing explanations or reviews on any of the training. However, I do have a thirst or desire to gain proficiency in what you have taught. – B.S.

Outstanding. I feel more confident on what I have learned this week using CQD training. – I recommend this class to everybody and make it longer. – D.M.

The best I have ever been through. I hope we will be able to do this more than once or twice a year. Maybe 4 times? – B.C.

Excellent, realistic training that explores entire continuum. No substitute for mixing it up with trained, live “bad guys.” – K.W.

Has made me a better person. I look at everything in a different way. And it has made me a better operator. – D.E.

Overall the week’s training was great. All we need is more time to commit the skills to muscle memory and get rid of old training scars. I am definitely more capable now than I was last week, and that is what counts. – S.W.

It is valuable and pertains to the mission at hand. I think it has great purpose. – T.T.

Outstanding instructor, very motivating. – B.D.

Excellent. I got a lot out of it, especially the hooded box drills. – B.P.

Good base skill level: I was left with the impression that we only scraped the surface of what Duane has to offer with his CQD system. – M.W.

Great! This is the first type of this training I have received. It brings in a realism that cannot be accomplished with paper targets. – J.H.

Very valuable to our line of work. – B.M.

A very well rounded, in depth system with application for every skill level. – V.

Excellent – It’s great to have operationally oriented fighting skills. – J.H.

Smart, efficient and beneficial training to answer some of the “what ifs” you sometimes don’t want to ask. – M.W.

Good to have an escalation of force based on the force your unknown is showing against you and to have the techniques to go to. – J.

Keep the training going on a regular basis. – T.S.

Concept of training to use deadly force only when necessary is excellent. Recommend for all spec war personnel. – F.S.

Great job again Duane. Keep coming to *** team. – J.K.

I admire Mr. Dieter’s willingness to have his techniques fully tested without preparation or staging. – T.S.

Would love to see training continue on a regular basis, building on what we have already learned. – M.

We need to arrange a ******** **** inside of ***** so we can maintain an aggressive and efficient skill level… – J.H.

Great! Good skills to have. For this line of work I feel it’s a must. – A.M.

Excellent. Good use of building blocks starting with basic skills and ending with the Tac-House. – J.R.

The only hand-to-hand I’ve had that we actually went full speed. The box drills were real effective in showing how you actually react. – J.B.

I need more time with this training. – I would like to devote more quality time with Duane and support this training with the Teams. – Command sustainment on CQD. – J.M.

Real total concept, reactive, not rehearsed solid methods. Want more. – J.C.

The best and most applicable defense, etc. for our job. Awesome! – G.F.

Awesome. Changed my mind set about in-close fighting. – L.L.

Excellent. – Wish I would have started earlier in my career. – S.R.

Excellent! It’s obvious that Duane has practical knowledge and experience. – A huge benefit to our operators. – V.V.

Outstanding. – For a one week course this instruction took you from zero training to a level where you can be confident in dealing with threats. – M.W.

It is extremely applicable to our line of work and I learned a great deal. – D.B.

It should be a major push for all ****** (operational) to come through. – B.S.

It was great training that gave me needed confidence in my ability to control myself under stress. – J.S.

Great tactical training. Real world, not competition. – Anonymous

Excellent, most practical I’ve taken so far. – N.F.

Can’t get enough/must make this a “weekly thing” on standby. – W.D.

Love it; wish I was exposed to years earlier. – R.H.

Excellent. From this first week of training, I can see how devastating this fighting system can be. – G.C.

Good, aggressive, practical training with realistic scenarios. – A.L.

Best personal defense and offensive training. – S.W.

Excellent course. The prisoner handling techniques are very effective and definitely apply to our line of work. – C.B.

Excellent training, necessary for this command. – G.

It was awesome training. Well needed because you get to work with real people other than paper targets. – S.T.

Outstanding. Most inclusive prisoner handling course ever. – J.H.

Excellent. The fundamentals that we were taught were something that I will use. – J.R.

Outstanding instruction on Prisoner Control techniques. – M.L.

Great. Best integration of weapons and empty hand. Perfect blend. – B.

The best close quarter, usable skill yet. – S.W.

Excellent training in a short amount of time. Very applicable to our line of work. – C.B.

Excellent, real solid down to real tactics. Best I’ve seen. – C.L.

Outstanding! This is what we all should be doing. – C.H.

Thus far in my spec war career, this is the only hand-to-hand training/CQD I have had. I found it insightful and outstanding. – F.O.

The skills have unlimited applications…Need more training. – Anonymous

I believe it is very critical to have this training when your primary mission is CQB. – D.A.

Good. Definitely needed for prisoner handling techniques in a hostile environment. – M.M.

Excellent step by step on control of prisoners in different levels of force. – S.C.

Outstanding! As always you wish you had a little more time. Scenarios with paint and live role players are invaluable. – J.K.

Like I’ve said before, this is great stuff! All of the stress imposed makes the learning curve skyrocket. – T.B.

Outstanding. The most practical and useful training I’ve had. – S.P.

Hard to say enough good things about what I’ve learned so far. – B.L.

It is extremely beneficial, I can’t say enough about it. It has helped me tremendously. – D.M.

Awesome! Once again this week was full of intense training. My learning curve is getting fast and better with each day under Duane. – S.M.

Outstanding. Some of the best training I have received in the teams to date. – C.S.

I think this is very effective training. I have attended the NSWC ***** 30 day course, and I believe that CQD focuses more on the type of system we need. – G.P.

Impressed with the knowledge of Duane. I want more of this training. – C.G.

Excellent aggressive control of the environment we operate in! – B.G.

Extremely beneficial. Having come out of ********, you really only have the foundation, it was good to refine my moves. – M.G.

Superior! We need more of it! The more we get, the better we’ll be prepared to do our job better. – B.O.

Most realistic/effective close quarters training. – H.

The training is essential if you want to have the best-prepared operators. – J.L.

Outstanding, and more importantly, very applicable. Much more effective than the current ***** system. – T.S.

Each time we have Mr. Dieter train us we raise our awareness level and increase combat skills. – J.L.

Essential to assaulters. Needs to be used (practiced) at all times. – J.L.

Again this training is extremely important. It refines and establishes excellent skills. – N.T.

Excellent, using the skills we learned in different “environments” was beneficial. – K.J.

Outstanding! Duane’s training really takes the operator a level higher – need to have! – M.J.

Great training. Really needed something like this earlier in my career. – W.C.

Excellent. I have been in training situations before where this training would have been well used. – K.J.

The training received was excellent, our combative skill level has been increased, positive COI. – N.T.

Excellent training, everything we learned relates to all operators in many different combat/non-combat situations. It made me more aware of things I never thought of. – T.P.

Outstanding. This is something every SEAL should do and become competent at. – T.E.

Good, no course of this type has used weapons, which is, as demonstrated, crucial to this type of environment. – J.P.

Excellent training for defensive/offensive shooting/weapons control/force discipline. – J.L.

Outstanding training in which all phases pertain to the job we do. – L.M.

Excellent, a must for specialized type training individuals. – S.N.

The hooded box drill was great, I learned more in three minutes than five years of wrestling. – B.R.

Excellent material and practical application to tactical techniques we must utilize. – [Benefit the most] Natural responses and reactions to stressful situations requiring immediate decision making and immediate action to be taken. Box drills and Tac-House were extremely beneficial. – J.W.

The hooded box drill allowed you to see how you would “instantly” react in various scenarios which if you found yourself in the same position at a later time should help you give the appropriate response. I personally benefited from the hands on prisoner control classes and PC Tac-house. – V.

I felt like the box training was most beneficial. If we could get to do the box every day for a week, I think our reaction times to certain threats would be reduced drastically. – M.G.

The hooded box drill was outstanding. Duane hits a very underrated part of fighting – the mental attitude. – S.H.

[Benefit the most] Scenarios with paint and live role players. This is where you put what you’ve learned together with CQB tactics. This is why we do CQD! Nothing like doing it in the house. – J.K.

The box drills are great. The one-on-one fights or prisoner drills really show you what will and won’t work. – Running Box really showed me what I need to work on. The live weapons run was also great, it got me moving and thinking fast. The OPTs are also a great training aid. – T.B.

[Benefit the most] Shooting – I noticed a lot of improvement especially during the house runs. The PC and live-fire boxes were outstanding and real eye openers. – J.T.

I thought all the practical work was a great eye opener. The flow of shooting skills was outstanding. PC training as a whole was great. – C.G.

The CQD grip on the pistol improved my shooting. The shooting with both weapons was also greatly enhanced. – S.W.

The box drill brings to attention the effectiveness of the training. The levels of intensity and various scenarios force you to relax in order to be effective with the strikes. – G.P.

“Prisoner Handling” is very important and not practiced enough. “Box Drills” are real good in creating reaction. Also I liked fighting with your weapons. – P.S.

All aspects of the training improve combat readiness. – M.F.

All portions of the training will benefit me on my performances, from the basic mindset and confidence, to the most advanced training moves. All good. – E.K.

[Benefit the most] The hood, reacting to unknown situations quickly and aggressively made me feel comfortable with my new skills. – Anonymous

[Benefit the most] The pressure drills, hooded box gave confidence and refinement to my technique. – Anonymous

[Benefit the most] Aggressive mindset. Putting away with choreographed crap we’ve done in the past. Most important to me was being realistic in our training, i.e. we are not invincible, know it and prevent injury to yourself. – N.F.

Solid integration between aggressive shooting and CQD techniques. – R.U.

[Benefit the most] The real experience feedback concerning what shooting, striking, and fighting techniques that work and the distinction between “sport” skills and combat skills. – M.B.

[Benefit the most] Vehicle interdiction. This was the first time I learned techniques to remove people from vehicles. – D.A.

Car work was great. Good to see different levels to use. – R.L.

My first time taking people out of vehicles that was good. Also the box was great. And team scenarios today were great. – J.H.

[Benefit the most] Training for those things that you/one assumes they’ll be prepared for and usually never is. But for me, the concentration on being mentally prepared to go from 0 to 100 and back again while remaining effective was a great impact on me. – K.T.

[Benefit the most] Prisoner handling, running and shooting in *** ******** was also an excellent drill. It was a good test of striking and shooting skills from point blank to 150 meters. – S.C.

It’s all invaluable. – B.G.

Bringing the role players in the mix was the most beneficial portion because it proved the tactics work. – W.S.

[Benefit the most] The prisoner handling! The techniques taught are outstanding; they cover many situations and environments, and they work. – B.C.

Duane’s teaching personality and knowledge is very motivating. Psychological training – big check! – J.M.

[Benefit the most] All of it. This is my first course of instruction outside of in house training. I learned a ton every day. I enjoyed the box drills most with the blindfold! – S.F.

Being able to shoot and hit a live opponent is priceless. – M.W.

The box drills were great. Great hands on training in a stressful environment. – Both **** and HMMWV training were excellent. Both were highly beneficial to element. – B.R.

[Benefit the most] All of it. Weapons handling, box drills. I have been in a few stressful situations and reacted fine; this was different and more realistic and it was great training to see how I would react. – T.P.

Since every step builds on the previous one, the whole progression leads to ever-increasing benefit. – T.E.

[Benefit the most] The box, an excellent tool to show me my weaknesses. What you do in stress is, I believe, what you’ll do for real and I still have a ways to go. – J.P.

[Benefit the most] Understanding the stance! And how much it plays a part in what we’re doing, and also how much power you gain from being in that position. – Outstanding COI. Recommend we keep this type of training up at all times just because of missions that we could be tasked with. – E.H.

I want more with all of the training, in order to get better. We need more practical time. – B.K.

It’s been about a year since I’ve done this, and all the techniques were actually still fresh in my mind. – D.C.

I would like to spend more time doing all of it. Explanations and examples were great. – S.G.

The course is run at an extremely comfortable and easy to understand pace. Duane is an excellent teacher. – M.J.

Overall, training is excellent and there is only so much time to train and that time has been utilized to its fullest. – J.L.

This is my first exposure to CQD. I feel this is a necessity NSW wide. – D.W.

The ultra-aggressive high intensity physical contact evolutions drove home the learning points best. The more these evolutions can be exercised…the better. Thanks for a good time and great training. – K.W.

Great system on a basic to advanced level. – B.L.

I thought the scenario training in the house with Simms and pads was extremely realistic and I hope you will incorporate that later on in our training. – J.G.

It was important how you explained the control and when to walk away so it’s not abused during off-duty hours. Well done. – M.S.

The training was excellent. I learned a lot in the short time we had to work with Duane. – I gained the most from the Box Drill. It really [brought] together what we learned. – D.C.

As long as the training continues and advances, we will continue to bring our skill level where it needs to be. – A.M.

I wish I could have gotten this training when I first got into the Teams. – Anonymous

Would like to receive more and more and at an earlier level (like STT or AOT for younger operators). – E.K.

Good training that makes far more sense than ***** or any of the other junk I’ve seen. – R.U.

I would definitely like to have a lot more training at this to get real proficient. Awesome course! – D.I.

We need a lot more of this kind of stuff. – M.E.

This shit is great! The most practical yet! – R.L.

Great training! Need and want more! Thanks Duane. – T.V.

Great training. – Hope to get the long course. – D.V.

Very organized and I felt there was a lot of thought put behind the system that benefits the operator to make him a complete weapons system. Duane, thanks for the motivation. – C.L.

I need to learn this CQD to be a better operator. – D.N.

Tac-House TRPs were good realistic scenarios. Incorporated Team skills with individual training we learned this week. *Excellent job of tailoring TRPs to **** Team mission scenarios. – D.T.

This was a great course, it was by far the best combat fighting course I’ve done. The “Live Box” was great! I hope that I get to continue training with this for years to come. – T.B.

The whole spectrum of what was covered and how they all relate to each other is excellent. It’s made me real motivated to expand and learn more. – J.T.

Hope I can continue to further my CQD training with OPTs and other drills to better my skills. Definitely helps better your operational mindset, with confidence and ability. Duane and the cadre were always motivating and helping us better ourselves. – D.H.

Outstanding course, these skills could truly save your life. Looking forward to more follow on training. – M.F.

This training is excellent and should definitely be sustained throughout training. – K.C.

I can tell that I’ve just scratched the surface and would really love more training. I’m also really impressed with how well this system works in practical applications. – D.M.

The CQD course was well run. The cadre ensured the evolutions were run safely and applied the stress to best the skills. This course by far is the best approach to incorporating shooting, prisoner handling, situational awareness, that I have attended. – B.T.

The FTXs were great. I learned a great deal from them and they were both realistic and fun. I think the way the FTXs were set up and run was good because it created confusion for us in an environment that is new to all of us. Being able to see how you react when you are confused and so much is going on is a real self-test and the lessons learned are not easily forgotten. The box drills were great. I look forward to doing more of them. – Training we have received so far has been excellent. – S.W.

Excellent job by all cadre. The drills and integration of fighting and shooting builds confidence as well as skill and ability. – G.P.

This course has taught me how to use my body and weapons in a combat environment better than any course I have had in the past. – B.T.

I feel that this training is very beneficial and that we need more of it. Having real people in the training scenarios is very beneficial and close to an actual situation. – J.G.

Hope to continue building on the skill that we have received. In my opinion everyone should learn and apply these skills. – D.H.

Would like to continue all levels of training in the future, so it becomes muscle memory. – E.E.

This system really opened my eyes to all the stuff I was taught before that when put to the test didn’t work. – D.M.

Overall excellent course, looking forward to learning more in the future. – K.

Great course. Need more of everything – can’t wait to do it again! – D.G.

It would be great to continue this training and certainly in the elements. Excellent training. – J.B.

Not only does this increase combat awareness, it works in everyday situations; look forward to future lessons. – F.S.

[DDS] I had never been taught any skills like this when I came to the Teams. I think every operator needs a base of skills to work from. – The prisoner handling techniques taught in this course were far easier and more effective than what I had previously learned. – D.C.

*** scenarios were the best tools. Moving from one setup to the next with minimal briefs was an excellent gauge. – E.J.

Some of the best most motivating and realistic training I’ve had. Keep up the good work. Hope to be able to do it again soon. – S.G.

I would love to see guys continually attending a 40 hour course in small #’s for maximum benefits. I’d love to teach my kids CQD. They’d be confident and safe in all situations. Thanks Duane. – K.T.

Great course, would like a longer one. – S.H.

Thank you for the training, it benefits the command. – J.L.

Duane, good job on keeping training applicable. – B.W.

This is the best training I have ever been through concerning prisoner handling. We definitely need more time spent on controlling personnel. – B.O.

I would like to see this training as part of standard cycle training. – T.S.

It is always a joy to watch an instructor teach that has an energy and knowledge as you do. – J.K.

Essential to continue training. We must stay on top of our training. – S.C.

Thanks. I’m a better warrior for it. Additional sustainment training most needed. – T.W.

Would like to do the two-week shooting course. I feel that this would be very beneficial to the men… – R.D.

This course is beneficial to any SEAL exposed to this type of situation. – M.P.

Excellent, excellent COI. Need it sooner in NAVSPECWAR career (Junior pers) i.e. other commands continual learning curve. – N.T.

Great course, hope to keep training and go through another course. – M.W.

Great mental attitude and terrific skill taught. Thanks for the time. – Highly recommended for all of **** Team. Two weeks is the best block out for training. Excellent instruction in all phases. – B.R.

I wish we could do this for more than 7 days. Great training with the ********* i.e. sea state, close quarters, tactics. – N.B.

All of us gain from this training, it gets us all on the same sheet of music and is very realistic. – T.P.

Finally a defense art we can use! It might just save a life some day! – C.E.

Outstanding training! This course/style is the most applicable to our job. – R.B.

Directly relates to the job, from peaceful situations to hostile situations. – B.C.

I believe this is very relative to our work and that we should do more of it. – J.H.

Every aspect of today’s training relates to our work. – V.

Right on! One of the most effective training we do! – W.D.

Brought our skill, knowledge, weapons, fighting to a higher level. – N.T.

Critical near threat and prisoner control prep for real world missions. – T.C.

Very practical/realistic. Includes offensive and defensive skills in close quarter confrontations. – D.T.

Dieter’s CQD was very mission focused. Oriented in every way toward engaging targets in an operational environment. – K.S.

It gives people an offensive attitude needed for close quarters battle and other related skills and techniques needed to carry out the mission. – K.

Direct and indirect application of these techniques are endless. – M.

Allows assaulter effective means to deal with CQB type situations. – J.M.

It seems very applicable. Moving around corners in tight spaces and the need to meet a threat quickly with all potential weapons. – J.P.

Very effective, well instructed. Duane teaches at the level and speed this team should be at! – W.D.

I think the techniques shown us were excellent and practical. FTX’s/Box drills were some of the most realistic training I have received. – R.S.

Very realistic!! If we are the blocking force, we need to know how to control crowds and hostile people. We might have to enter a building and deal with threats in a close quarters situation. – C.E.

Very realistic. I feel I’m much better equipped to handle a variety of close in skills dealing with blocking force and SST. – T.E.

[Enhance operator skills?] Absolutely, really interested [in] learning more on the shooting side of the house. – Outstanding group of Instructors – work well together. – B.S.

The box and prisoner drills were excellent and relate to what we may encounter. – J.H.

It’s as close to realistic reactions that you can get. – J.B.

The techniques were very simple and were designed to be used under stress. – C.D.

Excellent training and very applicable to our basic war fighting skills. – J.L.

I think when we have the opportunity to conduct this type of training, we should. I also believe that we should make it a higher priority. – J.H.

Great, outstanding course. I feel I could use this CQD and come out the winner! – R.M.

Excellent course. I think we should do it each standby. – J.H.

Excellent/training is needed for all assaulters. – J.M.

Assault teams should work with Duane Dieter at least once during standby (and maybe during *******). 2 or 3 members of training/advance training should be well versed in the techniques so that they may incorporate them into SRX/FTXs. – H.H.

Good, this training was comprehensive. It covered all aspects from: the planning, prep, brief, conduct evolution, and clean-up. – S.B.

After receiving courses in **** and ******** this was the most oriented to our job and mission. – T.H.

This is my third time, although a little more CQB orientated than my previous two, it has changed my style of aggressive training 100%. All SEALs need this. – M.J.

Outstanding course of instruction, it is direct and to the point. It’s critical for our operations! – S.L.

Excellent training, especially for people with little CQD experience. – L.V.

Great course. A lot of guys hunger for this type of training. – M.S.

Duane did a great job in a short time. Recommend at least 1 week of instruction per standby. – N.M.

Excellent, hope to continue this training on a regular basis. – J.B.

Excellent! We should do this training at least twice a year prior to taking over standby posture. – B.O.

This training is some of the most valuable a person can receive. This not only builds physical skills, but mental awareness. This can and will be applied consciously and subconsciously. – J.L.

Most effective, wish it were a daily training. – J.M.

Recommend more training with Dieter. – K.S.

A great asset to this command! – N.T.

Excellent/we need him every standby – S.N.

Excellent course, recommend it for everyone here. – H.

Being a ***** instructor, this training was the best training I’ve had, especially with the weapons. – D.G.

I thought it was great. Realistic personnel handling skills for any environment. – K.T.

Outstanding, very useful and practical training. – P.L.

Very effective. The best SEAL COI for self-defense with weapons. – J.H.

Excellent. Invaluable to potential mission scenarios. – S.C.

Recommend initial course be taught before Team In-house CQB training and both to be followed up by additional, advanced course of instruction and field exercise problems. – R.H.

For some, an eye opener. For all, an important part of what we do that should be continued to the highest levels. – J.J.

Best on the planet. – C.C.

[Benefit the most] Prisoner handling – everyone in spec war should have this training! – B.O.

The instruction was suitable for beginners as well as the more advanced. – J.O.

Extremely effective instruction, methods used explanation, demonstration, skills, drills, and practicals. The use of role players makes his instruction great. – J.L.

Prepares the assault team member for real-time combat operations, involving instinctive firing. – Training was conducted under conditions that simulate a stressful environment similar to a live situation. – M.

Prepares you to engage your enemy effectively. – The drills isolated certain skills. When all the skills were put together your overall combat readiness is greatly enhanced. – J.M.

It doesn’t let you get away with faking it, that is good because if the guys don’t fight back or shoot back then you are fooling yourself into thinking you can do something that you can’t. – R.S.

The kill house was great. It incorporated everything we practiced. We really don’t do much with live bodies and it’s definitely different and takes more time when live bodies are in play and you have to deal with them. – A.D.

We need to put a higher priority on this training and start doing it much more. – J.B.

I can’t believe we hadn’t done this sooner! Indispensible! – C.D.

Instruction of CQD was effective, combining “hands on”/”no shoot” methods. It gave assaulters various methods/skills to handle those situations. – Overall, the training was good, I hope to be able to see and hopefully train in these techniques during further training sessions with the CQD principle. Thanks Duane. – T.A.

Very effective. He…sets the scenarios to match real world situations. – Duane is intense and relates well to us. – W.D.

Very effective, excellent drills, excellent demonstrations, motivated instructor, high intensity movement drills given the training area. – K.

Highly effective. Duane taught by instruction, demonstration and practical application. The practical application was especially helpful to cement your skills under stress. – T.E.

Mr. Dieter provided quality instruction that was easy to understand and employ. By describing the various situations in which the different techniques could be employed we had a choice as to which was the most effective. – P.V.

The PC work is invaluable. – S.R.

Very good. I’ve been going to his classes for 5 years now. 1 week every stand-by. – V.

Duane Dieter’s training is very positive to all aspects of warrior training. – Duane’s teaching personality and knowledge is very motivating. Psychological training is a big [one]. – J.M.

It really showed me what I could and would do in very stressful situations. – I am greatly honored to be able to learn these skills. – B.M.

Duane, you’re a great teacher and very positive towards our goals and mission. It is hard to find someone of your nature. Thanks! – T.J.

I think that your training tactics and skill of training is phenomenal and highly recommended to anyone wanting to build tactical skills and personal awareness. – Thanks for the training skills. I honestly can say that I have learned more in your four day course than four years of military training. – F.M.

Great training, I can’t wait to do more! – It will take some time to get rid of some of the bad habits I was taught in the past but I can see myself becoming really good at this. – S.T.

I learned a whole lot in a short amount of time. Definitely one of the best courses I have ever attended. Thank you, Duane! – M.G.

Excellent. Best training I have ever received. – Duane went above the call of duty when he was teaching the class. It was like he was teaching everyone one on one. Thanks Duane! – J.R.

Very useful, I believe I am a better person now just after being here 5 days. – Thanks for everything. You really made a positive impact on me. – A.M.

Outstanding! – [Benefit the most] Every part. Duane put to rest the majority of myths out in the martial art world. Also the self-defense. It is the best. – S.A.

Fantastic, wonderful! As I said, learning from you is like drinking from a fire hose. It is really great for me to learn from and get to know a totally committed person. Thanks! – B.L.

This was by far the most outstanding and beneficial training I have ever received. – Every portion of the training was extremely valuable. – Again, this is the best training I have ever received and can’t wait for the opportunity to do this again. A great course! – B.Q.

Overall opinion was outstanding. It hit on important points that are not normally practiced. – Duane, this was great, I really feel that the training was super especially with respect to the CQB portion… – V.H.

[Benefit the most] Protecting myself with my weapon (not just shooting it.) Having other options in controlling individuals without shooting them… – J.O.

Prisoner handling! Everyone in Spec War should have this training. – B.O.

With having to deal with hotels and tangos in a confined area this training is outstanding. – Totally realistic. To be able to hit a person and move them out of the way in a quick and effective manner. – J.K.

Very good. Duane’s method of delivering his material is right on track with our mission. – I really enjoyed working with Duane and the training was excellent! – W.S.

Have this mandatory for details going away to areas that are hot or even not hot. It is good to have this thrown at you to get you thinking. – R.B.

[Benefit the most] Prisoner control, power point firearm training, sealing, and many more points than can’t be listed here. – T.S.

[Relates to Your Work] Weapons handling relates to all room entries. Prisoner handling is also used in every major exercise we conduct. – R.B.

[Relate to your work?] Weapon retention, dealing with unknowns, both aggressive and passive, appropriate use of force. – I believe the skills are very realistic and are simple enough without needing to train at it four hours a day. – N.M.

My opinion is that it is the most effective type of training in the subject I’ve seen. Instruction method is actual application (physical). – Very effective. Mr. Dieter is willing to try any technique at full speed to validate his techniques. Training is very physical yet Mr. Dieter does not abuse the students. – T.S.

[Benefit the most] Incorporating weapons into the training and teaching how to fight with weapons and gear on. – K.S.

Hands on training with life like situation turn my awareness up a couple of notches as what to expect in a CQB situation or every day. – R.R.

It was effective. It gave the group more tools and awareness to deal with close quarter situations and prisoner handling. It also gave a group baseline to work on. The positive point is that it was a structural course to develop the group baseline, not some other off the cuff training. – J.H.

It was very effective in taking away bad habits. Shows how you really would react should you be put into a situation. – P.S.

Excellent hands on instruction at the same intensity as for real, and decisions have to be made in seconds, so pressure is on to perform correctly. – Excellent. Good techniques added with good instruction for as close to real circumstances as you can get. – Anonymous

CQD gives you tools to prioritize and start solving problems fast in any situation or part of training. – The cadre make this course what it is. The depth of knowledge, intensity, ability to articulate and critique that [Instructors] and the East Coast guys is the best in the teams. After 3 platoons, no other course of instruction comes close to the professionalism, unity of purpose and instruction and usefulness those guys offer. – I think all team guys should regularly be put through these scenarios to make you maintain an aggressive approach. – The thing that sets these guys and this course apart from all others is that they are all on the same sheet of music. You can tell how much time and effort gets put into their lessons, demonstrations and teaching methods. They have no attitudes and you can tell they want nothing more than for you to know everything they know, take it into the field, employ it – R.M.


Senior Leaders

For superior achievement while providing twelve years of dedicated and patriotic service to the Naval Special Warfare community. A highly acclaimed expert, Mr. Dieter was a key advisor to Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command and made significant contributions to the long-term success of the Naval Special Warfare community. Developing a program tailored to enhance warrior capabilities, he expertly trained deploying SEALs in mission critical skills. Many times his training has directly related to success in missions of National importance. By establishing levels of training to meet Force requirements, Mr. Dieter has helped to ensure SEALs will be ready when duty calls. His quality of service, impassioned commitment and unswerving loyalty resulted in increased readiness and mission capability of Naval Special Operating forces globally. His outstanding professional performance and total dedication to duty reflected great credit upon himself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. – Naval Superior Civilian Service Award Citation presented to Duane Dieter by Commanding Officer Naval Special Warfare Command, 2003 **** **** *** has been exposed to many martial art/hand to hand instructors/systems, only Dieters CQD has proven itself relevant to **** **** *** mission and has demonstrated sustained integrity. – NSW Tier 1 Official Training Justification Statement

I firmly believe that the stuff they learned this week will help them achieve victory on the battlefield. It’s the mission, the mission comes first, the mission is everything…This course, more so than any other course that we have in Naval Special Warfare, has the most military application and I think enhances you as an operator and will enable you to achieve victory on the battlefield, maintain mission success and not embarrass our nation. – NSW Senior Leader

The training standard for close quarters armed and unarmed battle is the Dieters Close Quarters Defense System. – NSW Tier 1 Official Policy Statement

Naval Special Warfare Center (NSWC) provides instruction on armed and unarmed combat to Naval Special Warfare (NSW) personnel. Over the last four years, NSW Combat Fighting Course instructors have trained with many national and international martial arts experts to insure that we are providing the best training possible. While these ‘experts’ are top of their field of competitive or ‘sport fighting,’ only one offers a system that has relevance to actual NSW mission requirements. That instructor is Mr. Duane Dieter…His CQD system is already being used exclusively by Naval Special Warfare *********** *****. – NSW Senior Leader

NSW has been exposed to Dieter’s Close Quarters Defense (CQD) for nine years, it is the only system used by NSW that successfully integrates the use of firearms with other close fighting and prisoner control techniques that works during close fierce encounters in support of NSW missions. CQD has received broad community acceptance as improving NSW close combat ability and has become the standard for close combat techniques. Success of the system has been validated in both NSW exercises and operations…NAVSPECWARCEN CFC cadre tried to compile a program by sending personnel to train in various martial arts, sport fighting or choreographed systems. This approach produced numerous shortfalls and led to an ineffective program. The eclectic approach training came form a sport focus or unrealistic martial art choreographed system not a combat base. The skills and methods of training were designed to win a contest not prepare SEALs for NSW missions. This built conflicting responses in the operator and platoon that made the unit less cohesive in action. Of particular danger, these reflexes were not compatible with the use of firearms. The results are catastrophic under real pressure. – NSW Official Training Justification

My intent is that we as community leaders, identify CQD as NSW’s defense/fighting system of choice based on its real operational applicability and lack of ‘hobbyist’ connotation (it’s also the NSW course that is highest rated by the students who take it), and then we work to move our people up the CQD training ladder at an appropriate pace. The NSWG Training Dets subscribe to CQD for pre-deployment training. In my view, CQD is the kind of training that saves lives and keeps people in the Teams… – NSW Senior Leader


I just want everyone to know the Naval Special Warfare Center’s “Close Quarters Defense” (or CQD) course is directly responsible for our deployed platoon’s current success in the nightly operations in Iraq. I personally feel this training is the MOST IMPORTANT/MOST CRITICAL training this platoon can get prior to deployment. The written point papers and interviews I’ve compiled from ****

personnel confirm what I’m saying. Most operators feel they couldn’t have done the job without this training, and that it may have saved lives (both innocent and our operators). – M.L.

Since my first exposure in 2001, CQD has outperformed anything we’ve tried to develop “in-house.” So much so that it has become the tactic from which we conduct all operations. CQD is hands down the only system that increases the effectiveness of each SEAL operator, instills a true warrior ethos and whose theories, principles and tactics have permeated every aspect of modern SEAL warfare. – D.M.

As a SEAL for over 18 years, I can unequivocally say that there is no better training method or system that prepares an operator for combat both physically and mentally than CQD. – J.B.

CQD is the best system I have been exposed to that prepares people and Teams for the realities of close combat. – D.S.

The skills sets taught and reinforced in this course of instruction have been continually proven effective in real world situations and documented by NSW operators…Given the current mission status of NSW, this should be given the highest level of importance further ensuring the preparation of our Warriors for combat. – W.S.D.

Our men received some of the best and most combat applicable instruction from your staff during our CQD-2 course of instruction. We cannot overstate the value and positive impact you made upon our unit through this most essential week of learning and instruction. – V.W.

I strongly support CQD training for the following reasons…CQD is a phenomenal system for developing small tactical units that can accomplish the full spectrum of operations and react quickly to uncertainty and lethal danger…we have barely scratched the surface with the potential of the program…CQD will be invaluable in the professional development of our newest personnel in the years to come so we can maintain and improve the outstanding capability and reputation of the NSW community. – M.R.

This should be a mandatory course of instruction for all SEAL operators. All of the comments I have heard from returning overseas operators are true – our combat effectiveness and warfighting ability is increased after this training. – F.M.

This is my first time through this course; while I have trained in other martial arts, it is important to remember we are not professional fighters. We are war fighters, and this course is definitely designed to enhance that ability. – J.H.

The most overall complete training and most realistic simulations in the Naval arsenal. – I believe this is the most important thing I have done in the teams and/or life. I know the training I have received is affecting myself and everyone I deal with from here on in, in a positive way. Thanks. – T.V.

I thought this was the greatest, most realistic course I’ve ever experienced in Spec War. – M.C.

Thanks for your excellent instruction with hand to hand combat and life like scenarios with dealing with both compliant and non-compliant personnel. While deployed to Iraq in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM we faced numerous adversities while conducting room clearances during multiple raids conducted by our platoon. Out of the 15 Direct Action missions our platoon conducted, we took down numerous personnel, both compliant, non-compliant, and armed with weapons. Your course of instruction contributed to the safety of our platoon and the safety of the women and children that were exposed during these high risk missions. Thanks for your hard work and dedication it’s made a significant difference to the NSW community! – S.W.

Having gone through the course before last deployment, our platoon was tasked with real-world ship boardings. We were very dominant and in control at all times and I couldn’t imagine NOT being as successful as we were. No block of training is more important for what we are being called to do. – S.B.

Absolutely, the most professional instructor staff I have ever seen. – J.R.

The skills learned here (i.e. prisoner handling) are a must for today’s deploying platoons. Even those who have been through the course should continue to attend this COI and polish their skills. This course needs to be a mandatory block for every platoon’s workup. – D.D.

This attitude is contagious and goes a long way to creating great operators. – J.R.

Crucial to our mission overseas. – M.

Great course and vital for EVERY SEAL operator. – L.W.

It does more than enhance. It gave us the skills we need, period. Training like this should be something we do on a daily basis. – This was the best and first course in my military career that I felt like my time was never wasted. The only way to improve this course is to make it longer. – This training should be the backbone of our work-up. We should receive many more months of this if we truly are preparing for war. This is the first course I have been in that the instructors actually seemed to have been trained to instruct. – E.D.

This training will save lives and must be learned by all platoons before deployment. – R.W.

The course can help in any mission of NSW. It is perfect for platoon training and highly recommended for all platoons. After 13 years in the SEAL Teams, I wish I could have attended this course earlier in my career. – D.G.

It’s more than apparent now that the system was founded on effective movements that have been validated/proven under pressure. The system is real and it works immediately, which gives its users instant results – this saves lives and/or stops the adversary. – G.E.

I’ve been in Spec War 17 years and this is one of the best and realistic courses that I’ve been to. – J.M.

This training should [be] mandatory/required to deploying SEAL platoons. – S.D.

…Readiness is increased dramatically in a short period as members of the platoon learn to deal with varying situations. – [Benefit the Teams?] Platoon unit integrity, development of SOPs, room control, crisis expectation/reaction. In an ARG PLT I did we worked side by side with force recon, they had no plan/SOP/skills for prisoner handling and it was obvious. Our PLT had been through CQD and it showed. – Outstanding instructor staff. Professional at all times, informative, helpful, motivated. – J.W.

Everything that was taught boosted my confidence level 100% making me a better more effective SEAL. – Professional, organized and by far the best course I’ve ever been through. Hooded Box Drill: awesome, made me feel like a trained warrior. – B.W.

CQD is a must for the Naval Special Warfare operation. In my 4 deployment experience, this course is by far one of the most valuable. It should have been added to the *** years ago! – J.B.

The course has greatly enhanced my unit’s ability to operate. It increases their judgment and confidence, which has a direct correlation to their projection of skills in all other areas. CQD was a wonderful, no B.S. course that having gone through it, I wouldn’t have dared have the platoon go without it. – S.H.

Keep up the great work! This is the best/most advanced course we do and you do it great. – A.L.

In summary the course was outstanding. This area is an absolute goldmine and should be expanded to include live fire facilities and charges. This course should be mandatory for all TUs prior to deployment. Ethos, force control, and total warrior the staff and the instruction are completely in line with what the community needs right now. – D.S.

Outstanding. Cannot stress enough the importance of this training to operational SEALS. Instructor/staff was awesome, totally professional and cared about what they were teaching. – W.G.

Since this is such an integral part of the job we get most frequently when we deploy, we need more of this. If a platoon could get to Level II or III prior to deployment, the enhancement to readiness would be immeasurable. – J.M.

Single best course in NSW for my operator skills. Trains, validates, and gives me extreme confidence in my skills and my platoon mates. – Anonymous

Outstanding. Level III is by far the best training received yet. – B.R.

Outstanding! This is the type of training that will keep us alive. Give these instructors free reign. They are innovating and revolutionizing training. They care about us and what they are doing. I can’t thank you enough. – R.S.

One of the most professional groups of instructors I have ever encountered! If you’re looking for a SEAL ethos, it’s right here in these guys and their teachings! – G.R.

This course taught me so much about force control, operator capability and prisoner control that I feel a new level of confidence for the application of the skills taught. I feel more capable to perform these tasks under stress and feel that the training and final stress-filled application has taught me much for what I will need to apply in the future. – E.F.

The principles learned in CQD apply to all aspects of combat and beyond. The skills attained from CQD will make me a more confident and alert operator all around. – V.R.

This course is by far the best I have been to. I go home and do this training because I like it so much. – J.P.

Never in my life have I had training of that kind of caliber and degree. Great impact on my life. – J.A.

A very profound experience. The best training of its kind that I’ve had in 12 years in the teams. – People may go their entire lives without meeting a person of such truth… – K.M.

In my opinion, a platoon with this training vs. another is far more prepared to realistically take on today’s missions. I am completely confident that anyone in my platoon now has the ability to better handle situations in CQB, MOUT, prisoner handling, etc. – J.G.

When learning both unarmed defense and when using weapons there is a big emphasis on using the appropriate level of force for the situation. The hooded-box drill has the effect of making your brain believe you are actually in the scenario, so you will be confident that what you do in training will be what you will do in real life. I highly recommend CQD for anyone who wants to learn what really works in the real world whether you’re a housewife or a Navy SEAL. – J.J.

I can’t believe the Teams have gone this long without this course. It should be a mandatory requirement during platoon work-ups, mainly because it deals with both the physical and mental sides of operating and it instills a great deal of confidence in our ability to think and react under lots of stress. – M.M.

This is the best! The instructors are the most professional at NSWC and I cannot find enough pages in this critique to applaud the endeavors of the CQD Instructors. – T.B.

Every block of CQD I have been through I am continuously impressed by what it brings to the table. The staff is a great representation of what a great program CQD is. The material is the best available, the learning atmosphere is awesome, and the mental and physical toughness taught to every individual is a must for every warrior in NSW. – Top notch. – I feel confident doing CQD as a whole,there is no other style of fight armed or unarmed to contest. – B.I.

It just may save our lives. Every platoon must have this training before going overseas. – K.M.

This course is the way all team guys should be. Make sure this continues, we didn’t get this last block pump and it can really help. – [Used CQD overseas?] Yes, P.C. and unknowns during house clearing. – J.C.

[Prisoner Control] Great refresher. Used this stuff in Iraq a good bit. It’s good to keep this at the forethought of any direct action. – [Used CQD overseas?] Prisoner handling and body position and weapons flow. These were used for every DA, and were necessary for effectively conducting the mission. – M.G.

Training of this type is essential for teaching SEALs to direct their energy in an efficient manner for controlling a situation as opposed to simply charging and brawling. – This course makes them more efficient and dynamic, thereby faster and smoother. – N.H.

[Prisoner Control] This is what really needs to be the primary focus for platoons deploying downrange. Outstanding training. – [Used CQD overseas?] PC in every hit (that wasn’t dry), some basic DDS with weapon. – R.W.

The prisoner handling technique was awesome and should be the SOP for all Teams period. – [Hooded Box] Awesome training. Learned divide/conquer with regards to maintaining good positioning. – [Used CQD overseas?] Yes. We used the prisoner handling/searching techniques on every assault. – J.D.

[Prisoner Control] Very critical, definitely going to be using these skills down range. Great COI. – M.R.

[CQD] teaches everyone a base level for building clearing and will standardize SOP’s between our platoons. Plus, you know sort of how the other operators will react in a close in situation which makes it easier to assist other operators if things go bad. – [Used CQD overseas?] Yes, weapons flow on DA’s covering MAM’s on TGT. – X.O.

This training should begin in 3rd phase (Hooded Box Drills, kill house, etc). No SEAL should be without CQD. – M.C.

Every aspect of readiness is improved with this course. Working as a platoon and as an individual was key because of the building block material. The quick reactive/reflex skills taught also improve your mental train of thought i.e. driving and reaction to a situation, being able to improve my skills individually. – B.I.

Hooded Box Drills provided a dynamic environment that reinforced learned skills and created confidence in the material being taught. – [DDS] Proper open hand striking technique and reflex movement. It provides a technique that can be used in any situation. – This is the most valuable training I have received. – More CQD training is what we need. This training should be at the core of everything we do. – Increase everything. – This training will save lives and reduce liability. The more CQD training operators receive, the more lives will be saved and liability will be reduced. – M.B.

The shooting that we did was the most realistic ****** ******* shooting that I have ever done in my career. It is the way we should go. – E.D.

Can’t say enough good things. An absolutely top notch, professional, practical and necessary course! – [Instructors] Yes top notch staff putting out excellent skills. The level of professionalism is unparalleled! – J.G.

The class was extremely organized, the most organized in all the training blocks I have been through. – [Enhance operator skills?] It should enhance every operator’s skills, I feel every platoon should go through this training before starting their CQC block of training! The course shows you the proper way to enter zones etc and handle unknowns/prisoners. – The last day with scenarios was awesome. I got to apply the training taught. If possible, get more runs in. – S.H.

Bottom line is, every operator/platoon/TU needs to go through this together during ULT, preferably at the end…We are not setting our operational forces up for complete success if this training isn’t scheduled into ULT! Everyone I’ve talked to agrees with this. – K.P.

This should be a mandatory block of training in assaults prior to the *** *********/** ***** training. Platoons should go through this together – it will help establish SOP’s and put everyone on the same page. These skills are essential in all blocks of training: CQC, land warfare, MOUT, etc. This way, platoons can get higher levels and more advanced during advanced training period. – B.D.

Mr. Dieter I thought that this was the best training that I have received in this area ever. I was also super impressed with how much it applied to almost or actually every aspect of our job. Thank you! – Every portion was outstanding and beneficial. The first two days and all the individual skills awesome! The group stuff at the end was great as well. I wish and hope to get more of it.Thanks again. – C.C.

The closest one could come to real-world scenarios. The community loses as many operators from non-operational engagements as we do from real-world missions. This course saves the lives of SEAL operators. – F.M.

Leaving the Navy in 1992 and returning in March of 2007, I couldn’t have been given a better opportunity and have been brought up to speed than with this course and with all 3 skill sets. Serving for over 16 years in a peace time Navy, this course really opened my eyes to the difference from peace time to war time training. – The instructors were the best in the business. Very professional and on top of everything that was taking place. Eyes on and very helpful with their critiques. – [Hooded Box] I’ve never experienced such a realistic, more elaborate training environment. It was an awesome experience. Thanks for a job well done. – M.C.

This [CQD] needs to have greater priority in our work-ups. We are fighting to get three more weeks (probably two) because we feel these are vital deployment skills. The role players during the FTX help to develop difficult problem solving skills. I can’t say enough about the great time and great training we had this week. Keep up the good work! Thanks! – C.C.

I feel when I came out of BUD/S, I had very little individual, as well as team, tactical performance. I believe CQD forged me into a warrior and the skills taught can always be reflected on throughout my career, especially force control. – E.G.

[Hooded Box] One of the best drills I have done during 13 years with the Teams. Very realistic training and forces quick decisions on level of response. – Some of the best instructors I have seen this workup. Obviously very motivated and passionate about their subject. Live demonstrations really shows the relevance of the techniques. – Anytime we can work against live role players it enhances our skills as operators far more than shooting paper. The prisoner control skills are especially relevant to what we are doing in Iraq. – M. F.

[Hooded Box] Outstanding, and should be required every 6 months. – S.

This is the only course that far exceeded my expectations! I cannot say enough about the instructor staff! NSW would benefit if all instructors had the same motivation, passion and professionalism as this crew! – [Hooded Box] A must keep for all training! This type of stress with and without weapons should be applied to all SEALs regularly! – This course, and the way it is taught should be the “benchmark” for all NSW COI’s. – J.R.

More Tac-Houses and scenarios. MAKE ****** understand that THIS training should be MANDATORY 2 weeks in ULT. – [Role Players] Those guys are an awesome asset for NSW! – Scenarios brought everything together and were exactly what we were looking for! I really want to get the whole T.E. down here again for a couple HUGE scenarios…Excellent training. Excellent scenarios. Thanks a lot. – [Instructors cover information to your understanding?] Yes, and they greatly exceeded expectations. – A.H.

[W&Z Hood] Probably the most useful and educational drill anywhere. – This is without a doubt the best training available and I am thankful for having had so much exposure to CQD before we deploy to the Middle East. – J.O.

[Hooded Box] This was a great learning tool. Watching the mistakes I made on tape was invaluable in locating my weaknesses. – Due to the fact that we will be doing this regularly when we’re deployed, these skill sets could not be underestimated by any means. I learned a great deal and consider myself a better operator for having gone through this course. – The instructor staff was excellent. They provided great instruction and were always willing to go the extra mile if needed. – C.A.

I cannot say enough good things about this course. The instructors were superb. I was extremely impressed by their knowledge, excitement and professionalism. I wrestled for 11 years, all through Division I college, and I was pretty confident in my self-defense skills. This course, in one week, has doubled my confidence in my ability to defend myself, especially in a CQB environment. One of the intangibles that we

learned during the week was about how to control our force, what is necessary to win, to control a situation, and to defend ourselves and teammates. The force control aspects and Internal Warrior aspects are things that every NSW member should learn. This course was excellent; even as a new guy, I feel very confident going into our CQB training at the Teams and cannot wait to learn more about these skills. Invaluable training – I wish we had 10 more weeks! This course should be supported as much as possible! – C.R.

Outstanding training as always. Mr. Dieter’s program should be expanded to full potential. We need these war fighting skills to do our job effectively when faced against well-trained people. – Again, this is exactly what we need to bring us to the highest level of readiness. Unquestionably enhances operator skills. It gives confidence, builds aggressiveness and how to control it and lets us think in stressful situations. I’m confident we can handle people now at any level. – M.K.

[Hooded Box] The best drills I’ve ever done for personnel skills. The pressure is what makes a better operator. I’ll never make the same mistake twice. – We’ve been getting the same training for years. This course really shot down a lot of ideas that we’d been practicing. It makes you more aggressive and enhances quick thinking skills. Especially at this time with everything going on in the world, this kind of training is awesome. – F.C.

Without CQD, all an operator knows to do is to shoot and kill. This bridges the gap and fills the void. – This course is what the Teams have needed for so long! It needs to be embraced as the Frogman’s defense! Exploit it! – J.T.

The force control learned in CQD is very relevant and we don’t practice it anywhere else with the same complexity and intensity as we do at CQD. – J.K.

Currently in my second platoon, this was the first time through the course. It opened my eyes to what I was never shown during core training. At the end of the week the aggressive nature and handling of people enhanced my skills to a greater level. All SEALs should go through this course no less than once a year. – C.C.

We are breaking new ground here. The training is accelerating in the right direction. There should be no stops in the way for future training. We need these skills for survival in the teams. – D.R.

This course taps into the Internal Warrior in all of us and it is especially good to see that come out in our newest members. – J.L.

I can’t say enough about the training. I was very skeptical before I began, having had many other training opportunities. Any skeptics need only to go through CQD training, they will see the light! Duane, thanks for everything! Hope I have the honor of continued training with you throughout my life. – The training is priceless. Some of the very best training I’ve received for anything! Every team guy needs to go through as much as they can get. – A.N.

This course benefits the Team enormously. This has always been one area that has been overlooked in training. Yet as a warrior, these skills are vital to our mission. Additionally, the levels of force will be extremely helpful in situations where the “just shoot ‘em” attitude is not applicable. – This course is one that has been needed in the Teams for a long time now. The ability to handle prisoners/personnel is an issue in all aspects of our training. This course establishes an extremely good standard for all platoons to follow. – M.N.

Excellent training. Greatly enhanced my ability to react [to] threats within my zone. – Excellent intensity and realistic scenarios throughout. Role Players were motivated. – This course provided the most realistic scenarios and best training aids of any training I have received from the Navy. – I have on occasions (in Africa) been in situations where this training would have been very beneficial. In particular the zone control and escalation of force. – Z.H.

This is the best block of training I have had in 10 years of being a SEAL! No more paper targets! All situations were realistic and challenged my ability to think quickly in a stressful environment. – J.C.

I was very impressed with how well organized and thought out the entire class was. Every situation, as well as IAD’s, was covered in a logical progression. – I wouldn’t want a platoon to deploy without the confidence that each man has completed this course. – O.S.

Absolutely essential to the building block approach of core training. This training should be a requisite prior to assaults phase of core training. It would be enhanced further by ensuring that techniques and tactics taught here are being reinforced by ****** in CQC. – Levels of force is an essential part of this course. It needs to be a requisite for each SEAL deploying overseas. – A.L.

This course should be a part of the platoon’s work-up, so the skills could be worked on during their CQB block of training, and Level 2 could be taught during advanced training. – J.L.

[Objectives fully explained] Yes, use what force is necessary and never give up the ability to shoot. – Great course. Instructors were awesome. – D.S.

Cadre is extremely professional. CQD staff (on both coasts) are the best staff of instructors I have seen in Spec War. – D.S.

This course needs to be a part of the pipeline with regards to platoon training. ****** should place this course prior to the ***** and CQC blocks of training. – C.R.

There is no replacement, short of combat, for the “hooded box.” I have watched the CQD Cadre for the last year grow to a level that has a very significant impact on NSW! – H.C.

This is my third time going through this course and it just keeps getting better – don’t have any improvement points. – W.O.

[Enhance operator skills?] It will give you a better idea of how to move, shoot, prisoner handle, and fight with or without your weapon PRI/SEC. Good fundamentals/confidence/situational awareness, and being safe with weapons handling. – T.W.

This course needs to be a prerequisite for deployment and should fall in line with CQC/MOUT training. – W.H.

I think this course is outstanding. The only improvement would be to integrate it into the ULT CQC training block. – C.B.

Great course! Every time I go through I learn more, and there are always new drills and tests. – E.P.

[W&Z Hood] Excellent drill. I really believe that the level of stress the operator is subjected to during these scenarios is quite necessary to develop as an effective shooter. – M.H.

CQD II provides the very same skills that will be needed and be utilized in our pending deployment. At a minimum they gave me a foundation that allows for success. – J.I.

Very beneficial because it sorts through a lot of past techniques that do not work, keeping it simple. – J.J.

Very beneficial. Hardcore! Very extreme and to the point. Nothing is wasted, no filler. Why have we not had this earlier in the years? – D.R.

Great course, very well structured. I personally think this is the most organized NSW course I have been to. Everything is very methodically explained and easy to understand and learn. – C.L.

[Hooded Box] Great training. Awesome for teaching reactions the video was also extremely beneficial because it shows what you actually did, not just your perceptions of what you did. I believe this is as close as you can get to getting in a fight without being in one. – C.C.

This block is crucial during DA’s, as well as any time handling unknowns. It was taught very well at a good Team guy level. – B.H.

I think that course should be part of work up and mandatory…Practice makes perfect. – I thought that the training was outstanding. The practical stuff was the best that I have ever had. Tac-house/vehicle/hooded box. – C.C.

It increased my operator skills, overall increasing everyone in the platoon’s skills thereby improving platoon readiness and greatly refining SPEC WAR’s capabilities. – M.E.

This is the glue that holds the Assault package together. – P.S.

Excellent in your face experience, we definitely can use more of this type of training. – T.K.

Excellent Training! The realism to the training is the key factor to the training getting stored in the long term memory. Also, by video of each person’s run, gives the leadership a snap shot of what people will do in the heat of combat. – A.W.

The CQD staff was probably the most professional instructor staff I’ve come across. Their enthusiasm for what they do is evident and it definitely makes a student have a more positive approach to the course topics. Outstanding job! – It has heightened my awareness of the contact zone and what to do when someone gets in it. I feel I now have a solid base for dealing with and handling prisoners, adversaries, etc. – M.M.

[Enhance operator skills?] My confidence in skill level, especially in the troops, I know they are ready to do this for real. – J.B.

Awesome. – …the whole spectrum of training will make us better at dominating and controlling space and people. – G.R.

This COI will raise my operator skills, confidence, platoon readiness, and NSW capabilities to meet any threat expected to be encountered. – R.M.

Outstanding training, we need to figure out how to get 6 week at a minimum. – The Iso-Tac drills are fantastic. – Hooded Box Drills are extremely valuable tools. – Can’t say enough good things about the Box Drills. – Fantastic prove outs for the learned tactics. – Can’t wait to employ the skills learned. – B.S.

Having this block prior to *****/MOUT is a must! This is the best way to feel out your platoon and get to know your men. It is great training and team building. This should start ULT and be hit again in SIT prior to deployment. – J.R.

If we do any DA’s overseas, I am a lot more confident entering a room than I was after *****. It’s a lot different with real people. – K.S.

Probably the best hand-to-hand training I have had in my career. It’s tailored to what we do! Tactically sound. – S.H.

As a platoon chief, I see my guys more motivated and acting like frogmen. That’s a major plus, even beside the actual skills learned. It’s a big confidence builder. – C.C.

Has definitely heightened our skills and awareness for what we will need overseas. – T.L.

Awesome course. Should be mandatory for all Platoons going overseas (schedule it in ULT). – P.S.

I think this course should be mandatory for all SEAL operators. This course has put us on the road to a real CQC capability. Also, many of the skills learned are valid outside of the CQC sphere. – W.S.

Excellent course, I highly recommend it for all platoons. – K.K.

Fire-hand rocks. I’ve boxed in the past and I’ve injured my hand, knuckles, wrist, etc. Hard to break old, most likely ineffective habits. This was top-notch! – J.K.

The tactics and techniques are put together to work with different situations instead of what was taught before, where different methods are pulled from different types of fighting and may not work with other tactics. – D.C.

[Instructors] More than met expectations, one week is just a taste of how good a platoon could be after coming through this course. – F.C.

As a previous graduate of the ***** Instructor Course, I feel I can say that the information put out in this course is the best that I have seen being taught to the Teams. As a member of ******** ****, I will hope to see platoons attend this course prior to CQB courses. – M.N.

Cadre was very professional and did a great job keeping all fired up can’t wait for level III. – T.W.

One of the best courses I’ve been through. All the instructors were very professional. AWESOME! – C.S.

It gives me a lot more confidence in my hand-to-hand skills and prisoner control. I really like the tactics and style… – J.H.

Outstanding instructors, very energetic, and motivated. – B.F.

The instructor staff did an outstanding job relaying and covering the information. – M.B.

Should be mandatory for platoons. – R.K.

Staff was totally professional and did an awesome job. – M.M.

[Enhance operator skills?] Tremendously – I was lucky to get level 1 last work up and wound up using it on boardings in the Gulf… – B.D.

Outstanding. Again every SEAL should receive this training. – B.O.

It is a fantastic skill set that will set the foundation for further training capabilities. – B.S.

…learned a lot, especially that my old ways are nowhere near as effective as the ones learned. – S.T.

This is truly one of the best things going in NSW. It teaches critical warrior skills. And, even more importantly, warrior mentality and spirit. Continue the great work… – C.C.

The prisoner handling skills I’ve learned in the past didn’t come close to the PH skills that were taught in this course (300 hour ***** veteran). – D.C.

CQD is the best. All other systems…teaches to put your weapon away to deal with hostiles. CQD teaches you to effectively employ your weapon system as an asset. – H.H.

Went through various ***** courses, but these classes were definitely the best. – D.S.

I have done five work-ups, all including CQC. This course is the missing link needed between room flow and handling personnel. I believe it will help greatly. – E.D.

The classroom instruction far exceeded what I expected when we started. I cannot say enough about the instructor skill level or their professionalism. Instruction was superb! – The instructors more than met any expectation that I had. By far the best, most professional instructors of any Navy school I’ve attended. – C.R.

This was the best instruction on PC I’ve experienced. It is smooth, fast and efficient. Time can be critical when clearing multiple spaces and this method enhances/improves time management. – J.Q.

All are outstanding instructors with a strong operational background… – T.P.

This course has definitely brought the platoon together in every aspect of CQD with everybody’s skills in this field of training. This course should definitely be implemented in every platoon’s work-up. – S.M.

It’s a shame we don’t do more of this type of training. It’s the most realistic training we’ve done so far in our work-up. CQD training should be done more than one week out of a 52 week work-up schedule. – B.M.

Very good. You (Duane) obviously are knowledgeable about the information you are putting out. – M.H.

CQD is a necessary course for all members of spec war who plan on operating. It allows the operator to step through the fog of confrontation and see a chaotic situation in an approachable and manageable light. – J.D.

This course will enhance my operating skills in every way because…it totally enhances your warrior mindset. – J.C.

The course gives a unit an effective way to deal with individuals in a CQC environment. The use of weapons and the idea of force control are two key areas covered. – R.U.

CQD should be mandatory to all operators prior to going out the door. – C.F.

This block of training should be in our ULT work-up training, preferably before CQC and MOUT because the training could have been utilized. – J.H.

It gives us the knowledge and confidence to handle prisoner situations. More of a heads-up of techniques that work. – I thought that the course was an effective fighting style for our tactical considerations. I loved it. All of the instructors were super positive and motivated to teach us all of SEAL Level I. – T.V.

Very effective training. The Hooded Box is by far the best way to build and test your skill sets. – R.B.

Best CQD course I’ve been through. – [Prisoner Control training] Great part of the course. Think this will be used the most. – [Used CQD overseas?] Yes, during ship boardings in NAG 2001. – C.D.

Individually, it will enhance my ability to deal with the various situations I may encounter in a CQC environment. It also gives a base level of techniques to apply in those situations, and at what levels of aggression to use them. – M.M.

Great block of training, the Hooded Box really lets you see what you’d do under pressure unarmed. – Vital training in regards to what we do downrange. A lot of great info. – J.D.

[Used CQD overseas?] Yes, Prisoner Control, Weapon and Zone. – Course should be before assaults pre-week to apply weapons flow and unknowns. – D.L.

Instructors were all positive and knowledgeable, I can’t say enough good things. The training was condensed but excellent. If and when we have more time we will only improve our skills. – [Used CQD overseas?] Yes, cuffing PCs in Bosnia, it was very effective. – S.M.

Excellent reaction drills. We need more of that type of training. – Thanks for the great training. – [Used CQD overseas?] Yes, during direct actions and prisoner handling. – F.N.

Awesome, Awesome course. I was extremely motivated to come to work each day and get it on. – S.P.

[Hooded Box] Valuable training. Boosts confidence. – As close to real life as you can get. Good to know how you’ll handle different situations. – [Prisoner Control] Extremely valuable. – J.T.

[Used CQD overseas?] Yes, excellent prisoner control techniques. – D.W.

[Team Hooded Box] Great experience, got a lot from doing the scenarios with team. – [Tac-House] Best exercise, got a lot from the CQC of the building along with dealing with the compliant/incompliant people especially the SSE. – S.A.

[Team Hooded Box] Learned the best! This was the best thing we did. – A.F.

[DDS] This was really good. It kind of got me away from the grappler’s mind set and showed how effective striking is. – We need to incorporate this into ULT. It needs to be a stable permanent training block. – J.M.

I think this week that we did here was exactly what we needed, and it seems that the good thing about the way this course is set up is that it can be tailored to a TU’s records. – [Prisoner Control] I like the way this system is able to adapt to different situations or threat levels and I think that was well emphasized. – B.M.

Would like to see ****** adopt this technique. If we are some of the smartest operators in the world, we should be able to handle this style. – Gets better every time. Thanks for the excellent training! – R.S.

I think we need more of the entire course. I believe maybe make it part of the core workup! – B.G.

Excellent, it taught operators to deal with situations in the most effective, efficient manner while under pressure and maintaining different formations. – A.S.

CQD is very beneficial to what we are going to be doing overseas, it raises the aggression level in guys but also helps them control it. – E.G.

It was very evident that the instructors wanted us to learn, understand and execute all the techniques. – J.W.

I firmly believe that this course should be part of ULT. This block of training should be done prior to attending the Assaults block of ULT. This will enhance the operators to the next level of assaults. The operator will have more situational awareness on every aspect of assaults. I would like to express my gratitude to the professionalism of the whole instructor staff. Thanks. – W.M.

Platoons should go through this course prior to assaults. As a new guy it would have helped a tremendous amount. – C.H.

The discussions on “Internal Warrior” really gives you a mind set to look at yourself to see what you have and act accordingly. Having this course prior to assaults at ***** would have been extremely beneficial. – T.M.

I feel much more confident in my ability to deal with people in rooms who don’t necessarily deserve to be shot. The course also showed me what I need to work on to become a better operator. – The course is great, I feel it would be beneficial to attend this course in ULT before assaults. – T.N.

CQD teaches you to always be ready, target ID and force escalation, which in this age is very important. – A.M.

[Enhances operator skills?] It will prepare me for the variety of circumstances I will face during a combat situation. – [Used CQD overseas?] Clearing houses, I reflex out pretty much at every entrance/exit/corner turned. – A.N.

Excellent – hope to continue this training on a regular basis. – The instruction throughout was excellent – All the basics were thoroughly covered before advancing. All questions were answered and more explanation was available if needed. – Very realistic – It’s as close to realistic reactions that you can get. – Outstanding/Very applicable/Realistic. – J.B.

CQD gives you the skills needed to take down a house or any CQC environment as well as dealing with crowds and public. – [Used CQD overseas?] Yes, on target dealing with M.A.M. as well as women and kids. – D.O.

The course puts me in the mindset of a combat fighter and instills confidence in my abilities to perform the tactics we were taught. Making myself and teammates a better warrior. – F.M.

[How CQD enhances skills] It will provide a background for all of force control, which is important, and the prisoner control TTPs are something we will use on almost every op. The individual decision making training like in the Hooded Box is also very relevant and important. – J.K.

I feel that this course is a great prerequisite to going into Assaults. – J.B.

[How CQD enhances skills] With correctly implementing the 3 divisions on any scenario I run into in training or downrange. Working your individual “dial” was key. – Z.M.

Would like to see LVL II (Advanced) be the first week of ULT and LVL III probably after assaults… – G.R.

Outstanding! I wish this training would have been available years ago. – R.A.

I feel, in more aspects than I could list, [this was] possibly the most beneficial week of training aside from Hell Week. Confidence, overcoming adversity and learning to control impulse and anger and use it to our advantage. – J.G.

This is the best tactical training I have received so far. I am astounded by the amount we learned in such a short period. It will be a good fundamental skill set upon which to build. – J.L.

Very physical and mentally demanding. One of the best courses I have been through. We have come a long way and I know we will benefit from this course overseas. – J.M.

These skills, especially at this first stage of training, set the base for which all skills will revolve. These basic concepts teach us how to handle high-risk situations while exposing ourselves to the least amount of risk. – J.M.

It has been the most valuable course I have taken yet. It not only taught me how to protect myself but how to tactically apply CQD to any given situation. – S.O.

The course challenged me and my classmates and gave us all a greater confidence in prisoner control, and how to handle our situational awareness on and off the field. – C.O.

Outstanding. A needed skill for overseas, especially during these days of conflict. – A.W.

Keep up the good work. This is one of our best COI’s we get to attend. The instructors are obviously really into their job and the level of instruction is excellent. – T.W.

[Hooded Box] One of the best, if not the best, drills ever created to train men to fight and win while being able to differentiate between friend or foe/unknown. – R.R.

Unbelievable edge and benefits, takes you to the limit and lets you take it beyond what you thought possible. – J.T.

Great use of stress physically and mentally. It helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses as an operator. – E.C.

There is nothing that can replace this type of real scenario training. – T.O.

The best “eye-opening” training that I have seen yet. – B.S.

Excellent. Training gives you a look at what is to come when faced with a challenge, how to adapt and overcome, with many options. – D.S.

Priceless! The fact that unarmed practice was included helps with individual skill improvements and really adds to confidence enhancement. – C.C.

Great way for guys to build their decision making under stress and develop force control. – S.F.

This course provided me with reflexive readiness to combative threats, whether they are high or low, and how to deal with those situations accordingly. – W.G.

Thanks to the Cadre and Duane for the amount of work and professionalism in this course. We are definitely better prepared to go down range and handle a larger scope of operations. – J.H.

I think it [CQD] is making me into more of a thinking operator who is capable of dealing with more stressful and intense situations properly. – B.A.

It filled the hole we seem to pass up during other parts of training. – N.M.

When you leave this class, you leave with the ability to react to any combat situation you can think of. All of the questions you had in your mind about prisoner takedowns, room entries and weapon/level handling are so much clearer. – A.R.

It should be mandatory for every SEAL to go through this training at the start and end of workup. – J.C.

Overall confidence and awareness was raised for CQD/CQC environment. I now have a systematic way to use, and rely on, for this mission. – A.J.

My operator skills have improved immensely due to this course by instilling confidence in myself and my weapon system in any situation. – C.H.

For me personally, the Internal Warrior and the skills learned with it will undoubtedly make me a more capable operator. – E.A.

Absolutely the most realistic, rockin’ training I’ve ever been a part of! – Unbelievable! A true eye opener to really becoming a warrior. Duane – you’re a gifted teacher! I feel very glad to be a part of all of this. – T.V.

Excellent! This was a piece of CQB training we were missing, but never realized. – J.J.

Excellent, I think it is something that has been missing for a long time. – S.S.

Very effective, the best SEAL COI for self-defense with weapons. – J.I.

If we don’t do more of this type of training we are wrong. – C.C.

CQD is by far the best form of operational and fighting skills I have experienced. This week far exceeds my expectations. – K.T.

I believe this course is what the teams should be using as a whole. It’s the most operational defense system that I have come across that we benefit. – K.W.

Because of your positive attitude and outlook on life and situations, I feel you could improve not only defense, but total way of thinking as well, for many team guys. – M.D.

Outstanding. This program is exactly what the Teams need. – A.M.

It has been some of the best overall PC and CQD training I have ever received. – C.T.

Shame we didn’t have this a few years ago. This program has the possibility of becoming one of our greatest assets. – M.J.

This is one of the best courses I’ve been through. I think everything taught here should be part of the foundation of SEAL training; a must have. – P.P.

The Hooded Box drills were awesome. I was put to the test and I learned a lot about myself and what mistakes I will never make again. A HARD TEST TO TOP. – A.R.

This course is absolutely essential for every operator. – This course fills a serious shortfall in NSW. Its direct application to virtually all direct action scenarios should make it a requirement for all C–1 platoons. – A.P.

This course has made me a better operator in any aggressive or rapidly changing situation (e.g. all SEAL ops). – A.P.

I am a “new guy” and the instructor staff did a great job of showing me CQD tactics to make me feel more confident in different situations. – A.H.

Working as a team is what we’re all about, maintaining the integrity and working together through the situation. The scenarios were perfect for what I needed. I learned more new information every single day and in every scenario. – A.R.

I appreciate the examples of how we can practice our force control in our personal lives, i.e. dialing up and down. – Great as far as Prisoner Control and giving people what they deserve and nothing more. Many tools to deal with all kinds of people. – B.N.

The instructors were very professional, always demonstrated techniques several times and safety was always maintained. – B.F.

It standardizes the way we deal with prisoners, which ensures that everyone in the platoon should be able to properly handle most situations. – This course is applicable to all areas of Spec War operating. – All of the CQD techniques were geared more toward weapon oriented activities and using numbers to maintain the advantage. This makes the course more applicable to how we operate. – Make everyone go through this course this is good stuff. – B.O.

Throughout all of the different phases of SEAL training, these skills can be utilized. The course has a warrior mentality that can only increase each operator’s war-fighting skills. – Everybody is taught the same techniques and understands what to expect when these situations occur. Also, it helps platoons gel and come together (builds tightness). – B.O.

The training gave me better awareness of situations involving different levels of force, preparing me for CQD in today’s complex situations. – The instructors were extremely motivated and focused on making sure we were competent in our skills. – B.V.

Ensures the platoon is ready to deal with a close-in threat and reinforces the use of “force control” for each situation. – B.J.

It will ensure that when I go into battle I will dominate the enemy with the correct amount of force. – C.K.

I believe the instruction will enhance operators in the techniques of handling prisoners a great deal. The methods point out awareness of strengths and weaknesses of each operator and gives them an excellent base to perform. – The staff instructing this course were very professional and very motivated. They emphasized high points of instruction and pointed out safety when necessary. – K.C.

Great. I can’t think of a better way to simulate the stress of combat and have to dial it up and down. – C.B.

The Internal Warrior mindset, I believe, is one of the most valuable facets of the course taught. Obviously, the techniques taught here will allow the operator/platoon to control any situation, but this all stems from the Internal Warrior mind frame. – The CQD course goes in-depth to these techniques and gives the operator a chance to practice and utilize the skills in a practical environment. – I believe this course should be mandatory. Everything from the Internal Warrior mindset to prisoner handling techniques and weapon retention will improve our community and make us better operators. – C.D.

[CQD] has increased my ability to effectively deal with a variety of problems (i.e. threat determination) in different operational environments. – [The Instructors] were clear, concise and taught in the same manner, even though different instructors were teaching the same technique. A lot of times you get different instruction for similar situations and it confuses the learning process, but here they were all on the same page. – C.F.

Positively increased self defense, prisoner handling, prisoner takedown, combat/non-combat handling, marshalling and total weapon system technique. – D.D.

Physically, the Spring Stance has been the most beneficial because of the many capabilities. Personally, I’ve been most helped by the Internal Warrior training. – D.C.

I personally believe the skills I’ve learned in this COI will definitely make me a more proficient operator in the CQC, VBSS, MOUT and prisoner handling realms. The techniques that were taught will give me the upper hand, or at least the element of surprise. – D.M.

[CQD] helps with situational awareness and enhances our abilities as SEALs. It makes us more confident in our ability to handle most situations, especially ones where the people we’re dealing with are unarmed. – It can only help (the Teams). Both the Marines and the Army have their hand-to-hand courses, now we have ours. – The training aids and equipment were great. They protected the role player and allowed the handler to use the skills adequately. – D.L.

The learning curve is the highest during the Hooded Box drill. The truth comes out under the pressure of the box. The video review is crucial and gives me the info I need to improve on. – D.L.

This course was outstanding. It answered a lot of questions about prisoner control that I have had for years. It has made me more confident in my ability to successfully carry out a CQC mission. – D.C.

It greatly enhanced my operating abilities, from giving me more confidence on how to deal with people in a hostile situation to better gear management. – D.C.

It will enable me to handle myself in the most professional manner in any situation, especially when it comes to being a “surgical shooter.” I’ll know when to turn on 100% aggression when need be and to be nice when I have to be. – [W&Z Hood] was one of my favorite parts of the training. Deciphering who was the most viable threat was extremely beneficial to my skill learning. – D.H.

Professional cadre. Their attitudes and personalities were perfect throughout the COI. True, true professionals. – E.M.

The warrior mindset/Internal Warrior cannot be stressed enough. – E.K.

Absolutely loved it! Both from a tactical aspect and a psychological aspect. The overall philosophy is clear and concise. – E.C.

This is the best COI in this skill that I have seen at Team Two. Our platoon will be well prepared for the upcoming work-up and deployment. – R.F.

The staff as a whole was outstanding, all of the lessons learned that they had were extremely helpful. This is the best group of instructors I have had the honor of working with. A real group of pros. – J.F.

Having only done land warfare with the prisoner handling associated there, this course will greatly impact our efficiency, safety and speed in that area. – This course builds a level of confidence that normal people don’t have. Being confident of your abilities both armed and unarmed inside the contact zone is crucial. – G.K.

It gives us the ability to apply non-lethal force in completing our mission; in today’s world that is a huge qualification; not all Spec Ops can do missions successfully at proper levels of force. – J.F.

It will provide the platoon with required prisoner handling skills to work as a team and level of control when confronted with non-compliant people. – J.L.

I can’t emphasize enough how impressed I am with the instructor staff. Every instructor displayed impressive subject matter expertise and the utmost professionalism. They also exude a level of enthusiasm for CQD that the students pick up on and it’s contagious. Great teachers as well – always addressed all questions and were careful to explain and demonstrate things fully. Great course. – J.


This course brings in the physical and mental aspects of dealing with people during situations. You can’t go wrong with that. It is an aspect of training we have not focused on. I’m glad to see we are now. – J.K.

A great test of quick decision-making and application of techniques in a high-stress environment. – The more training I receive with this system, the more I believe in it and the more confident I feel operationally. – J.A.

[The course] gave me the building blocks of DDS and how to use my weapon not only as a lethal instrument, but also how to use force control as needed. – [Hooded Box] Great training aid. Showed how quickly a circumstance can change and how aware you and your teammates need to be to ensure success. – J.B.

Excellent! It (Iso-Tac drills) makes you perform in a stressful and tense situation. It’s great practice to feel that stress and react and is probably the closest to real world that you can get. – J.M.

It instills confidence in the operator in handling himself and dealing with a multitude of different situations. Also helps control and check aggression when that (aggression) isn’t what’s needed. Teaches how to read the situation and react off of that. – J.B.

First and foremost, excellent team builder. Our first block of training…perfect. I will recommend to every platoon commander at ST-2. – J.D.

It taught us how to better defend ourselves by being more offensive, using simple, no-nonsense techniques to control others and using the level of force required to get the job done. – J.K.

This course could not have been taught by a better group of instructors. Their dedication to the information and course is apparent every day by their level of enthusiasm and intensity. – J.R.

As an OIC, it was great for my men to hear that force control is paramount…keep that emphasis alive. – J.P.

This course gives the operator an excellent set of skills to help his individual movement and thinking procedures during CQC-type operations. It instills a mindset more so than specific skills, although good skills are taught. – This course benefits the Teams by raising the individual combat skills and warrior mindset of the operator. – K.B.

All of the Cadre presented themselves and the course material with utmost professionalism and skill. These men are the best cadre I have been exposed to. Each was properly prepared with the instructor material and knowledge necessary. – K.J.

The course has honed my prisoner handling technique significantly and I think it’s better to isolate this training into a separate COI from CQC because it prepares the operators for upcoming scenarios in the house. – L.C.

[CQD] increased my ability to handle contact (friendly/enemy) and made me more aware of centerline protection and weapon retention. – D.M.

I am now confident with striking, shooting and sealing and will be an aggressive, controlled operator. – M.F.

It will greatly enhance a platoon’s combat readiness because the techniques and tactics are efficient and highly effective. – Top notch instructor staff. Information was reinforced through demonstrations and individual attention. – M.K.

[CQD] provides a deeper understanding of dealing with people on different levels of intensity; how to give people what they deserve based on their actions and prisoner handling skills; Confidence with compliant and non-compliant individuals. – M.M.

This course stresses the appropriate level of force, which is critical in today’s political and military world. Every Team guy should be able to think in these terms and make the right decisions. – It will enhance our operational skills across the board as it is a basic building block, which can be applied to numerous situations. – M.S.

This course has given me a whole new foundation to advance my capabilities in all aspects of the NSW mission. As a new guy, I feel much more comfortable with my weapon. – [The course] builds teamwork. It ingrains a tactical mindset, downplays over-reacting and emphasizes and instills focus, awareness and common sense. – M.R.

The techniques covered give platoons better capability to be selective in terms of how much force they apply in a given situation, allowing for a wider range of options. – I was very impressed with the instructor staff. They maintained a positive atmosphere all week, which directly contributed to my own confidence in my abilities. – R.M.

One of the best blocks of training a team guy can get. – [Prisoner Control] Can’t practice enough, very important especially with the type of work going on downrange… – T.W.

Excellent and the most realistic training I have been through. – P.G.

It promotes a mental and physical framework for us to do our job. Starting with personal skills and agility to weapons handling and threat identification, to coming up with a tactically sound solution to a threatening situation and being able to execute the actions with others also thinking and doing things similar to you. It emphasizes individual and team skills. I think managing appropriate levels of aggression is one of the most valuable things I learned. – R.M.

We need more of this type of training and more often. ****** needs to get on board with this training… We need more levels of this training. – R.R.

[CQD] can benefit the Teams in several ways, the most obvious being enhanced CQC, prisoner handling and snatch skills along with more abstract ways, such as promoting a warrior spirit/ethic within the Teams. – R.Z.

The instructors all surpassed the level of knowledge that I expected them to have. Their intensity was great and their willingness to help everyone was very beneficial to the learning curve. – R.B.

Very good training, especially the Prisoner Control methods…very effective! – R.B.

It teaches SEALs that they have the power to control situations using both lethal and non-lethal methods. Enhances warrior spirit and confidence. – R.N.

It is extremely practical…Bringing out the Internal Warrior in a person takes some work. Better to learn your Internal Warrior skills in training than the first time being in war. – R.H.

Excellent, professional and prepared me for future deployment situations. – R.S.

CQD Level I taught me how to properly I.D. threats, distinguish the levels of force needed to subdue the threat and proceed with the endurance to complete the mission. – S.A.

This course is a must for all platoon/Team guys (new or old)… – S.T.

This is the level of training we need to have with our weapons armed/unarmed. We as a team should learn from this instructor staff. All training should be this professional, focusing on the mission we will encounter in our theatres of operation. – S.M.

I was able to develop a mindset that allowed me to evaluate a threat and react to that threat in the most efficient method. – I loved how I was able to learn to gain the tactical advantage and control my zone. – S.M.

The “Hooded Box” is one of the best segments of this course. There is no finer way to teach awareness and reaction. Compared to the reactive target position of CQC/CQB, this blows those away. Nothing else out there, that I know of, brings a more realistic…training. – S.M.

The instructors were very fired up and motivated. They all knew and relayed well what they were teaching. – S.D.

It is an excellent course that is very applicable to our operations overseas. – These (Tac-Houses) were the best evolutions of the week. They incorporated all the skills learned. – T.C.

This training promotes “real world” tactics vs. shooting paper and moving on. This class puts the wherewithal in your head that everything is a threat until “you” address it, then gives the level of force required to “safely” complete the mission with “zero” loss to teammates. – T.S.

The role players made the drills outstanding. The *** fundamentals were a must practice type of evolution, working PC’s, security and movements. – Fast pace, excellent drills, should prove to be quite useful overseas. – T.W.

There are a number of methods/ways for dealing with bad guys/unknowns/friendlies at close quarters. But this course (CQD) offers the most protection to the operator while allowing him to shoot at any time or dial down the amount of force to handle the situation even as it is evolving. – V.C.

Some of the most invaluable training I’ve had as a SEAL. Outstanding! – W.G.

This course teaches how to react and to be ready for any situation. Knowing that everyone in my platoon has had this training, I feel that we are very ready to handle any situation. – W.L.

The course gives the platoon an opportunity to work against OPFOR using non-lethal force while maintaining a high level of force protection. It also allows the platoon to develop SOP’s for compliant and non-compliant personnel. – J.W.

Painful, hard physical training that gets you in the fight-for-your-life mindset. – As always, the best tactical training anywhere! – Z.S.

Outstanding. Great prep work for the region we are heading to. – S.D.

This is the best training I’ve ever been through. It’s great! Can’t wait for more. – S.M.

Excellent training. Totally relevant and up-to-date. Good mix of specific skills training and scenario based training. Information flow from after action debriefs overseas to training back on the strand is very quick. – S.M.

Great week of training. Glad to have this just before going overseas… – J.T.

CQD should take priority over other training not a week and 3 days but a full month or more. – M.C.

The multiple Tac-House scenarios were the most beneficial, forced us to think fast, adapt to ever changing situations. Greatly enhanced our flexibility to handle extreme situations on the fly with very little mission planning, if any. – B.C.

CQD is exactly the type of realistic training that we need to prepare ourselves for the real deal, whether we’re in a time of war or not. – F.C.

Invaluable for the current tasks being done overseas. – Outstanding. – C.G.

The best two weeks of training I have received yet. – D.L.

Excellent, directly related to operations. – R.H.

Can’t thank the staff and Duane enough. I feel that the level of stress created during the drills has given me a higher level of confidence in my abilities to head and process information quickly. – S.M.

…I’m sure that SEALs would benefit from more of this training – we need to practice and sustain these skills more frequently. – T.V.

We should have more! On a regular basis! – T.C.

EVERY SEAL should do this course at least once a year! – J.C.

Why are platoons getting this training at the end of our work up? If this stuff is working and this is what we are doing overseas maybe we should have this training sooner – so that we can use it during the work up and make it a day to day thing vs. just a two week course. – D.L.

Builds confidence – both of the individual and the platoon. Should be a requirement for platoons before they deploy. – S.M.

I will tell you what, this very important skill set has given me piece of mind and confidence in my ability to control a variety of situations that we might encounter in the future. – S.M.

Once again, I feel the course was taught in a logical and progressive manner…I think that more training in CQD in the future and reviews of the techniques we’ve already learned is critical… – S.W.

CQD, primarily hand to hand/DDS should be the foundation the teams use for all combative skills. – E.M.

This is most definitely the best training I received as far as self defense, weapons retention; it really shows me how I would react in a real world situation. – E.R.

[Hooded Box] The ultimate tool for training and testing the application of CQD technique. – T.V.

Absolutely some of the best training I’ve received in the teams. I really appreciate being able to validate the skills we were taught during the week. – D.W.

Excellent training. I know this will help us all tremendously overseas. – R.B.

Would recommend that all platoons go through level 2 prior to Assault training in platoons to further enhance skills. – D.L.

Excellent training overall, especially in regards to prisoner and crowd control, dealing with threats other than “DA Type” scenarios where everyone gets shot. Forces guys to deal with unknown, moving them off target, number of guys to deal with them, etc. Will definitely be able to apply… – M.B.

I think the Teams really need for each platoon to get at least a week if not more of intense PC work. Lots of repetitions and time to develop solid S.O.P.’s. – T.O.

I personally think this (CQD level II and III) should be incorporated into our CQC block of our work up. All tactics would support each other more fluid. – D.P.

This training needs to be integrated into the teams fully. – B.S.

It was all very good. I think it really did its job of preparing us to go overseas…Thanks! – T.S.

Entire platoon/task units should get this training. The CQD prisoner handling techniques are invaluable. – J.W.

More levels of training and teach this course in core training. – I think it will enhance my performance as an operator and also in my day to day life I believe it has practical applications. – L.S.

This course will give me a great deal of confidence to handle prisoner situations. This is my first time through the course and I have completed 2 work ups and deployments. Prior work ups barely touched on prisoner control. – G.S.

This needs to be mandatory training incorporated into every aspect of our training. It teaches you to be aggressive, reactive and how to dial in how much force I need to use to get the job done. We need to do this again before we deploy, but only more advanced. – B.O.

Should be part of core training. – J.M.

It would be great to see NSW ****** incorporate this course into the assaults training block. Then have each task element go through a level 1+ course at the end of core training. – Also provides a good foundation of skills that can be incorporated into many different SEAL missions. – S.M.

All the parts of the course compliment others. Fantastic course. – B.S.

The staff is locked on! When you provide realistic, innovative, tactically sound training and seamless, flawless instruction you get positive results and better operators prepared for war. – T.K.

CQD should be taught up to the highest level for SEALs. – A.H.

Every operator should get this training and this or a higher level of CQD should be part of every platoon’s work-up. – I.H.

This is something that every shooter needs to know, it should be part of core training. This course is close quarters combat and should be implemented into CQC block of training. – J.H.

This course should be taught to all SEALs. Mandatory for platoon work up. Professional instructors. – V.C.

I am far more confident in my ability to handle prisoners in a way that will keep me and my teammates safe. – T.C.

Every SEAL should have this course of instruction. This should be our CQC block for the work-up. – This is the most prisoner handling instruction I have received. I feel confident I can perform in a real world situation. – J.C.

I am looking forward to stepping right into assaults next week having my platoon here for this training. Each man is on the same sheet of music when they step through the door. Couldn’t have picked a better way to get the boys fired up and ready to train! – B.B.

The instructor staff was outstanding. Definitely the most motivated training cadre I’ve seen. They are highly skilled and great teachers. Thank you for your effort and intensity. – B.O.

I wish there was a small block of training every week, just to continue improving and to sustain what I learned this week. – M.V.

The course has enhanced my ability to perform CQB, VBSS, and any other operations where controlling people is important. – D.K.

Everything was outstanding, I couldn’t get enough. – I would really enjoy a few more weeks. – B.S.

Much more realistic for application than any techniques I have seen before… – The “Hooded Box” was the best training I have ever had while in the teams. I learned infinitely more in that ten minutes than in any week of NSW training. More…more. – M.W.

Excellent fundamentals – Prisoner control and Direct Defense (DDS) will be the two items I and my platoon will build upon. Overall, this course sharpens the operator’s mental sword and skills. – H.K.

The instructors are more motivated than any other instructors I have ever seen. – J.C.

The Hooded Box Drill was outstanding. The intensity is unmatched. This is the best taught course I have attended. All the instructors were professional, clear, thorough. – D.H.

[Formations] Some of the best overall training we have received, hands down! – Amazing instructor capability and professionalism. Awesome scenarios. Great role players. A lot of thought, time, and resources went into this week on the part of CQD staff. Overall excellent quality training! We need more of this…. – C.W.

[Hooded Box] In my opinion the hooded box drills are what make this course. To go from relaxed to total overload is excellent training for improving your reaction time, situational awareness, and escalation of force issues. – Excellent training. Being able to tie in all our training with live bodies to interact with instead of paper targets is essential. – D.V.

[Prisoner Control] Excellent. Can’t get enough practice at this. – [Vehicle Extraction] I was glad to finally receive some formal training in this area. – [Enhance operator skills?] Everyone becomes solid in individual skills and then incorporates that into working with the rest of their element. – S.P.

[Hooded Box] Excellent. This drill definitely threw different angles at you as an operator as far as being separated from one another in different parts of the room, as well as working with one another. – [Enhance Operator Skills] It helped prepare us for what’s out in the current battlefield. – K.B.

[Formations] Took it all in and will use it. – [Vehicle Extraction] Learned it, liked it, will use it. – [Enhance Operator Skills] Keeps us fresh on working with people as opposed to paper targets. – N.D.

[Used CQD overseas?]…prisoner control. Was very effective and had no complications when technique was applied. – Should be implemented during workup or before we deploy. – J.H.

[Prisoner Control] Loved it. Wish we could do more. – B.K.

[Hooded Box] Excellent drill. Great for reinforcing confidence in your hands as your weapon system. – [Maze] Outstanding. Helps tremendously to get shooters to assume there is a threat behind every door/turn which sets you up for success. – [Instructors] Flawlessly professional. Experts. – [Improve?] All I ask is that we get more of it, more often. It is mission essential that every individual be proficient in this field. – [Used CQD overseas?] Yes, performed a few dozen DA’s. Wrapped up many prisoners. – S.P.

[Hooded Box] Excellent sustainment of fundamental skills. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Gets better every time I go through it. – [Maze] Wish we could do this one at least once a week! – [Instructors] Absolutely perfect. Professional and efficient. – We need more of this! – C.W.

[Used CQD overseas?] Arm seal on detainees, move to marshalling area. – C.S.

Have this course before assault block. – [DDS] Any time I can put myself in a high pressure fighting scenario, I’ll do it. It was great to get in there. – [W&Z] This section challenged every aspect of my gun fighting and manipulation skill sets. Great drill, I wish I could have gone more times. – [Scenario/Iso Tac-House] Great hits! It was great to apply the newly brushed up skills. – You need continual ‘refresher sessions’ to be at your best. Thanks for the great instruction. – B.G.

[Enhance Operator Skills] Directly enhance overall awareness, and give me more direction as to control the room. – I have been immersed in CQD for some time and have yet to find another course to replace it. – A.C.

Overall outstanding course. Would rather this course be implemented throughout training, especially during CQC at *****. Great job! – O.S.

[Tac-House] This all was great and lots of lessons learned from de-confliction to securing the target to handling the prisoners. – [Used CQD overseas] Yes, securing prisoners and taking them off target. – N.O.

I feel that I am much more ready to take on CQC tasks for our deployment. – It was great and all the Team guys should go through it. – J.B.

It is such an integrated system that each part builds on what you’ve already done enabling you to continuously improve your skills. – 4th time I attended this course – each time I’m completely impressed by the cadre. Each time the instruction has been as good or better than any I’ve received NSW or not. – K.G.

Outstanding! Applicable to my job and everyday life. – R.T.

Centered around exactly what our operational arena is. Very direct and to the point, with much more info to be learned. – The entire week of instruction was excellent and able to be used in our training. Method made training much more realistic. – S.L.

Excellent course of instruction, started with basic skill training and developed into the whole tactical fight method. – D.C.

I felt all portions of the training were beneficial and that no SEAL should miss this course. – I truly believe this to be the best training mentally as well as physically that the SEAL teams could go obtain. – C.T.

One week is not enough, I hope to see this become an on-going and progressive program incorporated by SEAL [teams]. – R.M.

I think this training is imperative for our line of work. – V.A.

I felt this training to be a vital block for all SEAL platoons. I personally am much more confident with handling and dealing with people/prisoners in a safe and efficient manner. – L.M.

I thought the whole course in general was great and I was able to apply it all with my job…in closing I thought you ran a very professional course. It would highly recommend all Team guys to go through this course. Good job. – D.W.

Excellent – a must for all spec operators. – it would be nice to have an advanced class as well as continued training. – T.M.

This training was very good and also I think it’s vital to our jobs in the SEAL Teams. – C.C.

This type of training needs to be standard section of each of SEAL Team Four’s Platoons. – M.L.

Really good week! – I was clear on everything, however, it’s amazing how what appears to be simple can have so much depth. – Thanks to Duane for everything. It’s much appreciated. – W.D.

The CQD instructor staff is the most professional group of individuals at ******/DET Little Creek. Every time the instructors are excellent. – C.F.

Prisoner handling techniques and Box Drills are critical to readiness. There is no other course that challenges the individual operator the way Box (Hood) Drills does. – [Tac-House] The ability to put all skills to test in an operational environment. – I am extremely impressed with the quality of instruction offered. The Hood Drills are incredible. It allows each operator the ability to conduct self-critiques during the attacks. Operators can’t get enough of this training. I plan to bring my platoon/troop back during SIT and prior to deployment. – J.

[Instructors] Professional. Took the time to emphasize aggression level and self preservation. Taught techniques clearly. – This is the best CQD training I’ve had with the scenarios and multiple situations. – W.W.

As always, the staff at CQD is the most professional of all the cadres in training, in my opinion. I also want the role players to know how much we appreciate the effort they bring. This training wouldn’t work without them. – K.

These guys are SME’s. The mandatory sustainment training they receive makes the difference. I was a NSWAT sniper instructor and we never received advanced training. We were too busy teaching the basic training. – J.

Fantastic block. I feel this is one of the most important blocks of training we have. I hope to come down during free time. Thank you CQD instructors for imparting your knowledge in such a professional manner. – J.K.

Instructors are outstanding. They take pride in what they teach and go the extra mile to make sure the operators understand the material. – The pressure we experienced here at CQD will make us more capable to deal with high risk situations both in our operational and personal lives. – T.E.

All expectations were met or exceeded my pre-class objectives for this training. – This training should be mandatory for all reservists prior to being re-called to active duty. – J.A.

Instruction was top notch – dynamic demos, followed by slower examples with instructor talking through. Very effective. – Instructors are outstanding – you can tell they take their jobs very seriously and wanted to make sure everybody “got it.” – …Every team guy should go through this… – K.G.

This staff is by far the most professional, organized and competent I’ve received instruction from. No part of the curriculum was left to question. Debriefs were concise and to the point. – H.G.


This course is the best course I’ve been to in my NSW career. The way the information is taught and the skills I’ve learned have a direct application to operating in the teams. I believe the ability to control people in any situation is extremely important to being a complete operator. I think teaching this course starting with SQT students is a really great way for guys to go into their first platoons. I regret not getting to this course sooner. – W.D.

This was the best two weeks of training I’ve received in the Navy (or anywhere else). The professionalism, effort, and above all, integrity of Mr. Dieter and all of the staff that work at CQD was amazing. – T.A.

This course enhances the individual operator like no other course in NSW. This course captures every aspect of the warrior mentality and breeds it into the students who attend. – S.D.

I think this is the most valuable training available to NSW. It exposes an operator for who he is as a warrior and what he would really do in those situations. – T.A.

Of my 10 yrs in the teams, this is the best and most intense training I’ve done. Looking forward to becoming a student of this craft. – L.H.

CQD is and should continue to be an essential part of SEAL training. Duane and his staff are extremely professional and patriotic, and should also remain integral parts of the SEAL community. – T.E.

Excellent training! This training is a “must have” for the NSW operator community. – A.N.

The most operationally practical and tactical course I have ever attended. – J.P.

It is without a doubt my highest recommendation that no matter what commitments any of the senior leaders of this community have, they take “5” days and come through this course. If someone has not been in more than 3 yrs they are…wrong. The material covered during this instruction goes far beyond “actions and objective” it strikes directly to the core of what being a warrior is all about. If we are truly committed to living by a code and standing by the charter that has just been written, then we must be committed to exposing everyone wearing a trident to the example being demonstrated here on a daily basis. – S.D.

Thanks Duane these past three years have been the highlight of my career words can’t explain how thankful I am for the life saving experiences you have given me I’m a better operator instructor and man because of it. Thank you. P.S. I wish I had more time there is so much more I want to get done for the course and the men. – M.M.

A great week of training. Taking part in the instructor forging and watching as the skills improved each day, make me proud of being a part of CQD. Also, the sustainment of skill throughout the forging has bettered my skills as an operator and teacher. Again, a great week. I look forward to the next sustainment. – T.E.

Outstanding training, an eye opener. This was absolutely the best training I’ve had in the teams. Not only has it improved my operational skills, it has also improved my personal skills. – B.H.

This has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. I feel I am a better operator and a better person for being a part of such a quality organization and being exposed to such great people. – T.E.

Physically demanding, enlightening, awesome training that will benefit me for the rest of my life whether in an operational capacity or personal protection situation. – J.P.

[The instructor’s] understanding and dedication to CQD was invaluable. His depth of knowledge, flawless teaching style, and skill level is a great model to all NSWC CQD Instructors. – D.M.

As a forge, all the prove-outs that we continue to perform really bring it home and make it real. I never doubt how powerful CQD is, but the prove outs just settle it… — T.B.

Great job, instructors were great. FTX was a good way to test everything, this should be part of core training and then build on the skills by starting an advanced course. – J.S.

Excellent training. Never stopped learning. Hands down the best training I’ve had in the teams. – W.D.

Outstanding. The best training that I’ve received in my 13 years in the Navy. It should be a must for all SEAL platoons, especially the ones going “down range.” – T.E.

This is the greatest warrior training in the world! Nothing else explains the fight and the skills needed to succeed. – A.N.

As always, the best tactical training anywhere! — A.N.

I benefited from every aspect of training, especially the hooded box. To be put under pressure and truly test my CQD skills helped me realize how beneficial CQD is to an operator. – T.E.

…Excellent, extraordinary instruction. – T.A.

The forging phase was very valuable. Skills were learned (forged) in a matter of hours that in most cases would take weeks. – B.H.

Professional presentation was emphasized. Having a core understanding of the CQD concepts and mindset will help me to develop into the most professional instructor I can be, ensuring the students/operators will get the best training they can. – J.P.

Outstanding. It helps deepen my understanding of what a high-risk fight is. – T.A.

Incredible training. The ability to setup the scenarios, execute scenarios, utilize TRP’s and debrief the evolution while improving each individual operator is tremendous. Excellent phase. – S.B.

Really learned a lot about the realistic combat application of CQD and really began to understand that a lot of the other things people have been taught just doesn’t work. – W.D.

All safety factors were stressed. Proper TRP actions and scenario set up is key in ensuring greatest benefit to operators. – J.P.

[W&Z Hooded Box] The best evolution I have ever done to validate the last two weeks of training. – N.H.

I am looking forward to the future NSW sustainment training blocks. I appreciate the effort and focus of all of the CQD staff. Thank you for my most productive six weeks in the NSW. – S.B.

This training has helped me in my operational life as well as my personal life. When you get that out of a course you definitely have a good thing. It’s a true operator’s course. – B.H.

I’m really thankful to have had the opportunity to go through the training and look forward to doing more training with Mr. Dieter in the future. – W.D.

Outstanding as usual. I wish every Team guy could experience this training. – Good pressure in order to realize our own skills (and limitations). Unbelievable training value. – T.A.

These are the most amazing drills, being the closest thing I have ever seen to simulate real combat. – A.N.

Something we need to bring to NSW this will save the lives of our operators. – E.D.

I can’t say enough about this part of the week. This shooting is so very valuable and we need to get this to every “clear” team guy we can. Awesome week, thank you! And my family thanks you!!!! – L.H.

Awesome…excellent scenarios. This training really allows many different skills to be tested well. – T.A.

[Hooded Box] Super exercise that tied in all of our training throughout the week. Thank you for all the assets & support involved. – T.B.

Great week of training, wish it was longer. I appreciate the time and effort put into our ongoing education/development in CQD. Thanks. – W.D.

It was the best overall training the teams get. – T.B.

Outstanding, the best COI that I have attended in the military. – S.B.

Outstanding. Every time we come to MD we receive a new point of view or different way to analyze situations. – J.B.

I look forward to more time and training with Mr. Dieter. His expertise and character is unmatched. – T.A.

My overall opinion of this week of training is that, it is physically, mentally and technically the greatest week of training I have ever had – thank you for opening up my eyes! – C.C.

Once again, life saving training. Thanks for all the work. – J.B.

“Outstanding.” The more I learn about the CQD system, the more I realize how important this is to NSW. – E.D.

As always, this is the best course and instruction provided anywhere. – A.N.

Mr. Dieter and his staff are professional, ethical people with a clarity of purpose. The training is 100% operational and its further infusion into the teams will make us better operators and men. – J.P.

I feel 100% confident that CQD works and is the only system for an operator. I need and want more. – C.C.

…CQD is the best operational fighting system and gives the operator his best chance in the high risk environment. – E.D.

As always – a great week. I learned a lot about my shooting skills and the week reinforced how perfectly all CQD skills integrate. – T.E.

CQD enhances every, and all, facets of your operational life! From being safe at home to operating in the real world! The tactics, techniques and principles CQD not only teaches, but instills in the operator, is life changing and life saving. – J.D.

Another exceptional week of training. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy coming here to train and how honored I am to be a part of CQD. Thanks Duane! – T.E.

I think it is great that Duane is willing to expend so much energy/effort in order to help mold us into better people and teammates. Unbelievable. – T.A.

[Hooded Box] The H-B-D’s are the best training I have ever had in my 12 years in the teams. I want “tons” more! – L.H.

Bar none, going through full evolutions with a gamut of assets out in the field provides us with lasting value and refined skills. – T.B.

As usual, the training was incredible. I personally tend to get set in my ways, and it is great to take, or be taken to new levels. I always feel hungry for more. – S.G.

Excellent scenarios some of the most realistic training I’ve had. – J.B.

Realistic training that applies to the high risk fight. The training will make me a better operator and instructor. – J.P.

This was only my third sustainment course and each time the staff feels that they had just finished the best sustainment they have had. – M.M.

Outstanding the uniqueness of this course and the life saving skills learned make it a must for all of our SEALs going to battle! – N.H.

Great scenarios which bring to light the importance of “level of force” and “internal warrior.” Thoroughly enjoyed it. – T.B.

This course from start to finish was professional time tested, and well thought out. A course all SEALs I am sure would (if given the chance) and should come to. I leave here with no doubt in my mind that the time I spent here was beneficial to the Navy and the country. – N.H.

Can’t say enough about training. Honor just to train with Duane and the cadre at CQD. – T.E.

So far the 4 weeks I’ve received is the best overall training I’ve had in the Teams. Can’t wait for more training!! – L.H.

Outstanding. This has been the most intense, realistic training I have received in the teams. Every operator should be exposed to this. – The best training tool we have. Testing things under pressure is invaluable. – I am very happy that I had the opportunity to attend this training, it will not only help in the teams, but in everyday life as well. – C.L.

Best tactical training anywhere! Operational and personal defense. – A.N.

This training is invaluable for the SEAL operator. Must be included in every SEAL’s work up. Should include Levels 1, 2, and 3! – Thank you Duane. – A.N.

Professional, practical and tactical presentation of all theories and techniques. As always, it was a great learning experience and pleasure working with someone of such clear purpose. – J.P.

Another outstanding sustainment. I feel my DDS skills have improved both as an instructor and operator. – T.E.

Outstanding. Best instructor training that I’ve been through in the 13 years I’ve been in the Navy. – T.E.

[Hooded Box] A necessary and crucial drill. This is where learning is at its highest. Where discussion and theory are proven by action… – D.L.

The 360 degree hood was really good and revealed problem areas. – Great week! Feel more prepared as an instructor. – W.D.

…This week has been incredible. – [Hooded Box] Tough. Really shows with many different scenarios how reactive timing with the spring stance can really defeat obstacles in front of you. – A.J.

Will help me and other operators in our personal lives. Will save lives, Thanks. – E.D.

Thanks for making me a better operator, person and father/husband. – E.D.

Everyone says it, but we need more training like this. Little blocks throughout all of work-up. –


Thanks! I’m glad to spend my time up here, it makes me a much better operator and person. – E.D.

Sustainment Rep

The level of stress and combat fatigue that we were under while shooting was outstanding. Any true frogman would like this COI better than any other. It gets you ready for war!!! – R.L.

Exactly what SEALs need. Extremely mission oriented. – M.N.

Excellent course. It was the first time I’ve ever done tactical shooting. Every person that wears a Trident should be taking this course. This COI takes the shooter into real stress and combat and made me realize that there are many range practices that we (SEALs) follow that can get us killed in a fight. – R.L.

A very profound experience. The best training of its kind that I’ve had in 12 years in the teams. – K.M.

I feel that we covered more than I would have believed possible if I hadn’t actually done it. – I feel that internal warrior skill balance is important. I feel we are reaching an era when it will be recognized and accepted. – M.J.

Thanks for saving my life Duane! – J.M.

In just one week of this training, I feel incredible new awareness. Not just tactically but life in general. I feel a boost in my operational confidence. Outstanding course. Thanks. – R.G.

The reality of the training is incredible. I couldn’t ask for better tactics and the professionalism used in teaching them. – M.E.

Outstanding! I think every platoon should go out the door with this knowledge. – C.T.

Absolute must training and full integration of CQD for all operators. – M.J.

Outstanding. And an eye opening experience. Very professionally presented and conducted. – D.T.

This type of training is what we (SEALs) need more of; good, realistic training which embraces shooting skills with reactionary training. – R.B.

Outstanding coverage of a broad topic in a short amount of time with realized retention, understanding, and most importantly, proper application of response proportional to threat. – B.C.

Excellent training, I just wish I could have come into contact with it a long time ago. – D.H.

Excellent, definitely taught me some very good lessons that apply in a lot of different aspects. – S.B.

The whole tactical aspect of shooting was incredible. A great training approach. It’s hard to believe the Teams have operated without it for so many years. – B.S.

All team work needs to be done through CQD Level II. – D.H.

Every portion of training was explained in great detail… – Outstanding from start to finish. – Duane, I can’t thank you enough for this training. It may very well save my life some day. Thanks again. – P.N.

I believe this training should be a mandatory part of basic and advanced SEAL training. – P.S.

75th Rangers need this. – Outstanding pace. – J.M.

Is mandatory for operational readiness for combat. – J.M.

This is absolutely among the best training I’ve received… – R.G.

Outstanding as always. – The rounds down range, the box drills and the Tac-house were enlightening. A training system that really hits home. Can’t wait to come back up. Thanks. – B.S.

Another good week of training. Again we need more of this realistic training which does include “the full circle.” – R.B.

More hood drills, no training in the world beats practical experience. The best way to learn it is to do it. Excellent training course. – M.N.

Each time I train with Mr. Dieter I feel my skills and thoughts of tactics and the situation at hand is getting much more tuned. – J.D.

Duane Dieter is an excellent instructor. His background and expertise show in the quality of his instruction. CQD is the way to go! – R.L.

Support Teams

[Hooded Box] Excellent opportunity for SEALs to analyze situation and determine amount of force required for situation. – The Dieter’s COI/Method is specifically focused on NSW operations (unlike other forms/systems of martial arts.) Having trained most of my life in boxing/**** ****, **** **** **, **** ****, ****** *****, **** and *******; I can honestly say that this method/system is better suited toward instructing/preparing NSW operators. Considering the minimal amount of time allotted to train SEALs with CQD, The Dieter’s system is best suited to increase operators’ safety and operational capability during real world operations…Excellent COI/excellent staff/excellent facilities. – E.S.

This is, and has always been one of the most professional courses I have attended. – M.B.

[Enhance operator skills?] Everything. First exposure to training like this and everything made sense. Explained in a clear and logical manner. – New to NSW, prior air crew. Would recommend to anyone deploying into theater. Plan on taking course again. – Great set of instructors. Everything was straight forward and made sense. – F.A.

[Enhance operator skills?] Pretty much all of it! It all hinged on reflex and proper (fast) response, which helps no matter who you are. – S.S.

[Hooded Box] Awesome! I wish I could do that a couple times per month! – Great course! I would love to come back for more training! – K.H.

[Enhance operator skills?] Having the confidence and knowledge to handle situations I’ll encounter in the field. – Great scenarios overall. Direct defense scenarios were the most beneficial. – Instructors were very knowledgeable and presented the course for both experienced and inexperienced operators. – M.S.

Every part of this training will enhance my skills/personal safety/safety of my fellow operators. – Needs more time/longer course when possible. – M.S.

Again being my first [time] I believe it is a great course for anyone to go through. – Thank you for the opportunity to attend this course. I fully enjoyed the course and I appreciated all the skills that I have learned. – K.P.

[Used CQD overseas?] …recently in Iraq during personal meeting to control hostile walk in. – Given the amount of time available and varied skill levels of my personnel I believe that all of the training skill sets were well taught and build with future real life scenarios. Thanks for the training! – M.C.

The training received was invaluable and I feel more confident I will be able to defend myself when deployed. – [DDS Hooded Box] The Hooded Box drill was greatly beneficial to becoming more confident with the DDS. – [Prisoner Control] The PCT was beneficial in learning the different seals. Especially learning how certain methods of PC was ineffective made me realize the error of employing previously learned methods. – I had initially believed the training would not be particularly relevant to me, but after being placed in the scenarios, I realized how valuable the training was. Thank you. – J.P.

The scenarios in both the armed and unarmed Hoods are realistic and solicit responses from the operator. This is the best individual training and testing device in NSW. – The staff was great, very professional… – The course and its scenarios reinforce and develop both individual and team integration skills. Every time I attend the course I am tested to my full operational capability and leave the course a better operator. I leave for Iraq in a month and this training was a must have before I deploy. – This course provides the only high risk full role player interaction training in NSW, while incorporating scenarios drawn from current and potential future NSW operations. The operation sets tested as an individual and as a functional part of the team which constantly remind the operator that his mistakes not only affect him but also the town. Thanks guys. – M.M.

I thought this was great training…I feel I can/will use the skills learned here in my career with NSW. – R.B.

[Enhance operator skills?] It gave me confidence in handling myself in close quarter combative situations. – [DDS] Was very beneficial to me because my previous combatives course was not as practical for situations you find in NSW. – [Iso Tac-House] The best part of the course – created very stressful situations. – D.R.

The Close Quarters Defense is valuable. I really like that your course tries other methods and will demonstrate them so we can see why the techniques work, and why some do not. – Want more weapons CQD training, especially with primary weapons. – [DDS Hooded Box] Love it! It is the only way to really test your skills and to see what you would do under pressure. The video replay is very significant to that process. – Love the training and love the Hooded Box Drills. Glad you guys tailor the techniques around real world events and for tactical situations. – S.M.

[DDS Hooded Box] Shows practicality/reality of training. – [Iso-Tacs] I thought it was good to make accurate and fast shoot/no shoot decisions. – K.H.

Great training! Everytime I go through the course, I feel I learn something new or a better way to do a technique. – [DDS Hooded Box] Great training, I wish we could do more of them. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Very beneficial to me. I gained a lot of learning lessons and experience through some difficulties I had in this drill. – [Iso-Tacs] Probably the most fun of all the training. – I think this is invaluable training. – M.S.

Excellent. – [DDS Hooded Box] Learned a lot about how to react. – [Iso-Tacs] Reactions were huge learning experience. – S.O.

Being a female, this course was invaluable! I would recommend it to anyone. Great instructors. – [Benefit the most] All the training. – [DDS Hooded Box] Outstanding. – K.M.

Excellent, it was different than anything I have done in the past and also very effective. – [DDS Hooded Box] Fantastic, a very effective learning tool that forced me to put to use the striking and defending skills learned. – [Prisoner Control] Very good to know and may come in handy down range. – This training is very innovative and appears to be very effective. I thank you for training me and better preparing me for my endeavors down range. – C.G.

Very good applicable training. Also the hood drills provided good realism. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Also good and showed many areas of strengths and weaknesses. – This training was very good. The instructors were very knowledgeable and able to explain and demonstrate tactics easily and concisely. – B.P.

Great for personnel of all levels. Served as a good baseline for me having no prior experience. – [DDS Hooded Box] Great scenario for pressured self-defense. – P.K.

Great training overall. Good practical training to shake out gear and learn vital skills. – M.G.

The training was awesome. This is my first time through the course and I learned a lot. – [DDS Hooded Box] Very intense. Learned a lot. – Thought the course was well-taught. The instructors were very enthusiastic. – S.D.

Simple and effective techniques that can be used in any scenario. – [DDS Hooded Box] I personally enjoyed the drill because it made me think quickly and I could evaluate myself and where I was weak. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Once again very unique drill that tested my reactions in different situations that I might see in the field. – [Iso-Tacs] Showed where I needed work and mistakes I made in dealing with people in a stressful environment. Invaluable training! – I really enjoyed this training. Instructors were very knowledgeable and approachable. – C.C.

Outstanding. – [DDS Hooded Box] Was great to see how quick (or not so quick) your reactions are to events in full speed. – Great instructors, knew the topic extremely well and were able to convey a lot of information in such a very short period of time. – J.P.

Excellent; accelerated, efficient. – [Benefit the most] The scenarios. You’ll never be able to replicate how someone will react unless pressured. – [DDS Hooded Box] Great! My first time doing something like that. – [Iso-Tacs] Very good! Instructors right on top to provide immediate teaching points. – E.C.

Great training. The gross motor skills should be easy to employ. – [DDS Hooded Box] Shows what you would truly do in these situations. Great learning. – [Iso-Tacs Scenarios] Intense. There is a lot to think about… – N.H.

Training was very well instructed. Everything done had a reason and made sense. – [DDS Hooded Box] Using the hood is great to simulate surprise and reaction to unknowns. – [Prisoner Control] Very good techniques that are rarely taught otherwise. Detailed instruction with motivated instructors. – J.S.

All the instructors were helpful and presented a valuable and unique aspect to training and made it very enjoyable. – J.K.

Make the course longer. – All instructors were very knowledgeable and patient. 1 on 1 was very helpful. – A.E.

[Enhance operator skills?] Hooded Drills, role players were very thoroughly advised and very well instructed. – [Improve?] Extending the course to two weeks. – Course was well organized and instructors were flexible as to the time constraints and made the course very valuable. – D.V.

Good training, would like to receive more, higher levels in future. – [DDS Hooded Box] Excellent training evolution, very beneficial… – T.J.

Highest quality. Vital for personnel of all backgrounds. Excellent progression of training of the various sections. – [DDS Hooded Box] Invaluable with regards to putting abstract drills into practice. Good for self-evaluation and building confidence in trained skills. – [Prisoner Control] Often overlooked in other training. This section was informative and useful. – Valuable exercise to piece together the multiple sections of training. – An amazing course with superb TRPs and even more professional and knowledgeable instructors. I will be requesting more training this following Monday. – J.S.

[DDS Hooded Box] Beneficial and helpful in understanding individual shortfalls and capabilities. – Terrific instructors who are always helpful and knowledgeable about material and demonstrate a true interest in sharing their knowledge. Genuine and enthusiastic. Made training enjoyable. – C.G.

All instructors provided unique and beneficial training. – Very good class. Make it 2 weeks long. – S.B.

Outstanding! Very applicable. – [DDS Hooded Box] Excellent eye opener for me. As realistic as DDS training can be without serious injury. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Outstanding. Allowed instant learning of good and bad zone control. – [Prisoner Control] Vital if lethal force is not required. Every military person should have PC training. – [Iso-Tacs Scenarios] Humbling. However, provided instant feedback on bad training (or no training) scars. Accelerates the learning process. – Thank you to all the staff and instructors. – Thank you to all the TRPs who strive to improve our skills on them. – R.R.

I thought it was very well executed and valuable. I like the kind of “street” style defense it taught rather than the “in the ring” style that I have gotten before. – [Benefit the most] The Hooded Box. There is nothing better than practical application with TRPs. Along with video playback. – [DDS Hooded Box] It was very well done. The use of trained TRPs and established scenarios helped me concentrate on myself… – N.O.

Regards to your firm for hiring professional staff who not only has firsthand knowledge but can also relate to why it is important what is being instructed. – [Instructor was a] very patient and talented professional. Keep this guy and his staff on the books. I/we will look and request the same team for a refresher. – R.

It was my first exposure to DDS training and principles and the Hooded Box greatly increased my impression of its validity and effectiveness. – [W&Z Hood] Again, first exposure. Some weapons and tactics prior to this but I feel (hope) that this more closely mirrors what I will be faced with…down range. – Hopefully I’ll be able to come back with my team and reinforce these techniques. I’m sure what I’ve learned this week will find a way to be applied down range. – J.B.

Outstanding training, very useful. – [Instructors] Very professional, straight answers to every question. – Scenarios here apply directly to situations I have seen in real world ops. – B.H.

All of it. Being a tech, this is very useful as our roles (techs) evolve in NSW. Great introduction to some great techniques one can use defending your buddies and yourself in combat as well as your family at home. – [Hooded Box] Outstanding. Being put on the defensive like that brings out instincts you gotta put aside and use the training you have learned. – All the instructors were complete professionals and very helpful during all divisions. – A.N.

[Enhance operator skills?] All!!! Basic effective survival skills. Even essential for non-assaulters. Prevent non SEALs/SWCC from becoming a liability for SEAL/SWCC in a bad situation. i.e. IED attack on convoy, all personnel must transition to foot. – [DDS] All should learn. – [W&Z Control] Paramount!! Prevent blue on blue especially when lesser trained personnel are with you. – [Hooded Box] Great for reflex/fear, test mental/physical reaction to potential threats. – All instructors were great. Best, most practical training and facilitators in the biz. – R.R.


In every way, shape and form, CQD is our bread and butter. You cannot be a good operator without this training. – N.O.

I feel so much more confident with handling my weapons systems. I have a greatly enhanced confidence in my ability to use my weapons systems in close quarters and in my ability to deal with prisoners. – Let us study here longer – 2-3 weeks, perhaps. – [Met expectations?] Absolutely. This is the most impressive group of instructors I have met at BUD/S or SQT. They work together well as a team. They are all competent, intelligent and they teach us well. – This is the best period of instruction I have received at Naval Special Warfare. The instructors are excellent and the course is well run but perhaps most importantly, the course teaches an excellent approach to war-fighting. The concepts of dial control are essential and are taught well at CQD. The other elements of instruction of BUD/S and SQT would benefit from including such an approach to war-fighting. –E.G.

This course was excellent, and very pertinent. I am very interested in furthering my CQD skills and going on to advanced training. This is obviously an essential skill, and will be useful in any training/real world situation involving contact with another group of people. – The instructors by far exceeded what I had expected in professionalism, clarity of message and patience, a great staff. – J.M.

This course prepared everyone at every level, at home and at work, to be cognizant of your surroundings and to be able to handle any situation that you are presented with. This course totally hones your warrior skills and your warrior mind. – D.H.

… The tactical aspects of this course are easily transferable to other blocks of instruction in SQT, anything that concerns holding a gun. – This was the first course of instruction in SQT that not only taught us how to think and act tactically, but forced us to use it in a practical manner every day. I now have the skills that have been ingrained in me after only a week.

This is a tremendously valuable skill. Our introduction to it in SQT will only allow us to better develop ourselves in this arena. The more we are able to practice with such realism and intensity, the est operators and tacticians we will become. This will only benefit Special Warfare. – T.C.

CQD gives the operator confidence in dealing with unknown and volatile situations. – M.S.

It has enhanced my abilities to deal with threat, unknowns, and prisoners. I am more tactically aware now when entering a room, and know how to deal with certain situations with certain levels of aggression. – Z.D.

The tools we gained here will greatly help during deployment. All of SPECWAR should go through CQD. – E.B.

All of the instructors were very professional. They were the best set of instructors that I have encountered. – M.S.

This has been the best week I’ve had in SQT/The Navy. I learned more and was tested more than in any other block of training. The instructor staff was amazing in every way. – P.G.

This was by far the single most beneficial week of my career. The level of instruction here is far superior to many other blocks of instruction. I strongly feel that the skills taught here will save lives. – S.P.

The entirety of the material was relevant and excellent practice to enhance our operational skills. Especially valuable was the fighting portion and the prisoner handling portion. – Make it a longer course for SQT. I felt we just scraped the surface and we could all have benefited from more training. – The instructors were incredibly professional and knowledgeable about the material. – M.S.

[CQD SQT course enhance skills] It was a necessary block of training which is vital to have a grasp on in real world scenarios. – It is worth expanding to multiple weeks of training. – This was the most professional and well organized course I have ever attended. – M.M.

This was the most professional course I have taken so far in SQT and BUD/S. The kind of professionalism found here should be an example for the rest of NSW’s courses. – E.B.

Gives an in-depth knowledge of CQD/prisoner handling skills. Hopefully set a standard for platoon training with all teams. Never had it before. – Yes, outstanding instructors. – … This should be a mandatory course for platoon work-up with all teams. – S.M.

[Enhance operator skills?] It will standardize CQC tactics and set a common ground/learning platform for operators. – I hope that eventually every SEAL will get all CQD levels and the course will expand. – K.H.

This is the best course of instruction I have received so far in NSW. – M.M.

Can’t say enough good things about the cadre and the course. Every SEAL should come through this and get more (Level 1+, Level 2.) – R.M.

Great course, a must for anybody deploying into a hostile situation. – J.R.

If all SEAL courses were taught and organized like this, there is no way we won’t be the most elite force in the world. This was by far the best learning experience I’ve had. – R.M.

I think the skills we learned during the course will be a great asset to use in the Teams… – R.

It gives me confidence beyond the trigger of my weapon when dealing with a potential lethal or non lethal confrontation.

I could use the skills that I acquired and use them to meet any given situation and under any ROE guidelines. – M.R.

This course not only teaches very practical techniques in bodily defense and prisoner handling but also gives us the confidence in trusting these techniques to get the job done. – J.S.

I feel this course was a very critical part of SQT training and could not imagine not receiving this training. – M.B.

By far the best training I’ve done so far. Was very practical in every situation… – E.A.

I feel that this was an excellent course of instruction it has enhanced my confidence and skills immensely and is a skill that is very practical. – P.G.

This course blew me away. This instructor staff is totally dedicated to putting out the best product possible. – D.H.

[Enhance operator skills?] By being able to handle compliant, non-compliant, combative threats, correctly/effectively with regard to team members. Great course that focuses on basic skills to build upon. – J.L.

I wish it could be a longer course. I can’t get enough of it. – J.L.

Yes, inst. staff most professional of any course I’ve attended. Actions and words left no room for confusion… – D.M.

Yes, this was the most professional staff I have worked with. Great communication and organization. They should be the model. – D.N.

This past week was a week full of knowledge. It was very intense and I learned a lot about my weapon system and how to use every part of it to accomplish the mission. – E.P.

I feel I have been given a great foundation and have started on the right track with the skills I have learned. I want to continue with this training throughout my career. I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to learn from such squared away instructors…This was a great experience. – M.M.

Every part of the course was excellent, the instructors were very intense. They were very squared away and answered every question thrown their way. They were strict on safety but also stressed dial control. When it was time to dial up they let us. I found the course very beneficial and have no clue on how they would improve it. – D.S.

The instructor staff really made a great difference as to how well this material was taught. We not only learned a lot but also believed in what we were being taught. The instructors went the extra mile in showing us how these techniques truly work. – J.S.

I was/am so impressed with this course. The staff was absolutely the finest at their job. I would like to continue this training these skills seem to be very valuable. – J.T.

Since I’ve been in the Navy I feel this was the best course of instruction I’ve gone through. I liked the intensity level of the training and the fact that everything taught during the week all came together in the end… – M.W.

The course was outstanding. The staff was outstanding their effort and professionalism, knowledge of the system was delivered superbly. The system was taught and demonstrated to a point that the class left the course with a lot of confidence. The staff was well prepared allowing the course to flow. The atmosphere of high intensity, positive motivation, and development kept the learning curve high…To the staff fantastic job keep up the good work. – M.D.

The instructors were awesome! Alone the material is fun and exciting to learn but the instructors brought it to a whole new level. Their motivation, intensity, and presentation skills were the best I’ve ever seen since I’ve been with Special Warfare. I feel fortunate and lucky to have been taught by them. – S.H.

I have never been so enthused or motivated than I am now going through this course. I feel a little teased only getting a week of this training. I can’t stress enough how great this course was. I’m jealous of the instructors because they get to do this all the time. – T.B.

Best course of instruction I have received to this point in the military. The staff was extremely skilled, extremely professional, and put a lot into the course. – R.B.

CQD is hands down the most realistic, applicable, and practical block of training that I have received. – C.W.

The instructors at CQD were by far the most professional out of the entire SQT staff. – W.L.

This course was great. I feel 100 times more confident going to the teams. – N.B.

The best, most professional instructors I’ve worked with yet. – J.D.

Best course of instruction I have received yet. The method of teaching and instruction is more beneficial to the students than some of the methods we have seen in other blocks of training. – D.R.

The whole instructor staff, not just one but the whole staff, exceeded my every expectation. They are the most professional and knowledgeable instructors I’ve encountered in my career. – R.R.

The instructors were incredibly professional, knowledgeable and were willing to answer any questions. They created a great working environment. – B.P.

These were the best, most professional group of instructors I have ever had in NSW training. They epitomize what it means to be a SEAL. – J.R.

No gripes or complaints, my only comment is that there could be more of this training. I’m sure we get more during platoon work up, but if the future wars are fought in urban environments, then I don’t think you could have enough of this training. The instructors…are definitely some of the best I’ve received in the NSWC community. – G.F.

I feel much more confident about my abilities in entering a completely unknown and chaotic situation; analyzing, interpreting, realizing and acting in a more efficient and battle effective posture and manner. – D.T.

This course is the only course in SQT that enhances the warrior spirit. Gives you confidence in any fight. – S.A.

This is an essential skill and this course provided the basics for which to learn more skills in the future. I hope to learn more about higher levels in the Teams. – B.S.

Overall, this course was phenomenal. Only adding another week could possibly make it better. – S.D.

The course should be at least three weeks. – A.S.

This course could be a lot more beneficial if it was a week longer. There is so much information to learn that would be helpful to know before guys deploy. – S.R.

This is the most professional SQT course. All courses should be taught like this course. The course is well laid out, no conflicting word. VERY focused instructors. – S.A.

The best taught course thus far in the SQT block of training. – W.P.

Everything was worth it. I wish we could have two weeks here instead of one. Also, every member of the staff was very helpful. – B.V.

This course by far has been the most professionally conducted course I have attended for the 10 years I have been in the Navy. – J.P.

The best week of training we have had on really useful material. Great Instructors. – J.C.

I wish we could spend 3-4 weeks on this material. I want to learn a lot more. – J.M.

This was an excellent course that was extremely well organized and instructed. This was some of the best training I have received thus far. – D.M.

I think we should spend more time doing CQD, I feel it is much more important than some other blocks that are longer. – R.R.

I feel that this course is designed to be two weeks long for a reason and that time should be cut out in less applicable segments of SQT. – J.D.

As an operator, confidence is one’s ability to handle himself. I have to think this is an important piece of the makeup. This course bestows upon and adds to each individual’s defensive capabilities. Knowing that I have such skills, and the guy next to me does as well, builds my confidence and thus provides better operators. – S.E.

It gives you a better look at real situations with real people and lets you know you don’t always have to shoot. – P.T.

Dealing with and handling unknowns, hostiles, and prisoners is a vital task that operators need to know. This course teaches those tools. – M.D.

The best instructors I have seen so far. Very job oriented and experienced. – T.B.

[This course] increased confidence in my abilities and force control. The physical and mental conditioning offered in this course apply far beyond a close quarters situation. I am glad that we have been exposed to this course so early in our SEAL careers. I look forward to more of this training in the future. – V.R.

Everything we learned will benefit our careers. The use of incorporating the weapon into defense other than shooting will be a good skill. – R.A.

Wow the most professional and knowledgeable staff thus far at NSWC. Every single member is stand out. – R.H.

All of this will impact my capabilities but especially the prisoner control portion. – [Improve?] Longer course to get more practice with the skills. – [Instructor performance] Easier to approach and way better at instructing than SQT staff. They would do well at instructing anything. – J.H.

The ability to control others and not allow a physical advantage when handling individuals will enhance my skills as an operator. – I appreciate the professional attitude of the entire staff and the encouragement to be good men as well as good operators. – M.H.

The best and most professional staff we have experienced yet. – I.O.

[Benefit the most] The emphasis on properly reacting quickly because many aspects of our job will require rapid responses with proper use of force and judgment. – [Prisoner Control] It was great how many techniques we were shown because it allows us to adapt to any situation possible. – Make it longer. – Every instructor has my utmost respect for their degree of professionalism which is the highest that I have seen thus far. – T.C.

Levels of force control – crucial for new operators to master. – [Instructors] They were all model SEALs, highly experienced and knowledgeable!! – …[Instructor] is probably the first person…to talk to them (the class) as men, and it made a huge difference. – A.K.

Excellent instructor the best I’ve had in SQT so far. Very professional, cared about us learning the material. Wish they all were like this. – S.J.

The staff was the most professional staff I have ever worked with. – B.M.

Instructor staff treated us like men and because of that we respected them more and trained and learned a lot. – J.S.

All instructors had the utmost professionalism and vast amounts of knowledge to give to us as new operators. – Z.C.

Outstanding course. – Once again this was my second time through and the staff was outstanding. – M. J.

Most professional staff I have ever dealt with in NSW. – Staff have great passion for course, job, and NSW. It shows in the quality of work and product of course. – J.M.

Really enjoyed the course. Wish we could spend more time with CQD. I feel this is what we will be doing a lot and need to get more efficient at this. – R.H.

I found all topics relevant to the NSW mission. – Make this initial course two weeks in order to increase our understanding and ability. – P.S.

The course could definitely be longer, I look forward to coming back at the platoon level. – All the instructors were awesome. – L.B.

Make it longer. Increase instructor staff… – Instructor performance was above reproach. They created a training environment of utmost professionalism and made us want to learn. I hope I can one day be like them. – J.J.

Some of the best training I’ve had to date. – The most professional instructor staff to date. – [Instructor’s] talks on attitude and mindset in the teams were essential and outstanding… – T.S.

[Enhance operator skills?] All of it – the attitude, techniques, skills and tactics of CQD made everyone in the class better operators. – [Hooded Box] Awesome assessment/reactionary training. Real OPFOR with real scenarios is by far the most effective training. – Outstanding! Look forward to coming back. – Great course. Class loved it. – T.M.

[Hooded Box] The most relevant evolution I’ve had that’s geared towards our current situation overseas. – B.W.

Until here [CQD] there is very little aggression/aggressive nature drills/skills taught. Extending the course at least another week would give more time to get the aggression more second nature. – S.M.

By far the most talented instructor staff yet. Answered all questions were available for extra instruction and eager to teach. This was very motivating for me as a student. – J.M.

[W&Z Hooded Box] The overall situational awareness taught with this section was one of the most beneficial parts of training I’ve gotten since I joined the Navy. – R.C.

[W&Z Hooded Box] I think this is the most beneficial and mission relevant class because it is absolutely mission crucial to develop sound habits and discipline. – W.M.

This was one of the best courses I have been through in SQT. I learned more here in 1 week than I have in any 1 single week. – S.W.

The instructors were the most professional I have worked with yet. Outstanding all around. – S.G.

[DDS] Striking – Another weapon to use in combat that is very effective incapacitating a threat. – [Hooded Box] …Simulates stress with live threats that we have not seen in training before. Allows you to learn a lot and grow in confidence. – I would lengthen the course. – R.F.

All of CQD will extremely benefit my operator skills. – I would give more time for the course to teach more advanced skills. – Awesome instructor staff. – B.S.

[W&Z Control] Great actual and applicable experience. – [Prisoner Control] Awesome training that gave us good experience. – The course needs more instructors. The instructor staff was amazing to do what they did with such a horrible ratio. – [Instructors] They were absolutely awesome. So much experience and practical techniques. – G.C.

Very professional and again, well respected. – I would have died to have had this training in the Marines. If I did, maybe certain missions I went on would have gone a lot smoother. – D.G.

[Enhance operator skills?] All parts were extremely helpful. – Most professional/knowledgeable instructors I’ve worked with while at SQT. – A.P. [DDS] A life saving skill if an operator was ever put in or found himself in a bad situation. – This is the most professional instructor staff in the SQT pipeline. – Great course. – S.B.

Instructor staff was extremely professional and approachable. [They] were very impressive and set a great example for students. – P.B.

The Box Drills were vital, outstanding, and most helpful in training self-response and confidence. – The strike drills and emphasis placed on accurate, fast, and hard hits helped one know how much force is needed. – [Hooded Box] Absolutely the best training and most honest feedback and assessment of stress control. Expand and continue!! – All training was great! Give us more if anything. – [Instructor] did a great job of organizing training and the entire staff was stellar: best I have encountered. – S.L.

[Instructor] and his staff were OUTSTANDING. The mentorship sessions were just what the class needed and the pipeline needs more of [it]. – S.B.

[Prisoner Control] This was most beneficial. There was a lot of emphasis placed on this and with the direction of the war I believe PC skill is crucial. – Add a week to training. – Definitely increase. This training is very beneficial. – All staff were outstanding. – T.R.

[Enhance operator skills?] All of it, both the combative skills and ethics training. – [Improve?] More time in it and with these instructors during SQT. – Increase all of it. Excellent cadre – well-run and all are excellent role models. – Every instructor here has been among the best SEALs, role models and men I’ve worked with. [Instructors] deserve kudos for a great course and staff. – Great course – I feel more time in this course, with this cadre would be extremely beneficial to future team guys. – J.A.

[Enhance operator skills?] Everything, I had no idea how to deal with these situations until now. – C.B.

…It was all applicable to the mission. – Make the course longer. – Increase all topics. – All instructors were superb. [Instructor] especially gave great insight into the mission set. – Make longer for SQT. At least 2 weeks. – S.S.

All of the training, box drills, and mentoring greatly benefit any student who comes through this program. – Excellent class executed with a minimal amount of instructors. More blue shirts would benefit the larger classes. – [Hooded Box] These were some of the best drills I have done in SQT for both tactics and overall SA. – I would increase SQT’s time here to at least a 2 week course. The training and mentoring is invaluable. – S.S.

So far in SQT CQD has been the most professional and skillfully taught course of instruction as far as enhancing our tactical mindset. – These were the most effective and evolved instructional tools so far in SQT. I wish the same theory applied to CQC. – There was no irrelevant material. – [Improve?] I would only expand it – and take time out of other courses to do it. – The CQD staff…were some of the most adept instructors and mentors I have experienced so far in NSW. – [Instructor] poured his heart and soul into this course and his role as a mentor preparing us for combat… – P.D.

Every part of CQD training will enhance my skills overall, especially the way the instructors communicate with the students, best yet!! – Give more role players, and allow more time. – Increase man power then we can increase the course. – OUTSTANDING INSTRUCTORS!!! BEST YET!!! – B.W.

[Hooded Boxes] are a great training aid. The course was awesome in its entirety. – [Improve?] More instructors. – Increase the whole thing. The training is very important to our jobs and should be longer than a week. – The staff did a great job… – K.C.

I’ve been to Iraq and know firsthand how the “crowds and mobs” can get and how you can’t always use a weapon so the direct defense skills helped build on that. – [Prisoner Control] Definitely helped by explaining different techniques to use to control prisoners in a non-lethal way, especially in today’s combat zone with opportunities for “prisoner abuse.” – Lengthen the course if possible. – All instructors were awesome. Spending time just listening to the instructors’ stories and how they apply was a huge part and should definitely stay in the course. – More instructors would help because they are the experts and can really properly critique the students. – J.C.

More instructor staff, more role players. – More box drills and more scenarios. – I would increase all topics, very good course. – The instructor staff at CQD is by far the best. They care for the students and how they progress with all the skills. – Very fun course. – A.R.

Extend the length of the course (2 weeks+). – Instructor staff were the most professional well-meaning teachers that I have worked with. – CQD was greatly beneficial and I would recommend prolonging the course. – R.N.

[Enhance operator skills?] Having faith in a system that works and produces the effective results I like to see. – [DDS] Obviously relevant to protect yourself and others around you. It is a great way, and the only way I’ve found to be both ready defensively and offensively at the same time. – [W&Z] Really hit home on situational awareness and proved to us that nothing needed to change regarding body/hand position between DDS and weapon in hand. – Nothing was irrelevant, we needed more time for this course so everything taught was extremely relevant. – M.O.

…This is high quality training that could save lives and increase mission success. – The staff was very professional, knowledgeable, and approachable. – The course needs a larger staff which would allow more training. – N.F.

Everything I learned in CQD I felt enhanced my skills because it was all new to me. – Prisoner control is important to most SEAL missions. It helps you complete the mission while keeping you and your teammates safe. – [Hooded Box] Reaction time is important while clearing a building. I felt this drill improved my reaction time. – I would increase every one of the topics. – T.H.

All skills taught at CQD were valuable to me and will enhance my operator skills. – I didn’t think anything taught at CQD was invaluable or irrelevant. – I would improve this course by making it longer, I think spending more time practicing each topic would solidify the skills being taught. – C.B.

Course is awesome staff is professional and best by far in SQT. – [Increase or decrease topics?] Increase because there is so much more we could learn. – …Professional and enthusiastic all SQT should model their staff after CQD. – I was truly impressed by the course and staff. – A.D.

Every part of CQD training is going to enhance my individual operator skills. – The lower body guard – building confidence in the lower guard helped me build confidence in the whole system. – Searching – learning how to conduct a proper search of a prisoner will one day save our lives. The real life situations that we were told put into perspective the importance of a good search. – No evolution was irrelevant to my mission. – To improve the course I would make it longer. – I would increase the lengths of all topics. – All of the CQD instructors were among the most professional I have encountered in my training with NSW. – Great course! I wish it were 3 or 4 weeks instead of 1. – M.

Great for teaching levels of force for each situation. – [Prisoner Control] Very beneficial in work being conducted overseas. – Increase in time to enforce all aspects of CQD. – A.S.

[Enhance operator skills?] It will enhance my reaction time which will help me in training and downrange. – All instructor staff were very professional and dedicated. – B.A.

The introduction to CQD body position and mindset helped me think more tactically and definitely will help me when placed in a situation that calls for it. It has majorly increased my confidence in fighting situations. – [W&Z] Weapon strikes were the most beneficial because I know they will one day come in handy overseas. – [Hooded Box] The Direct Defense skills in the box were most beneficial because it was a close simulation to what could actually happen. – I would have more box drills and possibly make CQD 2 weeks for SQT. – Very professional and helpful instructor staff. – Great mentorship sessions from [Instructor]. I’m confident that CQD will be more effective than any other martial arts system in real life situations. – K.B.

Everything in combination is equally important and equally beneficial. But the Box Drill really drives home the points that will stay with me as I move into a Platoon. – [Hooded Box] Awesome! Every aspect of the drill was great. Do more if possible. – Any extra time should be devoted to box drill scenarios. – Every single instructor is a huge NSW asset…They are professionals and are great examples of the type of Team Guys these young SQT students should aspire to be. – F.C.

All evolutions are relevant to today’s mission. – I would increase the length of the course by at least a week – The instructor staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Their insightful way of thinking is very important for SQT students. – We are future Navy SEALs that are expected to be able to defend ourselves and hurt others who deserve it. One week of CQD is NOT enough. – M.

[Improve?] More time, this is the most beneficial training but we get the least time to train on. Weird. – [Increase or decrease topics?] Increase because it saves lives! – Best instructor staff. Really, really care very respectable, good examples of team guys. – S.H.

The Hooded Box drills really offered a glimpse into stimulus control and the individual weapons manipulation drills in conjunction with the hood drills were really helpful. – [DDS] Really effective application of taking natural reactions and channeling them into effective responses. – [Prisoner Control] Really insightful experiences from the instructors and straightforward techniques. – [Hooded Box] Perhaps one of the best drills we did all week – included a large mental readiness portion that is directly related to combat. – It was all excellent. – Increase all topics. – M.C.

Everything seemed to be important for an operator. However, the staff’s own observations, experiences and personal readings provided more than a week of training and goals in the NSW community to strive towards. – [W&Z] Good lessons. Important as we are shooters above all else. Would like more instruction in this area. – [Hooded Box] Most important aspect of CQD. I learned more from the box and box debriefs than most of SQT. Emphasized skills learned in CQC. – Every topic seems to support our mission and ethos. – I feel the entire course should be lengthened to at least three weeks. – Best instructing staff I’ve encountered in SQT or most of my high school and college curriculum. The staff all worked well together and gave each other respect and developed each other’s teaching points. – [Instructor] gave information to develop the internal warrior and make better people and operators on and off the battlefield… – J.S.

[Hooded Box] Absolutely the best fight training I’ve ever had. – Everything taught was relevant. – We completed just one week our community needs a lot 3-4 weeks of CQD training. – Increase all of the topics. – By far the [most] professional staff I have seen yet from the BTC every instructor wanted to make us a better man not just a warrior. – L.

[Enhance operator skills?] All of the individual skills. I feel like I can apply everything I learned to my operational capacity. – [DDS] Very beneficial as an operator and a citizen. – This instructor staff is the most professional set of men that I have encountered since I’ve been in the Navy. – [Instructor] and his staff have created a great training atmosphere, and therefore learning environment, here at CQD. All of these instructors are great teachers and role models, teaching a valuable skill set. – N.T.

I thought all exercises and drills were essential to mission readiness. – X.S.

This staff was the most professional of all our training blocks in SQT. – B.T.

All parts of CQD have enhanced my individual operator skills. – One week of CQD is not enough. This block of training is extremely important and should be a minimum of 2 weeks. – R.F.

[DDS] Very relevant to what we will be doing downrange and possibly downtown. – [Prisoner Control] All aspects will be used downrange. Effective. – More of it. 5 days is not enough. Some of us are going downrange. We need more. – Extend the course… – S.T.

…More CQD would be good. – Having Mr. Dieter and his staff was a great asset to teach this training. They were all professional and helped a lot. – [Instructor] had a lot of good positive stuff for our class. The whole staff was exceptionally valuable to this block of training. All are very good teachers and great guys. There was never a single question that was not answered. – S.T.

[Enhance operator skills?] All of it. The unarmed, armed, prisoner control and general warrior attitude is all very relevant to improving my operator skills, platoon readiness, and special warfare capabilities. – All instructors were very professional as well as great teachers. – A.

Dealing with unknown people with violent actions has prepared me for downrange work. – [Hooded Box] This drill was exciting but taught me the most about how unpredictable a real confrontation is. – More hood drills. – [Increase or decrease topics?] It’s perfect. – D.

I felt the Hood was the best most effective drill. – The Hooded Box Drill helped test and refine all the combat skills I have been taught. – I would increase the course length to better refine my CQD skills. – This was the most professional cadre I have seen in training… – P.

Nothing was irrelevant. This is by far the best block of training in SQT. – Make it longer in duration and have more box drills. – I thought this was a great course and all the instructors were very professional and knowledgeable in everything they did and showed us. – M.D.

Make longer and do it along with CQC. – Increase the overall course to two weeks long. – [Instructors] All were very knowledgeable and professional. – R.I.

[Enhance operator skills?] All of CQD has made a difference in my mind. – [DDS] Learning how to be more efficient and dangerous than your enemy and attacking the attacker. – [Hooded Box] Best part of CQD because it put stress on the individual and you got to see how you reacted thorough the video debriefs. – Very impressed by all instructors. – M.

After the initial techniques were taught, practice in the hood room was by far the most beneficial. – [Hooded Box] By far the best part of training that was the most eye opening to the real world, along with video review of our mistakes. – C.

All aspects of this training will enhance my skills as an operator. – Every instructor gave personal insight to areas of CQD which helps put ideas and course concepts into perspective. – K.E.

All instructors were extremely professional and genuinely concerned with making us better operators. – O.

I think the strongest aspect of CQD was review and discussion of situational awareness in all aspects of our profession. – Great staff, all of them are solid public speakers. – N.

[Enhance operator skills?] The concept of being a thinking shooter and being able to discern a situation and act accordingly and appropriately. – [Instructors] All were knowledgeable and demonstrated profound expertise in all topics. – K.P.

Every hood evolution helped advance our skills as thinking shooters and helped some people adopt a more aggressive attitude and mindset. – Hood drills, no way to just slide through this training block, you have to think or you pay for it. – Instructors were all professional and knowledgeable. – R.

[Enhance operator skills?] The “Hood Drill” was very effective. I had never been around something like that – it was a great experience. – [Hooded Box] Decisions under stress. You can’t teach that, you have to experience it. – T.C.

Direct defense, prisoner handling and weapon and zone will all help us as operators. Weapon and Zone control will probably be the most applicable. [DDS] Reflexive skills are probably the most important part because they deal with the unknown and being surprised. – [Improve?] More time in the box. That’s where skills develop into habit and reaction. – A.S.

Every part of CQD is vital to being a great operator. – I thought the Box Drills were the most beneficial. It showed real life scenarios. – [Instructors] All very professional and knowledgeable about every facet of CQD. – M.D.

The emphasis on the Internal Warrior and the ability to both dial up and dial down aggression is something I think a lot of young guys benefited from. Also, box drills are phenomenal at forcing operators into split-second decisions. – Wow, the most professional and knowledgeable staff thus far at NSWC. Every single member is a stand out. – R.H.

I think this is a very good course. No wasted time. – All instructors are knowledgeable and professional. Great stuff and program. – D.K.

[Hooded Box] The most beneficial part of training, I thought. This puts the operator in a situation having to be ready. Heart pumping, adrenaline rushing, skin bumping, all the while the operator has to be ready and calm for anything. – O.

[Enhance operator skills?] Learning how to dial up/down the intensity according to the situation. – The instructor staff at CQD was very professional and knowledgeable. – J.S.

[W&Z] Trusting that your buddy has his zone is also truly important. This is a lesson learned greatly through experience. – Every skill we learned built on one another to form the final product of skill we had at the end of training. All was essential. – Great staff, truly professional. They understood the purpose/goal in their instruction and the importance in getting us ready for combat. – M.G.

I feel like my response to situations will be handled a lot more effective and quick. – Hooded Box was great for enhancing my quick response but also helped me to try to stay calm. – I thought the instructor staff was very professional and knowledgeable. – Overall I feel I have a much better knowledge of hand to hand combat and dealing with weapons and how they correlate with CQD. – H.

[Enhance operator skills?] My ability to control the “internal” aggression dial, allows full focus on my zone and everything going on around me. – T.T.

I think all of the training this week will improve us as operators. – Reflex drills were awesome because that could happen at any time during our missions. – You can relate everything here to our mission so it shows you a lot. – S.L.

CQD made me a more aware operator and enhanced my ability to be a thinking shooter. CQD forced me to increase my situational awareness. – [DDS] The most beneficial part of DDS was the attack the attacker mindset because it allows the operator to quickly be the dominant fighter in any altercation. – Although this is only an intro into CQD, I feel more confident in my ability to “hold my own” and make responsible decisions in the close quarter environment. – S.

The Hood Drills put stress and pressure on you so you can put your skills to the test and have a better understanding of how you would react in a real situation. – [Hooded Box] The most beneficial and effective training technology I’ve experienced. Teaches you to respond quickly and correctly under stress. – M.D.

[Hooded Box] Intensity. You can’t experience this anywhere else before deploying. Wish there was time for more runs. – The most professional instructors I’ve had. – C.K.

Being that it is just my first time going through CQD, just the overall confidence I gained with my hands and the ability to control a prisoner has greatly enhanced my operator skills. The Box Drills are as close to reality as possible. – W.L.

The Box Drills enhanced my performance ten-fold. I was able to identify my mistakes under stress and fix it fast. – [Hooded Box] I was able to get aggressive and still maintain a good thinking attitude. It was a great test of inner warrior. – A.P.

The Box Drill was great. Getting put under the surprise shock was something I have never had before and there was a difference in my reaction from the first box drill to the second. – G.T.

All six of the circle each provided me with a great understanding of the whole visual and mental picture. I especially liked the inner warrior portion. – [DDS] … It is amazing how simple it is and you can deal a lot of damage. – The entire course of CQD will provide me with the essential components to be a better operator. – Each instructor showed great professionalism and dedication in having us achieve proper CQD skills. – D.

[Enhance operator skills?] All of it. The six components which an operator thinks about how their own techniques and skills will contribute to the success of a mission. – [Instructors] All were very professional and demonstrated skills of the utmost performance. – N.

Yes, the instructor staff did a very good job explaining all of the objectives and what would be required from us in order to not only complete but excel in this course. – The instructor staff took the time to explain/show everything well. They also took the time to answer all of our questions. – This course bettered us because it not only taught us how to fight but it taught us how to use aggression properly. By this I mean raising the level of aggression to the level needed and nothing more. – [DDS] The “Box” was the best part of this because it was the closest thing to a real life situation you could get. You really learn what works and fast. – D.O.

The classroom instruction that was explained was always backed up by practical application and how it would need to be used in the real world situations. – [Enhance operator skills?] It will help save my life if ever caught in a bad situation and had to rely on my hand to hand fighting skills and fighting with my weapon. – [Internal Warrior] Help realize you have to know and think about why you want to be a SEAL and know how to turn it on and off when you have to. – J.G.

The objectives were completely explained as well as the history/theory behind the course, and why it’s important and vital for today’s NSW operators. – The course material was not difficult to learn due to the professional and thorough classes… – [W&Z Control] This division correctly taught the operator the correct aggressive posture to be in as the threat closed distance to the operator or vise versa. This important division will help keep the operator and teammates safe down range. – [Hooded Box] This division was vital for demonstrating the preceding drills under pressure. This pressure was paramount for realization of the proficiency or lack thereof of following training. – The instructors were very professional, the training reflects upon it, their intensity raises the bar for the other students to emulate. – Great training, that will add in the more proficient operator of tomorrow. The guys need to know how to do this. They graduate today knowing how to proficiently protect themselves and their teammates. We must fight to keep this level of proficiency from deteriorating to the point where operators lack these vital skills. – Z.C.

[Hooded Box] It’s great that we did it the first day because we learn about our natural tendencies and are able to improve throughout. – I liked the intensity that instructors displayed during demonstrations. It pumped me up and reminded me of what it takes to be good at this job (hard work and dedication.) – T.G.

To me CQD seemed to be one of the most relevant courses for current operations that are taking place overseas. – D.A.

This seems to be a very important course overseas. I can’t stress enough how important this course was for everyone. – T.O.

Gave me the aggressiveness I need to effectively control people, especially overseas. – J.K.

This course will enhance our skills by giving us the right techniques to handle people overseas. – R.L.

I believe it gave me a good base and understanding of how to read people’s body language and how to deal with those types of situations down range. – [Hooded Box] It was good training putting my skills to the test. Fun evolution. – W.G.

Everything was a new experience. Wish it could have been more of everything. – All was beneficial. Everything built on top of previous lessons compounding similar points. – [CQD Shooting] Great experience to see effects of adrenaline on shooting. – [Internal Warrior] Dial control. Experience was amazing. – N.

…The instructors were really good, they took their time and explained everything well. – [CQD Shooting] Sim shooting was really fun. It was our first chance to shoot under pressure. – [Internal Warrior] It let us know when and how to be aggressive and use the skills taught to us in the course. – [Hooded Box] It really helped my reaction time with the hood on my head. – M.

[DDS] Excellent, simple to understand and take with you. Anything more complicated would be forgotten over time, this skill set will not. – [Hooded Box] Outstanding way to inject an operator into a training scenario. A few more runs would be great. – R.S.

DDS, Weapon and Zone Control, PC and the Hooded Box Drills were most valuable and directly apply as fundamental skills for NSW operators. – The simplicity of the DDS training and the emphasis on reflexive actions was very appropriate. It makes the skills easy to learn, implement and retain. – [Prisoner Control] Extremely valuable. The wealth of real world experience of the instructors emphasized importance and focused the course on important aspects. – [CQD

Shooting] Taught the importance of threat assessment and built habits for target discrimination. – [Hooded Box] Very valuable for bringing skill sets together. Best training test that I can imagine. – Extend it 3-5 days to allow more advanced training. – Instructor staff was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Thank you. – L.S.

All parts were beneficial. Dealing with threats while maintaining the use of your primary/secondary weapons systems and prisoner control will greatly enhance our abilities. – This was a great course. More time would be helpful. – All of the instructors know their stuff and are experts at teaching. – B.

[Enhance operator skills?] Having to react to new and dynamic situations. I thought the Hood Drills were very helpful and apply well to what we do. – [CQD Shooting] Added a degree of realism that couldn’t be duplicated. – [Hooded Box] The most beneficial part of training. Put everything together and reacting to new situations I could definitely see the improvement in myself and teammates. – Outstanding. These guys know their stuff and are very professional.They present the material in a very easy to learn manner. – I hope and think we should do more of this stuff in the teams. – R.

[CQD Shooting] Box was as realistic as possible to aid in “train like you fight.” – [Internal Warrior] Learning to recognize and harness your white rage aids in target discrimination and show of force. – Best instructors I have seen thus far in training. – P.


Actually having Mr. Dieter present was a tremendous asset. Hearing it straight from the source, as well as listening to some of the personal defense stories and real world professional applications was extremely beneficial. – B.

Without a doubt the best and most realistic training I’ve received in BUD/S. – Anonymous

This was the best course of instruction I have received in BUD/S. It not only gave me insight into what lies ahead in the teams but showed me how little I knew and gave me something to shoot for. – W.

This is the most useful, practical and enjoyable evolution I have been exposed to in BUD/S. I think it is an important part of our development as warriors. – R.

I am glad that we were able to get this training, I’m jealous that other classes will probably get more than us, but that just means better trained, more professional individuals in the Teams, which is the end result that is wanted. I can’t say enough about the four instructors that taught us. They enjoyed teaching us this course which made it a pleasure to learn. – L.S.

…It was outstanding. The instructors really took interest in seeing us master the basic skills so that we were able to perform the practical applications. – I feel like this is the most valuable day and a half of training I have experienced in BUD/S. – They far exceeded my expectations, in level of knowledge, interest in us, teaching ability, and intensity. – T.K.

From my experience as a fighter in boxing, and a shoot fighter in college, I believe that CQD is the wave of the future for combat. If the Teams are going to keep up with the changing world, then they definitely need to incorporate this whole program as a good base. – W.J.

This has been one of the most professional courses that I have been through. Not only here at BUD/S, but since joining the military. The instructors pushed us hard, were extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the material, and took time to not only explain what was happening, but also do the moves themselves, proving it worked. They took extra time for those students who missed portions of the training to catch them up, and kept the training flowing. The training was great and the instructors worked well together. – A.E.

I think that if we are training to be the best in the world, we should have more CQD than just Level 1. – J.P.

This was the best course of instruction I have received at BUD/S thus far. Hands down the coolest thing I’ve ever done. – J.T.

This course, though short, was more than informative, it was interesting and especially since we know that this knowledge is going to be used in our future careers. – Anonymous

Some of the coolest material and definitely the best instruction (i.e. methods used by the staff) we have received in BUD/S thus far. It also seems to be very applicable to operational environment. – Anonymous

The instructors were motivated to teach, which got me fired up. They were some of the most professional instructors I have seen at BUD/S. I didn’t know what my expectations would be, but I don’t think they could improve with their teaching. They would even explain and demonstrate alternatives to things we have done in the past (as far as how to hold a weapon to not always taking a knee in a live fire situation). – L.S.

[Enhance operational skills?] 100%. Yes, they taught me more than I thought I would be able to learn in three days. – Anonymous

Yes, the instructors were very professional and intense. The flow of information was very fast, but logical… – Anonymous

I felt the instructor really cared about us learning. They gave individual attention when needed without question or hesitation, total motivation. – J.T.

Yes, all of the instructors were super professional and very intense and motivated about CQD training. – Anonymous

Throughout the course of BUD/S, there has never been a learning period so focused and clear. These instructors knew what they were doing and showed us with no pretense, not giving us the tough-guy routine. – Anonymous

Yes, I felt the material covered was very easy to understand and my expectations of the course and instructors were greatly exceeded. – Anonymous

Yes, the instructor cadre were very efficient in covering and relaying the information to the students. As for the instructor cadre themselves, they are probably the best training cadre I’ve been exposed to so far in training, both in methods and attitude. They did a very good job. – Anonymous

The instructors did an outstanding job. They were organized, motivated, and all were very approachable. They definitely met my expectations. – G.T.

Yes, they covered the information in a clear way. They were outstanding instructors who were highly motivated in teaching us what they know. They went beyond my expectations. Outstanding job. Thanks. – M.Y.

The instructors covered everything completely, and as far as expectations…they exceeded them completely. Professional, courteous, highly intelligent and completely motivated to getting the information across. – M.E.

I started this course with an open mind. After 15 years of martial arts I was surprised at the amount of practical and applicable material everyone attained after two short days. – A.P.

I had a great time. I learned a tremendous amount in a very short time. Again I just wish we could have spent more time with this knowledgeable staff. – Anonymous

I think the course was a great and needed addition to the course of training at BUD/S. – Anonymous

Great course! I look forward to having more CQD in STT and at my Team. – Anonymous

I look forward to more CQD after BUD/S and would really like to see all the Teams get this training. It seems to me that the community would be even better if all of the operators were on the same sheet of music. – Anonymous

This training was by far the most interesting and useful I have encountered at BUD/S. The instructors had a vast knowledge of the materials and relayed the importance of its applications professionally. This course was a small glimpse of what the Teams actually do and has provided me with a new level of excitement for the jobs we will be tasked with. – Anonymous

The CQD instructors were outstanding, extremely professional and willing to help. They take the training very seriously and demand the same from the students. They were also very knowledgeable in what they were teaching, outstanding professionalism. – Anonymous

This was the best thing that I have done at BUD/S. The training methods were like none I have ever tried before. The instructors were very professional, down to earth, and had no problems communicating with the students. – Anonymous

I believe that in this day and age this type of training is much necessary. The course was great. Although most of the class was extremely tired/fatigued, the instructors, the way they presented the material, and the material being put out “fired us up”. It was motivating. It also helped us look forward to what to expect in the teams and STT. The instructors were very motivating and enjoyed what they were doing. Overall this was an outstanding course. I am looking forward to more classes in STT and the Teams. – M.Y.

This course and these instructors were so good I think we need this training as soon as we learn to safely move/shoot with weapons. – M.E.

I would like to have more CQD training implemented into 3rd phase. – Anonymous

This is a very good, intense course. It answered many of my questions about CQD-related training; I learned more in these 3 days than I ever thought possible. Excellent instruction. ¬– Anonymous

The mental attitude that the operator must adopt and “Attack the Attacker” were the most beneficial skills learned. – D.G.

This course really put into perspective the mental aggressiveness a SEAL needs to be successful. I wish we could have more time to practice and learn more techniques. Excellent course! – W.G.

The instructors exceeded my expectations. They were extremely competent, thoroughly prepared, well spoken and answered all questions clearly. They demonstrated every drill and exercise before having us do it and never seemed unprepared. – D.N.

…It is a tough program, but one that makes you better and is worth further investment. – J.W.

By far the most professional instruction I have received at BUD/S. – C.D.

I was very impressed with the staff’s professionalism, character, ethics and motivation. – W.J.

…I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of knowledge I absorbed. –…The instruction was excellent. I learned more in 3 days than I thought possible. – S.M.

Yes the instructors were very professional and did not move on until everyone was up to speed. I was very impressed with the instruction. The instructors did not skip a beat and knew everything inside and out. – Anonymous

I have a CQB and prisoner control training both in the Army and through outside agencies. Just the basics of the CQD concepts that were presented over the last three days thoroughly impressed me. The principles taught were much more tactically sound and in depth than most of my previous training. I look forward to continued CQD training. – C.D.

The instructors in this course were very professional at all times. They seemed to enjoy the course they were teaching and were very intense. I enjoyed being taught in a different style from BUD/S even if it was only for 3 days. – A.C.

The instructors in this course were very professional at all times. They seemed to enjoy the course they were teaching and were very intense. I enjoyed being taught in a different style from BUD/S even if it was only for 3 days. – A.C.

The instructors were highly knowledgeable, well trained, and created an excellent learning environment. Far and away infinitely better than any BUD/S course I have experienced for learning skills. [Instructor] was more than willing to stay late and work out some extra to better me…thanks. – G.W.

I believe this course of instruction was outstanding. The instructors were extremely motivated every day to teach us and bring us to a higher level. – Anonymous

Excellent on all accounts. I look forward to more of the course. – E.K.

Can’t wait for the next session! – W.S.

All the instructors were very professional and are always willing to help you get the technique right. – M.

The instructors were more than willing to give all the help any one individual needed. They were also very motivated. – B.I.

Everything was explained very well and demonstrated. I am surprised how effective even the basics can be. – M.

The practical application demos were very good and the intensity and dedication of the instructors very motivating. – K.

The instructors were very informative and worked with students until they were comfortable with the material. Instructors went out of their way to make sure everything was being explained and performed. – P.

The staff met and surpassed my expectations making it very professional, safe, and created a learning environment making it possible for the students to learn faster. – L.R.

All instructors took this very serious and were always doing the exercises, situations and holds with us to get the best learning. All questions were welcomed. – J.C.

… There is so much apparent value in this material that additional time I believe would pay big dividends in the level of both ability and readiness of students leaving this program. – P.

It has been great and very professional. I’m excited to be getting this training. – W.G.

This is a great course and I am looking forward to learning more and developing into a formidable operator using these skills. – S.T.

Course content is great but the instructor’s professionalism and presentation make the course incredibly beneficial… – R.

Very enjoyable and useful course of instruction. Can’t wait to learn more! – R.

Very professional; to the point, and make sense. – C.

It was one of the best things I learned at BUD/S. – M.

Instruction was excellent. Training was great. I wish I had more of it. – M.M.

This was the best training I’ve received thus far at BUD/S. – D.M.

Great basic level course for BUD/S. It will make further training in SQT/Platoon level more effective. – J.P.

Taking CQD in BUD/S was very beneficial in my opinion. I am looking forward to learning more in future training. – S.M.

Great training, very realistic. I learned a lot, I hope future classes get the exposure we did. – L.

More time is needed to learn these skills. This is a very practical thing to learn. – R.

Instructors were very knowledgeable and professional during their course of instruction. – J.F.

I am looking forward to learning more. – M.

I feel this is an extremely practical and beneficial course for the SEAL community. I’m glad they are introducing it earlier and expanding the level of proficiency. – S.


This is hands down the best course of instruction I have received in the military, the staff was the most professional and knowledgeable I have encountered in 11 years of military service. – C.N.

Make it 2 weeks because this is done for real. The new SPECWAR is a much newer, younger crowd going straight from training to combat. – R.S.

The best Navy course I’ve ever been to. – K.P.

Best class I have been to this far in NSW. Liked how instructors treated us with respect unlike some other courses where they degrade SWCC’s. I wish I would have had these skills when I was with the Marines. – A.E.

The instructors were the most professional group I have come across in NSW. – J.J.

I can’t stress it enough. Make the course longer. The course is awesome and all the material will save your life and your buddy. We are at war so these skills need to be enforced for all the guys to learn and perform. – M.P.

I have never attended a school where the instructors were so knowledgeable, professional, with real world experience and willing to share the info. I am thoroughly impressed with all instructors and the class. – B.W.

[Enhance operator skills?] Prisoner control in particular, I felt was a big step in gaining confidence in my Spec War capabilities. – Priceless reflex training. Being able to watch video footage is great. This is my favorite part of CQD training. – The cadre was incredibly professional and knowledgeable. We couldn’t have asked for more. – Anonymous

All aspects of COI’s are applicable to the job of SWCC’s. Instructed material can be easily applied when deploying to hostile environments and can also be toned down for a more complacent atmosphere. – R.S.

The entire course was new to me so all material and practical covered are an invaluable asset to me as an operator. – Overall, the training I received here will save my life many times over. – N.M.

This training was a missing link. The CQD training greatly enhanced our knowledge. – S.S.

These were skills that translate easily to everything we do. We will be able to integrate this training into all of our mission sets. – Best course I’ve been to. Great job. – A.W.

CQD skills integrate perfectly with our weapon systems. – The instructors were all outstanding. – R.S.

This course was overall outstanding. Was taught with a high level of professionalism and great expertise. – T.W.

Professionalism was maintained at the highest level consistently. Thank you for the opportunity to attend this course. – H.V.

Instructors were very professional and knowledgeable. Best course I have been to. – E.M.

Any time that SEALs and boat guys cross train and train together it is a benefit for NSW. As a full on task unit deployed down range together we are a better package. Having confidence in each other is extremely important. The skills we have learned here are an asset that we can definitely use down range. The more we know, the better chance we have of coming home alive. – G.K.

I’m very impressed with CQD, and would like to take more advanced classes. – J.E.

[Hooded Box] Best part of CQD! Put everything in perspective. – Anonymous

Make the course a multiple week course to include room clearing. – The instructors were exceptionally professional yet laid back and approachable. – R.J.

The course alone gives us the operator confidence to be able to handle close quarter encounters. – The CQD course is a great course. – Instructors were great. Keep it up. – B.B.

[Internal Warrior] This is another big one for all operators. The cadre brought up points of thought to make guys think about the decisions they make while in combat. Very needed. – As always CQD instructors are the most professional out of all Spec War instructors. They are all very respectable. – Great job, keep up the awesome work. – E.S.

The CQD skill set enhances our ability to conduct small boat interdiction and convoy operations, as well as enabling operators to make the right decisions in their personal lives. – K.F.

[Internal Warrior] The best one I think because you have to find out if you can dial it up and dial it back down when you have to. – Anonymous

No complaints at all. The most professional instructors I’ve ever worked with. – J.A.

I liked how the instructors put us in a more advanced class because most of us already had CQD before. – Anonymous

[Enhance operator skills?] All of it. Prisoner handling is something we don’t do enough of. – [Improve?] More classes, follow-up training in SIT phase maybe. – Keep it up! – R.M.

[Enhance operator skills?] All of it was needed and enhanced Riverine Troop. – All instructors were excellent. – C.R.

[Enhance operator skills?] Prisoner control. I’ve [heard] many of the guys who have deployed saying prisoner control is a big part of our job as a SWCC. – All the instructors were very professional and taught each operator at the appropriate speed. – C.W.

[Internal Warrior] Learned a lot about myself and how to escalate force up and down. – [Hooded Box] Would like to do more of these. Great way to see how you would react in real life. – All instructors were very helpful and understanding. Answered all questions. – N.E.

Training was great. CQD did an awesome job helping us with our short falls. TRPs were great. Instructors are super respectful and professional. The learning environment is great. Kudos to all who supported all training evolutions. Not only was the training good it is also a great confidence builder to the mind. – R.B.

It would be great to spend more time or come back for another week but I feel we did a lot in one week which was good. – Thanks for being professional and the knowledge level of the instructors was phenomenal. Huge confidence booster for us. Thanks guys. – D.B.

Outstanding instruction. Lots of great input and items to consider. – The Hooded Box Drill is a great way to train and test retention skills. TRPs did a great job testing learned skills. – B.S.

[Hooded Box] I found this part the most beneficial because it tested each individual’s reflexive action and was recorded to help further progress the skills learned throughout the course. – Excellent course and instructors. – B.

Extend the course so everything we learned can be reinforced. This would also give us time to learn new concepts and skills. – Great instructor staff. – A.D.

[Hooded Box] Being thrown into any situation and realizing you have the skill to defend yourself when you apply taught methods. – Both [Instructors] were quite professional and subject matter experts. By far the most intelligent, well spoken instructors I have encountered. – D.F.

All of it is useful to us. – [Internal Warrior] The importance of not getting too “amped up.” – [Hooded Box] It gave us a chance to work under pressure and see how much of a difference it makes. – All of the instructors were knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole course. – K.J.

[Internal Warrior] Everything in this section is important because you can’t do anything (operation-wise) without it. – C.W.

The Box Drills will enhance any skill covered in the CQD environment, bringing out any deficiencies with pressure. – Direct defense drills were very beneficial. Helped determine inner warrior. – N.B.

I am very impressed with the overall course. The staff was knowledgeable. – [Hooded Box] This is a very valuable training tool that I feel greatly enhances the skills learned. – [Tac-House Evolution] It was a great environment to get us thinking on our feet and exposes us to different scenarios/problems. – S.L.

Great training. Like the pressure being put on us to see how we react. – [Hooded Box] Great drill. Definitely gets you amped up and ready to fight. – [CQD Shooting] Learned and practiced a lot of new shooting techniques. Great course of instruction. – M.M.

It was very good training. I just wish we had more time. The confidence built with unarmed situations is great. – [Hooded Box] Awesome! Great confidence drills. The video was super helpful! – [CQD Shooting] Great Stuff. I want more. Gives us a great base to grow off of during deployment training. – J.N.

The instructors did a great job explaining everything that needed to be accomplished in such a short amount of time – [Enhance operator skills?] It will help out with being more aware of your immediate environment and being able to react appropriately in many of the given situations better than before the class. – This was a short course but the time was used very well. Thanks. – J.W.

Was good for getting in aggressive mentality and also how to turn it on/off so you don’t drain yourself physically or mentally. – I.C.

Prisoner handling and over all operational confidence is enhanced by this course. – [Internal Warrior] Great for dialing up and dialing down the dial and how to control that dial. – [Hooded Box] These drills were the best for gauging your reflexes – H.

[Enhance operator skills?] Prisoner handling skills and being able to use them in scenarios to see first hand do’s and don’ts so when the time comes in the real world you have the tools to do the mission. – [Internal Warrior] Being able to control the dial and maintain that professionalism, tough thing to do when the adrenaline kicks in. – [Hooded Box] A great way to take a look at yourself under pressure, the video review is essential. – D.R.

[Hooded Box] Great, allowed everyone to see how they will react under stressful pressure. – All instructors were completely professional and provided excellent instruction. – S.P.

[Enhance operator skills?] The warrior mentality that was emphasized during the course. – G.

[Internal Warrior] Being able to get aggressive and being able to turn it down again is essential. – [Hooded Box] Great practical training. – M.R.

These skills will come in handy during prisoner turnovers and handling prisoners on the boats. – [Internal Warrior] Teaches self control but also to always be ready for something to happen. – [Hooded Box] Most important part of this training… – A.P.

Having more opportunities to be in the box with different scenarios will enhance my CQD capabilities. – [Prisoner Control] All the seals were beneficial and those skills might be of help to future missions where prisoner control will be necessary. – [Hooded Box] Reflexes and knowing how to read a crowd is important, and I might have to utilize this skill when working with foreign internal defense. – R.

I believe the weapon zone control would help enhance our capabilities in the SpecWar community rather than keeping us restricted to the boats. – [DDS] Learning the center line protection and strikes were very beneficial because we may encounter prisoners or unknowns that may attack. – [Prisoner Control] Transferring prisoners was the most beneficial because we might have to take custody of a prisoner from a platoon. – [Hooded Box] I thought the aggression of the role players was beneficial because if they were soft then we would have been set up for failure in a real life situation. – C.F.

[Prisoner Control] Main part of the course that we need to learn and utilize. Good training. – [Hooded Box] Show how we act under pressure. Great evolutions. – Once every two years is not enough. We need sustainment training even if just for one or two days. – N.M.

I think prisoner control will enhance my skills as an operator. It taught me the skills to handle a prisoner safely as well as keep myself safe. – [DDS] These skills are great for any work or civilian related scenario, in which you have to deal with a hands on situation, whether it is taking a prisoner or protecting your wife and kids. – [Hooded Box] Builds confidence, reaction time, skills for everybody. – I found every instructor to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. – N.

It shows how you will react under pressure that’s important so when it really happens you know your mistakes. – [DDS] This skill seemed very important because it is the basis of the whole CQD course. – [W&Z Control] Showed that you can fight and do all the proper techniques with a weapon in your hand. – [Hooded Box] This really shows how you would act under pressure. I think it is a very necessary drill. – I think all of the topics were relevant to our mission and were taught very well. – K.

[Hooded Box] Helped clear my head to react. It helped improve my reflexes because it didn’t allow me time to over think scenarios. – All instructors displayed upmost professionalism as well as professional knowledge. – J.M.

By far the best training I have received in 4 years of army infantry and 3 years in the navy. Great job! Can’t wait to return for more. – N.B.

I believe the CQT students benefit greatly from this training. These skills and knowledge are essential to everyone in the NSW community. – J.W.

Every instructor here treated us as an equal. It was awesome to be in their presence. Not only did they teach us tactics, they taught us how to act. This course was one of the best experiences I have had in my short career. Thank you for having us. – D.P.

CQD has made me more aware of, and has instilled skills and capabilities that will make me a better warrior. – F.R.

I feel so much more confident in hand to hand combat and way more comfortable with weapons. I feel with this training I could definitely save my life or my teammates in the field. – N.B.

I think this is the best training I have been through since starting CQT. Would recommend extending the time for CQT. – M.M.

I believe the SWCC CQT students benefit greatly from this training. These skills and knowledge are essential to everyone in the NSW community. – J.W.

[Enhance Special Warfare capabilities] Dialing into my “inner warrior.” During our training pipeline this was the first opportunity to outlet our aggressiveness, we need more opportunities, preferably earlier in training. – Instructor staff was extremely professional in their interactions with each other and the students. Performance far exceeded my expectations, some of the best instructors I’ve had a chance to learn from thus far in my training. – P.C.

Was a very educational course. Made me more confident and a lot more tactical concerning weapons and handling prisoners. Thanks for the time and effort. – K.W.

Coming to this only made me a better operator, and more helpful to my team. – B.C.

[Enhance operator skills?] All – overall awareness of my surrounding and practice at elevation of force definitely were improved. – [Prisoner Control] Evaluation of situation and spacing. Not much room on boats and need a good 3 way test to assess the situation. – At some point in time everyone needs to use this training. – Longer – we need a complete CQD in the student training pipeline since everyone will use it. – All instructors were great. Having a SWCC as one of the instructor staff will help improve application. – Longer in the student pipeline. Guaranteed for SWCC… – G.D.

This course is an eye opener. It will make me much more aware of my surroundings. – C.L.

CQT doesn’t deal with any combat exercises and this course brought basic knowledge into the course. – Z.H.

[Enhance operator skills?] Greatly, this is the first type of training like this I have ever had. Without this course, I would not know how to handle an enemy in close proximity. – B.H.

I’ll know how to handle and control a close quarter threat and address it with the right amount of force that is needed. – S.C.

All training has improved me as an operator. As well as it has made me a better asset to my community. – I would increase the length. – L.M.

It greatly enhances confidence and skill level if I am ever put in a dangerous environment, as well as the ability to think clearly and possibly diffuse the situation. – J.W.

Make CQD for CQT longer! – C.B.

My confidence in high pressure environments has improved. – CQT students need more time here. This course is far more relevant to our job than much of the training we do. – J.S.

Just be longer, or integrate it fully in the SWCC pipeline. – S.E.

Add more training, more days…this course was great and instructors were awesome. Very professional, polite and made sure everyone learned everything. – K.H.

Longer, with more time for instructors to pass on their knowledge and experience about more subjects and aspects of CQD. – J.W.

[Hooded Box] The best overall for developing the mindset the operator needs. We are too sheltered during training, it’s nice to amp it up with something like this. – N.K.

Increase the entire course. 3 days felt like a tease. Way too short. – N.K.

[Hooded Box] Awesome. The most pumped and focused I’ve been in training was waiting for that hood to come off. I want more. – M.M.

Some of the best instructors I have had at NSW and otherwise. – A.P.

All the training was excellent and can be applied to most of our job requirements. – Awesome course, awesome instructors, I can’t wait to get back down here for more training. This initial course needs to be longer. – C.H.

More training all around with CQD. 3 days was just not enough. – J.S.

The instructor staff as a whole were excellent! Extremely knowledgeable as a whole the most professional I’ve encountered thus far in my career. – Z.N.

I do not have a single bad thing to say about the course it was a great experience but I think we should spend at least 2 weeks here. – C.B.

All the instructors here are the best instructors I have come by in the Navy. All instructors are professional and made it fun to learn. I liked how they encouraged us to ask questions. – D.B.

Each section of CQD had its own quality that will enhance my skills as an operator. They were all necessary and will become very useful in the future. – L.B.

Best training in all of CQT so far. Should make up more of training. I hope much more training like this is in my future. – S.W.

Make it a month long course. – Increase all of the topics. – All of the instructors were extremely professional and answered every question that was fielded. – B.W.

[Enhance operator skills?] Everything I have learned. Great course a kick in the nuts, but absolutely outstanding. – [DDS] Everything, there’s no separating the skills that are taught here. They work together. Course was the most informative course I’ve been through. – This is all combat oriented. – Everything needs to be longer, way too short. – B.P.

All of the techniques learned here will help me react accordingly in any hostile situations. I feel confident when it comes to handling prisoners thanks to the techniques I learned here. – Very happy with the course great staff. – In our case the course needs to be longer. – Not enough room here to praise the staff. Hooyah CQD! – J.A.

Mostly it just built confidence. It made you realize that it works and is effective. – Huge confidence builder. – Increase everything. – [Instructors] Very professional and approachable. – I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Can’t wait to come back. – J.S.

More training days, maybe 2 weeks. – All instructors were very top notch in every aspect. Training, trainee care, etc… – M.S.

Increase everything, I don’t feel you could get enough training in CQD. – All instructors were easy to work with and they answered any questions. – B.M.

[Enhance operator skills?] An improved reflex and a new way of thinking. – [DDS] Gave a very effective set of defensive and offensive skills to help survive in combat. – [W&Z Control] Any time we’re on land we may have to use our weapons for something other than shooting. – [Prisoner Control] As told in class a majority of missions completed with the SEALs is prisoner transport so I believe this will help complete those missions. – [Least relevant?] They were all relevant to the mission because they all cover an essential part of completely protecting ourselves to complete the mission. – Increase weapon and zone control. – All instructors acted professionally and effectively to teach skills. – J.B.

CQD training will definitely improve and enhance my combat readiness in all combat situations and my reactions to different situations in combat will greatly be improved. – [Prisoner Control] As we need to transfer hostages, or victims from pier to boat or boat to shore, will greatly need this set of skills taught to us. – All instructors have displayed remarkable professionalism throughout the duration of the course and never fail to impart their knowledge to students. – Q.K.

The amount of professionalism in this course was amazing. – C.B.

Very professional, course was taught well, a big learning experience. – R.A.

Instructor staff was very knowledgeable, obviously experienced and easy to approach with any concerns or questions we might have had. – R.S.

The weapon and zone control as well as prisoner control training will enhance my individual skills. – [Prisoner Control] It [gave] me more confidence in handling prisoner[s] in different situations and also using least amount of strength to subdue the prisoner…engaging with one another helps me to understand even deeper and clearer… – I would increase the length to a week or two week course instead of 3 days. – All the chiefs and instructors were professional when giving training. Enjoyed the three days of CQD. – H.C.

I would increase the amount of time and days training. 3 is not enough. – All instructors were very involved, and demonstrated each evolution fully, and were also VERY MOTIVATING. – I really enjoyed the course and can’t wait to return more. – J.B.

[Prisoner Control] All of it. It is a huge part of the SWCC mission and it’s all new to me. – Increase the whole thing a couple weeks of this would be great. – Instructors were great. Extremely motivating great teachers. – K.M.

I believe prisoner control is beneficial because that is what I probably see more of in a boat team…Probably the most important skill I will need to know. Very well taught. – We were here for 3 days so I would like to come here for the whole course next time. – [Instructors] Very knowledgeable and helpful. Fun and exciting. – It would be nice if we came here for 5 days instead of 3. – S.N.

[Enhance operator skills?] All. I believe my mind is more attuned to the warrior mindset. – [Instructors] All were professional and informative to all our questions. – Thank you guys very much for your hospitality and training, I can’t wait to come back for the 5 day course. – K.M.

[Prisoner Control] I improved quickly learning how to handle a prisoner. Very effective. – I felt all evolutions in one way or another will prepare me for my future missions. – Turn this course into 5 days instead of 3. – Increase every evolution and incorporate the Hood and Box Drill. – CQD instructors were very knowledgeable and motivating. – Great course! Definitely needs to be longer and more in depth. – K.A.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was a highlight of CQT training. – Z.A.

[Prisoner Control] Probably the most realistic. Most commonly used for SWCC. – All was equal and great to know. – Make it longer. At least 5 days. – Increase to at least 5 days. – [Instructors] all were very professional and showed a lot of knowledge. – Bravo Zulu, Hooyah! – M.U.

I could not be more impressed by the level of professionalism and knowledge of all CQD inst. staff. –…I’m extremely impressed through and through. – J.M.

[Enhance operator skills?] Being aggressive. It will enhance my skills in the state that if anything happens I know how to react and show the right amount of aggression or force. – I think it would be beneficial if it were longer as in a full week rather than 3 days. – I would increase the length of all of them so that we could better hone our skills to each division. – D.

[Enhance operator skills?] The skills that they teach pertaining to reactionary skills. This can flow over to all aspects of our job. – [Instructors] Very professional, great teachers, very patient. – I appreciate all the guidance and skills that were taught. – L.

Breaking me of old habits of “sports” fighting. – [Instructors] Some of the most professional I’ve had in my training. – CQT needs to provide more time for CQD. Great course. I wish it was longer. – M.M.

All of the skill-sets that were taught felt constructive, particularly muzzle-strikes. – [DDS] The way we were instructed to strike gives me confidence in a combat situation. – The entire course was a stimulating experience. – M.

All of the instructors were great. Each one demonstrated skills and enthusiasm towards us. True professionals. – K.S.

It enhances my abilities to be ready for any situation that may arise. – I felt that all portions of this training were equally important in their own specific application. – Lessons were moved through very quickly still maintaining everyone grasps as to what was going on. This course packs a lot of information into a small period of time but all instructors did a good job of it. – T.

All, I feel that all training will enhance operator skills. The physical and mental benefits of the training is unmatched. – [Hooded Box] Outstanding. Forcing the operator to utilize reflex and instinct is an essential part of training. – All of the cadre were outstanding! They demonstrated superior knowledge and confidence with what they were presenting to the class. Bravo Zulu! – M.W.

I’d like to keep taking this course every time before a mission. – Instructors were professionals and have been there and done it which means a whole lot. – Great job! – A.E.

Everything that we are taught can directly be used in combat. – [Hooded Box] Awesome, hands on is always the best learning tool. I think more box drills would have been better – O.

[Enhance operator skills?] When inside the box, because for me it was definitely stressful enough for me to react “on my toes” as it would be in a real world situation. – [Hooded Box] Another thing that I believed helped out a lot. – More time to train CQD. – N.F.

It gives me a new mindset and perspective in dealing with scenarios in the real world and confidence to deal with those scenarios. – O.F.

[Enhance operator skills?] Built confidence. I only hope I will be able to apply the skills I learned in my job. – CQT needs to allow more time here for us to learn CQD properly. – S.G.

The few days spent here taught me to be more alert and aware of my surroundings. I think this course is a “must have” if you are in the NSW community. – A.J.

Very effectively communicated, great on questions and individual help. – [Enhance operator skills?] Greatly, training for all conditions even out of your work zone will only make a more confident operator. – M.M.

The objectives were clearly explained and it also helped that there were detailed demonstrations. – We can now utilize CQD to remind us to dial up our aggression levels when needed while operating. – R.R.

The CQD hand strikes and stance feel more natural than other styles I have tried. – G.H.

[Enhance operator skills?] Very much because it provides a higher level of situational awareness and operator responsibility. – A.P.

Course material was put out well and the instructor/staff was readily available if I/we had questions. – I am certainly more confident with myself and my weapons. – [W&Z Hood] Awesome! I wish CQT could have more time to get the full benefit of this course. – [Instructors] Absolutely professional, knowledgeable, helpful, sharp. – P.C.

It was a good intro to the fast pace world of CQD. Although brief, I have a better understanding, and will look forward to more training. – [W&Z Hood] Really cool. Big time eye opener at how intense it can be. Wish we could have done it twice. – M.P.

I felt CQD actually gave us a feeling of what to expect and made things more real. – [W&Z Hood] It was the best/most realistic part of the course. – J.B.

Hooded Box Drills are fun and they see how you will react in a real situation this is the most beneficial. – M.

All aspects of CQD will help. They are all good skills to have in any operation. – [DDS] Good to have a good stance and strong base when you’re fighting. – A.

All of it. I think that is the power of this course – every part of the training is designed with real-world applications in mind. – [DDS] Always move forward and be aggressive when caught off guard. The aggressor is usually the one who wins the fights. – [Hooded Box] Speed and aggression reaction is the first response when caught off-guard. – [Least relevant?] None – our mission is winning wars and any tools which serve that end are relevant. – Best Navy course I’ve been through to date. – N.

All the aspects of CQD learned improved individual skills, especially direct defense skills. – I would increase all topics. I wish we could have trained for a week. – N.B.

[Enhance operator skills?] The confidence to have had some formal defense training to fall back on in a worst case scenario. – [Hooded Box] Forces the operator to react on the spot and learn from their mistakes. – All instructors were very professional and on the same page. – K.

I thought this school had the most professionalism I’ve had in the Navy. – B.


Outstanding. Great skills to know as a future warrior. – Awesome. Best combat training scenario. – M.B.

Professional, fast, well done, awesome. – Can’t wait to learn more! – Best reaction drill I’ve ever seen, lots of fun. – I.D.

Awesome, the communication was clear, to the point, energetic and engaging. – Awesome, I need more of it to better reaction and thinking time. – Can’t say enough how critical and excellent the communication was. – L.E.

Although the training was very high speed, it was very effective and taught the basic attitudes, stances and mentality involved. – The hood exercise was good because it showed us how to acquire, identify and attack a target if necessary. It was good to see how fast we could react. – Very good high speed, engaging, physical training. – T.F.

Excellent, very practical training. – We had limited time and the training was excellent for the time allowed. – I learned a lot about how to react. Very good use of skills we were taught. – Very professional, very good. – M.M.

Great training in the way that it brings the many fighting skills of warfare into one technique. – Best training I’ve had… – T.M.

Awesome training very practical. – Thanks for everything, can’t wait to come back. – R.P.

Awesome, great for confidence. – Awesome great experience to look back on and learn from. – Had a great time, thanks a lot! – C.R.

Very good introductory training. Warrior spirit and ethics were high priority. – Great situational awareness. – Great instruction, very professional. – N.S.

A great program. Highly effective. – [Hooded Box] Very fun and effective. The best drill. – Awesome time, thanks for everything. – V.W.

It was excellent. I learned a lot in a short amount of time. – I felt it was the most realistic “fight” training I’ve ever had. I feel confident in the skills we were shown. – Thanks a lot! Loved the training. – J.W.

The hood scenario really tested me in a way that I was not used to. I learned a lot. – The instructors obviously knew what they were doing, it was very professional and well planned. Great job! – C.B.

Great instruction on what was covered, wish we could have learned more. – Awesome, great training and great confidence building drill. – J.M.

It was a great learning experience. I could reflect on mistakes I made. – K.T.

The training today was extremely informative and helpful. The drills and simulations helped prepare me for situations I could find myself in during the future – A.A.

Easily the most effective self-defense training I’ve received. – A.P.

The best and most practical training I have received to date and probably ever well. – D.S.

This was great training that took us beyond the sport aspect of combat and placed us in real life situations. – J.G.

Extremely unique training. I have never had to make such sudden decisions. Very good. – J.V.


Pressure was just at the right level to stress without overwhelming. Really cemented the theories from day 1. – Superb! Scenario’s were realistic and executed with just the right intensity to reinforce the week’s training. – Again, this is without a doubt the best self-defense, weapons and tactics training I’ve attended in more than 20 years in the military and as a civilian federal agent. – K.D.

This was the best training I ever received in 16 years of my military career. – [Hooded Box] I think it was best method to train on our line of work. – I would like to thank you for great training. – D.Y.

Best organized equipped educated organization. Professionalism from top to bottom. Provided a great atmosphere to learn and grow. – [W&Z Hood] Great feel for the requirement to maintain group integrity, zone awareness in relation to threat and package positioning. – [Linking and Formations] I am a firm supporter of the use of linking and feel comfortable with it. Formations…are necessary with our small team to address varying threat.) – Thanks again, top notch. – C.C.

Outstanding! The best training I’ve received in my 17 years in the Navy. [Instructor] did a remarkable job in all courses of instruction. Very passionate instructor. – Every aspect of the training was beneficial to me. – [Hooded Box] Two words – “LOVED IT!” Taught me a lot about myself. – Learned a lot about my weaknesses and strengths. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait until next week. – This week’s experience has been an eye opener. I learned so much in such a short time. I will continue to practice the new skills I’ve been taught. – J.M.

It is the highest quality training I have received to date. – Excellent range facilities. – [Power Entry] I thought it is a great tool to enter rooms/buildings. – Keep up the good work! [Instructors] were exemplary as usual! – C.F.

Outstanding course, instructors and facility. Very professional, but yet relaxed training atmosphere which maximized training benefit. – [Hooded Box] First experience with the hood was an incredible experience which forced situation recognition. – First opportunity to work as a team. Applies directly to what we may be required to do. First time working in such a realistic experience with these guys. – Tac-house culminated all training blocks and really “proofed” the whole week of training. It was easy to see how each session linked into the final block. – I would just like to say thanks for everything. I have been to multiple training courses where it was obvious the instructors didn’t really give a damn. It was obvious that you and your guys do and that made the experience all the better. See you down the road for level 2. – C.C.

The most practical and valid training I have ever received in the military. – [Hooded Box] Put validation on what works and gave me great confidence to be able to handle those situations should they occur. – [W&Z Hood] Again the best training I have received and was a challenge. – Both instructors were top notch “quiet professionals” eager to help answer any questions and were thorough in instruction and putting validation as to why they do things certain ways. Thank you for this opportunity. – B.D.

This was an outstanding course that will benefit me both in protective services and out. – These drills were great training for my job. – [Tac-House] Really reinforced how to think quick and be able to shoot or not shoot. – P.C.

Best I’ve received to date! – [Benefit the most] Hand to hand and the validation of the skills in the Hooded box drills. – [Hooded Box] Excellent training. I hope to return for more. The most realistic training possible without an actual fight. – [W&Z Hood] Great validation and applies to my job greatly. – Instructors and instruction provided was very professional and helpful. I’ve been to a lot of school and [this is] by far the best. – B.K.

Excellent!! This is the first “realistic” threat training I have received. – I benefited from the entire course. – [Hooded Box] It prepared me for a possible threat or an escalation of a threat. Covered very well. – [W&Z Hood] Same as above. Helped with anger issues for shoot-don’t-shoot. – It expanded my knowledge for keeping 360 degrees security on my boss. – [Tac-House] It helped combine all of the skills I learned throughout the week. It was a great way to end the cycle. – Excellent course! Excellent instructors! Thanks for a job well done! – C.F.

Excellent training. By far the most realistic and thorough training I have been through. – [Benefit the most] Hooded Boxes and then the follow on remedial training and video critiques. – [Hooded Box] reinforced training received, induced stress at its peak, wrapped emotions and training all in one. Great stuff and would do it once a week if possible. – [W&Z Hood] great integration of unarmed and armed skills, very realistic. This was a great test of everything we have learned. – [Instructors] are top notch instructors and I would learn from them anytime! – R.P.

Very useful in building confidence with dealing with close threats armed and unarmed. – [Hooded Box] It helped build confidence in decision making and the course material as you were faced with an unknown situations, versus watching it develop. – [W&Z Hood] Definitely helped with being comfortable using my weapon in a manner other than shooting when the situation didn’t warrant. – Had a lot of fun and felt like I learned a lot of things that are simple and effective. – J.A.

Best combat training I have done yet. That stress can’t be matched in any other training. – Hooded Box™ drills (benefited me most). You learn your reflexive actions to stressful situations. – B.G.

High speed, fast and furious but very effective for a condensed course. – [Benefit the most] Hood Box, it gave a realistic view. Train as you fight concept put into play finally. – [Hooded Box] Great! Shows the strength and areas of improvement right away. – This was great again. The versatility of all the Hood Box for all situations and tactics should be standard for all services and agencies. – The instructors are very professional and all questions are answered. – P.B.

Outstanding. – Great. It allows guys to understand the importance of maintaining your zone and weapon posture. – Outstanding training. Thanks!!! – J.G.

Great. – A great course. One of the best I have ever been to. Hope to be back soon to learn some more. Also the instructors are great. The ability to really read whether to speed up or slow down based on how well the trainees respond. – M.P.

Outstanding, all of the instructors were well knowledged and worked with us on the areas that we were weak on. – [Hooded Box] Was really nervous about the unknown, but I really felt as though I learned a lot. – [W&Z Hood] Same as [above], as close as you are going to get to a surprised situation. – Good formations that we can use in a real world area. – [Tac-House] Helped build self confidence and proved to me that with the training that we received during the week can be an effective team. – Look forward to the next level. – J.R.

The training was outstanding. It opened my eyes to different techniques that I can now incorporate into my daily security postures. – Team movements were the most benefit to me. – [Hooded Box] Outstanding scenarios; great benefit. – [W&Z Hood] It was good because it forced you to think if deadly force was necessary each time. – [Tac-House] Good Scenario’s again’ made you really think about the part you played in the formations. – Great instructors; very knowledgeable. – M.C.

Good training, wish I had the ability to attend more classes. Professional and competent trainers. – [Hooded Box] Provided realistic scenarios that required operator to make snap decisions increasing the threshold for reaction time. – M.D.

I thought it was excellent and falls in line with a lot of the situations we are put in. – All areas were beneficial. – [Hooded Box] I enjoyed it and felt that it puts a lot of real life stress into the scenarios. – [W&Z Hood] Helps with weapon control and shoot don’t shoot situations. – A good way to safely cover situations as a team and control weapons. Enjoyed working at it. – [Tac-House] Had a blast and thought it was a good stressor for movements and actions. – I think that it was beneficial and I hope to be able to continue to build on it. I think the class was very well put together and instructed well. – D.M.

Training was excellent. It was well taught, instructed, and applied. – Everything we did was beneficial. Also keeping learning at a high pace and fast all the time. – [Hooded Box] Totally different than anything I have ever done. It was great and made you make quick split decisions. – [W&Z Hood] definitely helped in making me apply both an unarmed and armed approach. It was quick, fast and wish we could have done it a few more times. – Tac-House scenarios were well thought out and always had the operator thinking. Made us work as a team, and think and move fast. – I will recommend the training to my counterparts and would like to attend more classes. – L.S.

Outstanding. – [Benefit the most] Integration than shooting with the striking and seeing how it all works in concert. – [W&Z Hood] The “pressure” was intense but it shows where our skill level is at and it is realistic. – [CQD Shooting] The shooting through the weapons flow has opened my eyes and show that I can shoot not just from one position my confidence has been boosted greatly. – [Power Entry] Two guys are better than one, it showed me the flaws in the old methods. – The instructors are top notch. Safety is prominent with them while keeping the training good. Great job. – P.B.

Excellent. – Great training to reinforce target identification. – [Linking and Formations] Great way to control and move a package without taking sights of targets. – P.C.

Excellent! – Perfect realism in training. The extra pressure makes it realistic. – [CQD Shooting] The best block of instruction I have ever had! – [Power Entry] This technique is a lot more effective than our way of entry… – [Linking and Formations] Valuable technique to keep the entire package together. – Thank you for forming this course to fit our particular needs. – C.F.

Outstanding: The instruction, techniques and scenarios allowed progression, and provided the student the opportunity to correct mistakes made and improve on skills already known. – [Hooded Box] The drill provided the most realistic and effectual scenarios that allowed the student to gain confidence in the taught techniques and see their effectiveness on a determined adversary. – K.M.

It was excellent, the training covered a wide variety of skill sets that is beneficial to doing my job more effectively. – [Hooded Box] They were awesome. It provided an opportunity to practice the skills that were instructed in a close as possible to reality. – The Instructor…did an awesome job instructing the course. He was very professional, and showed that he cares about what he does. I didn’t feel as if he was

just doing a job, but he showed that the training is his passion. His attitude made the environment more positive. – A.M.

Outstanding – It was physically and mentally challenging. I had high expectations from other attendee remarks and was impressed beyond even that. – The close contact drills were phenomenal in building confidence in what is typically a very foreign environment. – [Hooded Box] Excellent –…I couldn’t have been more impressed. – J.J.

Excellent, absolutely the best training of this type I’ve ever attended. – [CQD Shooting] Great. I really developed a new level of ability and understanding. – [Power Entry] Again, top notch training and a critical skill for our small team. – Thanks so much for providing this superb training system. Your instructors are truly top flight. Can’t wait to come back! – K.D.

Very worthwhile – Excellent. – [CQD Shooting] Overall, the best shooting course I have ever done! – [Power Entry] Very useful and will enhance team training and operations. – J.J.

Outstanding. – [Power Entry] The technique allows the shooters to have more lethal capability without sacrificing time and space between them proving its merit. – [Linking and Formations] Provided the students with simple and effective means to ensure security is maintained as well as the necessary tools needed when meeting up with or searching for team members. – K.M.

Outstanding!! I hope to be able to come back in the future. – I’ll be able to use every aspect of this training in my line of work. – [CQD Shooting] Best shooting I’ve ever done. I’ve been a military police officer for 14 years and we have nothing that comes close to the training we received here. – [Power Entry] Again some of the best training I’ve received. – [Linking and Formations] Outstanding. I want more of it. Can’t wait for phase 3. – [Instructors] were outstanding instructors. Wish we had more like them in the Navy! – J.M.

[Power Entry] Great. – [Linking and Formations] I liked the training exercises at the shoot house. Good instruction on linking and formations. – Overall great training. – A.M.

It was the best training I received in my military career. – [CQD Shooting] It was the best shooting course. – D.Y.

Excellent! New ways to improve my aim and tactical advantage. – I thought it will be the way we operate in real world situations. – [Power Entry] Very good way of showing how to respond to situations with multiple persons. – D.V.

The training was great!!! – Your skill is tested at one of the highest levels of awareness and very helpful – D.A.

My overall opinion of the training is excellent. By far this has been the most useful and valuable of all the training I have attended for the short period. – [DDS Unarmed Hooded Box] Extremely intense and fast pace. Very useful because it placed you in a state of shock that is usually not achieved during training. – For the short amount of time here, this is by far the best training and most useful I have had and made you open your eyes to the reality of our mission. – C.B.

Excellent! Great chance to learn and use new skills! – This was one of the most beneficial courses I have ever received in this manner. – R.C.

Outstanding training. I am so glad I was able to receive such high intensity, quality training that above all makes perfect sense. – [DDS Unarmed Hooded Box] Very intense and life like, glad I went through it and are more confident in my skills. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Intense as well felt a little more confident second time around. Loved the shoot and don’t shoot scenarios. – Instructors were amazing, they received us very well and are extremely informative and friendly. I feel like I can better defend my family and country now. – M.D.

The pressure provided during the hooded box drill was the most realistic pressure I’ve experienced. The only thing more realistic is the real thing. – A.M.

Most professional training I have received. All instructors were very professional and knowledgeable. – This training built my confidence up in showing me that I really can apply the skills in a high stress environment. No other school I have attended tested my skills in the high stress. They always just say this is what you should do. The instructors I was nervous on how they would accept a female but they were very professional. – A.M.

This is the most realistic training I have ever taken part in. – As close to the real deal as you can get. – This is the best course I have ever attended. It is well put together and well instructed. The instructors were extremely professional and knowledgeable. This has been a great experience. – M.S.

I believe this course was very efficient and highly useful in taking an operator to the next level. – B.

The weapon striking and maneuvering (were most beneficial). – A.M.

Excellent. – The best training and testing I’ve had the only way to improve it would be to do more of it. – [W&Z Hood] Another thing I personally would like more training on. – Very, very good stuff on outline for sustainment would benefit me and those wishing to improve skills. – G.D.

Awesome! Gets me in the mindset of readiness. – Fast paced and always thinking which helps your alertness. – B.H.

Excellent very well validated fighting system will recommend highly for all teams. – M.M.

Good process with validation of all techniques 100% useful to performance. – [Hooded Box] [This] exercise was critical in determining what works and what doesn’t under pressure. These types of drills should be routinely conducted. – This is critical baseline training for anyone who must perform individually or as a team in a threat environment. – B.S.

Excellent! A challenge, focused and intense. Useful real world techniques. – [Benefit the most] I benefited from all of it, but the highlights for me were the practical applications (Tac-house training and scenarios). – Duane, I feel that our team, and the LEA’s we support are better able to deal with extreme situations, and we will do our best to bring credit to you and your discipline. – J.R.

It was challenging, but I enjoyed it. It is easy to see and understand. It works! – Hope to see you next year. – G.S.

Excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects. (Soreness aside) I learned a lot in a very short period. – Excellent… Thank You! – M.R.

I am thoroughly impressed! More importantly, I am indebted beyond my expectations for what I’ve learned. – In complete understanding of the “Full Circle” you have described, I feel that no portions of the training were of greater or lesser personal value. Perhaps the greatest benefit was an understanding of my ability in relation to how I value life. I feel much “safer” and more confident (keep in mind I’d love to explain this, but have no room here). – I wish I could return your gifts with something greater than my effort. I would love to stay in touch and continue to learn. Also, I want to say thank you. – R.S.

It changed the way I think about close quarters combat. – Everything helped me – I learned a lot. – Overall it was great. Everything was explained well, step by step – crawl, walk, run. – This is an excellent course. I hope that sometime in the future that I can return. The best course I have attended. – S.B.

My overall opinion is excellent. I learned a lot of techniques for a few days of training. – [Benefit the most] From personal defense to striking, balancing, and applying it with weapon. – N.C.

I thought it was the most realistic training I have received in personal defense from the military or in the civilian world.” – I[t] was excellent instruction and I consider myself ‘fortunate” to have had this opportunity. – H.C.

Was very unique and something I’ve never done before. I wish it could have been extended. – [Benefit the most] Self defense skills, prisoner control, PT skills, weapon and zone control. – All training was explained thoroughly and the instructors included life experience examples most of the time. – The knowledge and experience from the instructors were very noticeable and their training patience was great. – I.C.

Excellent training with dedicated, motivated and PROFESSIONAL instructors. – I was best able to see mistakes I made and how to correct and learn from them. – Wishing we would be able to be here longer. – M.D.

Most effective, realistic training I’ve ever had. – [Benefit the most] Overall – entire training. – Definitely want more. – C.G.

Excellent, the best close quarters training I’ve had. – Threat escalation and how to react. – This should be mandatory training for all infantrymen in the U.S. Army. – C.G.

Everything – the entire training course is awesome. –…Everything was in depth, discussed thoroughly and the training aides helped tremendously. – This course should be taught to all of the U.S. military forces. – M.H.

Makes me a better soldier – most valuable things I have learned since I joined the military. – C.J.

The training was very beneficial to me… – You did an excellent job training. I feel more secure about my fighting capabilities. Thank you very much. – G.M.

I thought the training was excellent. We took it one step at a time and then got to employ it ourselves, which I think speeds up the learning process. – I felt like I got a lot accomplished in a short time. – M.N.

The material that was planned was covered well! This was an abbreviated schedule and there were no hang ups or wasted time. – We need to teach this to the U.S. Army! Either small classes here (CQD) or larger classes at Ft. Campbell. – S.P.

It was great training. – [Benefit the most] The arm and neck seals and the prisoner control. – I think all infantry soldiers should receive this training. I only wish I had more time to get more training. – J.S.


Most real training I have ever received. Training (CQD) has already proven to save lives in the field. – As always, the most useful, realistic, and life saving training I have ever experienced. – M.H.

By far the best training I personally have received for this type of mission. – G.H.

Without question, CQD is the best training for tactical work. It is superior due to its realistic approach to operational needs. – All portions were outstanding since CQD is so well integrated and flexible for all types of life threatening confrontations. – Again, this course is superior due to Mr. Dieter’s ability to “prove out” or validate each aspect of the training. The result is an awakening, which for me has changed my life. – I feel privileged to have had such a fantastic opportunity. The course has taught me so much more than I knew even existed in the tactical world. Furthermore, this course goes so much further. Deeper and beyond anyone’s expectations. This course teaches us all to be successful at work, in the field and in life. Thanks Duane. – L.M.

Overall, this should be a mandatory course for all folks who will be doing movements requiring *** support. I’ve been to Afghanistan several times and wish I’d had this before my first trip and consider myself very lucky nothing has happened requiring these defensive moves. – D.G.

Superior, I have not been exposed to anything better. CQD is the best way to prepare for combat. – D.S.

Outstanding! Absolutely the best combatives training I’ve ever received. Instructors are all world class, very positive and professional. – C.W.

The Box is an excellent tool for personal evaluation. I believe it aided me in making the proper decisions in a VBIED attack that occurred in May of 2010 down range. – C.L.

This training has been a far exceptional standard, both relating to operational and training, being realistic and relevant. This is the best training I have received in my career. – A.W.

Again, this is without a doubt the best self defense, weapons and tactics training I’ve attended in more than 20 years in the military and as a civilian federal agent. – K.D.

The training was awesome; in my opinion it is the best and most practical defense techniques I have ever learned, and it is the most applicable training I have learned that I can incorporate into my line of work. – Anonymous

Excellent. The best personal defense and shooting training I have ever received. – Anonymous

Probably the most realistic training I’ve done. During the ‘live’ scenarios, I felt like it was life and death. I wish I had this training years ago. – Great training!!! Like I said, wish I could have received it years ago. Can’t wait to do it again. – The instructors were very helpful with all the material. Great attitudes and willing to work with all of us. I’m looking forward to the rest of this course. – M.C.

Absolutely indispensible! Best real world training possible. – Material covered: Excellent. Instructors: Excellent. Applicability: Excellent. – S.P.

As always excellent work by CQD staff and instructors. I stopped being surprised at the amount of effort put forth by CQD a long time ago, and am always impressed by their commitment to the *** and our organization’s mission. – R.L.

Absolutely outstanding. After two combat tours this is the most accurate job of recreating the reality of the fight I have experienced. – G.T.

I believe because of this training I have a greater chance of keeping myself and my teammates alive. – J.M.

Very effective, proven and works. – [Hooded Box] Even after live combat it still raised my heart rate so high it was real. Best training ever! – C.V.

The closest thing to “real world” in every way. Of all the military and civilian courses I have attended, by far the best experience. – S.R.

The most realistic, self-validating training I have ever done in 19 years of tactical training. I would highly recommend it to anyone in my/our line of work. – Our instructors were two of the most professional and knowledgeable instructors I have ever had. – O.P.

Most efficient, realistic training I have ever had. – [DDS Hood] Extremely beneficial. Good to know how and what decisions I would make in a high stress fight or flight situation. – [W&Z Hood] Extremely beneficial. It is the only way to truly show my weaknesses so I can correct them and be a better operator. – [The instructors] are top notch operators. I feel truly blessed to have had you guys training me and teaching me how to survive and tune up my internal warrior. Thanks guys – God bless! – B.H.

CQD is awesome! I have used some of the techniques in real world scenarios and it was extremely efficient and effective. – B.D.

Up to date. Is best overall training I have received. – I feel all state, federal, to include military, should be doing this training. – J.G.

Keep doing what you are doing – these are life-saving skills. This is the most positive, reassuring, and confidence-building training I have ever had – beyond the techniques, the way your team teaches is outstanding. – Thank you. – S.K.

Excellent. The most professional training I have received to date. It is clear that time is taken to hire only the finest instructors and it shows. – This training is second to none. It is superb in every way and I will be sure to express this to my front office. – D.L.

Best tactical training in the world. – Thank you! This is the only relevant, complete, integrated fighting system there is. It is an honor to receive it. Please continue to keep us focused and consistent with our capabilities and instruction. – A.N.

This is the best training I have received anywhere to date. That includes 7.5 years in the Army. – I think that the instructors did an excellent job of explaining everything and also explaining why the techniques work. – If the CQD training is the most valuable I have received to date, then the CQD Box Drill is the most valuable part of the training. It is indispensable. – It is as close as one can come to a real world confrontation while training. – E.D.

Outstanding- beyond a doubt best training I ever received. – [Benefit the most] Individual skills elements- taught me/gave me confidence to further progress into team activities. – Instruction was excellent and covered all material. – [Hooded Box] Tremendous- unsurpassed value to providing the sense of confidence in abilities. – C.F.

Again this is the best training and most meaningful, effective instruction I’ve ever had. – I can’t wait until Level II. Additionally, I am interested in returning periodically (either with the office or on my own) to perfect, enhance and increase my personal defense skills. – E.L.

Outstanding! The most complete operator specific training. – [Benefit the most] The scenarios presented in the hooded box drills and team exercises conducted in the Tac–house. – This is the most realistic training available to date. The skills developed during this training are second to none. Hopefully we will get more opportunity to maintain and improve the skills with the introduction of additional CQD courses. – R.B.

Vital for anyone whose duties carry a potential for violence, especially if they are responsible for the safety of others, and failure will negatively impact national prestige. – I know from experience this training makes me better. – We need more of this to build team skills. – D.S.

Very important for not only my job, but could also save my life in the civilian world. – [W&Z/Personal Defense Hood] An excellent tool to gauge how one will react in high stress situations and a very realistic training situation to use in the skills you have learned. – Excellent course! The instructors are very professional and subject matter experts on Close Quarters Defense. – M.H.

[Hooded Box] Best reality training I have ever been a part of. It brings everything together well. – [W&Z Hood] Makes you react immediately, no time for indecision. – [PC] Great to work with a partner to get communication skills down, as well as working on movement. – It is training that all people who put it all on the line every day need. Hopefully I will get more of it and my teammates will someday benefit from the knowledge as well. – J.D.

I have been a firearms instructor with DEA and Secret Service and have been through the Secret Service ERT/CAT training. So when I say this is by far the best course I have been through, I have a lot of background to make this statement. I wish all agents could have this training. It really was outstanding! – A.P.

Thank you! I have used CQD skills in combat. The system provided me the knowledge to come home with all my teammates. – A.W.

The absolute finest defense training I have ever had in 15 years of experience. – R.B.

20 years of naval service and this is the best training I have ever received. – R.P.

This was the best course I have ever taken. Every aspect was relevant and applicable. I sincerely believe that this course will save my life God forbid something happens. – R.B.

This is by far the best and most useful training I've ever had. The concepts and techniques could easily save any one of our lives as well as our colleagues and loved ones. The bottom line is that I feel like a stronger, more effective officer because of this training. – C.S.

Outstanding: It is obvious that all the skills instructed have not only been well developed, but also, proven practice. – [Unarmed DDS Hooded Box] By far the best practical evaluations that I have ever experienced. – [Armed W&Z Hooded Box] Excellent; an absolute wake-up to some of my poor training received elsewhere. – The experience was by far the most realistic and comprehensive training I have ever received. – T.H.

Excellent, the best I’ve received. – [Armed W&Z Hooded Box] Brought everything into perspective. Made me confident of my skills and abilities to survive and to “go home at the end of the day.” – M.R.

[Armed W&Z Hooded Box] Well controlled for safety yet practical, relevant, fast and exceedingly valuable. – Great staff, incredible theory, and I’m confident this training will save lives. – J.E.

Excellent! I’ve learnt more in the past five days than in my lifetime. The instructors were exceptional. Exceptionally patient & exceptionally trained in their craft. I would certainly enjoy doing this again. – N.D.

Every part of the training was useful and had real world practical purpose. – The techniques/methods used to teach me (student) was beyond my best expectation. I now know there is a true science and I believe CQD has mastered it. – J.G.

Thanks to the staff of CQD for providing the most relevant training anywhere. Whether armed or unarmed, operational or personal defense, this is the only inclusive system for all engagements. Keep it up! – A.N.

This is the best, most professional, easy to understand and apply training I have ever undergone. I loved it! Thank you very much. – B.H.

The training is excellent. It is very well put together and the presentation, with full explanation of technique, is fantastic. – This course is the best I have ever attended. Life saving techniques are given here. Priceless. – R.U.

The most tactically sound proving ground I have been introduced to. The stress level and responses required were awesome. – R.B.

Knowledge obtained in this training is above and beyond any training I have taken part in. – G.T.

Excellent. This is the most relevant and comprehensive system I’ve ever been exposed to. The training was easy to understand and retain. – D.W.

Excellent training. – CQD training is about the only successful training that I have employed and it works! – J.P.

It would be hard to attend another course that would compete with this training. – L.R.

Excellent, the expertise of the instructors and TRP's doesn't compare to anything I've received. – G.K.

CQD is, hands down, the best combatives training I have received in my career thus far. – N.M.

Excellent – couldn’t have been better. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Best real-time scenario training imaginable, excellent training tool. – Yet another outstanding experience at CQD, I always feel more prepared for deployment after attending. – C.A.

Probably the best and most realistic fight training I’ve ever experienced in my 13 years of martial arts. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Excellent. Most realistic fight training I’ve ever been through. – J.C.

Outstanding. Very easy to learn, extremely effective. A must for our job. – [W&Z Hooded Box] In 30 years of training – it was the most realistic I have experienced. It caused self inflicted stress and TRP’s that were very professional and realistic. – I’m extremely satisfied and more confident than when I arrived. – N.M.

The most realistic training I have ever done. Fast paced and stressful, requiring both physical and mental abilities. – Thanks for your dedication and patriotism. Please thank the role players for the same, without their dedication none of this realistic training would be possible. They are a huge credit to you and our country. – R.Y.

Outstanding. Undoubtedly the most effective approach to tactical training in the world. – D.S.

This is the best defense class I have ever taken. The staff gave more than 110%. – J.W.

The best training test available, no other course offers this type of validation, the tape review shows your weaknesses and what you need to work on and how well you know it. – K.A.

Outstanding – best training I have ever had – excellent drill and portrayal of realistic attacks. – M.W.

Outstanding! I personally can’t get enough of it. – [Armed W&Z Hooded Box] Same as [above]. Everything about the course, philosophy is 100% right on the money. – M.H.

I’ve had a long history in weapons and martial arts training and was very interested in this system. CQD by far surpassed my expectations! I highly recommend the training for PSD work! – B.R.

I have a background in CQD and have used the different prisoners force control skills in Afghanistan. I believe totally in this system and thank Duane for teaching me, and for all the great work you’ve done! – D.C.

[Unarmed DDS Hooded Box] It is hands down the finest training tool I have ever experienced! – J.P.

This was some of the best training I have received to date. – J.H.

Superb. I think about self defense totally different now. I feel more confident in general, knowing I can defend myself. – B.R.

I think the training is superb. Very professional instructors and priceless skills learned. I fully expect to use the CQD system for training and quite possibly in real life. – [Unarmed Closed/Open Hooded Box] Best/realistic training I have received. – Superior training. World class training. I know there are few places as committed to training as the CQD staff of Dieter’s Close Quarters Defense. – C.R.

Excellent. Every skill taught had real-life application and has been validated. – [Unarmed Closed/Open Hooded Box] It instilled confidence in my ability to utilize life saving skills to survive an attack. – Outstanding. The whole experience has prepared me to succeed at work and in my personal life. Thank you! You all make a significant contribution here and for our nation. Thanks and stay safe. – K.F.

[Hooded Box] Excellent! Without a doubt the most valuable/self-test that I have ever received! – Each trip to CQD makes me a much better operator and I feel that it touches equally on all skills. – J.S.

[Hooded Box] Amazing validation and training tool. It greatly expanded my understanding, especially of shooting during all situations, ranges, and adversarial actions. – [CQD Shooting] The only system of shooting that fully realizes and enables shooting (tactical) in the high risk engagement. – [Tac-House Shooting] Again, outstanding training tool. Having the situational information regarding the engagement is what brings out, transforms, and integrates all operator skills. – A.N.

Excellent!!! Most professionally run course that I have attended. Cadre were approachable at any time and really knowledgeable in all areas. I am extremely impressed. – [Hooded Box] Best and most realistic “hand to hand” I have received. – D.K.

This training is a valuable tool for any operator. It exposes weaknesses in your arsenal and provides additional skills for overall success. – [W&Z Hooded Box] This drill is undoubtedly one of the best training scenarios I have ever participated in. – This course will help men to stay alive if and when they employ the skills learned. – M.B.

Great training. – [Hooded Box] Outstanding. As close to real world confrontation as possible. – D.V.

This week was outstanding. Every time I come to CQD for training, it surpasses my expectations. – [CQD Shooting] This week was a great shooting overview. I cannot wait to come back for more shooting weeks and then for CQD Shooting Instructor training. – T.E.

Only applicable training for high-risk real world scenarios. – J.G.

[Unarmed Hooded Box] Revealing, humbling, and as always, a great learning environment. – T.G.

I found it to be very valuable. I went through the course in 2004 (SQT) but since have had little exposure. *** type combatives have been my focus since then, however seeing the CQD method again was eye opening as to which “system” is actually more practical in the “real world”/high risk fight. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Hands down the best personal defense/combatives drill I’ve ever experienced. Excellent. – C.H.

The concepts put forth by CQD Shooting changes most of what I learned in other training for the better. An absolute must have set of skills. – M.V.

Outstanding, we were taught to utilize CQD and its intended purpose and we are all successful thus far with our knowledge and skills. – …once we arrived at CQD it was like the clouds parted and everything was made clear. – C.F.

CQD is by far some of the best and most realistic training I have been thru. The level of professionalism of the staff is always top notch! – S.H.

Superior training than what I received in the Army. Many skills I wish I learned before. – T.H.

Outstanding – This is exactly what I need for defense tactics. The proper way of defending myself in an attack. – S.H.

Excellent – only wish I was able to take another week. These basic CQD skills carry a long way – at work and in daily life. – I can’t imagine anyone going out in theatre to work with *** who has not taken this course. – The last Tac-House drill put everything together…it was amazing how you simply learn to react (more rationally) under stress in such a scenario and complete mission successfully. – L.S.

All instructors are terrific. I am looking forward to returning and studying more of CQD. Great training, learned a lot, had a blast! – S.H.

I think the training is exceptional. This is the type of training we have lacked in the past. – A.B.

Additional weeks and refresher training need to be regularly scheduled. – D.P.

[Armed W&Z Live] That was the best stuff! – The live person shooting drill really psyched me up! I know I can do it in a real fight. – T.

Training was outstanding. This training will help keep myself and those I protect safe. [Armed W&Z Live] Excellent. We need more of this. – This training is too essential to spend just 2 ½ days on. If we want to be truly competent in these skills we need to spend more time on the trigger. – R.R.

Excellent, by far need more training. This is the right kind of shooting for our job. – D.P.

[Armed W&Z Live] One of the best live fire exercises of all time. – P.M.

Duane, you are the best! I have learned a ton from you. My confidence has greatly increased from the training I have received from you. Especially when it comes to weapons handling. Thanks! – M.L.

[Armed W&Z Live] Outstanding. Gives you confidence in the skills you have learned. Shows you that the skills work. Overall – Outstanding training. Fast paced/heart pounding/makes you think. I look forward to more training with Duane in the future. – L.C.

[Armed W&Z Hood] I found the exercise to be very intense & realistic. It helped me to use my skills in a very ‘hands-on’ environment. – [DDS Closed/Open Hooded Box] I enjoyed the exercise immensely and I found the role players to be appropriately aggressive & interactive. – I will be sending a recommendation that this course be part of the ***/** training regimen. – D.T.

[Unarmed Closed/Open Hooded Box] Realistic, “up close,” in your face training. – What you learn at each session of training is something you can take and use immediately. Many Thanks. – S.H.

Thank you for your time and patience and the sharing of a gift that will transfer into a life saving skill for me and my class mates. – R.T.

I would recommend this course to everyone in the operational field! – B.P.

Excellent; the best training I have ever participated in. – T.H.

The validation drills proved to me that the skills taught were going to work. – A.L.

The absolute best training/instruction I have received in this area of my job. – A.D.

The *** drills really helped bring our team together. – The actions with the package were amazing. It was good to see where our weaknesses lie and to see the way to correct them. – Although I feel most confident with weapon and zone control, I could use more training in all areas. Every time I come to CQD I learn more about becoming a better operator. – T.E.

I cannot stress enough how valuable this training is, the unknown factor is always going to be there and knowing how to minimize the threat and effectively get off the "X" and to a safe zone while maintaining weapon safety variable and physical contact, and working in sync with your teammates to ensure everyone makes it home at the end of the day. – M.S.

[Hooded Box] Never seen anything that could prepare an individual for realistic scenarios “EVER.” Great training tool. – Throughout all the different types of martial arts things that I’ve seen and done I’m glad that someone finally got it right. – D.H.

Train like you fight, fight like you train is always the desire. This type of training is as realistic as I’ve seen. Longer training of this caliber would do nothing except benefit the operator. – T.N.

Excellent! CQD is a new concept for me and I thought that my prior martial arts skill would help me out. However, defensive tactics and high-risk operations are totally different. – D.P.

I’ve been in combat in Baghdad shooting down streets but never had up close training like the box, it was the best. – K.G.

After 22 yrs of mil. experience and 3 yrs with [company] (static) this training has provided me with the strongest confidence to perform my duties. – K.B.

The training received was superb. I wish I could have had more of said training as a prior police officer I believe it would be more effective than the traditional forms of hand to hand. – T.L.

[Power Entry] I couldn’t think of a more efficient and expedient way to enter a building with an active threat present. Again, it is clearly distinguishable the amount of tactical analysis that brought these tactics into development and employment. – D.H.

Excellent. Great facilities, instructors, role players, and the best tactical fighting system in the world. – A.N.

It’s always a pleasure to come and receive the best training in the industry. Thanks [Instructors]… – K.T.

This short time here and the amount I feel I received only makes me want more. All “training” curriculums should be modeled after your system. – H.Q.

I strongly suggest that any and every government or private security company take advantage of this evolution experience. – J.D.

The dedication of the instructor is outstanding, great [Instructors]. You guys keep up the good work and more guys will come home. Thanks. – D.R.

My chances of survival have just doubled or tripled. – W.W.

This is my first class to focus on the high threat environment and not the “sporting” skills associated with programs such as **** **********. I benefited every day. – L.S.

Outstanding, best close quarter battle/defensive training I’ve ever received. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Genius developmental training, I cannot think of a more definite form of skill testing to expose student weakness. – J.Q.

Thank you all for the supreme effort and caring. These are life saving skills. – A.N.

This has been the best hands on/DM course that I have received in all my years of government service. Very realistic. – J.F.

By far the most usable and task specific training I have received can be used in every aspect of combat. – M.F.

[DDS Tac-House] Super, time before the event is similar to going on a serious operation. The mood in the waiting room is somber. It is a good feeling for an operator to get used to. The drills themselves are very challenging, real and skill building. – D.S.

Outstanding I learned something new with each iteration that was conducted. I love competition and being pushed mentally and physically. – R.C.

Great & effective. I’ve studied **** ****, a martial art supposed to be “street practical”, but the speed of an attack demonstrates the effectiveness of CQD’s approach, and the potential futility of trying to use other forms. – J.S.

I thought *** and *** were the most prestigious forms of fighting. I was wrong. Now I can incorporate my weapons into the fight. – J.B.

One of the best courses I have attended – emotionally, spiritually, and physically exhausting, but you come out on the other side with a better understanding of yourself, but also your teammates. – J.H.

A lot of good training that everyone doing this job can use. I think it should be mandatory. – E.M.

This was the best exercise I have ever been involved with. It allows for actions under stress, skills usage and critical cognitive processes. – J.C.

Outstanding! Amazing! So eye opening and a very good way to see your action and reaction. I really do feel that it has made me into a better all around warrior. – G.H.

The best simulation I have ever experienced throughout all the schools I’ve attended. – S.B.

Superb and realistic; I wish I had this when I was in the SF. – E.R.

I am more prepared for my upcoming deployment because of this training. I wish I had received this training years ago. I hope I am selected to receive additional training from CQD. – T.V.

I only wish we had more time for additional training. I hope to be back here soon. Your information will likely save lives. – J.M.

Awesome! In all my training, I have never received such ‘hands on, in your face’ drilling. I really felt I was thinking much more quickly. – E.M.

By far the best combatives training I have ever received. Additionally, among the first training that has ever interested me to the point of desiring additional training. – C.C.

Realistic. First training I have had in 17 years that placed me in a hot environment. – S.H.

After training in several martial arts forms, I thought that CQD is the best form of training for what it is meant for in the tactical environment of high-risk/high-threat hostile zones. – S.M.

Extremely useful training that I have personally used while operating in an overseas environment. – J.P.

I feel greatly humbled and privileged to have taken part in this experience. It really was fantastic. – A.C.

The training was conducted in a most professional manner and designed for student success. The type of stress induced to clean up mistakes should be used in the military. – J.B.

Could save my life. – M.H.

To the point and tailored to the environment in which students are about to enter. – S.K.

Efficient, effective, practical a must have for any special operator. – D.K.

Outstanding! This type of training can be used in any environment and will always be useful. Will recommend to everyone. – W.P.

Training to keep us alive. – J.G.

My opinion of the past week’s training is about as high as possible!!! Superb Course!!!! – W.H.

The training & instructors are the best in the biz. – T.B.

The instructors were professional, straight to the point. I would recommend this to any warrior looking for high speed training. – W.C.

Fantastic staff. I learned a ton from these guys and would recommend this to anyone in this line of work. – N.G.

The training and instruction were the best I have ever had. – J.G.

It is the best defensive or offensive fighting training I have ever experienced. – T.J.

High speed training. I learned a lot of good tactics to take the fight to the enemy and win. – J.M.

I thought the overall training was top notch. Everything we did had a purpose. – J.J.

The best yet! Trains you to stay in the fight. – J.P.

Hooded box drill is the most beneficial aspect of the training in my opinion, allowing everyone to test and validate the skills taught. – T. N.

Excellent. Probably the best bridging from learning a new skill to execution under pressure I have seen. – T.T.

Excellent course of instruction. The motivation and high energy of the instructors helps drive this course. – D.A.

Hooded box drill is the best training tool I’ve seen. Regardless of what the scenario is, it forces you to react to the situation instantly. – T.N.

Teaches 0 to 100% in a way no other training can. – S.F.

Top notch training concerning proper use of force, escalated force, and target identification. – G.F.

This type of reactionary training is truly where the ‘rubber meets the road’ for our training objectives. – B.M.

The hooded box drills immediately exposed my weak points. Awesome exercise with a steep learning curve. – R.M.

I thought the way everything was taught, in the order and fashion, was excellent. Everything was taught and then put together, then put to application. It made all the drills, tactics, and techniques very easy to understand. – B.F.

Excellent training covering a wide spectrum of subject matter. Validation under pressure was a key portion that tested our ability to learn and apply tactics. I benefited from every portion of this training. – R.G.

Top class training and techniques. Absolute pleasure to have been on such a course with top instructors and top fellow students. – M.R.

Excellent. Whole course has been one of the most professional that I have ever attended. – C.S.

The training delivered was very thorough and more importantly very honest and practical to the threat in hostile environments. From the training given, every operator is now by far more confident. – J.W.

The training was very professional, and the overall instruction and techniques were very informative and well received. CQD is applicable in our operational environment. – J.H.

Excellent pressure training. – Good use of force level training. Helped to gain confidence in shoot/no shoot decision skills. – J.M.

The unarmed phase has benefited me most, enabling me to focus and deal with threats singular or multiple in a more confident manner. Moving on to the weapons phase brought all of the skills together with a flow. – L.C.

Excellent, very enjoyable, and progressive. The instruction was very thorough and as each level moved on it was very apparent why you were doing certain skills. – J.H.

Excellent training. Covered a lot of areas not addressed by other courses. I am definitely much better having received this instruction. – J.K.

Very professional. No time spent on unnecessary moves/unrealistic scenarios. – C.L.

I enjoyed it very much, was very good at showing individuals how they reacted under different types of pressure. – W.L.

Outstanding, very valuable skills obtained, especially in a life and death situation. – J.M.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Awesome, very effective training tool. Definitely provides the most realistic training. – T.P.

Amazing. Very intense, in your face training that proved the effectiveness of the taught techniques. Live scenarios were great to help us decide level of threat. – M.B.

I believe it was valuable training and will surely come in handy if a high threat level situation is encountered. The very end evaluation in the box was great because I was able to apply much of what was learned in a realistic and stressful environment. – K.J.

Realistic situational training. I have been in that situation downrange and the training was spot-on. – J.S.

Must need for ALL OPERATORS down range in the field. – B.B.

Excellent. The training is designed for the tactical threat in mind. Every movement flows into the next. Probably the best training for true fighting I’ve ever had. – A.H.

[Unarmed Hooded Box] Demanding in the extreme but more beneficial than any other unarmed combat testing I have received in the past. – L.C.

The most realistic training I have ever done. The role players did an outstanding job in the execution of their duties. – C.S.

Outstanding training. I like the way it is a complete system where the unarmed skills and techniques complement the armed skills. – S.T.

Hope to return and just progress through all levels. I enjoy the pressure in the hooded box drill. I feel that is a great training tool you have, and hope to see more of it. Thanks for all your help. Your staff is outstanding. – C.N.

Box drill was excellent. Fighting while manipulating rifle, pistol, magazine changes, etc., areas not covered well by other courses. – J.K.

It was an excellent training block. The integration of armed and unarmed techniques is outstanding. Also, the instructors were extremely professional the entire course. – J.S.

I felt the training was very professionally taught and provides the operators with a very good base to take down range and pass on. – D.D.

Outstanding! Keep up the good work. Your training has made me a better operator and that is the truth! – P.D.

Very thorough training. I feel that I am better prepared to handle the situations I may confront in the field. – T.R.

Excellent. Possibly the best training I have had. The instructors were professional, subject matter experts. They made the course challenging but attainable. – J.S.

Outstanding – ‘shoot/no shoot’ combined with physical engagements built strong confidence and refined skills learned throughout the week. – T.C.

The training was valuable and could be used in my line of work or in everyday life on the street. The block of instruction and lessons taught here will carry on with me. – M.C.

Outstanding. The most realistic training I’ve been part of. – D.D.

Every portion of this training, to date, has absolute application to what we will encounter in the field. The use of ‘unknown’ OPFOR is great. – T.R.

I believe that this system is a very logical & realistic approach to combatives. It effectively combines shooting & striking in an easily taught & natural progression. – S.I.

Awesome. Has totally revamped the way I will tactically employ my weapons systems. Think it will benefit me and others downrange. – M.S.

Vital for performance, shows you how to fight and stay alive. – S.B.

I feel I benefited the most from the integration of unarmed to armed striking and shooting, and also the use of different force levels. – J.S.

Great training. I hope that it becomes mandatory to not only “requal” but also to go through all levels of CQD. It can only benefit the operator to obtain more knowledge and be tactically sound. – R.C.

I know that I am a lot better operator because of what I have learned here. Bravo! – E.H.

My opinion is that the training will be a great tool in the field and in civilian life. – M.C.

Best training in my 20+ year career. – M.P.

The training is very realistic, challenging and applicable to all tasks that we have as protective agents. I would recommend this course to all of my peers and associates in the protective operator’s field. – C.H.

Superb. There is absolutely no better way to train for these types of operations. The TRPs force you to act under pressure and alleviate many shortfalls you may have. – A.M.

As an overall system, nothing touches it. It gives everyone a baseline reaction for specific threats. – C.C.

I am so pleased with the entire course. I will promote this course and staff to fellow I.C. – J.S.

From movement through the house, weapons flow, dynamic and slow methods, vehicles, and of course aggressor participation [Instructor’s] continual oversight and hands on corrective input was invaluable. – A.H.

The realism of the scenarios was outstanding, always something different to keep you thinking… – J.W.

I felt like the training covered was exactly what was needed. Good instructions, good pace and the amount of time spent throughout the day was well covered. – S.S.

The training was outstanding. It opened my eyes to different techniques that I can now incorporate into my daily security postures. – M.C.

I thought it was excellent and falls in line with a lot of the situations we are put in. – I think that it was beneficial and I hope to be able to continue to build on it. I think the class was very well put together and instructed well. – D.M.

Very Impressed. – Top notch training concerning proper use of force, escalated force and target identification. – G.F.

Great training, instructors always are willing to answer any and all questions. – [W&Z Hooded Box] No better way to find out how someone will react, when a situation goes bad. – S.F.

Validation of skills with hooded drills was excellent. Great pressure from TRP and gives the student confidence in their own skills, weapons, manipulations, transitions, shooting, decisions, etc. – R.G.

Outstanding – I benefited from all the drill work (house, car, etc.). – I'm looking forward to going through the next level, thanks for the help! – R.C.

Excellent, method of instruction was well thought out. – We were taught techniques that will keep us alive across the pond or wherever we may encounter a threat scenario. – L.K.

Outstanding. – All information was presented with validation and prove-outs in/when necessary. – Teaching method was superb, no negative reinforcement was used. Again, great job and keep up the extremely high standard of institution you've got. Thanks. – N.M.

It was great to have the opportunity to receive the instructions from those closest to the source. – Comments among the class as a whole were very, very positive. – M.W.

This training was very realistic and overall conducted great for our line of work. – Awesome, intense, real, everything you guys taught came in touch when we went through it, great teaching. – M.D.

The training was excellent, I liked how it incorporated both armed (weapons) and unarmed components together. – D.G.

I felt the training in its entirety was very applicable to high stress situations. I have never been exposed to training such as this and I feel I am a lot more ready for CQD situations that may arise in the future. – J.S.

A great course that was professionally run and it gave me more tools to use in order to successfully protect my team and myself as well as succeed in my tasks, a lot of fun too. – E.W.

Outstanding course – very practical and straightforward – easy to understand concepts and to implement in real world situations. – R.B.

Good training that is grounded in practical application. – Realistic exercises that stress the individual and present situations that you may face, either while deployed or anywhere actually. – J.H.

Very informative. – [W&Z Hooded Box] A very realistic drill that was a good verification exercise as well as a confidence builder. – G.H.

Great, things taught are easily remembered when need to be employed. And it can be easily practiced wherever you may be. Overall great course, great instructors made the learning enjoyable. – J.R.

Very professionally run. Vital to all operators preparing to meet the client’s standards. – R.D.

Outstanding. Simple, yet tactical and effective techniques to ensure dominance and survival in protective operations. – T.S.

Outstanding training. It all came together in the final exercise. Each part of the training is well thought out and interlocks with the other parts, I really enjoyed it. – Great staff – very professional and overall great course!! – B.W.

Great training by knowledgeable instructors. Good course tempo. – The box drills, hands down the best scenario drill I have ever been through. – N.M.

Very realistic and gave the operator a chance to employ all techniques at full force and full speed. – C.P.

Best training I have had in years. – [Hooded Box] Excellent way to test what you just learned in the class. – Great teaching from all of you. Thanks for your dedication to improving myself and those I will be standing with in the big game. – K.F.

Outstanding. Extremely professional and competent instructors coupled with life like scenarios allowing the skill set to be practiced. – [W&Z Hooded Box] An outstanding addition to the unarmed level. Very life-like. Allows operator to test his tactical decision making, speed, control, and overall situational awareness. – T.S.

Great training. Good common sense tactics. Clear reasoning for every part of the training. – CQD was all new to me and I learned a lot. Very knowledgeable and professional instructors. Great job. I would recommend this training to anyone. – B.W.

I really admire the philosophy of CQD and am highly impressed with the level of skill, professionalism and congeniality of all the instructors. – T.P.

This was a very positive training experience for me personally. My take away feeling is that I have confidence to defend myself and I am eager to develop CQD tradecraft. – H.V.

This is extremely high quality training. The…stress course is worth the price of admission. I am convinced that style of training is extremely valuable. – E.H.

The sheer amount of information was amazing. Just when I thought we had received all the training that we were going to get the instructors came up with more training. Thank you for an invaluable training experience. – G.S.

Very good – probably the best application of real world apprehension and stress. It forced quick thought and with more practice and scenarios, this surprise drill could greatly increase survivability and accurate target discrimination. – P.M.

As with all great training you want more. I hope that one day I can come back and go on to the next level or at the very least go through this level again. – G.H.

Closest thing to the real world situation I have seen to prepare us for the job. – J.P.

The role players are one of the parts of this course that I find the most special about the Dieter CQD system. They’re really a superb addition to the program and are the most helpful I’ve ever had the luxury of training with. Thanks for the excellent training!! – W.H.

Very good – very applicable to job requirement the best, most realistic I’ve had in the military and as a contractor thus far. – G.C.

Your instructors were outstanding and I eagerly look forward to future training at this facility. I’ll definitely begin to incorporate the tactics taught here into my operational modes. Thanks for providing an excellent training curriculum. – T.A.

It does what no other training can. Isolating all your weak points. A must in preparing for this type of work. – S.L.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Great training by far the only chance to really get a feel for employing your weapon systems with real aggression. Awesome training, glad I was given the opportunity to experience different hooded box situations. – S.T.

Overall an outstanding training experience. The hooded drills are the most realistic training evolutions that I have experienced. – W.G.

Puts things in a very good perspective for an operator. Great at presenting challenges but equally great in boosting an operator’s confidence in handling such situations in real world terms successfully. – P.S.

As close to actual realism as can be simulated in a safe training environment. – Exceptional training value. – S.P.

…Close as it comes to real life. – D.D.

The instructors were very informative, and made the class interesting to the students. Very professional. I can’t wait to come back to the next course. And I will tell everyone this is the training to have. – D.J.

Instructors were professional and explained the material in detail. This class will be a great asset to my career. – E.M.

Most realistic training I have ever had – real world. – B.D.

I found the training I received to be very applicable to the mission I am being trained for. I found this defense technique to be extremely tailor-made to what we do with weapons. – M.C.

Excellent training. Makes sense and applies to combat situations more than any other training I’ve received. – S.W.

I would just like to comment that this was one of, if not the best tactical course that I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. The instructors’ enthusiasm and positive attitudes facilitated an environment in which all students were eager to learn. Thank you!! – R.F.

Valuable tool as a precursor to deploying overseas to a hostile environment. Gets you into the fighting spirit/mentality. – B.P.

The weapon and zone hooded box drill gives me confidence to know what I’ll be able to do when in the actual situation – “down range.” – J.B.

Outstanding techniques have obvious real world application and, most importantly, are relatively easy to master. – W.G.

Excellent training. Materials and evolutions were taught in a timely manner and then tested with stress which reinforces learning quickly. – M.L.

Outstanding training, instructor staff are top notch, answer all questions, some of the best training I’ve done. Thank you! – R.O.

I cannot say enough about how professional your instructors are and the value of all the training I received. Thank you so much for teaching me the skill sets, and I eagerly look forward for in-service CQD training in the future. – T.A.

Up to date/well thought out – practical training. Instructors were professional and well trained. The whole course was outstanding, challenging, rewarding. Had a great time/learned a lot. Thanks. – T.D.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Great as well! Very beneficial to engage actual humans and deal with the incoming threats. Great skill to learn and use. – W.E.

The most realistic, combat-like training I’ve ever done. The entire military should be doing some form of it. – R.W.

Great, best training I’ve ever had. Very useful for protective OPS. – A.O.

This is a very positive learning environment. Instructors are highly knowledgeable, motivated and professional at all times. Coaching is superb. – P.M.

[Hooded Box] These drills were very beneficial to me. It allowed me to gage my weaknesses and strengths. Wish we could have done more of them. – This training was excellent and I received a broader view of clearing rooms with a small team. Hopefully, future classes will get more time in the hooded box. I feel that this exercise actually makes you think more clearly on how to protect your package. Once again, the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful to any of our questions. Great course and would like to come back for additional training. – I.O.

[Instructors] are awesome instructors, and I love this type of training! I wish this kind of training was offered more often to our unit near our worksites while in CONUS. I would love to continue this type of training on a regular basis as part of in-service training. Job well done by CQD staff. – T.A.

This was the most valuable training we received. The techniques were reinforced here. I think we all learned the most here. – T.G.

Outstanding. This is the best type of training I have received to date. Very professional. – P.L.

The deeper I get, the more I’m hooked. This is it. – T.B.

Very useful and will be a great help in accomplishing my mission. – K.P.

Absolutely phenomenal! A must have for every operator in our environment. – C.N.

Guys going overseas definitely need to go through this. – J.D.

Outstanding! Very realistic. The most realistic “real world” training I have received. – A.A.

Realistic – first training I have had in 17 years that placed me in a hot environment. Thoroughly enjoyed the entire class. – S.H.

A lot of new material for me to use in the field. Very glad to have been a student here, professionalism of the instructors was great. Would be very interested in getting more training here. – P.W.

Instructors/staff – professional/knowledgeable and ability to help was excellent. Overall, BEST self-defense course I’ve been to!! – B.R.

Wow! An excellent training tool to help develop immediate evaluation and response. It was very helpful in highlighting strong and weak points under duress. – I LOVED IT!! – J.B.

Outstanding!!! Best situational training I have endured…Other than actual combat…it raised my blood more than ever!!! – C.P.

This has been the most exciting fast paced training I have ever received. I feel better prepared for real world experiences because of this training. I also think that the attitude of all the people helped me feel more relaxed and I was able to absorb more info. Fun, fun! – J.B.

Unbelievable!!! What a great experience. The extreme conditions that each of us were put in definitely will make you a better “decision maker” regardless of where you go from here. – J.J.

All in all CQD fighting system works, and would recommend to anyone who is interested. – D.T.

Realistic training. I have deployed overseas in this skill set we are training for, the scenarios were real – not stretched for student failure – students were given instructions for success in this class. – A.F.

“Excellent,” practical, realistic. The best training I’ve done that incorporates weapons and hand to hand. – M.S.

Most realistic and best hands on experience in a training environment to be had. Most valuable. – M.G.

Best I’ve ever received of this sort in police or military. – D.W.

The best training I have received. Other training is not very real world. – C.N.

Seeing how simple the application of CQD will make it easier for me to remember, unlike other past training. The techniques and tactics employed are very realistic. Thanks guys for your dedication to putting out a good product. – J.F.

Training at this facility is excellent. I would recommend it to all Americans working in a high risk environment of today. – L.L.

Excellent; I have never received any training that integrated armed/unarmed situations so thoroughly. – A.S.

[Benefit the most] The Hood. Having no previous knowledge of what you are going to face, was a great tool to show initial reactions and prepare you for realistic real world confrontations. – G.H.

I felt the training was extremely vital to our job and what is expected. It brings to light different threats and non-threats and what is the most effective response. – C.R.

Outstanding; the most positive, and the foundation of all *** SOPs. – M.H.

I think the Hooded Box is an awesome tool to help shape reflexive and instinctive reactions to a variety of threats and escalation of force. – [Power Entry] I really believe this is the strongest fastest way to enter a room and I am proud to know how to do it right. – I was completely impressed at the level of experience of the instructors. There is a high standard and I personally think this course of instruction is kick ass. Thanks again. – J.F.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Superb. Such a drill should be adopted throughout the force – I’d like to do more of it. – M.M.

Again an excellent way of using unarmed and armed drills to ensure your survival. With video feedback that is imperative to learning from mistakes you have missed during stress and pressure. A great week. Thanks. – S.Y.

The professionalism and passion with which this course is taught was exceptional. I have never seen a system presented in this way and challenged by the high stress industry application. Thanks! – R.B.

I am in no doubt that ‘we’ are in the right place for our training. The instructors at CQD are all highly professional. They are very knowledgeable, modest, and street wise. It is a pleasure to be with you. Very many thanks. – M.M.

Great training for the latest environments overseas. – A.S.

This is the best tactical training in the world. Every time I complete a block of training, I feel much more prepared to operate and to train others for their operations. Great staff, instruction, and flow of events, which lead to perfect understanding and execution of individual to unit level training. – A.N.

The whole CQD package is outstanding – particularly the frank, open and direct intuition. The instructor cadre is the best I have ever had the pleasure to be involved with – positive, dynamic, personable, but also expectant of the required standards. Thank you for an excellent course. – A.D.

This has been the best training I have ever received. I have thoroughly enjoyed the training and hope to visit again in the future. – M.W.

The training facilities are excellent and have been well planned. All instructors have been first class in their knowledge and execution of their lessons. As an instructor in many disciplines myself I always look for role models in their delivery and technique and I have found two excellent examples in [Instructors]. All instructors have remained friendly and approachable creating a disciplined yet comfortable learning environment. – K.W.

As always, the most useful, realistic and life saving training I have ever experienced. – M.H.

An excellent system backed up with some awesome training. Feel confident with what I know to apply it in an operational theatre. – E.

I specifically respected when we had an adversary up close – those examples describe what we experience everyday overseas – guys with guns right next to you – friendly or not! – J.C.

I am very impressed with the overall professionalism and operational applicability. All of it really makes sense. – J.F.

Outstanding/Top shelf! – [Unarmed Hooded Box] Great time – invaluable training tool & lots of lessons learned. Scenarios are well developed to elicit a variety of responses. – A.G.

Excellent training, with real world value. I think that all protective operations in any capacity need to attend this course. – T.G.

The course is outstanding. You can never get enough training with your hands and the weapons we use. Tying them all together with a very effective skill set is huge. – G.H.

Outstanding! I have watched the CQD course…over 10 years and believe that it is by far the best operational course on the market. – M.J.

As always, a very positive experience. The system saves lives. – T.H.

Outstanding. I feel this training is progressive and cutting edge technology was used (tactics especially). – M.J.

All of the training brought me up to speed and then pushed my envelope. It will be a huge benefit to see everyone integrated into this technology. – M.J.

It was outstanding. I think that it is a great course that all *** should be made to attend. It puts everyone on the same sheet of music. – T.G.

Hands down the most productive training I have experienced. The chaos and uncertainty closely emulates real contact with hostiles. – R.F.

Great staff TRUE PROS!! Never talked down to the students and answered all questions in depth. Gave concise and detailed instructions and were all consistent with each other. I had a great time and thank you all. – J.B.

It’s hard to say this because I don’t want to discredit my old army unit, but this is some of the best training I ever received. – S.C.

Best training I have received to date. I could not get enough time in the hood before going overseas. – P.P.

I think it is very functional, ideal, realistic to be able to effectively do our jobs as well as everyday scenarios. – [W&Z Hooded Box] It is the most realistic training that I have ever been through. It really is humbling and shows you where your flaws are as an operator. – Thank you for your time and patience, as well as knowledge in helping to prepare us for the future and ensuring our skill levels to keep us alive downrange and our teammates so we can continue to come home to our loved ones! – B.H.

[Benefit the most] The CQB portion. I found that the room clearing training was a great new tool. – I believe in the power entry now. All of *** needs to practice this often. – J.R.

I honestly feel that this is the best training course/validation program I have attended in the last 10 years. I would like to say thanks b/c I feel like a more complete and competent operator and I think I know what the guy next to me will do! Thanks. – J.F.

I think that overall it was a very good course, I would recommend this training to any operator in my line of work. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Very, very good training tool. One of the best training events that I ever took part in. – D.B.

Very well organized, fast paced but not too fast; will be highly used skills down range. – [W&Z Hooded Box] The most realistic and in-depth defensive training I’ve ever participated in. Great training. – K.J.

Very well presented. I definitely believe the training to be useful in my mission. – The hooded box is definitely great training. By far the best reaction drill I’ve had to participate in. – V.L.

Great, good practical skills that can be applied quickly and with confidence. – [Unarmed Hooded Box] Great, really tested my thinking process while in a pressure situation and while physically getting tired. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Great, the element of surprise when faced with a situation is the best way to test one’s skill and reaction. – J.F.

Best training ever received. – P.K.

It gives you better control of the package. I wish that this was taught at a sooner date. I hope that this knowledge is passed down range. – T.G.

[Hooded Box] This was the best thing I’ve gone through with the pressure in your face. – G.K.

Overall this has been some of the best training I have received some of the most useful training that I’ve gone through. – J.C.

Applicable to real world situations and a valuable skill to bring downrange. – M.C.

[W&Z Hooded Box] This is as real as it gets while still maintaining safety. This evolution will really show yourself what you think you know versus what you actually apply under stress. It is good stuff! – B.H.

It’s the best training. Every aspect of it entails realistic scenarios/examples of stressed-based quick reaction and logical/sound judgment. – It was outstanding, valuable, and very realistic. Thank you. – W.H.

Excellent delivery of information that was needed for sustainment of training in order to utilize the skills learned necessary for downrange operations. – [Tac-House] I would have liked it to be a bit longer, but this was the best “final” I’ve had and I’ve had many courses taken through our client. – D.G.

The training was excellent! Everything from the settings, to the role players, to the post action critiques was superb. – L.B.

Again, truly exceptional. This proved an invaluable experience. – J.

Overall the training I received during level 2 was outstanding! All instruction was delivered in a professional, comprehensive, efficient, and effective manner. I felt at all times I knew exactly what was expected of myself and fellow operators in all evolutions. – The linking and formations, as with the other blocks of training, showed me real world applicability. – [Power Entry] PE gave the impression to me as an operator (along with my fellow operators) that our 3 or 4 man team’s effectiveness was increased exponentially. – At all times, all instructors were professional, respectful, fair, courteous, and helpful. All of them showed multi-faceted areas of expertise and demonstrated how these areas integrate into the overall picture of *** missions. Training was outstanding as described by all of my aforementioned responses above. Outstanding course… – M.B.

It is quite evident that a very analytical point of view was used when these tactics were developed and incorporated. Due to this tactical analysis, a security detail of two agents becomes a formidable force against any adversaries that may act to prevent a package extract. – D.H.

This was undoubtedly one of the most practical and valuable [******] courses I’ve ever taken. Thank you. – Anonymous

Excellent! In one 5 day period an amazing amount of useful, absolutely rock solid information and tactics. – J.W.

The versatility of the hooded box for all situations and tactics should be standard for all services and agencies. – B.P.

Best organized, equipped, educated organization. Professionalism from top to bottom. Provided a great atmosphere to learn and grow. – C.C.

The shooting through the weapons flow has opened my eyes and shows that I can shoot not from just one position, my confidence has been boosted greatly. – P.B.

Excellent. The training personnel were motivated, professional, skilled and obviously think highly of the principles and programs they teach. Their enthusiasm for their profession comes through and is evident in their instruction. – A.R.

Excellent. I had no insight as to what to expect but feel I could, and would, use the methods in an operational environment…first class articulate instructor. – S.A.

Overall – outstanding job CQD. Instructors are knowledgeable and clearly live what they instruct… – P.Y.

Excellent. Very well planned and executed. Everything flowed, made sense, was explained and demonstrated. Instructor was fantastic, professional and subject matter expert. – J.M.

Nothing less than exceptional. First day was quick-paced but very thorough with great emphasis on “hands-on” exercises. Hooded box drills were excellent pressure cookers to drive points home. Instructors were very professional, patient, and helpful. – Anonymous

This was the most professional and enjoyable training environment that I have ever been in. – Thank you for the experience. All the instructors and staff were remarkable and made the past three weeks an exciting experience. The instructors were extremely professional at all times and demonstrated high levels of competence. Great course! – D.R.

This should be required training for those going to a war zone or other hostile environment. – EXCELLENT COURSE! Essential. – Anonymous

CQD staff always above the top professionals. – C.G.

CQD is the best skill set I’ve ever seen with its incorporation of armed/unarmed skills. It is easy to learn and enables the operator to use deadly and less than lethal force immediately based upon the threat. – Again, CQD is the best set of techniques going. Linking in particular enhances the operator’s ability to move safely and quickly with a package. Formations enhance a very small team to present a potential target with its full capabilities. – Simultaneous entries are a tremendous advantage. When power entry is understood as a momentary maneuver and that the team will not necessarily be “hung up” in the fatal funnel, it is an excellent technique. – D.O.

Excellent. Instructors are first rate, knowledgeable, proficient and approachable. Training progressed at a prefect rate and was very easily picked up. – L.S.

The most practical and valid training I have ever received in the military. – Both instructors were top notch “quiet professionals” eager to help answer any questions and were thorough in instruction and putting validation as to why they do things certain ways. – B.D.

[Hooded Box] Excellent training. I hope to return for more. The most realistic training possible without an actual fight. – Instructors and instruction provided was very professional and helpful. I’ve been to a lot of schools and by far the best. – B.K.

Excellent training. By far the most realistic and thorough training I have been through. – R.P.

Thanks and best regards. I think this training will save lives of our folks overseas. – R.U.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Well executed – should be mandatory for all people going overseas. – [Tac-House] Very realistic and valuable on how we react in a stressful situation. – T.F.

Excellent instructors. Enjoyed the course. Should be mandatory for all employees going overseas. – Anonymous

Training was outstanding, instructors were knowledgeable and made sure each operator had a firm grasp of each technique. – S.S.

The overall training received was great. I wish I had the training sooner in my *** career. – I found the Power Entry technique to be very effective and useful for our application. – D.P.

Outstanding, the level of training and the short amount of time given felt that this course did it fast and hard. The operator has to be on his A game 24/7 the entire time which is how it should be!!! – B.D.

Out of all the hand to hand type training I have been part of I feel that this has been the most effective. – J.L.

This training was professionally taught. The execution of practical application was key in the overall success of the program. After twenty years of military service this has been one of the best classes I have ever taken. – This is a course I would do again and recommend to my peers. – A.W.

It was very realistic, the best that I have had to date! Very humbling. – D.P.

Excellent, I took a lot for granted having grown up in the Teams with CQD. Watching guys progress for the first time gave me more of an appreciation for the simplicity of it, and the ability to apply it quickly. – J.W.

Incredible training with unmatched realism, I would recommend this training for all officers, even those not deploying to a war zone. The box drills, with weapon incorporated, were extremely valuable. – Anonymous

It was hands down the best training I have ever had. – S.F.

It was very “real” training that can be used in a real world situation. The tactics that were taught can be used and will be effective in hostile environments. – B.E.

This training was excellent. It is very “real life” training. It’s the best I’ve ever received. – B.R.

Excellent training, is the most effective training there is for a high threat environment. – K.N.

The realism gave me a true reflection of my own strengths and weaknesses. Outstanding exercise! – S.H.

Very eye opening to the effectiveness of CQD compared to other training. – R.L.

I think it was very effective and will definitely benefit me down range and in domestic confrontations. – J.B.

The best training I’ve received in years. It opened my eyes to the aspects of combat I never thought of. – R.R.

Excellent. This system is a complete departure from my self-defense training in the past. Appears very applicable to “real world” close quarters combat. – One of the best overall drills I have ever participated in. Brings together all of the skills and adds the necessary stress. – J.T.

Excellent presentations. Good logical flow with emphasis on what works. CQD training and hooded box drills were “second to none.” Recommend anyone who will likely work with *** in the future to attend. – Anonymous

Excellent training. Very applicable and useful in any type of high threat environment with any weapons system. Movements are simple, natural and easy to integrate w/CQC training. – T.P.

Life saving value! Best possible course for pre-deployment. – [Hooded Box] It was utterly awesome! Was truly scared and felt pushed to my limits. – T.B.

From the beginning until the end of the course all of the instructors provided excellent instruction along with extreme professionalism. The training was demanding but very focused leaving me with a very useable skill set. – Once again the instruction and POI were great. It is a very well put together course. – J.B.

Very tactical, lifesaving, practical. – A.G.

This training is the best and most realistic training I have ever received. This training definitely works and makes perfect sense. – [Hooded Box] It is the most realistic training I have ever been through. It really shows you where you are as a warrior and what works and what does not. It tests the reflex and there is no way to fake it. Very realistic training! – B.H.

Great training and experience. This style made a believer out of me. The instructors were next to perfect in giving, sharing, and explaining instructions. – [Hooded Box] …great experience. The next best thing to the real deal and a better way to learn from your mistakes. – The training received through CQD is probably the best defensive/offensive training I’ve ever received. – E.H.

Excellent. Learning under stress is a great tool and I felt I learned a lot. – [Hooded Box] Unlike anything I have experienced. It works, I learned. – R.M.

Outstanding training program, professional instructors, easy to get the hang of and a[n] effective way to fight. – [Hooded Box] Outstanding and so many lessons learned, especially watching yourself today. Wish we could do more – Z.R.

It was very challenging and very effective. It made me question and test many of my firmly held beliefs. Learning these skills has given me greater confidence. – D.S.

Awesome, great course, highly recommend to everyone. – Great instructional staff, highly motivated and knowledgeable, made coming to training a desire and not a task. – P.S.

Top notch!! Very professional staff. Invaluable skills I will always appreciate. I feel more safe personally and for my family. – [Hooded Box] Best training I have experienced. Identified weaknesses and strengths. – J.R.

I think that this training is by far the best most useful training that I have ever received. – C.K.

I benefited from every portion of the training. This training will help me stay alive… – D.A.

Excellent. Instructors were highly effective and professional and knowledgeable. – [Hooded Box] Best training I’ve had in years. I can’t say enough about what a confidence builder it was to have the skills realistically tested and see them work. – R.C.

Excellent. Very useful and realistic info. – [Hooded Box] Awesome. Very realistic and revealing. The video was a good learning tool and was good at revealing weakness and truth. – T.H.

Training was outstanding! The instructors were very good, professional and knowledgeable! – [Hooded Box] Very good training, some of the best I have ever received. The instructors were very professional. – Great training overall and CQD is the best system I have encountered. All of the instructors were very impressive. – D.B.

Excellent, made it very easy to understand the theory. – [Hooded Box] One of the best if not the best test I have ever taken. A truly great training aid. – K.K.

This training was the best I have ever received or seen. Everything that I was taught I have no doubts that it will help me greatly in a hostile environment. – E.E.

Excellent – Professional and applies to all facets of doing this job. Offers built-in force continuum. – [Hooded Box] A personal validation and training tool that I wish I was doing a long time ago. Training in here will save lives in future or prevent bad decision making. – L.H.

CQD – I have never done anything as physical in hand to hand. I feel very confident in the lessons I have learned – J.H.

Without a doubt the best realistic training I have ever had. It teaches anyone who attends this course to be well rounded. – D.H.

I think that everyone and anyone who works in a dangerous environment should go through a CQD course. – It has changed my thinking on how to deal with threats 180 degrees from where I was at before. – E.H.

Outstanding. Of all the years I’ve been in training this has been the most realistic. – S.K.

I feel the training was exceptional. Instructors were highly motivated and professional. Training was real to life as possible; especially the hooded box. – [Hooded Box] Awesome and induced self awareness on weaknesses. – D.M.

Excellent training – Proven effectiveness. – [Hooded Box] Great drill, excellent that we were able to use the skills under pressure and realize that they actually are very effective. – S.P.

Best training I have ever received. Instructors knew exactly how to demonstrate and instruct on technique and practical application. – Excellent, extreme situations, puts you in an uncomfortable position where you must do what you’re trained. – C.S.

Valuable! Wish I was trained with this technique during the military. – Awesome. It is great NOT knowing what you’re going “into” and just executing your fundamentals soon as the hood comes up. The BEST training scenarios I have ever done!! – B.S.

[Benefit the most] Valuable skills with obvious benefits over historically taught and outdated methods. Being tested under pressure. – J.S.

The training was excellent and more realistic than other training I have had. The skills seem to be very effective. – The hooded box drill was great training. The stress placed on the operation was more realistic than any other training. – N.A.

Although fast paced it was methodically taught and made the experience seem as if my life depended on learning the skills. Excellent training! – [Hooded Box] The best “proving” exercise I have ever experienced. – Hats off to the CQD instructors their energy, experience, and teaching was always high level. Thanks for the experience. – W.B.

Outstanding. Nothing compares. – T.K.

Awesome. This will be the system that I use for good. – D.O.

This was some of the best training I have ever done. My training scars came out. I am a believer in CQD. – [Hooded Box] I wish I had this for my Marines 10 years ago. – A.S.

CQD has served as a very valuable tool and learning experience. In my opinion it should be training service wide. – S.E.

In one word, excellent. Realistic training of this nature is vital to survival in combat situations. – Awesome experience. The simulated stress and filming allowed me to see what areas I need to improve on and which ones to sustain. – The instructors genuinely related the lesson material to the reality of combat. Excellent job. Thanks for the opportunity. – R.B.

Very good and important not just for battle, but also for daily contacts with people; both aggressive and non-aggressive. – G.G.

The training received here sets a new standard for the way ALL training in every subject or class should be taught. – [Hooded Box] Only actual combat is more realistic. Nothing else comes close. – R.H.

Best, most realistic training I have ever attended. – [Hooded Box] Without a doubt the single best training drill I have EVER participated in!! Realistic, humbling, and highly beneficial. – L.M.

Some of the best most professionally run training I have ever seen. – J.N.

Best real time, stressful and life like training I have ever had. – M.P.

One word AWESOME. I would like to spend more time practicing the techniques to become more proficient. – [Hooded Box] The most realistic as one can get in a combat situation. – J.P.

This course has improved my ability to deal with multiple threats and address different threat levels. – D.S.

It is an effective and combat oriented system that is easily implemented by the operator with significant effectiveness within a relatively short train up. – [Hooded box] The hooded box has given me a good level of confidence in my skills that the system has provided me. – S.I.

First opportunity to use and benefit from a training program that I am confident is based in reality. – W.L.

I feel that the training was outstanding, the course was very thorough. – [Hooded Box] The hooded box drill was intimidating but I completely believe in its application and use, and I look forward to my next experience in CQD. – T.M.

Outstanding. Training is realistic and is validated by the box at the end of the training session. – [Hooded Box] Fantastic. Training should always be as realistic as possible. The box epitomizes that. – T.S.

The training was outstanding – I enjoyed learning new techniques, ideas and concepts. They seem applicable to real world ops and I’m confident they will serve the operators well. – All in all – I thought the course was awesome and I’m more confident now than before. Anxious to use in real world ops. Thanks. – B.J.

Excellent! All instructors were professional and knowledgeable. Also very approachable. – Very realistic and learned a lot. Will definitely be an asset to all downrange. – Great two weeks of training. Good facility, great instruction and practical exercises. Four stars! – J.L.

Outstanding! [Instructors] were true professionals teaching this course. Not only were they duty experts but could put the material out in a way everyone could understand. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Best training by far. – M.G.

AMAZING – wish I had this training ten years ago. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Best scenario training that I have ever had. Video is a great training aid. – Very excited about learning something completely new. Excellent facility, very professional instructors with a lot of knowledge. – N.H.

My overall feeling of the course is that it was an in depth overall combatives course that covered many defensive techniques. It was a great hands on course. – Great training for real life and very applicable to the CQB environment in which we will be operating in. – M.M.

Professional delivery of content…Content is very relevant to the needs of our positions as security personnel. – [Instructors] were very professional and approachable. They made every effort to answer all questions presented… – E.C.

Outstanding training, wish I had done it before prior deployments. – [Hooded Box] Realistic and makes you learn from your mistakes. – A.Y.

Great scenario based training. – The linking and formations training followed an easy to learn format. Breaking it up into crawl, walk then run really helped keep everyone at the same level. I hope that this “live fire” and “force on force” training continues. – Attacks on vehicles were probably the best training thus far. – *** drills were great and a smart technique to employ. – M.M.

Great all around course. Very demanding, very challenging. – [Benefit the most] Shooting is always good. However, house SIMs drills hood drills are the closest you can get to real stuff and practice, it makes bad habits come out. Great training. – Most testing I have done in a long time. – Great standards. – Instructors – most professional group I ever worked with mentors. – C.A.

Again, the CQD training surpassed all expectations! – The hooded box drills continue to provide training unlike anything I have ever received. – N.M.

I am exponentially more confident in my ability to defend myself. – Anonymous

[Hooded Box] Excellent tool for training. – The best hands on training that I have received to date… – E.S.

I thought the training was tailored perfectly for the type of scenarios we will be facing overseas. And I wish I could learn more. – [Hooded Box] I thought it was an excellent tool and test, to accurately engage the proper use of force. – L.J.

The training was one of the most realistic and practical use of defense techniques. I would enjoy learning more if possible. – [Hooded Box] Great tool as this allowed me to build more confidence in the application of the various techniques taught. – This course has allowed me to see flaws in some of the martial arts techniques I learned over the years. Thank you. – A.B.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Best training, total package for the field. Did this course 6 weeks ago but I benefit and learn something new each time. Hope to come back sometime down the road after ***. – D.R.

Excellent. This was very practical and realistic training. Quick paced but very efficient. – Excellent training. The instructors were very professional and educational. They provide us with the proper amount of time to grasp the skill and concept of application. Look forward to more of this in the future. – J.M.

I have rarely had the caliber of instructors that teach this course and I truly believe I am a much improved asset to my team and my mission after successfully completing this course. – T.K.

Amazing! Very humbling on day 1 and without us realizing it our skill and endurance increased quite a lot. It was very challenging physically but I feel great today after what we accomplished this week. – No other method of training can compare to what’s learned during the box drills, it’s a great way to bring everything together. – C.M.

Exhausting! Shocking! Realistic! I am very impressed with the level of individual attention that was given to each of us. – [Hooded Box] This portion always allows an operator to sense what his skill truly is… – J.C.

Excellent. Training gives you effective tools to survive close combat. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Dynamic effective training. 2nd time through and still got a lot out of it. Validates the skills you have learned to this point. – D.M.

Very excellent; very combat related (real world training). – [W&Z Hooded Box] Outstanding (great real world scenarios) very quick makes you think on your feet. – R.M.

Every military branch should be trained this way. – T.V.

Great! I wish I would have had the opportunity earlier in my career to attend this course. – The hooded box is an excellent training tool. The course has many great applications in real world scenarios. – Great experience, looking forward to getting better and more proficient. – V.I.

The instructors and the course-work were all beyond excellent. – Very useful. The training is new but the course objectives were easy to understand. The instructors were the most professional I have ever come across. – V.I.

Hooded Box Drills were exceptional, and critical to my mission success overseas. – Anonymous

Very positive and intense, would highly recommend this training. – [Hooded Box] Excellent, realistic high stress situations pushing me to apply and focus the training on the given situation. – Can’t say enough about how well the staff taught the subject matter. Overall outstanding, highly recommended. – M.G.

Very good, positive and more advanced than previous training I have received. – [Hooded Box] The best type of CQC training/ assessing I have experienced. – M.P.

Very impressed! – [Hooded Box] Great first experience to this training full speed. Built confidence in my ability. – Real speed threats forcing accurate tactical decisions is so important and this drill did everything it was intended to. – C.O.

Good, professional instruction. – Instructors put out good instruction with why and how to without ‘bad mouthing’ other formal teaching classes. – T.G.

I thought the training has been beneficial because it has addressed many aspects of the job that has previously been ignored. The cadre was also very professional. – Night vision training was great. Searches and attacks in vehicles were also needed and great. – [Attacks in vehicles] This was one of my favorite parts since it addresses where we spend most of our time. – N.T.

The overall opinion of this training was well rounded and put the overall mission of *** first. I found that the instruction was great. – The linking portions of CQD were needed to put all *** on the same base line. – B.J.

I honestly believe I benefited from it all. – [Power Entry] Again very effective method of entry, I cannot think of anything else that would be more effective. – I believe the best way to learn something is to practice it, the Hooded Box Drill was as realistic as it’s going to get. Very good. – W.G.

Excellent. It incorporates into the environment we operate in and the gear we use, as well as the mission we have. – This is excellent training that effectively recreates physiological experiences in combat like tunnel vision, memory loss, auditory exclusion, and adrenaline release. Very high tense training. – It would be nice to have a mobile training team come to our work sites to conduct maintenance and continuation training. CQD is essential to the success of our mission. – D.D.

Excellent. Very progressive and adaptive. Far surpasses any previous training I have received (****/***** etc). – [W&Z Hooded Box] Video does NOT lie. Critical event in my opinion. – Looking forward to additional blocks of instruction. – G.A.

The training is excellent, I would recommend it to anyone that is in this profession. – [W&Z Hooded Box] It was excellent, every military unit should have this as part of their training. – G.V.

[Benefit the most] The hooded box drill. Doesn’t seem like there is any substitute for full-on, real-speed scenarios. Also benefitted from the low-threat crowd control techniques, I can foresee using them working for the client. – N.L.

Very beneficial and realistic. – I enjoyed the training and it made me a better trained agent. – It was challenging and opened a lot of options for me to have during emergency situations. – The training was very exciting and realistic. The role players are very professional and should be commended for their performance. – The training staff were very professional and had an answer for every question that I had. They provided expert training thank you! – B.D.

[W&Z Hooded Box] This is the best test of all skills learned. Most classes don’t have “real world” test of skills. – L.T.

Very useful. I can definitely see where it would have been useful before I came to this course. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Hands down the best stress training I’ve ever done. Great job! – Top to bottom great course. Thanks. – B.S.

The training was excellent and most important it was practical to our jobs. – Box drill forces the operator to utilize his CQD skill sets. Nothing can come close to bringing home the practicality of this type of training. – A.S.

Excellent, the curriculum was tailored appropriately to the experience level of the students. Enough cannot be said on the quality, knowledge and enthusiasm of the instructors. – All the hooded box drills, what to me makes CQD so unique is application of “measured” pressure with skilled TRP’s to develop confidence and ingrain techniques. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Can’t get enough of it. – G.K.

Very effective training that can [be] instantly applied to real life situations. – [Hooded Box] Very effective drill that makes you think on your feet. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Very effective drill that makes you apply both unarmed and armed skills learned during training. – Overall, I thought the instructors were professional and provided excellent instruction. – Anonymous

Great training and intensity. Undeniably the most intense and best training with feedback to date. – Very professional. – R.R.

Exceptional. Pertinent. – Presentation of information and techniques was excellent throughout. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Excellent training opportunity. Both going through the scenarios and then reviewing the tape. – First rate throughout. Instructors were extremely knowledgeable and professional. Techniques are practical and reproducible. – F.S.

Overall I am very impressed with the training I received. – I would love to see more of this training. Coming back to learn the higher levels of CQD. – [W&Z Hooded Box] This was the best part of the training. Taking [what] we were taught and applying it under pressure, then reviewing the video. – I know you guys are busy but I would be interested in private lessons to further this skill. – S.R.

Absolutely excellent training! 100% applicable to my job and it is something I will definitely train on to improve my skill set. – [W&Z Hooded Box] An awesome tool to expose weaknesses for the betterment of increasing my ability as an operator. – Thank you sincerely. – R.D.

Excellent. Great instructors. – [W&Z Hooded Box] I loved it. We as a unit need to make every agent go through them because the training scenarios are invaluable. – [Linking, Formations, and Power Entry] Excellent training for that as well. This was the first time I’ve been exposed to Power Entry and I think it was great. It should be taught in *** and all in-service training. – All agents need this in-service. I’ve been an agent for over 4 years and I benefit from this training every time. – Again, ALL agents need this training and I can’t emphasize this enough. – T.A.

Excellent organization and instructor delivery from all instructors. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Best drill, don’t change anything. – [Linking, Formations, and Power Entry] Of the entry techniques I have been exposed to the Power Entry felt best. – Great effort from everyone involved. You guys are world class. Thanks. – D.M.

Invaluable. – The Hood is in my mind the closest you can get in training to testing what would happen real world scenario. – Every aspect was well covered. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Awesome, it was a blast; would like to do it once a week! – C.B.

[Benefit the most] The integration of armed/unarmed together, instead of each being mutually exclusive. – R.R.

Overall the training was excellent. Instructors were motivated and prepared. – Without a doubt the box drill provides the most and best feedback to the operator. Reviewing your performance on video gives you invaluable information with which to focus your training in the future. – Very impressed with the instructor staff. Over the last 14 years have been to many different schools and training environments and must say that you have a great crew here. Professional yet approachable, motivated, experienced, and humble. – G.D.

Great course! All instructors taught material well and explained how the tactics would be used in a real world situation. – [Benefit the most] The hooded box drill. Challenging, but effective. Lets you use the skills just learned under pressure. – [Hooded Box] Good drill. – [W&Z Hooded Box] More of a thinking drill. Makes sure you can make the right decision under pressure. A lot going on at different distances simultaneously. Excellent training for an operator. – C.G.

Excellent. The instructors were very professional and taught in a way to make everyone understand. The training makes sense and proved to be effective. – [Hooded Box] This drill definitely helped in applying what I learned and showed me what I need to work on. It also helped fine-tune my reflexes. – [W&Z Hooded Box] This drill helped with reflexes as well as applying techniques shown in the classroom. The multiple scenarios forced me to think and react quickly. – J.W.

By far some of the best training available. The final hooded box tied the week together. It really shows you what your strengths and weaknesses are and what you need to improve on. – [Hooded Box] Really enjoyed getting the opportunity to go through it. A lot of good lessons learned on how to keep focus and maintain good body position while being engaged by a threat. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Aside from real combat, this is the only way to test an operator’s true reactions to a threat under stress/unknown conditions. – Outstanding training, highly professional staff. – T.W.

Outstanding!! I believe this is the most effective real world style of defense training out there. – The entire structure is extremely useful from beginning to the conclusion of all the skills/techniques during the hood. – C.R.

Excellent training, instructors are professionals, the POI is well constructed. – All portions of the training were thoroughly explained. – [W&Z Hooded Box] It’s as close as you get to the real deal. It’s one of the most valuable training tools around. – I look forward to coming back to the long course this year. – D.R.

The training was built up well, the intensity during the training helped for the hooded box. Overall very satisfied. – [W&Z Hooded Box] One of, if not the best training drill I’ve ever been a part of. The hood helps simulate the surprise of battle. – L.R.

The training I received was top notch and innovative, I’m sure I will use various aspects of this training throughout overseas deployments and stateside life. – The hooded box drill was instrumental in adding stress and breathing to the drills that we covered in training. – The course instruction was superb and topics were discussed in depth, and always asked if further review was needed; there was no additional explanation needed. – [W&Z Hooded Box] As stated above, this training was realistic in nature it raised and lowered stress levels more than most enemy engagements I’ve encountered. Good training! – Top notch staff all around. – S.M.

I thought the training I received was excellent. Real life scenarios were utilized, validating the training. – I benefitted the most from the training being able to apply the techniques in the Hooded Box. It was a great way to evaluate what you have learned. – [W&Z Hooded Box] It was an excellent way to gauge an individual’s response in a stressful situation. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and being able to learn from my mistakes. – I really enjoyed the course, and the utmost professionalism of all of the instructors. Extremely proficient in the curriculum and able to instruct to people far below their level. Great. – E.S.

The training was very useful and presented in a professional manner. – Unarmed strikes used to gain the upper hand are simple but effective. It is something that even an officer who does not get to practice again can remember and use. – [Hooded Box] Excellent drills!! Gets you thinking and adds stress. – [W&Z Hooded Box/*** Integration Linking Hooded Box] Same as the unarmed drill, an excellent tool to get people thinking and gaining confidence in their new skills. – R.L.

This was an excellent course. There was no fluff… All the modules were essential part of being assigned to a war zone. – CQD training without weapons to CQD training with weapons – the gradual building block approach was extremely helpful, logical, and confidence building, especially for non-military types like me. – Overall, this course is a must for all officers headed to a war zone. Thank you for developing this course and making it so easy to digest in a week-long period. One of the best courses I have ever taken throughout my 18 year career with the ******. – B.R.

I thought the training was great. Anything that I did not understand was explained. – [Linking and Formations] The CQD training was very good, the hooded box drills were challenging but very useful. Linking is a great way of protecting the package and the formations were a great tactic for this type of job. – [Power Entry] Power entry is a great way to do things in these small teams that we work in. – I am very happy with the training that I have been provided. – B.M.

Clear, concise, professional, and very advanced. It definitely tests one’s ability. I liked the structure, how each week built upon itself, and continually tested one’s experience. – I’ve never trained to enter a building and clear it the way I have here. It is an outstanding technique and am very thankful to have done it twice. – [Assaults on Vehicles] It also was good. I can tell that this technique was thoroughly thought through and it definitely shows. All the training here was very, very good. – B.S.

I am highly impressed with the program so far. One of the biggest/most important things to me regarding this pipeline is this: I will feel comfortable working with anyone who completes this course. I am very impressed with the instruction staff - [Instructors] always gave the class 110%. You can really tell that they love this job and want to ensure that solid, safe, and intelligent individuals are what is being sent downrange. – Bottom line: training has been outstanding, thanks to the entire staff! – T.W.

Overall I thought the training was incredibly comprehensive, intense, thorough, and demanding. It is the most difficult and complete block of training I have done in a long, long time. The instructor staff was excellent across the board. – [Linking and Formations] I found the block of training that [Instructor] provided on Power Formations, movement, and snap shooting to be very good training, enjoyable, informative, and useful – both from a practical standpoint and in instilling a confidence level shooting from different mid-gun positions. – G.D.

[W&Z Hooded Box] The drill was very realistic and should be done for all agencies and security contractors. – Once again, the instructors were outstanding. Their attitudes and personalities made it very easy to ask questions and learn. – R.B.

[W&Z Hooded Box] I thought this was very realistic and a great evaluation tool having been in combat situations in CQB environments. – G.C.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Closest thing to a combat environment. Gets adrenaline going, and would be great if we could use more. – ALL of the instructors are very professional and helpful. – R.K.

The training was great. I learned a great deal of techniques in which to help in my everyday life. – The Weapon and Zone Hooded Box drill was a great example of outstanding CQD training. – Great training. I feel much more confident in my CQD skills. – E.S.

Instructors were very professional and clear on all instructions. I really appreciate this opportunity that I was provided to be a part of this course. Thanks. – R.W.

Invaluable, confidence-building means to acquire, defend, and control attackers, while using appropriate force. – D.A.

Very, very good! I would have liked to attend many years ago! [Instructor] did an excellent job of keeping the class challenged! – [W&Z Hooded Box] I think the drill was very effective in order for individuals to gauge their abilities. – I would support all SOF (active) persons attending this course!! Nice job! – M.J.

It is definitely the best training I have ever received when it comes to close quarters defense. I’ve been through several other courses in the close quarters field and this one is number one. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Excellent drill! Great hands-on training to enable us to apply the material covered in the course in a stressful environment. – D.V.

Training was very good; techniques proved useful and effective when put under test. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Very realistic, fast scenarios, gives you a great tool for self-evaluation and identifying weaknesses. – Very impressed with the trainers as a good learning environment and tempo were used in teaching the various techniques to be tested. – P.W.

Great course, good level of intensity to mimic a real world scenario. Very applicable to my work. First system I have trained in that incorporates unarmed techniques with armed techniques so fluidly. – M.H.

The CQD guys are true professionals. I am always impressed with the level of training they offer. No time was wasted and all points were refreshed. – To all the instructors and role players, “Thank you”. – B.W.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Very realistic. I feel it is the best way to apply “combat” style stress in a safe environment. – The instructors were outstanding. – R.B.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Excellent. I felt it gave a good reaction test and target I.D. training along with use of force. – I think it was all excellent and I would like more time to learn it and/or further the levels of training. – J.V

Awesome. I learned a lot about myself as an operator and how in the close quarters fight the techniques work. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Very realistic, and having done it a few times I learned a lot about my deficiencies and the instructors and role players were great!!! – M.D.

Great training and great instructors. Very professional and knowledgeable. – [Instructors] are excellent instructors, ultimate professionals. The TRPs are also very professional and a great asset. – P.C.

It is the most realistic and appropriate training I have had thus far. – A.S.

Very professional, thorough. – [W&Z Hooded Box] This drill offers real world dynamics unlike anything I have experienced in the past. Excellent application of techniques and the video review well done. – P.E.

Again, it’s amazing how much more confident I felt in my ability to defend myself. Lots of practical applications. – This has been my favorite week of training since I started almost 4 years ago (and I’ve done a lot of training by this point). The instruction has been fantastic but more importantly I feel like I’m walking away with some important and valuable skills. – K.R.

[Hooded Box] This was awesome!!! I have never been so challenged in my life…Thanks much for helping prepare me for my next tour! – B.E.

Well thought-out and presented a number of different scenarios and techniques. Will recommend this course and facility 100%. – Thanks Duane. – W.P.

Great experience with very good instruction. Kudos to the trainers enthusiasm and patience. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Really good series of exercises. Makes you think realistically about what you would do in various situations and what automatic/conditioned responses you should work to correct. – S.M.

[Hooded Box] Very, very intense. Excellent. An outstanding training tool that genuinely tests the student. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Again, outstanding. This kind of training, I believe, is the closest thing to the real thing. – J.F.

Not only was the training great, but the instructors were first class. A+. – G.S.

Excellent, I thought the training was applicable for real world operations and at home. Everything was thoroughly explained and applied in real speed. – [Instructors] were professional instructors with a good demeanor for classroom instruction. Wish we could have done a second week. – M.S.

I feel the training was excellent and will prove very useful for carrying out my duties in a hostile environment, also in everyday situations. – [W&Z Hooded Box] It was an eye opening and amazing experience. – B.H.

Great training. I learned a great deal from very knowledgeable instructors. The expertise and skills used in training the class were well above a level I’ve seen. – [Benefit the most] I want to say the unarmed portion. I’ve had many courses, but none that were as practical and efficient as the examples in CQD. Especially from the operator’s standpoint. – All portions were well covered and you had plenty of time for practical exercises. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Hands down, the best training scenarios I have ever been through. Nothing can get you to that level except this drill! Wish I could experience this at least once a month or quarter. Great training! – Thanks to the instructors and for the experience. Top notch instruction and practical scenarios. Really hope to come to another one or two segments of instruction. – S.H.

Excellent, great skill to have for overseas operations and stateside. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Awesome, most realistic training I’ve ever had. Some of the most realistic training [I’ve] ever seen. – Excellent and motivated instructor, took time to really help guys out when needed. – C.R.

Very informative. Something out of the norm. – I think I took something out of every event or section of the training. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Great “eye opener” if you have never been in a high intensity environment where your life is on the line. Very realistic and the TRPs were top notch! – M.B.

Great training, practical, realistic. Will use the skills and techniques in high threat environments. – Hooded Box Drill really let me improve my tactical awareness. – S.B.

Great training. Extremely knowledgeable and approachable staff. Very important information to know and use downrange. – Great course and superbly taught. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Excellent portion of the course. Words cannot describe how important and great this portion was. Highly recommend… – L.B.

Excellent; I appreciated the methodical approach with multiple repetitions. That is how I learn. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Excellent method for testing reactions to different situations/scenarios. It trained me to be ready to come out fighting and [attack the attacker]. – M.C.

Very impressed. Hands down, by far, the best and most complete close quarters defense/offense. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Very clever, unorthodox, and effective way to put previous lessons to the test. – I’d love to go through a more in-depth, longer course in the future. – L.H.

Excellent. – This course has increased my confidence and understanding of CQD as it pertains to operating in our job. I wish I would have done this course a long time ago. I do believe now that the weapon’s flow and foundation of CQD does provide the best options when operating in our environment. The Hooded Box drills are an outstanding training platform that provides immediate reward for good actions as well as immediate feedback for bad ones. – [Power Entry] Very good. I like the simplicity of it and the flexibility it provides in reference to going from worst case to best case scenario, while at the same time allowing for a higher proficiency level in relation to training time. – [Assaults on Vehicles] This last section was some of the best and it reflected more of what most operators are bound to encounter on a day to day basis. Definitely sustain or even increase these scenarios. – All instructors are extremely professional and easy to approach on anything. – J.A.

The two vehicle op we ran today was a great culmination of all past training. – I overall have felt that this has been a great course from day one. The knowledge and professionalism presented by the instructors has been unparalleled by any past technical course I have been through. – C.C.

Another fantastic week of training. – [Linking and Formations] Excellent instruction and practical application. I feel very confident in my ability to utilize these skills downrange. – [Power Entry] Excellent skill – will use this downrange. – M.S.

I do not have any combat experience but I wish that I had known the Power Entry and other static-site tactics when I was a police officer. I can’t think of a better way for two people to tactically enter a room/hallway. – J.V.

[Linking, Formations, and Power Entry] Great tactics and valuable information that will greatly help downrange and doing this job. – L.B.

[Linking, Formations, and Power Entry] The power entry, I believe, is much better method of entry than what I’m used to… – L.H.

Great training event! Top notch professionalism throughout entire course. – [Benefit the most] All training completely beneficial to me, obviously the unknown scenarios that made you have to think quickly were the best. – Awesome training/ Great cadre and support! I learned A LOT!! – C.S.

Great training. Very pertinent to the type of environment we will be working in. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Same as [Unarmed Hooded Box] but also gave us the added test of weapons manipulation and judgment shooting. These are as realistic scenarios as you can get. – Overall great training that will benefit me a lot. I appreciate the great instruction and feel confident in my skills if I had to use them. – W.B.

[Benefit the most] The hooded box drill/video. Being able to see yourself perform is very beneficial. – Everything taught in this will be able to be used in real life situations for this career. The instructors were very knowledgeable. – E.M.

The best learning environment I have ever encountered. – The quality of the instruction was very high. The instructors used techniques that increased my ability well beyond what I expected. The best GOV training I have ever received. – K.A.

Excellent instruction, as always. – My opinion, you can never get enough work at CQD!! – L.H.

Awesome, each building block adds on to the next. The layout for each is more than ideal. – [Attacks on Vehicles] I believe the concepts taught are critical to our proper response to an attack. The uniformity from Agent to Agent is paramount to success. – S.P.

It is a great tool to add to a broader base of knowledge, the ramped up style of high pressure is great. – [W&Z Hooded Box] The scenarios were perfect for judging skills and necessary reactions. – As always, great training. The box drills definitely provide a real-world application of skills and give instant feedback in how well you are or think you are doing at grasping the concepts. – D.B.

[Hooded Box] The best way to really evaluate yourself. Stamina and skill. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Best way to create the stress and need for split second decisions needed in a hostile environment. – J.G.

Excellent course, busted off the rust and saw a lot of new skills. – Hooded Box Drills are always the best. – [Hooded Box] Loved it. Definitely imprints the skills. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Gets as close to reality as possible. – M.H.

Very useful. The training was clear and practical and can be used as it pertains to my job and as needed in everyday life. – Can’t speak enough about [instructors]. Very professional. – L.K.

Excellent. Been here three times and have gotten nothing but the best from instructors and TRPs. – [Hooded Box] Excellent drill, puts you in a real fight and forces you to use proper technique. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Another great drill that forces you to think and make snap decisions. – P.N.

Excellent. A lot of valuable information and tactics were taught in a short amount of time. – [*** ISO/Tac Drills] Excellent gauge of how we will respond with an instant threat in front of us. – Overall great training. I think it will benefit us if we were to encounter similar dangerous situations in real life. – W.B.

Very positive. Instructors presented the information in a manner that made it easy to understand. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Very realistic, once again positive reinforcement. – [Linking and Formations] Related very much to our job and was a great refresher. – J.N.

So far the best and most realistic training of its kind! – [Hooded Box] As realistic as we can possibly train. In the true sense, “train as you fight”. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Great learning experience. It makes you think! Your weapon is not just for shooting! – [Linking and Formations] A necessary tool needed to accomplish what we do. – Great job guys. Keep up that standard! – J.R.

Fantastic. Enjoyed all aspects of the training. – [Hooded Box] Probably the most realistic “fight or flight” training I have or will ever receive. Truly unique. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Even more enjoyable than unarmed. You get to know your strengths and weaknesses and progressively fix them. – [Linking and Formations] Very good. A culmination of all we have learned. Allows you to understand your specific role and responsibility as a team member. No grey areas! – The instruction has been of the highest standard I have ever received. Everything was demonstrated and explained with no ambiguity. Thank you. – P.H.

The training has been excellent. The instructors knowledge is very evident and it does not feel rushed. – [Hooded Box] This was my 1st time under the hood and I certainly felt the pressure. It adds realism to training, so it’s a very good tool. – [W&Z Hooded Box] The training was excellent and the scenarios are realistic due to the added pressure. – I certainly have gained confidence as the week has progressed. – P.L.

Excellent. Great shooting package, and a very practical and real house CQD tactics were taught. – [Power Entry] I thought it gave the operators the best solution to getting the most firepower in a room and still accomplish the mission. – D.M.

Very thorough. It was very helpful in standardizing across the board. – [Power Entry] Very well thought out. – J.N.

Good training, well rounded in regards to operational experiences and professionally presented. – [Benefit the most] The most results were yielded from the addition of TRPs. They made the skills translate to functional tasks. – S.L.

I was impressed with the realness of the training, the seriousness of the role players as well as all of the instructors. – Both hood exercises were great and rewarding. – [Tac-House] This exercise was awesome. For me this tied everything together experienced during the week. – I would just like to say thank you to all of the role players who caused you to give your best, the instructors who presented all the information before the actual hands on training. – W.J.

The training provided was fantastic and applicable not only to our jobs, but also everyday life. Lessons learned will be taken with me far beyond my next assignment. – [Hooded Box] The best part of the training. Demonstrated our ability or inability to perform in high threat, stressful environments. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Fantastic. Was so far the most applicable training for my next assignment. We need to learn what it’s like to work with *** in the “worst case” scenario and this drill really demonstrated that. – [Tac-House] Great training that brought all of the course objectives together. – From the few I met, you have a great cadre of instructors. They were all very professional, but also friendly/laid back to allow the students to feel comfortable. – T.N.

Excellent – learned a lot and believe training will be directly applicable to my job. – [Benefit the most] Hooded Box drills and CQD technique. First exposure to hand-to-hand. Something that should be taught to all officers going abroad. – S.I.

This course is very well put together and covers most of the real life situations a person in our profession could possibly face. – [Benefit the most] The “Hooded Box Drill”!!! The level of confidence that follows is undeniable. – E.C.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Exceptional training!!! Perfect blend of controlled, unknown aggression, would highly recommend this training to anyone. – W.L.

I’ve been to a lot of tactical schools. This has been my favorite. Students are corrected on the spot and motivated by example and positive reinforcement. Students are put in a state of mind to succeed. – M.M.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Great scenarios, high intensity, element of surprise created the most realistic training of my career. – J.G.

Very helpful for my chosen profession. – The instructors were very professional and were excellent teachers of the source material (They knew their stuff!) – M.H.

Very good training. – [W&Z Hooded Box] the box drill was the best training I have ever received in my whole life! The drill is awesome! – A.P.

By far the best of this type of training I have had. All techniques were validated giving me confidence of their effectiveness. – [W&Z Hooded Box] It is an excellent tool to validate all training overall and identify weakness. Very intense, realistic training. – Instructors were professional and highly proficient. – T.B.

Very good training that was relevant to situations I would face in my career field and life. – T.C.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Most realistic training I have received that related to taught material. Very good learning tool. – Overall extraordinary training. – M.I.

Very effective. – [W&Z Hooded Box] It was the most intense and realistic training I have ever done. It was a chance to truly test our skills and remediate after. – This has been some of the best training I’ve received. – T.P.

Great training. – [W&Z Hooded Box] The most incredible and practical and useful drill I have ever partaken in my life. – T.S.

I think it was excellent. You can learn it quickly and efficiently and it applies to real world. – It was clear and concise. – [W&Z Hooded Box] I enjoyed it. It was very realistic and intense. – S.S.

Professional, well thought out, appropriate for what we do. – [Hooded Box] One of the most realistic exercises I have ever participated in. As realistic as possible I believe. – All instructors are professional, and just good guys. – T.B.

Very good, practical training can be used in real world. – [Hooded Box] Very good realistic stuff. Video debrief was key. – [Linking and Formations] Good stuff, mission essential for ***. – T.G.

I think CQD has a lot of good information and techniques. – [Hooded Box] Tough, realistic training is hard to accomplish, however the hooded box ranks top on the list. – Every time I have been through I have been impressed with the level of professionalism of the instructors. – E.H.

Great instructors. All were humble, energetic, and showed an honest concern for the students. All were obvious experts in the system. They know their material. Thanks. – L.M.

Excellent. – [Hooded Box] Good experience and exercise in threat analysis. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Good exercise on threat control and ID, as well as weapons manipulation. – D.P.

Outstanding! Excellent course and instructors! – Box drills were very realistic. Really brought out the skills we were taught. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Some of the most stressful and realistic training I have ever had. Would love to come back any chance I get. – The instructors were very professional and masters at their skill. I was impressed and learned a lot. – J.B.

[W&Z Hooded Box] One of the best use of force/weapons classes ever devised. Pressure changes everything. – [Linking and Formations] Absolutely necessary for the job. – E.P.

A series of useful tools well presented, practiced, and tested. Great job. – Instructors were excellent. Very professional yet approachable. Very knowledgeable of their trade and seemed to enjoy it. – C.R.

The training was awesome, it seemed well thought of for the job that I will be conducting down range. – I like that CQD has looked at the overall modern warrior and designed strikes that will be effective with today’s weapons and gear that I will be wearing. – J.H.

High speed! – [W&Z Hooded Box] Best training ever! – J.S.

Outstanding! Truly the training was beyond what I ever learned in the Army. – The Hooded Box drill was the most realistic training I have received. It brought back what firefights and combat felt like. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Best training ever. – I would be interested in attending this training on my personal time. Hope in the future that its more open to the public. – C.C.

Excellent instruction on the skills I would need to defend myself and others. – [W&Z Hooded Box] This is my second occasion to participate and I gained even more knowledge and understanding from the drill. Awesome! Can’t wait to do it again. – [Instructors] are excellent instructors. Knowledgeable, patient, and professional. Thanks for your time fellas. – M.G.

Excellent. Training encompasses techniques which can be used in both everyday occurrences and at work. – M.K.

[W&Z Hooded Box] I thought this drill was one of the best training evaluations I’ve ever participated in. High stress unpredictable just like real fire fights and engagements. – J.P.

Very pertinent to our skill set. I will retain/use all tactics. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Combined with the video is the best training with after actions I have done. – S.R.

[W&Z Hooded Box] It was the best training I have done. It really gives you a lot of stress. – T.W.

The training was “outstanding” as always. I have been through the training multiple times and I have always learned something new. – J.D.

Great! This was my 3rd time taking this course. – [W&Z Hooded Box] More realistic than downrange itself. This course keeps you focused. – C.M.

I thought it was excellent. It teaches muscle memory, from the instructor’s initial words and demonstrations right into personal application. – [Benefit the most] I don’t want to pin any one portion down, removing or highlighting one particular event would diminish the entire experience. – [Instructors] are above board instructors, not just teaching the techniques but obviously living them. – O.B.

The instruction and training is realistic and scenario based. It is intelligently explained and demonstrated and best of all, student performed under pressure. In a word…great. – [W&Z Hooded Box] I cannot say enough good things about this! The role players were excellent, the basic training skills taught were exercised under pressure…very realistic and very enjoyable. – All in all, I am very impressed and pleasantly surprised. This is not just another school. I can actually use this and achieve the desired result of my action. – M.B.

[Linking and Formations] I feel it was an excellent class. – I want everyone to know that in my personal estimation, I feel very strongly that the instructors were both very professional, and they were both very above board. I was very impressed with both as far as their ability to instruct and the care and concern for me and the students they continuously showed. Both did an excellent job. – G.C.

Great training. – [Power Entry] …believe it is a better tactic than the traditional methods. – [Assaults on Vehicles] Good block of instruction and scenarios. Really enjoyed the Simunition drills. – Great group of instructors and the order of the course flowed well. – S.B.

[Power Entry] I liked the training. The role players were great to create more realistic scenarios. The critiquing that came from the catwalk was a good learning tool. The CQB training I have done in the past has mostly been done with static paper targets and this training was much more valuable. – K.D.

Great training overall. The amount of professionalism was appreciated. – [Power Entry] I felt the power entry was an extremely effective method for house entry. – A.F.

Excellent – you have incorporated areas of instruction that are necessary for operations downrange… – The house work was great. Some new elements were introduced. They were easy to learn and implement. – Kudos to the Role Players. They did a great job observing our mistakes and weaknesses and exploiting them. – E.P.

Excellent, great mix of training to test and maintain your skill set. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Second time in the box and it was awesome just like the first time. Amps you up and makes you use all the skill set you learned from CQD instruction. Each time I have gone through it I have learned more about my strengths and weaknesses. – C.B.

[Benefit the most] From the Hooded Box Drill. There is no substitute for realistic training and this was the most realistic I have ever received. – D.B.

[W&Z Hooded Box] It was excellent. The high stress and pressure situations really teach you a lot about yourself and is extremely beneficial! Good flow of personnel too. – I like the different perspective it provides. – W.D.

Great experience yet again. Training staff gave an excellent level of training. – [Benefit the most] The “hood” training allows me to see myself react under pressure and utilize the skill developed in this training. – Like anything of this nature more time to develop new concepts would be great but the instructor did an amazing job covering the material. – [W&Z Hooded Box] An amazing experience! I love the pressure and the dynamic scenarios. – C.G.

Awesome. Reaction drills are paramount. Drills where you don’t have the advantage but have to fight through it. Very “real-world” engagements. – Hooded drill is the climax. All the training that you were given throughout the course all comes together. – [W&Z Hooded Box] The best “hand-gun” training I have ever received. The stress environment is perfect. – A.C.

Very valuable, a real wakeup call! – [Hooded Box Drill] Best part of training, brings everything together. Allows an experience as close to reality as possible. – I appreciate the receptive and respectful manner and demeanor of the instructors. Very professional. – M.G.

[Benefit the most] The Box Drill brings the reaction up to show critical responses to situations. it shows situational awareness under pressure. – [W&Z Hooded Box] This drill was exceptional. – You learn quick reaction and response. Great instructors for what they are teaching. – R.H.

The course is absolutely worth attending. – [W&Z Hooded Box] A clear culmination of course curriculum. – Both instructors were very articulate and well spoken. There were no mysteries about expectations and lessons. – D.L.

[W&Z Hooded Box] It takes you out of your comfort zone and really makes you react to all situations. – This was the best unarmed to armed training that I ever had. – M.C.

Outstanding in every aspect. [Instructors] are outstanding instructors. Very professional at all times. – I benefitted from each portion of the training. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Very intense. But it brought the skills together in a tactical environment. – Awesome experience. I learned a lot from it. – I can’t say enough how great the course and the instructors were. – M.M.

I think the training received was outstanding. This was certainly new to me and I can say I would highly recommend it to anyone in my field of work. – I can certainly say that I am very much a better operator with this training, and I will continue to build upon what I got out here. – K.S.

Effective and professional. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Taught me how to remain calm and only use the necessary force when needed. – B.S.

It was excellent. – The self-defense (w/ and w/out weapons) tactics were excellent. They were new to me, and the hooded box drills especially prepared me for deploying downrange. – [Hooded Box] Very good training – the realistic feel of the drills built confidence in my ability to employ the tactics. – J.C.

Excellent. The best I have received during my work here. – [Hooded Box] Outstanding. A true test of learning and application. The TRPs were outstanding. – The instructors were excellent. They were knowledgeable, encouraging, motivating, and likable. – J.N.

Excellent training. Unique concept of integrating hands and weapons skills into one. – All training was clear and kept simple to understand. – [Hooded Box] Very good way to measure stress. Videotaping and reviewing the video is excellent way to view ones mistakes. – J.R.

Very good. This training was simple, easy muscle memory, so I’ll be able to use it in the future. – [Hooded Box] This was a good exercise because it showed that I could react very quickly to an unknown, aggressive situation. – [Tac-House] Great. It really demonstrated the level of integration that can be achieved in a short time. – L.R.

The best training and trainers that I have encountered. – [Hooded Box] The (milliseconds) shock factor of having to curtail any “freeze” factor and get yourself into the fight was very real. – A.V.

[Benefit the most] Hooded Box Drill! Excellent chance to see the physiological changes in the body and mind when stresses are unknown. – The Hooded Box Drill is one of the most beneficial pieces to training I have had as a requaler I was expecting a challenge and I was given one! – A.R.

Training was very effective in illustrating the need for aggression and immediate action. The realism of the Hooded Box Drill is by far one of the most effective training methods I have seen. – [W&Z Hooded Box] By far one of the most effective training techniques out there. Role players were extremely competent and well trained. – Instilling the need for aggression is what I feel was key to getting the most training value out of the Hooded Box Drill. The instructors did very well at this, never passing up an opportunity to reinforce it. – S.W.

Excellent. I feel very confident in the training, my counterparts, and my ability to perform under pressure. – [Benefit the most] Hooded Box Drill week 1 and Simunition House runs with TRPs. Very realistic and assisted me with developing my skills. – It more than prepared me to do my job and survive in a hostile environment. I feel confident in my skills and ability to perform. – Excellent training. Thank you to all the instructors! – T.C.

[Instructors] were very professional and helpful. Gave us the tools we need to be successful and I’m confident the training will work. – J.R.

[Linking, Formations, and Power Entry] I feel that the tactics were effective and well thought out for the elements we are working in, and for the environments we are facing. – C.M.

Very, very good. I have spent 6 plus years training and attending courses and this is by far the best. – [W&Z Hooded Box] By far the best learning and challenging drill I have ever experienced. – Our instructor…was outstanding in character and knowledge in the course. – O.B.

Outstanding, realistic, and practical. It was very well presented and done in a professional manner. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Great training! The realism was a good benefit to me. It tested what we had learned, allowed us to react/act, and then the video critique was great for future knowledge! – The instructors did a great job. I will walk away with a lot more knowledge and new techniques to work with. – K.N.

The training was worthwhile and of good substance. The staff who worked with this class made this experience a success. – [W&Z Hooded Box] The drill was realistic, the role players were spot on. I was pleased to see the role players continue to fight until they were correctly engaged. Great job! – It was great to see Mr. Dieter again. His training system and excellent selection of staff are a true testament to his patriotism and his support to our mission. [Instructors] are excellent instructors. They are knowledgeable, patient, tolerant, and very vigilant. – J.W.

Outstanding, fast paced, covered a lot of useful information. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Real practical application. Really get to see what works and what doesn’t and to see how you react in a high threat situation. – D.G.

Enjoyed it, easy to grasp and effective. – [W&Z Hooded Box] The most realistic training I have experienced. – Professional and easy going, keeping everything moving smooth. – I.L.

[W&Z Hooded Box] This training tool is one of the best I have been through. 20 years SF and 7 years security contracting. – J.S.

An absolutely invaluable training tool that offers the operator a glimpse of full-throttle combat. – Excellent instructor. – T.T.

Excellent, course instructors were very thorough and efficient instructors. – I benefited from the whole course overall, but mostly the Box. Very realistic training. – [W&Z Hooded Box] This was the most realistic training I’ve received in this particular area. It was stressful, demanding mentally and physically. I enjoyed it. – M.U.

[W&Z Hooded Box] This was a very important but exciting drill. The “real” world value the operator absorbs as the result of this training was invaluable. – K.C.

The Hooded Drill was bar none the best part of training. Definitely teaches you what works and what does not. Many lessons learned. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Once again one of the single best training tools of the course. Wish I could do more of it. – Thank you very much for the course of instruction. Hopefully I will not have to use it but if I do I feel confident in my training. – T.C.

A different style than anything taught to me in other courses or military. Honestly, it seems more effective than past techniques taught to me for our type of mission. – Top notch instructor. – C.C.

Good training due to the professionalism of the instructors, knowing how to fight (not sport fight) is very important. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Best part of training. Very realistic, TRPs really knew their job. – Very professional staff. – J.R.

I think the training was affective and I can see the purpose and advantage of using the techniques. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Great training, I think everybody, company, contractor should experience the Hooded Box prior to deploying doing any type of security work. – Z.R.

The instructors were very professional and knowledgeable. Good useful techniques. I like how it flows from empty hand through all the weapons. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Great drill. Lots of realistic pressure and scenarios. The role players were awesome! – J.R.

Excellent training overall. The instruction was very clear and I was able to fully understand the training and its multiple applications to a variety of scenarios. – I learned a lot about transitions and how to accurately judge when to switch from primary to secondary. Also the Hooded Box was an excellent training session. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Awesome experience. Learned a lot about myself and was able to see the real application of the training. – D.C.

Excellent. – [Benefit the most] Every bit, it applies to the job in every way. – [W&Z Hooded Box] It is without a doubt the best “prove-out” there is period!!! – Hands up for the instructors – top notch knowledge, and key most, flexible. Thank you [Instructor]. – E.H.

I believe this has been the best realistic training I have received in this line of work. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Again, the best training I have ever had. – R.J.

Very professional and realistic. Useful skills to take in any threat environment. – [Benefit the most] Hooded Box Drill. Role players were realistic and was a great scenario. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Great, overwhelming and realistic in order to put stress on the operator and make him make quick decisions. – J.S.

I enjoyed the training. The material was presented with a definite plan to take us to the proficiency we needed. Excellent course. Very professional instructors. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Most fun, most educational part of the training. Loved it. – Awesome course. Well presented. – J.W.

Thought the training provided definitely has practicality and applicability in the high threat environment. – S.G.

The training we received was very useful in the everyday aspect as well as very well geared towards the theater in which we are training for. – D.T.

Extremely professional course, knowledgeable instructors that have a great commitment to making sure the students are well taught. – [W&Z Hooded Box] One of the best training evolutions I have encountered. – Thanks for the great commitment and dedication. – R.G.

Very comprehensive, well prioritized and professionally presented. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Excellent, brings everything together in a stressful environment. – Especially impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the instructors. Not only patient but highly detail oriented. Make the course what it is! Thank you! – R.K.

Outstanding, the instructors were true subject matter experts. They were passionate about CQD. – [W&Z Hooded Box] The Hooded Box was realistic. It forces me to quickly differentiate between good guys and bad guys and react to any scenario. The Hooded Box is essential. – B.S.

Outstanding. Functional form progression was great. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Best training ever received. Lets you know exactly where you are with your ability. – Great job guys! – C.S.

Effective. Realistic. – [W&Z Hooded Box] This drill clearly conveys the effects of stress and anticipation. It is an effective training tool to assess the possible operator reaction/action during a real world encounter. – Instructors were extremely professional and knowledgeable. – J.B.

Training was awesome. Very eye opening to move as a single operator/team in a 360 degree environment. – Whenever the TRPs are there is when I found myself benefiting the most. Their interaction was extremely valuable. Pease extend my thanks for their time and efforts. – [Linking, Formations, and Power Entry] Awesome stuff. It’s great to see how effective it is, in an environment of chaos!!! Well done gents. – D.C.

I believe that the training I received was very intense, useful and applicable to my line of work. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Intense and real to the point that I would have to assess everything around me. – J.H.

Great!! – [Linking, Formations, and Power Entry] The training from CQD was the best CQ training I’ve had and needs to be taught to all SOF units. – D.H.

I thought the entire training package I received was excellent. The instructors were very professional and knowledgeable; the TRPs were excellent. – I just wanted to recognize [Instructors] for a job well done. They really set the standard for all instructors to follow. Thank you guys! – R.J.

Great training, role players did very well being realistic and creating good training environment. Instructors were very informative and provided us with necessary practices to execute and learn new tactics. – The overall training was very informative, clear and a well taught course. Instructors were professional and provided training that helped teach and provide confidence in a close quarters scenario. Great training scenarios. – J.S.

Excellent training. Good realistic training with “live/moving” role players. It made me face any weaknesses I would have in a true tactical environment. – I benefited the most from all the exercises involving the role players and SIM. I like it because if you make a mistake, you get the results in your face. – [Linking, Formations, and Power Entry] All of it was great training. Just keep the runs through the houses coming. I feel that is where I sharpened the most. – J.W.

Excellent training, best block of instruction I ever received. – [W&Z Hooded Box] The most realistic scenarios. – J.B.

The training was great and very beneficial. I wish we had more time here to train. – [W&Z Hooded Box] This drill was by far some of the most realistic training that I have ever done. It tested all the skills we’ve learned and stressed the importance of using the proper skill. – K.D.

Great training that has a very practical and applicable use. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Best part of the course. It was great to put the skills to use in a high stress realistic environment. – In the amount of time given the amount of knowledge and skills acquired was great. This was a very valuable course. Thanks! – J.D.

Excellent training, I am very pleased to have attended. The instruction was excellent and easy to understand. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Hooded box drill was great! Would like to do more. – Overall great course, great instructor. Thank you. – J.D.

High positive opinion of the training. – [W&Z Hooded Box] A very good eye opening experience I always leave understanding where my skills are at and what to improve upon. – I would only like to thank the TRPs for their time and willingness to train guys like me going over to do a difficult and dangerous job. – M.E.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Great drill. There’s nothing better. With the situations and adrenaline flowing you definitely have to know how to change postures and weapon systems. – Great training, great instructing. – E.H.

[W&Z Hooded Box] AWESOME. I’d do that every week. – Instructors are top notch, professional and laid back, helpful, knowledgeable. – T.J.

I believe the training was thorough and concise. – [W&Z Hooded Box] The Hooded Box Drill is my favorite portion of the course because it is a great simulation of stress induced situations. – T.M.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Some of the most realistic training I have ever done short of being in a life or death situation. Wouldn’t change a thing. – R.S.

Excellent. – Training here is always excellent. Lack of ego from instructor staff and good personal skills. Thorough understanding of material. Excellent progressions. Fast enough to feel challenging, but not so fast to overwhelm. TRPs are excellent, taking advantage of large tactical flaws but obviously more concerned with my overall training than winning. – C.R.

Excellent! Cadre was professional and informative. Gave great teaching points to individual students. – The Linking portion was dealt with clearly. Formations were easily and clearly explained and the reasons they are necessary for different applications. They taught the power entry method so it was understood and easily executed. – J.T.

The first thing that comes to mind is realistic. High intensity training that prepares operators for real life confrontation. – [Benefit the most] Sim house and car work. The role players are outstanding. – [Linking, Formations, and Power Entry] Excellent training that will stick with me down range. – P.T.

Tough and thorough. Meets every standard necessary. – [Linking, Formations, and Power Entry] Great system to make sure all backgrounds are on the same page. More realistic to war zone ops. – [Instructors] were very knowledgeable and professional. – W.W.

Mission oriented and “spot-on” for our job. The Hooded Box Drills are exactly what we need for realistic combat training for “protection” work. – [Instructors] did a great job! Their experience and professional development that they facilitated was definitely an asset to our operators and our program! A+. – C.C.

Overall the training is outstanding. The Hooded Box Drill was by far the most enlightening part of the training by having to put the skills learned to the absolute test. – The Weapon and Zone Hooded Box Drill was by far the most dynamic and intense training that as accurately as can be demonstrates real world situations and forces one to rely on the skills they learned to quickly and efficiently eliminate threats. – M.R.

Always enjoy the Hooded Box, thought the Instructors were very professional, thorough in explanation and patient. Overall great course/great job from Instructors. – [Hooded Box] Very relevant for day to day events, thought it was very beneficial and carried over to the armed side very well. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Always a good test of our overall job and the only way to actually get the kind of stress we would see in an actual scenario at work. – Overall great course, training flows in a very good logical order well presented and laid out. – R.D.

[Hooded Box] It is the most realistic hand to hand training I’ve had, due to complete surprise of each situation. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Same comment as unarmed drill… – Very professional instructors. Great learning environment. – C.C.

Very thorough and challenging. – [Hooded Box] Really helped me get to know how to strike when stressed, and use the great techniques. – Two instructors were exceptional, patient and positive. They really helped me feel more confident and motivated. – J.O.

Very practical for our jobs and everyday life. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Very realistic. Role players added extra stress to ensure that I got the most out of it. Showed me my strengths and weaknesses that I need to improve on. – N.A.

Great. The full-contact application of skills is invaluable to assimilating the new skills in a “quick” manner. Extremely professional course. – [Hooded Box] Fantastic validation of decision making, thought process, skills application, etc. – Comprehensive yet presented in a logical, thoughtful and flowing manner. Entirely consistent with previous instruction from earlier in the week. The instructors were consummately professional throughout the entire course – outstanding instruction and professionalism. – M.G.

Outstanding. – [Benefit the most] Hooded box drill, which allowed me to apply the skills under duress and pressure. Therefore reconfirming that the skills are engrained. – [DDS Unarmed Hooded Box] Again, it allowed me to see that these skills are my first line of defense in Close Quarters combat due to the fact that it is what I resorted to under such high stress. – Great instructors!!! – M.D.

Totally encompasses our line of work, from lethal to less lethal. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Any unit conducting real world operations needs to do this drill. – J.B.

CQD’s methods have a practical application that most other fighting techniques do not have. – C.J.

Very valuable for current overseas operations. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Outstanding! A great overall way to see how you react and fine tune your skills. – This was my second time through and again the Cadre were both competent and knowledgeable. They were highly professional as well. – R.B.

Excellent. Very relevant and immediately applicable in a tactical or personal defense environment. – [Benefit the most] Hooded Box Drill; brought all skills sets together in an unknown stressful environment. – [W&Z Hooded Box] A+. Critical to enforcing importance of training fundamentals and enabling students to learn from their mistakes. – T.P.

Training was well planned and taught in a very efficient manner. Scenarios were explained well with examples providing a great understanding. – [W&Z Hooded Box] This is a great way to get as realistic as possible. Wonderful training aid. – Always held attention well. Instructors have a solid background in instructing their skills, and their desire and knowledge about teaching CQD shows. – E.S.

[W&Z Hooded Box] The drill simulates real life scenarios. Very useful for the future. One gets to see how he handles stressful situations. – The instructors were very professional. And the course is highly recommended for operators deployed overseas. – I.T.

The most realistic training I’ve ever done. Very effective. – S.W.

Outstanding! Great Instructors. The techniques covered were valid and provided a means to make the best of a bad situation. – [Linking and Power Entry] Linking provided a simple means to control the package while moving through a hostile environment. Power entry gave the ability to make the most of available fire power. Great Course, I look forward to the next time. – R.B.

Big Thumbs up to [instructor] to present information in such a professional manner to a diverse group of personnel, with never being negative or condescending is impressive. Even when mistakes were made, [Instructor] was never negative. His explanation of TTP’s utilized in this course was amazing. Thanks [Instructor]!! – C.F.

Outstanding training. Very relevant and immediately useable in a down range tactical environment. – [Benefit the most] Having a dynamic training environment with role players enabled us to quickly learn the skills taught to us. – [Linking and Power Entry] The training is simple, effective and integrates very well with our other skill sets, our weapons systems, our mission and our operational environment. [Instructors] are obviously very dedicated and professional instructors. Thanks a lot for some awesome training, guys. – T.P.

The training was great. The best we could receive second to real life. – No negative aspects about training whatsoever. I really enjoyed the training and it was highly beneficial. I would never pass training like this up. – E.S.

[Linking and Power Entry] Outstanding training. I am a hands-on learner and this was the best training I’ve ever had. Nothing teaches you more about yourself and the knowledge you retain like having real life enemy grabbing and attacking you. – S.W.

[Hooded Box] Outstanding training. Closest to an actual fight that you can get. – [Instructors] did an outstanding job. They are good instructors and are very knowledgeable and professional. – B.B.

Very organized and impressive. The training is very valid to our use with weapons and tactics. – [Hooded Box] I learned to function without my weapon, concentrating on areas of precision striking and learning from my mistakes. I feel it provided me with the ability to better handle surprise situations. – [W&Z Hooded Box] I learned that I could be more passive and still be effective without having to apply so much force but always being ready. I think it was an awesome experience. – The instructors were very professional, always on time, organized, clear and very helpful. I learned a great deal to accelerate my skills by concentrating more on form and surprise responses. – D.G.

System does a great job of integrating armed and unarmed skills. Instructors thoroughly understand course material and present it well. – J.B.

[W&Z Hooded Box] I enjoyed the training because the different distractions force you as an operator to focus on tasks and prioritize your actions that other environments (training) deny. – J.H.

Excellent training, it was well put together and smoothly progressed from one skill to the next which allowed us to learn at an optimal rate. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Outstanding drill, wish I would have done this while I was still in the military. Was very realistic because of the speed and unknown circumstances of each scenario. – M.M.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Couldn’t have been better. I thought it was the best training I’ve ever had. – R.W.

Professional and authoritative ground in practical realities. [Instructors] were superb. The training instilled a common sense manner in how to deal with bad situations. – Overall the training was so good because the content was genuinely applicable. The instructors made me a believer. – P.A.

I really enjoyed the training and I believe the skills I learned are lifesaving. Instructors were great! – [Hooded Box] I appreciated the force and experience as it would be in the real world scenario. – J.P.

Outstanding. I hope I never have to use it but it’s very nice to know I have these tools in the tool kit. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Work with the *** was outstanding, the cooperation and synergy is critical. Also great to test out discretion and situational ambiguity. – Great training. Really gets the stress level up and the adrenaline flowing with tremendous potential for real-world application. – J.H.

[Hooded Box] Excellent drill; stressful but very realistic and good to know how you will react under stress. – This is absolutely the best training I’ve had. I will take this with me and use it in everyday life. Very professionally done. – S.H.

Excellent – very professional, knowledgeable instructors. Excellent scenarios – All top notch. – [Benefit the most] The Hooded Box scenarios. These not only provided potential real-world scenarios and the related stress (!) but also show the applicability of the drills…and the way these can be executed without even thinking. – M.W.

Outstanding, professional, functional, effective. – [W&Z Hooded Box] The TRPs make the scenarios a success. Being able to win with the correct decisions or actions, not succeeding with incorrect actions, and not just lose/lose situations for Cadre’s amusement. – I really enjoyed the training and believe it will be a great asset to me down range or at home. [Instructor] was an outstanding instructor. – A.K.

The training was very informative and was real-life training. I wish I could have received this while in SF. – V.L.

I think it was a great training. I wish I had this type of training before. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Very intense. The TRPs were very professional and great role players. – R.L.

Very professional instruction. Clear and well articulated reasoning behind all of the training. – [W&Z Hooded Box] I think the most important part is the development of the brain to multitask under stress. – Very impressed with the professionalism and subject matter expertise of the instructor. Classes were very well paced. I am taking good things away and am glad to see that I’ve improved from the first time. Thank you. – R.R.

[Hooded Box] Great way to see if the students understand the skills taught in class. I like being able to give 100% with strikes. – W.B.

Outstanding. Excellent. Challenging. – [Hooded Box] Very realistic! It forced me to use proper techniques. It’s as true to real life as it gets. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Great follow up from the Unarmed Box Drill. Good combination of techniques needed to be applied in order to be successful. – J.M.

Excellent! Unarmed and armed tactics integrate seamlessly. Outstanding course. – [Hooded Box] Excellent. Role players performed aggressively (awesome!) It’s a great tool to see how you are retaining the training. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Very well done. Excellent way to watch your zone, determine immediate threats and decide on shoot/no shoot. – [Instructor] is an outstanding instructor. This is by far the best defense tactics course I’ve attended. – D.O.

It was great training. As close to real life as you can get. – B.B.

The training I received was great. – [Hooded Box] This is the best training aid there is out there. – [W&Z Hooded Box] It is great to have the opportunity to see how I react under pressure. – E.S.

[W&Z Hooded Box] The best training I have received. It tells the true story of how you will react under stress. – M.F.

Life saving. The most intensive training I have ever received. – J.C.

Very realistic. Easily practiced down range. – [W&Z Hooded Box] It is the best real world situational training I have ever had. – A.F.

The training is a vital part of our job as operators and provides individuals with good skills. – [W&Z Hooded Box] I feel the drill is an outstanding part or finale to our training for incorporating the skills taught. – Z.G.

I think the training is great. My confidence is always elevated after a CQD course. – [Benefit the most] Of course the box/hood is extremely beneficial but all of the training supports have success here. – [Hooded Box] It’s the best training/practical application I’ve experienced. It’s very exciting and creates a decent stress level required for sustainment training. – The course is a total pro. Instructors are irreplaceable. Always look forward to seeing [Instructors] and all of them there. Perfect blend of professionalism, intensity, humor – very personable. – W.J.

The training was extremely informative and useful. There are multiple aspects of the training that one can take away and use. – I benefited from both of the Hooded Box Drills. The Box Drills allowed for me to hone my skill and the techniques taught here at CQD. – The DDS Box Drill was great. It allowed the operator to see the techniques used in a force on force environment and to see that they work and allows the operator to feel confident. – The Weapon and Zone Box Drill allowed the operator to put all the techniques together. It is stressful but helpful drill. – T.L.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Weapon drills helped with identifying better how to manipulate my equipment and fight at the same time. – Excellent instructors. Both were knowledgeable and provided good explanations of technique and execution. – C.R.

Excellent in all areas. Instructors and knowledge the best I have had. – [Hooded Box] Superb training. Realistic and hard! Very dynamic and does put the individual under pressure to demonstrate the correct techniques. – [Linking and Formations] New skills for me. All understood and the explanations for each linking/formation was again based on real life. Excellent instruction and explanation. – L.P.

[Hooded Box] Best training I ever received. You really learn what you’re capable of. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Always great. Doing transitions and weapon manipulating while someone attacks you is the best thing I’ve ever done. You learn a lot about yourself. – S.W.

As always – most efficient, most effective tactical fighting system there is. Most professional staff and method of instruction validation anywhere. – [W&Z Hooded Box] As above, invaluable for validation, advancement, and review. This is a life saving drill that must not be compromised or lost. – A.N.

[Hooded Box] Good training gauge to test one’s self courage in the event of surprise attack/under stress with multiple distracters i.e. music/multiple people/explosions. – D.A.

Outstanding! Great instructors [Instructors] always positive attitude and took time to explain student infractions without belittling or degrading students. – R.A.

Solid, real world training that can be used at home or abroad. – [Hooded Box] Box Drill was very realistic and shows how fast things happen in real life and how tough a fight really is. – P.G.

Very good and necessary. All individuals should take this course. – [Hooded Box] Very realistic and stress inducing. Created life-like situations for an individual. – Instructors were very professional and knowledgeable. – N.G.

I thought the training was very useful and very straight forward techniques. – [Hooded Box] Very intense. Greatest live drill I’ve conducted including the military. – N.H.

Awesome training that is very simplistic but effective. – The Hooded Box is one of the best scenario based training events out there. Very realistic and allows the student to experience stress and react with instructor feedback. – Excellent training to prepare for violent, fast encounters. Nothing bad to say. Thanks! – A.P.

I liked the logical nature of the training. Simpler movements, natural responses, etc. – [Hooded Box] Really enjoyed it. Stress, instinct, tactical proficiencies, all tested- very challenging. – M.W.

It was simple, effective and relevant. – [W&Z Hooded Box] As close as possible to real world application. – I took away some valuable tools and principals. The thing I’m most pleased with about this course is that it trims off all the fat and nonsense and is relevant to our mission. – B.B.

[W&Z Hooded Box] Very dynamic, real world scenario that increases level of stress that makes operator read to all level of threats accordingly, great drill. – L.L.

Would highly recommend. Training exceeded expectations. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Outstanding training. That was my first time in a situation like that where I had to react to different scenarios. – It was great training. I learned new techniques every day. Very professional from first day to last day. – C.F.

Excellent training. Very applicable to everyday life and overseas. – [Benefit the most] The ability to strike from almost anywhere. Being prepared, not letting your guard down are mentally engrained. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Very real action, split second thinking drills. It was a great test. Very good training. – Great training. Overall I thought the class was great. – A.R.

Very applicable to our environment. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Very good training for our level. The stress induced by fear, light, level, audio and varying levels of friend or foe is highly valuable. – Instructor was 1st class in every aspect. He has this ability to understand the needs of a class while at [the] same time helping individuals. Great instructor. – B.S.

Excellent. Great confidence and skill builder. Makes you think. Very relevant to the modern battlefield. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Who ever came up with this deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. It was an excellent test of your abilities. – Thank you for the professionalism. – K.S.

Very detailed and thorough. – [Benefit the most] Room to room and instruction. – [Linking and Power Entry] Overall it was outstanding. – [Instructor] is a very good instructor with a lot of knowledge. Thank you. – S.W.

[W&Z Hooded Box] The drill is one of the best I have ever done for hand to hand and force escalation. – N.D.

Excellent. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Excellent drill to test reflexes, threat assessment, will to fight and never stop fighting. – Instructors were excellent. [Instructor] kept things simple, to the point, and at a good pace. – B.D.

Highly effective. Very applicable to situations I might face in the future. – [W&Z Hooded Box] The best training I have received in a long time. Humbling and enlightening at the same time. Plus lots of fun. – J.F.

[Linking and Power Entry] I will never enter a room using any other method. – I.M.

Super awesome! – [W&Z Hooded Box] Most amazing 7 minutes of my life!!! – Instructor was very driven and super motivating! – J.S.

Excellent instruction. Realistic training with scenarios that mimic case studies from down range. – [Linking and Power Entry] Excellent. Recommend for any contractor going to high threat environment. – C.R.

[Benefit the most] The most important lesson I gleaned from the training was the speed needed to effectively dominate and control a situation, so the emphasis on the snaps and covering on target. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Great experience, thanks. Wish I could jump back in there! – Both instructors were extremely professional and provided a healthy learning environment. Thanks again. – S.C.

This course can provide training for anyone regardless of skill level. – [W&Z Hooded Box] This course needs to be implemented in military and police training along with professions where the possibility of conflict can present itself. – Don’t change a thing. – C.C.

Excellent training with a sound methodology. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Being my 3rd time participating in this drill, I still feel as if I learn more every time, building on that previous level 1 foundation. This time I came away more confidence in my ability to utilize these skill sets. – D.D.

Very well taught. In the short version of this training class, the instruction and instructors were very knowledgeable and totally professional. – [W&Z Hooded Box] It was very stressful and that stress was put to the test. The box drill truly represented real life. – This training is highly recommended to any contractor who is in this line of work. – G.S.

[W&Z Hooded Box] This training is the best part of the class in my opinion. Forces you to react and puts you under pressure to show how you will act under duress. – [Instructors] did an outstanding job of training us and giving us the tools needed to succeed. – J.U.

Training was awesome. I appreciated that the instructor [Instructor] understood we all received training prior and gave us some drills that we hadn’t done before. – [Benefit the most] The hood definitely. Not often do you get the chance to “no shit” evaluate your decision making process under direct stressors. – [DDS Hooded Box] I appreciated the addition of this portion and the new dynamic of the open box and the decision process involved in assessing the best course of action. – The instruction was extremely professional and it was evident that there is a high level of expertise and understanding of the fundamental concepts of each portion of instruction. Thanks again. I always take something new from CQD. – R.R.

Outstanding – I really learned a lot of very good “real world” skills that will help me in the future. – I feel that the mental training was very beneficial to me – getting in the right frame of mind to survive in all aspects of the training and on the streets is critical and I think this training stressed that a lot. – I think the high stress portions are the most valuable. You get pushed to the limits in a controlled and safe environment. The Tac-Houses are exceptional training and you get to review your mistakes and accomplishments…the next day. This training builds a lot of confidence. – C.M.

Outstanding! I have learned more in a short amount of time than any other system! – Everything was validated and realistic. – Hopefully this type of learning will continue beyond my career in *** or **. I would like the opportunity to learn beyond my training with ***. – R.B.

The most beneficial course I have ever attended. This training will influence everything else. – All parts of the training were essential since everything integrates. – Excellent instruction/instructor. Thank you. I look forward to Level II/III and weapon/shooting instruction. – L.B.

Outstanding – the single most valuable course I have ever attended. This course really showed how we need to incorporate your techniques into our shooting training. – [Benefit the most] DDS developing the defensive reflex. – P.T.

Excellent. Team (and myself) were exposed to a new school of “offensive” thought. – [Benefit the most] Hood Drills most closely represent REAL world stresses, malfunctions and decisions. OUTSTANDING teaching tool. – This should be incorporated into BASIC agent training. For physical, as well as a mental standpoint, the hooded box drill is unequaled. – [W&Z Hood] Not only does the student have to be aware of their body, but also of their equipment. Drills (such as reloading) take on a different timing than just standing on the firing line. – I now reflect on some of the missions that I was part of without this training. Very unnerving. – K.B.

Outstanding. – Best training you can receive. Especially for reaction time/ decision making. – M.B.

Outstanding! The best I’ve had so far in my career. – [Benefit the most] Being able to make quick rational decisions in a stressful environment. – Very impressive. – R.C.

Awesome – most realistic, eye opening training ever attended. Instructor quality superb. – [Benefit the most] Hood drills- being able to execute course material in a high stress, realistic manner. – Intense, extremely educational for course material and personal/internal development. – [W&Z Hood] Eye opening on personal skills and ability with weapons in a stressful environment. – C.F.

Excellent, best training I have had for fighting/self defense. – Outstanding drill. – C.H.

Outstanding. The system is well designed and integrates various techniques into a simple and effective system. – Tac-Houses. – I made several mistakes during the exercises, however, the mistakes were an excellent learning tool. By learning from mistakes in training, I won’t make the same mistakes in the field. – Instruction was outstanding. Topics were thoroughly explained. – This is the finest instruction I have received since joining **. It is applicable to my job and may one day save my life or someone else’s life. – S.J.

By far this has been the best training I have received extremely helpful in areas covered. – This hooded box drill was exceptional like the others. I am sure I echo the opinions of my associates when I say we need more of this type of training. – [CQD Shooting Live Fire Exercises] These drills were exceptional in showing the capabilities of mid-gun shooting. – We need to increase the amount of time spent training here. – R.S.

Fantastic! – [Team Formations and Principle Protection Hood] Great! The role players were fantastic and the situations were realistic and had teaching points. – I can’t say enough positive things about [Instructor] and his assistant instructors – they were great teachers, had positive attitudes, had great technique, etc, etc… they really made this a positive experience. – C.C.

Invaluable, great and necessary for our line of work. – We need more training, not just two weeks, in my opinion 2 months would be better if not the whole training cycle. – [Team Formations and Principle Protection Hood] An amazing experience… this should be required training. – We need more (CQD) training. Two weeks are not enough. We learned so much in 10 days; I could just imagine what we can learn in two months. – J.S.

Great instructions from instructors, good building block method of increasing skill sets. – [Hooded Box] Great experience. Unedited, no bullshit picture of yourself and how you react under stress. – [W&Z Hood] Great drill. Same as above, it’s just you, the bad guys and the unbiased camera capturing reality!!! – I love being able to hit the bad guys full force, anywhere, especially in the head – Great instructors, great facilities, great information. – We need more of this type of training. Hope to come back for additional periods of instruction. – K.F.

It was great to actually apply the techniques learned rather than learn them and never use them in almost real situations. – [Hooded Box] Great experience! It was everything and even better than I heard. – [W&Z Hood] It’s great to [learn] new techniques with using our weapons rather than just shooting them. – J.F.

Excellent. – Hooded Box; some of the best validation I’ve seen. – [Team Formations and Principle Protection Hood] Outstanding validation for skills and teamwork. – [Shooting Live Fire Exercise] Appropriate amount of time. Good validation for shooting from mid-gun. Excellent. – R.R.

Outstanding. By far the best course I have received since ***** team training has commenced. – [Hooded Box] “The Best” realistic training that gets the heart rate up. – “The Best” Applies everything you have learned. – Methods and techniques throughout the course are very necessary for the success of officer survival in the field. – M.W.

Outstanding. The training was comprehensive and I am certain that the CQD integration of shooting, striking and sealing will prove crucial in the performance of my duties. – Tac-houses – The Tac-Houses bring together the skills learned and the video critiques all for evaluation of the good points and most importantly, areas of development. – Instruction was outstanding. This is the finest training that I have received as a member of **. – S.J.

Outstanding course, a great deal of tactical merit to the course. – [Hooded Box] Outstanding validation of the training principles, a great confidence builder for training and real world. – [W&Z Hood] Same as unarmed, both as close to real world as can do in a training environment. – J.G.

Outstanding- so far- all new experience. – [Hooded Box] Best exercise of the week- a real confidence builder. – [W&Z Hood] It’s all good. An excellent learning experience. – Instructors are outstanding, very professional. – M.L.

Excellent, organized class of instruction followed by practical application (Hooded Box). – [Hooded Box] Best training I’ve ever had, humbled me and made me recognize my weaknesses under heavy stress conditions. – K.B.

Great. – Best training ever – I didn’t think I could put past training behind me and pick up something new – then default to it when the pressure was on, but you all did it. – [W&Z Hood] I was impressed with the role players’ professionalism. – You guys really understand the learning process. – I would have bet that 2 days to learn unarmed wouldn’t be enough but was wrong. – Great job! – C.C.

Again excellent. – [Benefit the most] Prisoner control (all portions), team Hooded Box, Intro to live fire with long guns. – [Protective *** and Formation Hood] Excellent test of reactions and skills. Best part of this week, since it was very job/mission related. – Second week was as good as the first- overall, CQD seems to be a well thought-out, comprehensive system, very appropriate to our needs and was presented/taught by a top-notch instructor. – J.D.

Excellent. – All of the training is excellent, but the validation of the techniques makes a believer out of you. – S.M.

Overall the training has been excellent because I have been able to understand and see how each step builds on the previous steps. – [Benefit the most] The Tuesday night event because I received direct feedback from the training. When a strike went well there was positive feedback. When I became tired and failed with a strike or move, the feedback was also immediate. – J.P.

Training is excellent. The techniques are exactly appropriate for our missions. – [Benefit the most] Portions of striking techniques, movement and prisoner control. –…Thanks. – J.N.

Outstanding! This training has opened my eyes to the realities and misconceptions of hand-to-hand fighting. – This is the first system that I’ve seen that incorporates empty hand and firearms without changing basic stances and building on previous aspect learned. Excellent!!! – B.R.

Excellent, outstanding, real world stuff, will probably help save one of our lives one day. – Hope I can come back for the rest. – J.R.

Training was excellent. Need more! – All elements were outstanding. – We hope to return for weapons training. – As an instructor… Mr. Dieter is polished and has a command of the knowledge taught. We hope to return soon! – J.N.

Excellent. Very job oriented. – Some of the most realistic training I’ve ever done. Very well thought out. – *** should send us all back for Level II. Realism was excellent. I love the OPTs… – M.P.

I have more confidence in my ability to dominate in stressful, close quarters situations and loved the shooting techniques, which are far more realistic than typical range shooting. – Will recommend to all who are interested in some real, practical, useful training. – N.Y.

Best training I have ever had! I learned skills that could protect me or my team during a SST or TST overseas. – Training really brings you confidence in a bad situation. – T.M.

Outstanding. – This is the best training that I’ve received in my L.E./security career. The evolution and integration of empty hand and armed fighting is the most complete system I’ve seen. Outstanding! – B.R.

Excellent training. The best tactical training ever. – All of it was beneficial... – I felt it was very clear... – S.M.

This is definitely excellent and useful training. It truly has real world applications. – K.H.

Very good – A specific well thought out plan from start to finish. – The reaction simunition drills upstairs… – I think all parts of the training were very well explained and reviewed. – I think all of the training was explained well and the coinciding demonstrations by instructor and on each other covered any gray areas. – B.O.

Very good – all ties together. – [Benefit the most] Tac House. Utilizes skills under a stressful environment and exposes weaknesses in techniques. – Looking forward to next 5 weeks. – D.P.

Very good, in fact, outstanding. This is exactly what I need to prepare for future duties. – All portions are beneficial. – Very good box drills. I can’t even imagine a better training tool for this. Outstanding. – J.G.

Excellent. – Great training with emphasis on job related duties. – Would like to continue training on a year round basis. – K.G.

Excellent. It has certainly given me more confidence in my defensive skills. – I’m glad you guys are some of the good guys. – K.H.

Awesome, the best I’ve had. – [Hooded Box] Incredible, easily the best scenario I’ve gone through. – Fantastic instructors! – B.B.

Excellent, very easy to understand. – Very enlightening. Helped to really understand the techniques taught and their validity. – Outstanding, very professional and well presented. – S.M.

Excellent, as opposed to some of the other stuff I have learned, this stuff really makes sense. – [Hooded Box] Excellent training. – This training is very dynamic. I feel like I have learned a lot. – E.O.

Excellent, the team skills & edge weapon training will be of great benefit. – I benefited the most from the team formation. Since we work in small team environments, it was helpful to learn all the different formations. – J.B.

The training was excellent. I certainly feel more confident in my abilities. – [Benefit the most] The concept of the internal warrior. – The training was excellent. I certainly feel more confident in my abilities. – I can’t wait until we get the additional trainings. – K.H.

Outstanding 10+. – [W&Z and PC Team Formations] Great! The addition of havoc and chaos helped to check the techniques and tactics. – J.R.

Great. – Great indoor scenarios. It put a lot of our past training into one. – [Outside Scenario Terminals] Good outdoors! *** is our livelihood and it was a great training day. – S.S.

[Outside Scenario Terminals] Realistic and showed that properly employed TTPs work. – I learned a tremendous amount over the last 6 weeks that will stay with me for the rest of my life. – M.S.

Awesome training! – [Hooded Box] It reinforced what we were taught and it gave me more confidence knowing if I apply the proper techniques, it would be successful. – I had a great time, I also learned a lot. Kudos for everybody. – R.C.

Excellent – Best I’ve had. – [Hooded Box] Excellent way to test training and validate it. – Excellent instructors that believe in system and can speak from real world experience. – J.H.

Great, real eye opener. Incredible integration of many elements that go into high threat world. – [Hooded Box] Great stuff. It came to the point where I would know what I was doing wrong, which is a hallmark of good trainer/training. – J.H.

Excellent. – [Hooded Box] Good training. Closest thing to an active fight I have found. – [Armed Hood] Good combo of armed/unarmed techniques. Good stress drill. – J.J.

Box Drills are very helpful and a good test for training. – [Hooded Box] good drill, excellent training tool especially with video tape. – C.N.

Training was excellent. – [Hooded Box] Excellent drills. Really allowed me to employ the training in a “realistic” environment. – [Armed Hood] Armed provided an additional element that added a great deal of stress motivation that was very useful. – A.S.

Well thought out and relevant. Brings out essential skills that should be practiced. – [Team Formations and Principal Protection Hood] Shows the complexity of trying to operate formations in a high pressure environment. Excellent exercise, need more. – [CQD Shooting] Great confidence builder. Shows that techniques are simple and effective. – Excellent two week program. I think one more week would help sum up all the skills. – L.R.

Outstanding. – All aspects of training were excellent. The hooded box drill is an outstanding exercise at bringing it all together. – Great training and definitely need to return for follow on training. – R.V.

Extremely useful. Much of this training should be applied not only to *** (tactical) agents, but also to BASIC agents. Low threat details might require certain aspects of CQD more than ***. – [Shooting Live Fire Exercise] Shooting from the “mid-gun” posture has obvious real world applications (as demonstrated by that evening’s box drills.). – Outstanding. – Excellent training.. – K.R.

Excellent. This training is meant for the real world and on the streets. Very realistic and valuable skills are being taught. – C.M.

I believe the training to be very focused and intensive. The overall training forces you to tap into your warrior spirit. – D.E.

After these 2 weeks, I feel MY skill level is at its highest that it has EVER been. – OUTSTANDING COURSE – The TAC houses and box drills did the best for me. The realistic drills were great. – B.B.

Outstanding. – Best training I’ve had. All *** agents should get Level 1 and II before doing any other tactical training. – It was all very useful. The DDS Tac-House and the Hooded Box drills were particularly helpful. Allowed practical application of skills learned in class. – C.F.

Excellent – great exposure/insight, many lessons learned. – CQD Level II is a must for us. I really hope we can get here. – Level 1 was great. – T.G.

Outstanding inventory of the state of individual skills, and outstanding presentation of an individual tactics system for use in a high risk environment. – [Benefit the most] All of it – most of all the pressure applied in Tac-Houses showed me how much rehearsal and attention to individual skills are needed to prepare for and execute a mission. – All team work needs to be done through CQD level II. Thank you for your dedication and effort in honestly assessing our skills and training us in your system. – D.H.

Generally, very impressed with fighting tactics as they apply to combat situations. – [Hooded Box] Excellent situational training aid, forces the fighter to stay in the right and be aware of surroundings. – [W&Z Hood] Very beneficial to the operator. – Overall very happy with the techniques and tactics as they apply to the job. – All topics were well and thoroughly explained and demoed. – M.K.

This training is very valuable because it is practical and realistic in nature. It is important to receive training that will be useful in a variety of situations. – Both hooded box drills are excellent in that they provide a more realistic idea of the many things that can take place during a confrontation. I benefited a great deal from both as reinforcement that I can successfully address threats of this nature. Fun and very worthwhile! – E.S.

Excellent! Very real world and techniques make tactical sense from instructors that have [been there done that] using these very techniques. – [Benefit the most] Hooded box drills. Awesome drill due to it requiring the operator to make an immediate and correct response to the threat. – [Hooded Box] Excellent. Physically demanding, even for those of us in shape. Even though we are usually armed, there are times (more than I like) when we are not so this drill was very good validation for the operators. – [Armed Hood] Excellent as well. I really like that the operator has to make an immediate choice on the force continuum. – The skills I’ve learned here will be those I keep for life. – R.L.

Unfortunately in order to fully convey how beneficial this training has been would require far more room. In short, this is the best training I have ever received. – R.S.

The instruction by CQD staff was excellent as sharing the techniques and explaining where they would be relevant. – [W&Z Hood] I would like to do this once or twice a week. It was a very good training tool and I learned a lot from my mistakes. – D.J.

Excellent. Another incredible training experience at the CQD Academy. – The knife defense skills were very beneficial. The real-life scenarios are second to none. – Thanks Duane. I look forward to a level 3 down the road or more time at the academy. – S.S.

The great thing about this system is that it is based on sound principles. Each technique or additional skill is built upon the base principle and expanded upon. The blend of internal and exterior warrior skills again is imperative. – B.R.

I would like to continue this type of training and take it as far as I can. I am looking forward to the written manual and hopefully Level III! Thank you for being an inspiration and giving me more confidence to do my job. – R.B.

The only problem is that we don’t have more time with Duane. I will dedicate more time to my own sustainment training. I’m very interested in sending my wife out for a day of training. – P.T.

Highly valuable and applicable. Should be a part of most all ** training. – Great to use unarmed capabilities to resolve real situations. – [W&Z Hood] Awesome! One of few training iterations where all skills are put together and “real” pressure is applied. – Great instructors, positive motivation, can’t wait to come back later in career. – M.P.

The training was all good and had relevance to our field. – Night time hooded box drills, this was the most realistic training I have yet encountered. – [Team Formations and Principle Protection Hood] Excellent exercises. It was very real to the kind of confusion that could happen overseas on the job. – D.J.

Very enlightening. It dispelled many myths I’ve relied upon for years. – [Benefit the most] The reaction drills did reinforce much more than I initially thought. The Tac–House drills were motivating. – I’d like to know more about progressing to higher levels. – I sincerely hope to retain and use these skills the rest of my life. – M.M.

Unbelievable in one word. The realism of training and the attitude (positive) of the instructor made it great. – The “Tac–Houses” and the building block style of teaching. Everything either comes together or falls apart in the realistic Tac–Houses. – I’m looking forward to week 2. The incorporation of weapons systems with Level I defense skills will be the real deal. – S.S.

I believe that both my individual and team skills have been greatly improved and focused. – I feel much more confident in my own abilities to protect myself and team members. The team Tac–Houses and operations helped me integrate the techniques much better. – The most important thing we need next is Level 2/ High threat training to build our team skills and coordination. – This is by far the best defensive tactics training I’ve ever experienced. – M.M.

Fantastic. Duane does an excellent job of instructing on both a foundational level and an operational level. – [Benefit the most] The Tac–Houses once again proved to be the most beneficial. It gave us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. – Duane does a phenomenal job at raising all levels of skill and confidence. I only hope that the CQD training philosophy is extended throughout my tour with the ***. KUDOS to Duane, this is the best training I’ve ever been through!!! – S.S.

The best training I have ever received! – I think this has been great because I have developed a new sense of confidence in my combat/defense skills. It has raised the level of my internal warrior. Thank you. – M.S.

Honestly the best training I’ve had to date. – D.A.

The best, realistic training I have received regarding close quarter defense in 15 years of experience. – J.C.

Best I’ve ever had. (100% top notch) – D.O.

This is only a scratch on the surface of the training that needs to come from your Academy. We need more time here. – C.B.

I thought this was one of the most beneficial training weeks of my life. – C.G.

Training here was outstanding. The methods learned seem very straightforward and easy to remember, compared to most other arts. I feel very good with what I learned while working with you. – P.F.

Excellent. This is the first system that I’ve trained on where shooting and hand-to-hand were integrated. Very applicable to my job. – J.K.

It is a technique that can be used to safely handle persons from the lowest to highest threat levels. – [Benefit the most] The force on force in the boxes to test what was taught. – [Hooded Box] I believe it was the closest you can get to simulate the startled effect of what can happen with no preparation. – I spent 22 years with **** county police, 13 with their E.S.T. If this training was available, injuries that I have received, and time in civil court would have been minimized. Keep getting the training out to the proper people. – B.A.

Outstanding, extremely applicable to real world situations. – [Hooded Box] Great training. The stress induced environment truly tested the skill basis. – [W&Z Hood] Made you think quickly and address the situation with a proper response using the skills taught. – [PC] Outstanding, made you react to the situation from high to low level threats. – The best part of the training was the validation of skills through testing (Hooded Box) on a constant basis. Instructors’ skills and knowledge of subject matter and the ability to convey the material in a positive manner is a great attribute to CQD. – C.C.

The training was excellent, both the material and instruction. – [Benefit the most] All portions, striking, handling, sealing… it was all very good. – [Hooded Box] Enjoyed and appreciated very much. It was a great experience to fight multiple attackers from various positions. – It was a pleasure to work with such outstanding individuals that have done so much for our great country. It added credibility to an already great system. Thank you. – D.H.

Top of the hill. Possibly the best course I have ever attended. – A real eye-opening experience. I realize that much of what I have learned in the past does not work under stress. The integration of unarmed and armed defense is phenomenal. – This is what I have been looking for. It does a great job of integrating armed, unarmed, prisoner control, and more ethical training while still maintaining the pure aggression of warrior spirit. – D.K.

[Hooded Box] Really demonstrated the necessity of ‘Attack the Attacker’ and being able to escalate and de-escalate.” – [W&Z Hood] Good use of the weapon as a striking tool when necessary. – Practical training, I was surprised by my own level of performance after only a short time of training. Instructors were top notch. – R.M.

Outstanding first week. I will use this training in my professional and personal life. Instructors [are] excellent and great American’s. – I think this training should be added to all agent training. – A.H.

Excellent. Well organized, well ran, very professional. – Everything was worth learning. – [Suspect Control] Valuable training. – [Power Entry] Very relevant to high threat operations. – *** should do everything possible to align themselves with CQD. – [Intro to CQD Shooting] Excellent shooting drills. – I’m looking forward to continued exposure and training with CQD. – C.M.

The training was excellent and by far the best training I have had. – The hooded box drills are definitely the most beneficial. – Everything was covered appropriately. – [CQD Shooting] Excellent. – [Skills and Validation Overview] A great way to culminate the entire training. – [Iso-Tacs] Excellent application of skills. – S.S.

Outstanding. I really appreciate the quality of the instruction given and the way it was presented. – [Benefit the most?] The intelligent and healthy learning environment. – [CQD Shooting] Great stuff. I really enjoyed visual projection. Really liked the final drills. – [Skills and Validation Overview] Great drills. TRP’s and instructors were professional and taught us a lot. – [Iso-Tacs] Great stuff. I enjoyed the curveballs thrown at us and working through our challenges. – B.H.

I really appreciate Mr. Dieter’s approach to learning and the great attitudes of all the instructors. Thanks, guys! – B.H.

Well-rounded and very challenging. – [Hooded Box] This is one of the best ways to validate an individual or a team. This is more challenging than combat is. It is a great stress inoculator. – Keep up the good work. – R.S.

Top of the line. By far the best CQD training I have ever received. – [Linking Hood] Very realistic. It forced me to calm down and think more. – T.M.

CQD provided the best reality based training I have ever received. – S.W.

Excellent – skills are relevant and vital. Easily understood and compliance measured. – [DDS Open Hood] Very realistic, forces you to accept what is there and fight through it. – This is excellent and relevant. – E.M.

Top notch! It’s addicting and I want more. – T.M.

Great reality based training with relevant TTP’s. – S.W.

Next level stuff! – Everything was explained well. – [Power Entry Training] Excellent. Could do both all week long! – T.M.

Excellent. We should do more of it. – [Power Entry Training] Thought it was excellent and hope to use it in our normal ops. – S.S.

Outstanding. I wish I had received it earlier. – S.G.

I really enjoyed it. We got a lot of information in a short period of time. – Quality of instructors was appreciated. These guys are great! – B.H.

Outstanding. I would like to further [my] CQD training. – Outstanding course. Instructors were very professional and look forward to future progression with CQD as well as defending it. Thank you! – S.G.

Best training I have received in my 12 years in **. – A.H.

Superior training! Should [be] mandatory for ***. – Everything was explained well. – The course and the instructors were highly professional. Looking forward to more. – T.M.

Very beneficial and applicable to the job. Look forward to advancing my skills. – Instructor/student ratio was very helpful in grasping the concepts being taught. – [DDS Closed Hood] Real life scenarios and is probably the best way to put all of the skills together in one exercise. – S.G.

Very informative, realistic, challenging. – C.M.

High end, superior delivery. – G.M.

Excellent, performance driven, no other way to put it. – [W&Z Hood] Some of the best performance oriented training I’ve ever done. – R.S.

Good. Easy to learn = easy to retain. – [W&Z Hood] Best way to evaluate how effective the techniques are and how they work under stress. – M.W.

Outstanding! Glad to be back and want more! – [Linking Hood] Great training! Want to do it more. – The most realistic training I have ever received. Looking forward to more. – T.M.

¬Overall excellent. No equal. – Philosophy is spot on. – Kudos to all. Very worthwhile and valid. Great philosophy on the real world of combat. – G.M.

Excellent training. The instructors are some of the most professional, knowledgeable, and proficient teachers I’ve ever had. – [Suspect Control] Simple and easy to learn. No changes needed. – [Power Entry] Very effective. Easy to teach. Very applicable to what we do. – [Tac-House] Invaluable. My organization needed to train here. – [Intro to CQD Shooting] It dovetails seamlessly to all other skills we’ve learned. You cannot separate the two. – D.S.

Good training. I really enjoyed. This is really an applicable skill set for the real world. – C.T.

Excellent training. Very simple, direct and easy to remember. – Integration of armed and unarmed defensive skills. Many school teach shooting and many schools teach hand-to-hand, but very few integrate both. – Good training. – C.F.

Top notch. –Best training I have received. Always ready and willing to come back. Thank you again. – T.M.

A solid overall week. Very professional and each block built upon each other. – Just wanted to thank the staff for their professionalism and competence. You have a great cadre. – R.S.

CQD is a great art, and is very purposeful. – T.W.

Excellent training. – Benefitted from all portions about equally I believe. The hooded box drills were great for reinforcing fundamentals taught the first couple days. – [W&Z Hood] Awesome training and about as realistic as is possible. – Instructors were all very professional and obviously knew the material they were teaching. One of the best courses I have attended. Thank you! – D.B.

Everyone in LE/Military roles should go through this. – Instructors are very professional and organized in the teaching method. – A.B.

Training provided was very well planned and methodical. Each skill taught flowed well into the next. Examples of each evolution were given and explained very thoroughly. Overall great training. – [W&Z Hood] This is one of my favorite drills and the scenarios provided were very realistic. I think it is one of the best ways to test your skill under pressure, and to be able to watch your video after provides a great learning tool. – All instructors were extremely professional and very knowledgeable. The course ran very smooth in all aspects in my option. – J.G.

Excellent training, realistic, practical and makes sense. – [W&Z Hood] Some of the best training I have ever had compared to real life on the ground situations. Better than paper targets that do not hit back. – J.J.

Overall the CQD training was very good. – It was designed as a system. Each portion was needed for maximum benefit in my opinion. Again, the scenarios with TRPs were awesome for testing/validating the skills learned. – [Linking and Power Entry] I really like the technique. It was easy to learn and makes sense. That made it easy to apply when under pressure and I also believe it will be retainable with minimum practice. Also want to say that the professionalism and knowledge of instructors was exceptional! Thank you. – D.B.

The training received was very well explained and demonstrated there was plenty of time to work on individual and team skills. – The training provided was done very well. The pace and information put out was very well planned and professional. Numerous examples for different situations were provided and explained. After this week of training I feel very comfortable in every skill taught. The instructors were very knowledgeable in all aspects of the training and clarify any question that came up throughout the class to ensure each individual was trained and understood the tactics. – J.G.

Great training, valid system and I think prepares me to the fullest to be able to be successful downrange protecting the package. – J.J.

Solid training program, especially weapons strikes and retention. Great instructors, very knowledgeable. – Overall great experience with solid instructors and a good training academy. – G.B.

The training was thorough and consistent. – The hooded box drill is one of the best final exercises that I have been a part of in 8 years. – J.P.

Excellent. – Good instructors, unique, and valuable skills for an on and off the job. – A.A.

Very good and effective training. – [W&Z Hood] Great learning experience. Also shows that the techniques taught here can be absorbed and become muscle memory in a short period of time. – J.B.

Very good, helpful in the real world. I would recommend this to anyone in this line of work or similar. – A.C.

I was always a believer of CQD. No one can get enough of this course. – Great staff, great facility!!! – R.D.

Second time around, great to refocus mindset and skills. – [W&Z Hood] Best drill, difficult to replicate stress better than that. – P.D.

Great and effective training with great relevance to becoming a well-rounded and efficient operator. – Hooded box drills were the most effective in putting CQD skills to the test and the next best thing to a real world scenario. – All instructor cadre was efficient and the exercises were taught in a clear and concise manner. Cadre was a pleasure to work with and maintained the upmost professionalism. – J.D.

Training was top notch. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and confident. The training is critical and it sets us up for success. – A.M.

Super professional, nice build up of skill progression. Excellent culmination of bringing all skills needed to do our job at this point of training. – [W&Z Hood] I would have liked to do this drill 15 years ago! – Thanks for the professionalism and patience. Very much appreciated. – D.B.

I thought the training was presented in a professional manner and at a pace that was challenging but do-able. – [W&Z Hood] Great training! I felt this was the most important and an excellent way to brining everything together. – Instruction was excellent. Course material was functional. I was glad I was able to attend. – T.C.

This was far the best and most practical combative hand to hand training that I’ve done. Very realistic and effective. – A.C.

My overall opinion of the training is that it was run very professionally and the instructors demonstrated keen knowledge in the material that was presented. – I benefited from all portions of the training. I can walk away from the course knowing that everything that was taught will be used in the future. – R.C.

The concepts presented were tactically efficient and applicable in real world scenarios. The fast striking allows the operator to control a hostile or non-hostile threat. – Weapons integration was the most beneficial, being it is a skill that is often overlooked when conducting combative style training. – J.D.

Some of the best in my career. [The instructors] are excellent well-articulated instructors. They made the class fun and tailored it to our level. – J.Q.

I thought the training was excellent and very practical in a real world high threat environment. – I really enjoyed it. Thank you again! I look forward to coming back. – D.M.

Outstanding, real life training that pertains to multiple scenarios. – [The instructors] are amazing instructors with vast knowledge and they took the time to positively critique and give constructive criticism. I only wish we had more days of training. – C.S.

Good system that I believe will work in the real world. – [W&Z Hood] Best part of the training. Being able to practically apply what we trained on. The video review is beneficial to critique ourselves. – J.S.

The training was very practical for the type of situations it is preparing [us] for where a strong, aggressive reflex is the best type of response. – S.G.

Excellent instruction paired with application of skills learned. Armed and unarmed methods are very effective. – [W&Z Hood] Very nice exercise to use all the methods learned throughout the week. A safe way to go full speed avoiding injury. – C.S.

Very good realistic training with an exercise to bring it all together. – It showed if you try any other techniques, i.e. kickboxing, grabbing, it is not effective. Aggressive strikes, pushing forward, is effective. – K.H.

Excellent, realistic, and gives me the confidence that I could handle most situations presented. – [Benefit the most?] Hooded box and the entire program. The way it is set up to the professional trainers you can tell this program has been compiled with a lot of scientific thought. – [W&Z Hood] Again, it is a realistic drill that we cannot get anywhere else. – Thanks to the professional staff for unparalleled training and instruction. – J.B.

Some of the best training I have had in my 20 plus years of experience in my military, law enforcement, contractor careers. – [The instructors] did an outstanding job and are true professionals. Very good instruction! Would recommend this to other organizations. – J.E.

Great training and even more outstanding instructors. – Great course all around and some of the best instructors I’ve worked with. Given a chance I would love to do follow-on training. – T.J.

Excellent, well thought-out and focused. – Overall excellent. Always very professional and extremely well presented. Would love to do every 6 months to a year. Thank you! – R.K.

Very professional. Instructors were very good and informative. – I thought it was awesome, best most realistic training I have ever had. – R.S.

The training was well presented, well taught, and proved itself to be effective. – N.M.

Very through and engaging. What I especially like is that this training dispenses with the fluff common in other martial arts disciplines. – Both [of the instructors] were superior in providing the concepts behind the training and practical applications with numerous demonstrations. – D.F.

Excellent instruction and experience, very professional. – Knowledgeable instructors, keeping it real world. – R.G.

Outstanding. – [Hooded Box] Outstanding training exercise, puts realism and urgency into prospective. Would have to get into a real confrontation to do any better. – D.H.

Excellent; very interested in expanding my knowledge of CQD [and] wish we continued along the CQD path. – [Benefit the most?] Box…any evolution under stress and critique. Any type of one on one instruction was extremely beneficial. – It was an appropriate pace for the classroom/students. – [DDS Hood] Great addition, I felt that it added to our skills. – [W&Z Hood] Good pressure, excellent training of role players. Great pace. – Great system, every instructor is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Excellent training; wish we did the long course! – J.T.

Outstanding. Something I think most people that operate in high threat armed environments should be exposed to. – Instructors, course, and facility are 100%. – T.B.

The instruction was clear and concise. The drills were effective and well recommended. The instructors were professional and competent. – A.R.

Training quality was great. Knowledge was applicable and presented in real world context. – The instructors were knowledgeable and approachable. – [DDS Open Hood] Excellent stress. Excellent training in controlled chaos. – D.D.

Box helped with confidence in skills obtained. Proved system is effective when employed properly. Instructors were outstanding. Professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. Each time I attend this course I learn more and my skills increase along with confidence of the system. Thanks. – G.E.

Training was effective for high risk situations. Lots of material covered in a short time. – [Benefit the most?] Box drills and open discussion. – [DDS Open Hood] Situational awareness and targeting priorities were effectively stressed. Movement techniques were also stressed. – [W&Z Hood] Situational awareness, scanning in depth/direction, and zone management were effectively touched on. – S.G.

I always learn more with every visit. And everything learned is important in saving lives around me. – A.R.

Excellent. Wish we had more time. – Wish I had this training before I went to Afghanistan, especially the palm strikes. – Everything was clearly explained. – This training was excellent especially when you haven’t been through anything like this. I will definitely be back. – L.D.

This is my third class and I enjoy the training and find it applies well to “the street.” – Instructors are courteous and professional as usual. – J.T.

Very good training for situations we are likely to see in our jobs and daily lives. Pace of review was good as well as explanation of exercises. Very good instruction overall. – [W&Z/Personal Defense Hood] Best portion of the course. Scenarios were well done. Team box drills were a huge benefit. Being able to train like we fight is a huge plus. – Thanks! – T.B.

Great. The training touched on the areas that I needed to improve. – [W&Z/Personal Defense Hood] Excellent training. It’s the closest you can get to real combat situations under stress. – [The Instructor] was very professional and taught the blocks of instruction perfectly. – M.C.

This training was very realistic and a must have. – [W&Z/Personal Defense Hood] I loved it, it keeps things in perspective for great real life training. – Awesome gun and hand training. Some of the best I’ve had. – M.C.

Good training, very important skills. – [W&Z/Personal Defense Hood] Great drills, great to review. – Great job by instructor. – C.E.

I thought it was great training. The techniques work and the course is high intensity. – [W&Z/Personal Defense Hood] Great training, I’d like to do it more often. – R.W.

Great. – [Box Drill] Nice to use skills learned against a person with the same skill set. – [W&Z Hood] Working with a team mate was helpful. – [Instructors] did a good job. – R.B.

Overall everything was practical and easy to follow and understand. – G.B.

Good training, helps all around head to toe. Also thank you for being so patient with us knowing that you know so much and us so little when it comes to this! – All the training that we received was of great proportion. – J.C.

After five trips I am still thoroughly impressed by instructor and knowledge they are able to not only impart to us but also how well we are able to use it effectively. – [Benefit the most?] Hooded Box Drills. That will never change – absolutely builds character and confidence. – I would like to thank all the staff here for 10 years of great training, professional instructors, and invaluable character building! Semper Fidelis – R.G.

Very good. It was well articulated and clear to understand. – [Benefit the most?] I think it was the hooded box. It gave you a sense of what it would truly be like. Also, it tested your reaction to the scenario. – [W&Z Hood] I liked it a lot. Really gives you a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence afterwards. Very good. – D.M.

Great training. Fast paced. Taught with practical application in mind. – V.M.

I believe that the training we received was taught in a way and with enough high speed practice that it will be highly advantageous if a situation requiring it’s use arises. – The hooded box drill is not something that we get to see every day and getting back in that mind set was highly beneficial. – [W&Z Hood] Excellent scenarios that tested my reactions to many different threats and non-threats and helped boost my confidence in the training that I had received. – D.T.

Very impressed with the training. The instructor was very impressive with his knowledge and the flow of the instruction and class. This was very practical training and will better me as an operator. – K.H.

Very professional and beneficial. Hooded Box Drill is one of the best practical exercises I’ve been through. – This is my third course with [these instructors], they are incredible Instructors and make this course much more enjoyable. – J.B.

Once again, excellent training. – [W&Z Hood] Excellent exercise. This exercise prepared me for a real world incident that saved lives. – [The instructors] are excellent instructors. – C.L.

Strikes and weapons drills are effective and done with solid tactical reason. Hooded box provides a benchmark of skill and application. – [The instructors] provided a great condensed period of training. They also introduced new skills that will be valuable down range. – S.M.

Great, practical and useful training. – [W&Z Hood] Best training an operator can receive. – Good use of time allotted for training. – C.R.

I honestly benefited from every portion of the training and feel like I have developed more skills and ways to deal with situations overseas. – [W&Z Hood] I think it is a great tool to test your skills and see how much you have retained and use under pressure. – J.A.

Excellent to the point. – Thanks for this course. I will always remembers parts of it every day at work overseas or each time I go get gas or the cup of coffee. – J.G.

This was the best CQD course I have been to in my years as a contractor. Instructors were amazing and made everything that was taught very understandable. Excellent course! – J.H.

I believe that the training teaches individuals great basics to protecting themselves in low risk and high risk situations. Great training. – I really enjoyed the unarmed training and the escorting tips. That will really help me with my security work that I do while here. – [The instructors] gave a very through explanation of every topic that was taught. – [W&Z Hood] Outstanding, gave a great examples of multiple different threats that one could come across. – [The instructors] taught a very good course. – V.L.

Awesome! Learned many great techniques to add to my tool box. – Training was conducted perfectly and all lesson materials were explained and demonstrated. Outstanding. – M.M.

Great training, great instructors, great learning experience! – M.M.

Overall the training is useful and realistic. The training and trainers keep everything in perspective for “real world” use. – My overall stance was changed by the class. I believe I am now a more protected “fighter” and can protect myself better. – R.S.

My overall opinion is that the training is very practical to situations I may encounter. – [W&Z Hood] Very realistic. – A.F.

Effective. – [W&Z Hood] Always a favorite. You can talk all the smack you want until you get in there and prove yourself. – I feel that the system is simple, practical, and effective. – B.F.

Excellent. Realistic training. – The instructor and facilities were perfect for the training. Nothing to add to it. Thank you. – J.S.

I find the training to be highly valuable as well as applicable in a variety of scenarios. – [W&Z Hood] Still the best shoot/no shoot training I’ve received. – D.S.

I am very impressed with it. – The instructors were some of the best I have seen. Professional and very effective. – J.C.

Honestly one of the best and comprehensive courses that I have ever attended. Excellent training and instruction. – [W&Z Hood] Loved it! Excellent practical exercise. – Outstanding! I wish I would have had this knowledge 10 years ago. – B.L.

Excellent training. – [W&Z Hood] It was very helpful and practical and was the most fun I have had in a long time. – J.M.

It was useful and practical, very effective strikes they taught us. I can see myself applying CQD in the field. – Can’t wait to come back for more. – P.P.

This training was tough and challenging but instructors enthusiasm was contagious causing the training to be fun also. – R.R.

The instructors were very knowledgeable and competent. – Great training, great instructors, great validation! Look forward to training again soon. – J.V.

Excellent training that teaches you strict surviving skills in defense and crowd control/multiple persons encountered. – Excellent, thorough, knowledgeable training curriculum based on real world experiences and scenarios. Bravo Zulu. – T.A.

Very good and realistic. – [W&Z Hood] It let me know where my weak points are and what I need to be aware of. – B.B.

Overall the training is very good. It is realistic and effective. – Benefited the most from the hood night. Most realistic to real world situations. – [W&Z Hood] All the drills were very good. Would like to have done more. – C.B.

I thought training was very professional and made me think. – The instructors were very professional. They explained in detail “why”, which I feel was very good. – I really appreciate [the instructors]. They were, at all times, professional. They made training fun and beneficial. Thanks guys. – T.F.

Excellent, very effective in force on force scenarios. – [W&Z Hood] Awesome! – Excellent instructors, this makes the experience more than just training. Very positive reinforcement. – M.D.

Very effective tempo and informative. – Very effective and eye opening. Reverting to natural instincts proved ineffective emphasizing proper technique. – Overall very pleased and excited to return. Should be, at least, repeated annually. – M.S.

Learned a lot of valuable skills. Very relevant to our line of work. – [W&Z Hood] Amazing training. Most realistic quick reaction style training possible. – Instructors were very professional. – S.B.

Very good tools for the toolbox. Excellent mindset training. “Attack the attacker” exactly! – Really appreciate the instructor’s professionalism and spirit. [The instructors] were great. Thanks guys and thanks also to the TRPs. – M.W.

Outstanding!! – [W&Z Hood] It was outstanding. It allowed me to put my skills to the test. – I’m ready to do it again. I will also inform my LEO about this opportunity as well. – K.A.

Great course, very usable skills! – [W&Z Hood] Probably the most valuable training I’ve ever had! Stress and pressure really helps! – M.B.

Outstanding, all aspects. – [W&Z Hood] Great stress test, looking back on the years this would’ve been very beneficial in many jobs. – Instructors [are] outstanding.. Very professional, n arrogance, just great. Inclusive! Thank you! – D.B.

I really enjoyed the training and think it will make me more effective at my job. Thanks for the awesome instruction. – E.J.

Very informative and the most realistic self-defense course I’ve ever taken. – [W&Z Hood] It’s by far the best training drill that can induce the stress that would happen in a real life situation. – Instructor was very humble, professional, and knowledgeable. – R.G.

Outstanding real world training. No-nonsense high threat training and scenarios. Great instruction. Presented very clearly. – All of it was great and had learning points to take away. Hooded box drill was the most beneficial due to the reaction and learning value gained. – Thank you very much, great instruction and training that can save my life that was learned in 3 days. – C.A.

Great instruction. Great facility. Professional. – [W&Z Hood] Amazing, well done, great learning points for reacting under stress. – F.B.

Excellent. Excellent all around. Knowledgeable, competent, professional instructor. Great use of time. – Best training I’ve received in a long, long time. Should do hooded box drill before every deployment. – Great job. Keep up the good work. Look forward to coming back. – A.D.

Superior training. Efficient, effective and passed on real life combat scenarios. – J.B.

Very realistic and hands on. Makes it easy to grasp the concept and learn the technique. – N.B.

Having been through a third time I continue to support the use of the skills being taught, when done correctly it’s extremely efficient in defeating an attack. – It is the most effective and realistic training I have done (military, LE, contract). – [Instructors] provided professional instruction through in a very precise, easy to understand manner. Excellent training and relevant. – A.P.

Best CQD training since I got into this line of work. – I benefited from the entire course. – From my perspective I thought the course was spot on. – [W&Z Hood] Need more of this type of training, i.e. once a month. – A.B.

Absolutely the best training I have ever received. – [W&Z Hood] Phenomenal. Far surpasses any active shooter or similar type training performed in the past. – Wish I could go further in the training. – M.B.

[W&Z Hood] Best shoot/no shoot/use of force/scenario based full spectrum (verbals/hands/gun/strikes) training I’ve ever been through (21 years military, 14+ years LE/SWAT.) – Instructors were an absolute credit to CQD. Knowledgeable, personable, humble, all of it, for such high end guys. Nice to see. Thanks for your efforts gents! – J.C.

It was the best training I have received to include 20 years in the Navy. – T.H.

My overall opinion was that the training was excellent. I learned a more effective way to defend myself in a high risk situation. – This is a fantastic course! I would love to provide my loved ones some of these skills. – J.R.


After 15 years of law enforcement training (military and civilian) this was the first course that incorporated self-defense and weapon defense together. The concept is right on track. Fantastic. – This is the best school I have ever attended. With no doubt, these techniques will make cops better and save their lives. – C.V.

Once again, this is the best training that I have experienced. Very job oriented and personally oriented. I would like to continue with the training to advance with further skills. – B.H.

I highly recommend this training for ALL LEO’s! – T.E.

The best training I have had to date. – J.B.

This training should replace all defensive tactics currently taught at the *****. CQD should be **** mandated to graduate from the academy. – F.J.

This training was a true eye opener. I wish we had this training before. Each officer should learn some portion of this training to help them survive on a daily basis. – L.T.

Outstanding, the best training tool I have experienced. – D.R.

This kind of training should be included in the first week or two of the police academy to give a full expectation of the dangers of police work. – [W&Z Hood] I’ve had no other training that simulates stress like this. – N.B.

Invaluable. Training, as usual, was outstanding. – S.L.

By far, the best training I’ve ever had in terms of content, presentation and validity. – A.J.

Great training. I learned more in this week than over the last 20 years of police work. – R.W.

Excellent. I feel I have increased my skills in hand to hand/DT in 5 days, 10 times the level after military and police defensive tactics training for the last 15 years. – D.K.

There was not one single aspect of this class that I cannot use at my job as a *** ****** ***** corrections officer. This class is key to my survival inside the jail. – [Hooded Box] Words cannot express the experience of this drill. I can bet my life that this drill will save my life. – J.S.

This showed ‘training scars’ from a lifetime in law enforcement. It made things clear and obvious what I need to consciously get rid of. – R.B.

Outstanding: this is by far the best close quarters training I’ve had in 13 years of law enforcement. – M.W.

Amazing experience. Built your confidence up. – [Benefit the most?] From the instructions part all the way to the hood. Definitely the hood. It added that real life feeling/stress. – In these two weeks I learned, experienced, and got more confidence in myself than in the 5 years in the Navy and the 3 years in the [Town] Sheriff’s Office all together. They got the training (that does not work) but don’t have the real life experience (stress.) – H.R.

Excellent. Best LE/tactical training I’ve received, period. – Thanks Duane/[instructor] for life-saving training. – D.

Excellent. In all of my LEO training of 14 years, I have never had this much stress put on me in a training scenario. Outstanding. – [W&Z Hood] excellent drill for the art of surprise that the bad guy can have on you. – Would love to receive more training in this field. – M.C.

Fantastic. Top of the line. I hope our team comes back. – [Benefit the most] All of it, but mostly when put under pressure. – All instructors explained everything very well and were very patient. – [W&Z Hood] Great idea. Being put under pressure gets you ready for the real thing. – J.D.

This was the best police (not just police) training I’ve ever received. I wish I could do the 20 week course! – [Power Entry] Will use this approach now when entering buildings on search warrants. – Thanks. This was great! – N.B.

Outstanding. – [W&Z Hood] Awesome- a must for any police officer. Most realistic stress induced drill I have done. – Thanks for the time and opportunity. – J.M.

Fantastic! …this is by far the best way to train. – [Benefit the most] All aspects were beneficial. Weapons retention was very valuable. The practical was the best! – [W&Z Hood] Incredible! I wish our entire agency could take that type of training. – Great instruction. – S.S.

Invaluable training, would recommend to others in the law enforcement/special operations community. – P.K.

The best officer survival training received in 22 years of law enforcement. – S.H.

Outstanding. More officials would survive if they had this training. – [Benefit the most] All of it. This should be mandatory! – I have been in law enforcement for 22 years and this is the best training I have ever received. As a former training officer I am ashamed at some of the information I have passed on. Thank you. – S.H.

Best training of this type I have ever had. 20+ years in the Coast Guard, 16 years MLE Boarding Officer and Training Teams. –[Benefit the most?] The end drill in the “hood.” Added solid value to the techniques. – [DDS Closed Hood] Wow...very good drill to drive home how quick a fight can happen and how crazy it can get. – Looking forward to a great two weeks. – J.H.

Excellent, well presented.. – Best exercise in 13 years of law enforcement. – L.R.

Excellent and applicable to the environment that we work in. – As the system is completely integrated, I benefited from all the training. However, the Tac–House/Scenarios reinforced all training and proved the validity of the CQD techniques. – Instructor is extremely knowledgeable on subject matter, enthusiastic, and firmly believes in what he teaches. I would recommend this course to all appropriate local, state, and federal law enforcement officials. – M.H.

Outstanding. – Awesome training. Best I’ve had in both military and LE. – T.R.

Best Part is that you teach the student to attack… be on the offensive, not defensive. End the fight as quick as possible. Great!! – Every law enforcement officer should have to go through it… – M.B.

In a combined 47 years of military and law enforcement experience, it ranks at the top as the most relevant, practical and dynamic training I have ever experienced. – H.L.

In 34 years of training from law enforcement and military, this has been the most productive training to date. Definitely a confidence builder. My only question is why did it take 34 years to finally receive such valuable training? –H.W.

This is the best integrated combat course I have attended. I am a 16 year law enforcement officer and 10 year former military veteran. – J.C.

Invaluable and should be experienced by all, specifically those responsible for training policies concerning military, LE, etc. so realism and understanding can begin to blanket our profession. – J.N.

In my 13 years of military and law enforcement it is the best I have ever had. – K.G.

The best training I’ve had in most of my 22 years of law enforcement training. One may never fully realize your potential or weaknesses without being truly tested. This training tool works. – E.C.

I would recommend this training to all LEO’s and special military groups. I have a background in both and see the need for it. – J.T.

I plan on recommending this training to my law enforcement agencies back home. Thanks guys! – A.C.

Eye opening. Techniques are much more efficient than any law enforcement training in last 20 years. – [Hooded Box] Very realistic, stressful environment. (All) law enforcement need this! – Can’t wait for CQD II! – J.B.

Best combatives training I’ve received so far. – Role players were great. Military, LE, and security guys that haven’t done this (Hooded Box) kind of training don’t know what they’re lacking. – D.K.

Better than any law enforcement defensive tactics that have ever been trained to me. – [W&Z Hood] Wonderful pressure that gave me more confidence. – B.A.

Awesome all law enforcement should attend. – [Instructors] made the class flow well. We were held in esteem and treated like professionals. Great job guys! – J.B.

Once again it improved my ability to protect myself. – I wished I had done it 20 years ago when I first went into law enforcement. – The drill helps isolate any issues regarding transitions, and weapons malfunctions. It was a great learning development tool. – J.G.

I have learned a great deal from the overall training. I would definitely recommend this training for all LEO’s. – A great job! – D.E.

Outstanding. You worked my ass off, I believe this will save my life. –M.G.

It was realistic fun and should do more. – D.H.

Superb. Instructors had incredible knowledge. – W.J.

Loved it, great, would like to do more. – J.S.

Excellent training! Very realistic and instructors very knowledgeable. – E.K.

This is awesome training. I wish we could get more of this training. Built my self confidence. – L.T.

Probably the closest you can get to a real life attack. Every cop should experience getting “rocked” every now and again. It keeps you grounded. – D.T.

Excellent training!! I highly recommend it for not only specialized units, but for patrol officers. Outstanding. – T.E.

This was the most realistic training I have ever received, I feel it will benefit me greatly. – J.S.

“Dialing up and down” is crucial for law-enforcement and I felt this drill not only tested your ability to respond immediately to the given situation – it also helped us to control bleed over emotions that often affect us on the street. – J.W.

Highest quality, very intense, well worth time/effort for the training, well above previous experiences in terms of instructional quality and application. – J.K.

Overall great training. This type of training would benefit all law enforcement. – D.B.

Very appropriate for the circumstances and specific skills of the operator. – A.E.

Overall, the training given and received was top quality. Engaging the body as a separate but total unit. – G.L.

Wow! Multiple assailants and forces choices all in one action packed adventure. My heart rate is still up. Honestly, this is indispensible training. – D.K.

Incredible. Last week I was convinced I could not be stressed in a training environment. I was wrong. Validated the techniques. – Instructors were incredible. Attitudes and ability were perfect 10 out of 10. – T.A.

Outstanding. Changed my perception of a lot of the techniques law enforcement currently uses and validated why we need to change them. – It was great, I want to stay another month and learn more. – I can’t say it enough, outstanding instruction. Course content, job relevance. The six instructors we brought are all 11+ year cops and you found a way to wow! Us all. We want more! – M.M.

Excellent. – [Benefit the most] All of it. – … I would just like to come back for more. – [Hooded Box] Very fast paced and well planned out. Excellent way to induce stress, and test your skills under fire. – M.S.

Excellent! – In the short amount of time we had, you guys did an excellent job. – [Hooded Box] The psychological impact it had was excellent. It shortened the “reactionary gap” which made it very challenging. – J.W.

[Benefit the most] Prisoner control methods i.e.: arm seal/neck seal, branch hand. – [Hooded Box] Most realistic training I have ever received, Simunition was great. –C.

Excellent real deal training! – Closest thing to real life! – I hope to come back next year, this overall training makes me more comfortable on the street! Thanks. – M.

Outstanding. – [Benefit the most] The hooded box drill is the best scenario I have ever been through. – [Tac-House] Outstanding! – I feel we need to try to train on tactics at least once a month. – M.

Great, learning new entries. – Our training needs to be more often to help retain and build on our skills. – [Hooded Box] Great for dealing with an immediate threat, and learning how to dial up or down quickly. – Great to be working on team movements and learning how to be the most proficient as a team. – Only wish we could have training on a monthly basis. –S.

Training was excellent. – The Tac-house provided a great environment to expose good things as well as weaknesses. – It provided a real life moving environment. – Provided an environment to expand on ideas and improve on team concepts. –W.

Excellent – very practical enjoyed every bit of it. – [W&Z Hood/PC Terminals] Very well thought out. Good scenarios. – Excellent instructors. [Instructors] were great guys and very easy to work with – they are also very knowledgeable regarding the skills. – B.H.

Was an excellent review and really homed the skills we learned in the past. – The instructors were excellent in explaining demonstrating and having us prove the skills. – [W&Z Hood/PC Terminals] Very real, very tough, but great way to use techniques. – we need more officers to come and experience this training. – L.T.

This was the best training I have received since being a police officer. – [Benefit the most] The fluid movement and weapon control. – I would like to attend any training that will enhance this week’s training. – B.H.

Excellent, the finest training (SWAT or not) I ever had in my career. – [Benefit the most] Everything. – Thanks Duane for the personal touch. Great trainer. – C.M.

This was the best training I have received. – [Benefit the most] It was all important in the way it related to my job. – Another week of training to sharpen what we learned and expand on the training. – If departments are serious about officer safety, this is the class to send them to. – R.A.

Excellent is an understatement to the training provided by Duane Dieter. – After nearly 12 years working for my agency, this course was one of the most outstanding and beneficial for officer skills and survival. – Given that it was only a week, all points were covered thoroughly and drilled until a confidence and proficiency was built. – If asked or contacted by Duane to come back, I’d make the time and spend my own money (again) to get more training. – T.W.

Good skills to have. Allows for a greater flow through use of force. – G.L.

Excellent, very good instructors and knowledgeable. – [W&Z Hood] Good way to implement all the skills learning through the day. – R.S.

Outstanding. Would like to see more, I think it goes hand and hand with my job. – [W&Z Hood/PC Terminals] Sharpens the mind and skills. – B.D.

Excellent instruction and practice sessions. Realistic and demanding. – All was beneficial and new tactics. – [W&Z Hood] Effective drill. Stress realistic demands, self control and skills to survive. – L.B.

Good. Wish I had more time. – Good training and very relative. Looking forward, I’m coming back. – G.S.

This training will be very useful not only in this line of work but also in any law enforcement career as well. – O.G.

Having been in both military and law enforcement, this was valuable training for “real world” situations. Great job guys! – S.R.

…very glad to have gotten the training, impressed with the techniques and wish that I’d have gotten the training earlier on in my law enforcement days. Also, the instructor cadre was extremely squared away and professional. – D.H.

Well done. The trainers were professional, I learned much more than I anticipated. – I feel everything I was exposed to during this class will benefit me during my days in law enforcement. – All the scenarios were seeming real life and brought all the training together. – Well done everything I learned in the CQD training I will use. – J.F.

Great Training. I know they would work if I apply them properly. – Scenarios were as close to reality as they could be. I enjoyed the live fire shooting from the vehicle. – J.M.

Outstanding, excellent instruction & building block approach. – Real life scenarios practiced in hooded-box drill. – Was some of the best training I have received in 9 years of military and Fed LE service. – Excellent use of training time. – M.S.

Excellent, well presented. Ample time with well portioned segments. – Excellent method to review and solidify training skills learned prior, best exercise in 13 years of law enforcement. – L.R.

Fantastic! Great integration of shooting, striking and sealing while explaining LEO issues. – [W&Z Hood] Learned a lot about myself and problem areas. – J.K.

Outstanding. One of the best courses I’ve been to (military or law enforcement). – S.M.

Outstanding training. Most realistic training I have ever received... – [DDS Closed Hood] Trains you to react in seconds. – Amazing training so far. – D.B.

Great training of fundamental mechanics. – [DDS Closed Hood] Awesome. Effective creation of stressful environment. – N.B.

Very good reactionary training. Exactly what a real life scenario is. – [DDS Closed Hood] Excellent training. – Instructors are knowledgeable and break down the training to a level easily understood. – T.M.

This training was the best training I have been to. – All of it was a great benefit to me. – [DDS Closed Hood] Good drill. Nothing compares to it. Very real life. – P.T.

The training is beneficial to working as a patrol officer. – [Benefit the most?] The hood training because it makes you put the training to work and make split second decisions. – [DDS Closed Hood] That hood made you make split second decisions and decide whether to act or not. – The staff and facility are conducive to learning. – H.K.

Very good. It was great to see the days training put to practical use to quickly. – [Benefit the most?] The box drill. Seeing the training we had just learned put to use. – [DDS Closed Hood] Great to put the training into action. – S.M.

Very realistic. – [W&Z Hood] Puts all training into perspective. – T.M.

Great training. The most realistic training I have ever had. – [W&Z Hood] Best live action force on force situation shooting drill. – Great training. – D.B.

Very beneficial. – The hood makes you get the most realistic training. – [W&Z Hood] This seems like the only way to closely simulate how a person will react in the most stressful situations in a split second time period. – H.K.

[W&Z Hood] Eye opening. The most realistic training I’ve ever been to. – S.M.

Great training. Learned tactics and skills for most stressful situations. – [Benefit the most?] The hood and knowing I can use my training under stress. – [Power Entry] Live full action. Good knowledge of skills for entry. – [Tac-House] On-the-job style training which helps us use the training. – Great instructors. Learned a lot of new info. Would do it again anytime. – D.B.

Very beneficial to patrol work as well as working in tactical situations. – [Benefit the most?] The hood and the tac-house. – [Power Entry] This will help our team with different types of entries. – [Tac-House] The tac-house allowed us to work as a team and put the principles and training to the test while we learned to be successful at different tasks. – H.K.

Training was outstanding. I feel much more confident that I can keep myself and my guys safe. – [Benefit the most?] The hood drill for developing speed and striking power. The shoot house for developing team work and coordination. – [Power Entry] I had only ever been taught the single stack entry. Seeing the power entry was eye opening and is obviously more effective in most situations. – [Tac-House] Great for developing teamwork and coordination between team members. – S.M.

Very realistic and pertinent to everyday activities. – [Benefit the most?] Hood drills, entry training, weapons positions. – [Power Entry] Good instruction and oversight during the training. – [Tac-House] Very good facilities. Realistic to what we do on a regular basis. – Great facilities. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Good to be able to have training where we can go full speed. – S.D.

The best training I have been to and most realistic. – Great stuff. Loved the hood! Hope to come back! – P.T.

I thought the training was fantastic and relevant and prepared me for deadly encounters. – [Benefit the most?] Learning the concepts, but applying them under the hood was the best! – I thought it should be required for all law enforcement. – D.H.

Excellent team building and skills. – [Power Entry] Smart, simple skills to get as many guns on target in a fast way. – [Tac-House] Similar to real life training that allows teams to put all training together and still be observed. – Very good overall training. Great instructors. Very knowledgeable. – T.M.

Excellent concepts that are easy to apply. – [DDS Closed Hood] Intense but an excellent way to apply skills and training. – Can’t wait to do more! – A.B.

The first day of training is going to be an amazing foundation to lifelong safety. – [DDS Closed Hood]

One serious real life scenario in your face. Think it is some great overall training. – This should be picked up by all police agencies. – A.C.

This is excellent training. I feel like doing the drills in building blocks really helps you to understand why each thing is so important. – [DDS Closed Hood] The hood is a great addition to making the drills realistic. It really puts it into perspective just how fast it happens. – M.D.

Very effective and concise. Intensity was high during practice session and all demonstrations were well done. Instructions were clear and to the point. – [DDS Closed Hood] A very effective tool to enforce the techniques that were taught. Forced me to focus and react without thinking. – B.D.

Intense yet exciting. – [Benefit the most?] Without a doubt the hood experience. – [DDS Closed Hood] Very intense. You have to rely on your learning when needed. – Ready for more. – M.G.

Overall, it was great. Very informative. – [DDS Closed Hood] Added a whole other element. Really makes you work and use the skills you learned. – J.H.

Outstanding! I will definitely reference back to this training in the future. Very exciting. – [Benefit the most?] The hood really put everything in perspective. – [DDS Closed Hood] Gives you really good experience since you are never really under pressure like that. – B.M.

Great training. Great experience. – [Benefit the most?] The “no hit” scenarios. It’s very easy to get “attack happy” and strike when you should hold. – [DDS Closed Hood] Great drill. – T.M.

Very useful training. Instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable and really explain the importance of why we are doing the techniques. – Every portion of the training I’m going to benefit from. – [DDS Closed Hood] Very useful to see where my shortfalls are. – Very useful training. – K.N.

Great training. Shows me the areas I need to improve on. – [DDS Closed Hood] Love the intensity and realism. Shows how different situations require different tactics. – E.P.

I think the training was great so far and am excited for more. – I benefit at lot from hands on training so it helped me learn a lot. – [DDS Closed Hood] The hooded box drill was very high stress and helps make it real. – S.R.

Really good. Tested from what we learned. – [DDS Closed Hood] It takes you to that stress that you need to be able to get that real life experience. – H.R.

It is the most realistic training possible. – [Benefit the most?] The speed that decision making was required. – [DDS Closed Hood] The biggest rush I ever had. The value of quick reactions was set in stone. – Z.R.

Very interesting and very good. – [Benefit the most?] Fighting at 100% to put it all together. – [DDS Closed Hood] Amazing. Great way to emphasize all of the training. – B.W.

It’s a great aspect and a need for law enforcement. – [Benefit the most?] Open hood shows what you need to know and practice. – [DDS Open Hood] This drill is amazing. Such a great training tool. – A.C.

I felt very prepared today to enter the hood. I feel like everything we went over today was thorough and I was less nervous so I absorbed more. – M.D.

Practical and useful in multiple situations. Real world applications. Are easy to use and understand. – [DDS Open Hood] Very effective to reinforce the lesson learned throughout the day. – B.D.

Awesome training. Very beneficial. – [Benefit the most?] Hood training. Everything that the instructors teach us. – [DDS Open Hood] High stress level training, very beneficial. – J.G.

Great benefit to keeping me alive in a fight. – [DDS Open Hood] Still some of the best training in this realm I have ever had. – J.H

Great. Each day improvement comes in leaps and bounds. – [DDS Open Hood] Scary, intense, fun. – J.M.

Really liked it. – [Benefit the most?] Putting everything together in the hood drill. Experiencing the stress. Seeing how skills break down. – [DDS Open Hood] Intense. Helps point out flaws. – N.M.

It was excellent real life experience. – [DDS Open Hood] The training confirms the need for quick decision making and the use of appropriate force. – Z.R.

Awesome. – [Benefit the most?] Knowing when to go hands on at close range instead of shooting. – [W&Z Hood] Excellent integration of hand-to-hand fighting with pistol work. – A.B.

By far my favorite hood drill yet. Felt very realistic but felt very confident during this particular drill. – [Benefit the most?] Being able to or having to decide in a split second what level of force to use in that particular scenario. – J.C.

The training is great. It is going to be a life saver. – A.C.

Very informative and useful to possibly saving my life and others one day. – [Benefit the most?] I am going to benefit from all of the training that I received here today. – [W&Z Hood] It put everything that I was taught into perspective to show me what I need to practice and work on. – Wish we could do more! – K.N.

This training is very fast paced and great training. – [Benefit the most?] The hood drill is the biggest benefit. – [W&Z Hood] Great training that can’t be beat anywhere else. – S.R.

Training was excellent to teach me to become a better officer and protect myself and others. – A.C.

Very important and fun training. – [Tac-House] Good for testing abilities in real life situations and correcting mistakes from pressure. – Loved all of CQD! Thank you to you and your staff, sir! – L.D.

I feel confident in my skillset if I were to face a serious threat. – [Tac-House] Scenarios were as close to real world as possible. – S.F.

Awesome training. Very useful. – [Benefit the most?] Every session we learned something that we could use out in the field, so everything. –J.G.

Great experience for future possibilities. I feel more equipped for my job. – Can we come back for more?! This is great for my professional and personal life. – M.G.

Great. – [Vehicle Stops/Extractions] Great training. Good to know as it applies to our job. – This is amazing training. Can’t wait to come back! – J.H.

Eye opening. Feel better knowing to have a plan that is simple and comes naturally. – N.M.

I thought it was excellent training that really opened my eyes to better and more effective techniques. – K.N.



A ‘10’. Excellent skills, excellent training, excellent trainers. CQD has the whole package to enable trainees to excel to their maximum capability. – [Forging] Fabulous – would love to do more. Great individual and team confidence and skills building experience. ‘Invaluable.’ – I also admire and appreciate the constant emphasis on values, morals, and righteousness. It is important to hear these values as part of a course like this and life

generally. Thank you guys. – R.P.

I really appreciate what CQD has done and will continue to do for our country. So many people have no idea. Thank you again and it was a real honor for me to meet you! – J.Z.

What can I say, unbelievable. One of the most fun things I’ve ever done. – C.M.

Excellent. We are incredibly honored to be included and allowed to participate. – We are much more confident in our own defensive positions and feel more capable to deal with “come what may.” I also believe that much healing took place within me as far as PTSD is concerned and am very grateful for that. – V.B.

Totally different than anything I’ve experienced in a 10 plus years of martial arts training. Very quick results that are effective. Great team of Instructors. – The “high risk” parts of the day were the most illuminating. – [Unarmed Hooded Box] Very intense but simple the best way to test new (and old) skills. – [Unarmed Open Box] Having to fight from a variety of positions (lying down, etc) was very helpful. – I was shocked to see how smoothly the unarmed parts of the training transferred into the armed parts. – Had the time of my life! Can’t wait to come back and train again. – D.K.

Very informative, useful, and surprising. Definitely helped me see how to defend different but usefully. It was awesome! – I benefitted from the one on one contact with the trainer. He really taught me step by step slowly. – [Hooded Box] Awesome! It seemed very real. The guys attacking did great. – One of a kind program. I loved it! – M.I.

It was awesome! Very informative. It was very fun. I feel more confidence if I were in a situation. – It is a very good way to simulate real situations. – J.P.

Excellent intensity/excellent instruction/great positive mindset/great TRPs. – Great exercise for decision making, situational awareness. – [Open Hood] Good training on fight vs. flight’ analyzing hostile behavior. – [Hood with Knife] Nice simulation of real-life knife consequences for armed and unarmed people. – Top-notch constructive criticism, the formula of instilling fundamentals rather than many complex tactics is very effective. – D.K.

Excellent instructors – knowledgeable – competent – clear – concise – know when to push and when to dial down. – [Benefit the most] Proper instruction stepped up and brought together systematically into precise application at a high level – quickly. – Everything taught was very clear – could benefit from more training in the future. – [DDS Hood] Took everything up a notch – (well – more than a notch.) Most effective – eye-opening training I have ever had for high-risk situations. Very valuable. – Both open/closed [were] very demanding. Open really forced me into seeing [the] importance life/death of my decisions. High risk situations. – very valuable. – I am very humbled and grateful for the opportunities to train here – very good experience. Thanks. Would like to do more. – J.S.

This was excellent. I had no fighting or martial arts experience at all, and I found the concepts to be intuitive and exceptionally well taught. – The TRP scenarios raised my situational awareness significantly, walking into rooms, or down the street, even sitting at the Hyatt restaurant all took on a different feel after those drills – who is there, where is an exit, how do I hold my hands, etc. – I can’t say enough about how much I got out of this program. Learning by doing, confidence to deal with any situation, and understanding that avoiding a fight makes the most sense but being mentally prepared if I need to fight to the death if necessary is a skill set I want to continue to build. Final comment – the instructors were excellent! – R.C.

Duane – you made a great comment to me at the end of the event last night that was spot on. This course provides an opportunity to take someone like me out of my comfort zone and learn something completely foreign in a safe environment. Typically, we never leave our comfort zones and go through life with the same routines. Thanks for challenging me to expand my mind and body in many ways. – D.N.

Excellent! A very well thought out approach to an amazing, useful topic. Redefined a lot of what I thought I knew about personal defense. Huge confidence builder. – Invaluable lesson. Nothing I have trained before comes a close to recreating the realism of actual fighting. Also forced mental control. – Almost too real! Heart pounding realism that I will not forget when it comes to home protection, I will rethink a lot of assumptions. – Thank you very much for this opportunity! I learned an incredible amount in such a short time thanks to your systematic approach, excellent material, and especially your passion. With sincere gratitude… – M.T.

An incredible experience. Such fundamental skills that I know I will be able to apply forever. Thank you. – D.A.

Amazing instructors, amazing program, what an experience… – S.J.

The whole thing was amazing. Want to send my wife through training and come back for level 2. – A.G.

Feel more empowered to feel more confident and safe in everyday life. – J.K.

Fantastic. Great job setting in a lot of information. – Every instructor [was] really helpful and supportive. – [Forging] This was incredible – would have done it again if I could. – Duane and all the instructors were awesome. – S.S.

Outstanding. – [Forging] Proves personal capabilities faster than what I have experienced. – Outstanding as always. – J.K.

It was some of the best training I have ever received. – The element of surprise is the best. – J.K.

Outstanding! Very valuable. I’d love to come back and do more. – Fantastic! I loved the reaction created by the element of surprise from the hood. – Excellent Course. I would highly recommend it to anyone and I hope to come back for more. Thank you! – R.G.

Amazing. – For the overall time, great information on perfect level. – [Hooded Box] Intense stuff, amazing to watch again on video. – [Forging] It was an experience for life, very good, great organization. – F.F.

Excellent. Incredible the speed of achieving concepts. – Effective at integrating concepts quickly. – I was particularly impressed with the introduction of a concept without dwelling, and the idea that the concept becomes so quickly engrained. – N.S.

Very good. The training was easy to understand. – [Forging] Very intense! Learned a lot about myself. – This was better than I had hoped for. The information and the way it is presented is remarkable. Thank you! The stuff was the best! – M.M.

Invaluable and unique. Definitely an important training session to have. – [Forging] Very useful, scary at first but helped us get out of our comfort element and fight for our lives. – This was an amazing weekend and the training I got I will never forget. Thank you all. – H.S.

Exceptional training. The amount of information we received in a short period of time was very good. – Duane is very good at explaining the meat and bones of his course. – [Forging] Exhausting, exhilarating, exceptional! – Thanks Duane and all your training team. – S.W.

A “10”! The common sense approach immediately clicked and enabled me to give in to the teaching, the speed and energy of the teaching. – The drills all melded nicely with the progressive learning. – [Forging] Much more than expected. Took my brains and body to new places. – The required speed of decision making was awesome! – [Great focus to gain skills. – I want more! The quality and methodology overall far exceeded expectations. I know I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with your team! Thank you for all you are doing. Inspiring! – C.F.

Phenomenal! 10 out of 10. Take-home value is incredible for such a short period of time. – I learn by doing and it was great to learn fundamentals and to begin immediately employing them. The hood drill was great to build/test instincts. – I just want to do more! – [Unarmed Hooded Box] Was a great test of what we learned and is the best way to engrain these skills. – [Forging] Was great. Confusion and uncertainty were palpable, but we learned much that became instinct in a short time. – 10 out of 10. – Thank you to Duane and the staff! All great guys and great warriors! – B.K.

The best! Instruction with [Instructor] and Duane and the quality of TRP-Outstanding. – [Unarmed Hooded Box] Thrilling and unforgettable. – Can’t wait until next time. Positive energy with the whole system approach works best for me. – C.F.

It was great, easy to learn very fun but intense. – [Unarmed Hooded Box] Scary but fun and exciting. – [Armed Hooded Box] One of the best things I’ve done in my life, would really like to do it again!! – Great program really good energy all around good place. – J.G.

Excellent – fast paced, comprehensive, NEVER BORING. – GREAT STUFF!! I would recommend this to everyone! (Except the bad guys). – G.A.

Wonderfully practical and focused – conducted by top class practitioners with great communication and empathy! – Would love more! Thanks for a job well done! – D.K.

Excellent. – [Hooded Box] An excellent stress inducer. Never been put in a situation like that before and learned a great deal from it. – Instructors were very professional, will recommend highly. – D.R.

Outstanding- content, delivery, style, message- all were well beyond expectations. – One of the most demonstrative things I’ve ever experienced. – T.V.

Outstanding as always. – [Hooded Box] The best test of learned skills with pressure and fatigue. – [W&Z Hood] Validates your skill(s) in short time. Excellent. –…Will be back for more. – W.P.

It was for me a good exercise for being prepared for many kinds of surprises of the moments in the world taking place. – All the training is useful in the situations you can present in any moment. – The skills [taught] here help yourself to be more [conscious] of your own ability to defend yourself. – F.A.

I thought it was great. The instruction was very clear and effective. – The real attack situations were very beneficial to ensure the skills we learned were used accordingly. – [Hooded Box Drill] I thought it was awesome. It put reality into an attack situation and was a critical part of the training. – The instruction was excellent and I would highly recommend this course to others. – M.B.

Really good, easy and practical to use. – I can really use the passive, but ready to strike position. This is something that I can use in my day to day life. – For a good basic overview, this was perfect. – [Hooded Box Drill] OMG comes to mind. What a great experience to put into practice what we learned and to see what we can really do. – B.A.

Excellent – great instructors – very useful material – focus on surviving putting ego aside. – [Hooded Box Drill] I loved it – got your adrenaline rushing. – Great instructors – very nice individuals. Thought they really cared about teaching the skills to help protect ourselves. – L.L.

Excellent training. Very practical and realistic. The exercises were totally exhilarating. – [Hooded Box Drill] Loved the method of training because it brings out the adrenaline like nothing else. – J.T.

The training was fantastic. Very professional, especially the instructors, they corrected any error did by a participant and I value that a lot. – For the few days we had I think we covered the most useful techniques. – The training was perfect, I would like to do it again, all security advice was very useful. Thanks! – M.R.

Very practical and applicable to everyday situations. – The situational training was most beneficial to help understand the chaos of a dangerous confrontation. – The hooded box drill definitely added a lot of realism to the situations. It also substantially raised the anxiety level and anticipation of the exercise. –Thanks for the realism. – C.W.

Excellent – very well presented – showed us how – gave us the standard let us do the hands on and practice. – Tailored to our need – I would never have thought of some of these scenarios and feel I am now aware of some of the possibilities. – Please come back. – D.T.

Fantastic course. Very useful which provided confidence. – [Hooded Box] Fantastic – great practical application of learning. – Instructors were very knowledgeable and made class comfortable. – M.K.

Very good and appropriate. – [Hooded Box] Excellent drill and very beneficial. – All of the instructors were very knowledgeable. It is obvious that they know what they are doing and the training was applicable. – W.C.

[Hooded Box] Fantastic. – Do hope the session for the wives will happen soonest. Would like to take again. – E.C.

Excellent. – [Hooded Box] Adrenaline rush, total reaction. Was all I thought about. – Great job, thank you. – D.K.

Practical info and techniques. Well presented with good direction and drills. – Instructors were enthusiastic and provided good clear information. – G.A.

Excellent. Built confidence to deal with a threatening situation. – [Benefit the most] Type of defense/offense position that offered best chance of survival. – As best could to simulate mind’s response to instant threat. – Well done and good to think I have at least some chance to defend family. – A.C.

Very good. Opened my eyes to an alternative to being a victim. – [Hooded Box] Good exercise, realistic. – The team of trainers were great. – B.S.

Very good training. I think it is useful for a personal defense situation, how to act and react. – [Hooded Box] Great! It provides a real attack experience. – Very good trainers, they provide us with clear explanations. – A.G.

I really liked it. Was intense and very useful. – [Hooded Box] Was amazing, graphic and very necessary. – Where can I find more…about this course. – A.L.

Very effective at giving myself confidence in a remote area of *****. – P.L.

I loved it! – I hope ****** makes this a yearly training exercise! – C.T.

Excellent. It gave me some good basic skills for self defense and how to handle various situations endangering my safety and also how to protect myself and family. – [Hooded Box] Excellent. Well presented. Instructors were very competent, and explained/demonstrated all movements and actions very well. – R.H.

Excellent, fun, would do it again. – I would like further training. Instructors were excellent in explaining physics of all stances and moves. – J.S.

Very good intense, hands on training. – Really liked it, was very intense and had you working off your instant reactions which the course guided you through. –…Instructors were very good. Thanks. – A.W.

Excellent, completely new to me. – [Hooded Box] Excellent multiple scenarios testing all of course training. – K.C.

Excellent explanation of drills! Overall great! – [Hooded Box] Great, a lot of fun and exciting. Sure puts it all in perspective. – Would be great if the next shift of guys could receive the training. – A.B.

Excellent. Most practical and efficient training ever received. – Awesome! Demonstrated the ability to me of being able to use weapons in a less then optimal environment. Broke range mentality. – Awesome! Excellent team and objective based drill. Forcing a combination of all techniques taught. – Look forward to more. Thanks! – J.L.

Great training, very informative, awesome instructors. – [DDS Closed Hood] Very surprising but felt prepared from instruction. – Instructors were very patient and easy to follow. I look forward to coming back again. – M.F.

Very informative, great instructors, learned a lot in a small amount of time. – [DDS Closed Box] Great way to learn by doing and while under stress. – J.P.

Excellent! I learned a lot of knowledgeable/useful assets. – It taught me how to react to real situations better. – I reacted and fought better. I am more likely to survive a high risk incident. – Enjoyed the training and I feel I will use this in the future. – A.P.

Most impressive – thank you. Most professionally delivered. – It was a very unique and valued opportunity to gain practical self-defense skills. – Thanks very much! – D.K.

I liked it. Made me aware of options I have for protection or attack. – R.R.

Excellent. This is the first self defense class I have taken. I finally feel like I now know enough to be able to protect myself and my family. – Very useful as it helped me determine fight or flight. In the past, I would not have felt comfortable fighting and probably would have tried to run away even when not possible or appropriate. – I want to do this again. I am not a big fan of violence, but this course has shown me how to use it quickly and effectively if it ever becomes necessary. – T.C.

Great experience all the way through! …Builds your confidence. – [Hooded Box] Close to real life situations. Puts you under pressure; adrenaline pumping up! Glad it was part of the course. – Highly recommend to everyone. Would love to do this again. – M.D.

I thought it was great! I learned good techniques and how to respond in several difficult situations. – [Benefit the most] The black hood training. It was the closest to a realistic situation, and I got to find out how I would react and with what speed and reaction. – They taught me many defensive measures I never previously would have known or considered. – All of the instructors are great. Great course! – J.L.

I thought that it was great and I will most definitely feel more confidence. Also the Hooded exercises really opened my eyes about what a real attack might be like. – J.A.

[Benefit the most] Verbal instructions with explanation, not just “do this.” And the Hood exercises bring it all together providing the greatest benefit. – This provides confidence that cannot be achieved any other way. When “attacked” from front and back I would not have expected to be able to deal with it, but did and now I have confidence to fight. – S.H.

Great practical training. Instructors did a great job developing individual skills and [pulling them together]. – Loved the Hooded drills when instinct takes over. – C.H.

This training is first class and very applicable to *****. The instructors are safety conscious and extremely competent. – [Hooded Box] Extremely effective in creating the training environment – surprise attack. – L.L.

Loved it. Very intuitive and instructors were awesome. Teaching a bunch of ******* and ******** is probably not as cool as teaching some SEALs but never would have guessed that given the instructors enthusiasm. – I’ve spent 30 years doing martial arts; this gets you ready to defend yourself much more quickly and much more effectively than any of the styles I have trained in. It is also, I think more adaptable than those other art forms because it allows smaller people to actually react in a manner most likely to result in success. – D.B.

Great training that can be used anywhere at anytime. – [Hooded Box] Had a great time, was great so we could see how quick the attacks actually came and kept coming in real close quarters battle. – M.B.

Excellent! Everyone should receive this training to protect themselves in any scenario. – [Hooded Box] Very intense and really made you react as if you would in the real world. – C.C.

[Benefit the most] Proper defensive techniques, how to properly apply offensive force if needed. The scenarios were very useful. – [Hooded Box] Very beneficial and closely simulated real life reactions. – S.C.

Very professional. Impressed overall and certainly would be interested in the full-scale training at HQ. Much better than other self defense classes I’ve participated in. Great team of instructors. – A.F.

Very enlightening. Made me realize the various situations I could be in and how to avoid or handle them. – [Hooded Box] … Served to give me confidence that I could respond to a threat. – I was much more comfortable with my ability to react to threats after the training. – T.G.

[Hooded Box] Very useful. I can see how this method of being put under stress may trigger a good reaction in real life. – This system, the training and the entire group of instructors was not only professional and well paced, but also very real-world and I expect will be used at some point in my life. – D.G.

Outstanding! Great instruction and concept. Would love to go through it again. – Understanding the components of the attack and also when to flee. – [Hooded Box] In one word, thrilling! If nothing else, I have learned how vulnerable one can be in an unexpected attack. – D.H.

All the instructors were awesome and very knowledgeable. The fact they can take a class that is normally much longer and condense it into less than 3 days and still give students the basic skills to defend themselves is noteworthy. Thanks, I really hope I have a chance to further my training in CQD in the future. – J.T.

Good progressive training cycle, teaching some of the most useful tactics I have learned. – Real-life scenarios. I have never experienced this in any course (20 years in the M.C. didn’t do this). It was great. – K.V.

Well organized and presented very professionally. A lot of information and participants were pushed as in real life situations. – Holy cow! Very intense. Great training for a real-real life situation. Learned so much, excellent, excellent training. – Thank you for training those who protect our country. – B.R.

Excellent, top notch. – I’ve always known I would fight like hell if I needed to protect myself or family. Now I feel I can be an effective weapon as needed and protect what is most important. – I felt more confident about my abilities and the experience is fantastic. – K.T.

Very useful practical information. Knowledgeable trainers and good attention to details (in drills.) – Good training team, interesting material, practical info. Enjoyable and useful (hope I never have to use it) but feel more prepared than I was before at least. – G.B.

Excellent, hope to never need it but I can see how it will help. – [Hooded Box] Intense and effective. – [Open Hood] It put the whole course in to perspective and pulled it all together . – Very good course, it exceeded expectations. Instructors were great with good positive feedback and suggestions. – J.R.

Good. The technical part was great but it would be nice to have more time to practice. It would be great if the course was a couple weeks long… – Great instructors. Good job guys and I hope to see you again soon. – C.S.

Good personal defense techniques, easy to remember. Glad we did the hooded training as it reinforced learning. – [Hooded Box] Very scary, but appropriate. – Good workout of personal defense techniques. – S.A.

The training was much more interactive, with real life situations, than expected. It was excellent and exceeded all my expectations. – Awesome to say the least. – I think the scenarios were excellent, since it provided situations that offer alternatives to striking someone. – Instructors [did an] excellent job explaining concept very succinctly. Pleasant, easy to talk to, interested in seeing that individuals learn. Demonstrated all skills to allow understanding. – M.B.

Outstanding course. Right level of training with discussion and exercises. Reality stories but did not focus on the excessive paranoia and fear. – [Benefit the most] Efficiency of being productive when required to defend. Dispelled many myths about defensive techniques and strategies. – I thought [it was] very well done and did not feel gaps in the training and scenarios. – [Hooded Box] Great – really pushes the training to reality. Hood elevates the experience. – Really a very outstanding course. Something I would like my spouse and daughter to attend in the near future. – T.D.

Fantastic. This course provided the techniques and training needed for me to be better equipped to defend myself and my family. – [Hooded Box] Great intro to the following live drills. – I was surprised how incredibly intense the experience was. Think I am a fit person but was exhausted by the end. Seemed to really build my confidence. – Really enjoyed the experience. I have a daughter going into the Peace Corps in August. She really needs this course. – D.F.

Very well organized, explained, resourced and presented. – [Hooded Box] Very life like and a useful tool to be able to give the participant the opportunity to implement the techniques. – Great choice of scenarios to practice these techniques. – Great training course to provide the opportunity to learn these potentially life-saving skills. – M.H.

Very professional. Excellent. Well worth the time and effort. – [Benefit the most] The basics, obviously, and the intrinsic lessons. Don’t get yourself into a situation, reinforces the importance of safety and paying attention on the street. – [Hooded Box] The hooded box drill was super. Training under pressure could not be better simulated. – All bases covered and no room for improvement. – The total course is extremely impressive and very worthwhile. The positive, professional manner that the entire staff exhibited made the course. – G.L.

Excellent. I’ve been traveling/living overseas for 21 years. I commend ****** for actually providing something useful. I wish I had this training sooner. – Really helped provide self confidence and solidified what we learned. – Great group of guys. – M.L.

Very good, very focused and practical. – The real life scenarios “under the hood.” – Makes the whole session more realistic, and highlights the weaknesses. – Overall very good. – M.L.

The class is excellent and provides the awareness for the need to be able to protect myself in different situations. – All the parts are equally relevant and provided benefit. I think all portions are complimentary. – A.O.

High quality and useful. Would highly recommend it. Much more intense than I expected. – [Closed Hood] Scary and intense. Very effective at reinforcing the learning and building confidence. – I thought this helped reinforce very real world situations, especially ability to “dial down” with an aggressor. Overall quite good. – Very well done. – D.F.

Great information! On day one I knew that I was receiving skills that could be used daily. – [Hood] Great… – This tied all the skills together and allowed students to put all they’ve learned into practice. – Overall, I felt the course was well designed and all ******* would benefit rather international travel is planned or not. – D.J.

Excellent training, changed view of many situations, corrected many bad habits, concentrated relatively simple but aggressively efficient moves. – Really useful, as close to facing a problem as training can get. – Really made me think about being more aware. – [Iso-Tacs] Seemed very real world, what to do in a horrible situation. Made some bad choices but also able to think through what I did wrong/would do differently. – [Instructor and assistant]were great. Patient and effective teachers. Whole group was great. Left me wanting to learn and practice more. Very interested in becoming more proficient. Many thanks! – D.N.

Great, learned a lot. – Great way to teach quick response. – Teaches to be aware of things around you. – Really opens up your mind to weighing your options. – J.P.

Excellent – operationally focused. – [Hood] Excellent – no time to choreograph, just react! Very realistic. – Good to have instructors with real life experience and can relate training and training scenarios to actual situations. Thanks. – A.K.

A great training. Something that everyone should know. – [Hood] A practical approach to possible real life situation. Gives one insight into possibility and your action. – … This course would be something that everyone would be interested in… great instructors and team. Would love to have more training with these guys. Great job! – S.A.

Very enjoyable. Real life situations. I would advise anyone leaving their home to complete this training. – Look forward to seeing you all back. – D.M.

Excellent. – Pleasantly surprised how quickly it became instinctual. – [Hood] This one was particularly realistic – especially with 3 people. – [Instructor and assistant] were superb – comfortable that I have a much better idea of what to do. – Already un-learned some bad perceptions. – E.J.

10+ – Exceeded expectations in all ways… – [Benefit the most] Controlling my ‘weapons system,’ refinement of prior skills, all elements of family participation. – [Unarmed Closed Hood] I was much more confident due to experience. Love the lessons it teaches, powerful. – Felt closest to “real” in terms of real time decision making. – Already looking forward to the next time! Could not have more respect for every member of the CQD team. Influenced my life in significant and positive ways! Now you have my family hooked! – C.F.

Very helpful, detailed, would highly recommend to someone wanting to learn to defend themselves. – The hood helped the most because it put me in a real life high stress situation. – [DDS Closed Hood] Awesome experience, cannot teach a real world situation any better. – C.T

Very hard to believe something so simple works so well. Needs to be a large part of the police academy. – [DDS Hood] Best thing I have ever seen. No way to prepare for something like that. – Every police officer should be made to take this course. I believe it will create much more discipline. – D.M.

As usual, excellent training. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Always great to practice what we learned in a realistic training scenario. – Always love the opportunity to train here. – J.F.

Real world scenarios were very beneficial with multiple attackers and environmental distractions. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Fast paced and challenges critical thinking. – R.B.

It was a good experience. I learned a lot of my flaws. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] It was a good real world experience. – It was fun. – M.Y.

It was extremely informative and taught in a very effective manner. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] It was a fun and effective way of teaching hand to hand combat. – Everyone here is mad chill. – J.J.

Great – simple and effective. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Fun and realistic. – [Instructor] is the man – D.S.

The training was detail oriented, well thought out, and explained well. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] The hood drills were exciting and very realistic. – Keep up the good work gentlemen! – C.R.

It was great! Will help in law enforcement. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] It was perfect, you never know where or what you are going to get. – A.S.


Every SEAL wife should go through this training. Active Duty Operators could totally focus on their job knowing their wife knows how to take care of themselves and their families. – Excellent! Incredible! Totally worthwhile, I hope I’ll have the opportunity to do this again. Wish we could come back monthly or once a quarter just for drills. – K.C.

All the instructors were helpful and encouraging and I would recommend this course to anyone! Duane – thank you for all you do for all of us, from the mentoring, training and constant motivation. Today was amazing! – The demonstration and practice of each drill enforced the skills that we learned, and the final execution phase brought home the reality of what the course is all about. One word – INTENSE!!! – M.A.

While I really enjoyed the physical training the most important thing I learned is that I should be teaching my daughters right now to be more aware of potential dangers. – Duane you should write a book about how you teach children. – Awesome!! I would love to take the full course and bring my daughters too. – K.W.

It was invaluable (and actually an honor) to participate in such a well organized and thoughtful training. – The willingness of the instructors to thoughtfully answer questions and address concerns was excellent. – [Hooded Box] This was stressful but absolutely necessary to mentally prepare for a violent situation. – Duane has provided an invaluable service. Must also commend him on his choice of staff and their obvious knowledge, attitude and dedication. – J.G.

Love the wonderful, energetic, positive attitude of the trainers- they make me feel like I could do it. – N.W.

The hooded box drill was very “real-life” situation, I wasn’t expecting how powerful I was until then. – S.L.

Exceptional! And very empowering. Combining mental and physical skills, reminding us of our natural abilities as women and teaching us to use them together is the best training a woman can have. – It proved to me that the techniques learned really do work and that I CAN do them. – I look forward to participating in more training. – C.C.

I felt it was great. There was nothing in my opinion that could of improved. It was over all the most beneficial training/instruction I have had. – It gave you real life situations and showed you what to improve on or fix. Which was all explained completely before by the trainers. – D.D.

Excellent course, all women should take it. It was very intense (and a bit frightening at times) but definitely worth it. – A bit intimidating, but the drills helped bring in the element of surprise so I could find out how I might (and should) react in similar situations. – C.J.

Wonderful – great very empowering. – Thinking about what to do in different situations. Scary (in a good way) what a surprise. There was no time to think – only react. Excellent drill to bring out the skills (hopefully) that I learned. – S.W.

The actual final experience was so valuable. Although you must experience fear, the knowledge of what your REAL reaction will be is priceless. Excellent! Valuable! Well worth any price! – The lecture portion was excellent. Your “support staff” was very professional. Wonderful, meaningful class. I recommend this training to anyone who talks to me about it. – M.L.

It was excellent! The combination of “lecture”, the physical warm-ups and skills training; and then the practical application gave me the best training. – The confidence build of learning self awareness how to evaluate situations and what to do in them. – B.G.

I thought it was very professional yet made personal and comprehensive. – Both the information and the training were equally beneficial. – C.J.

I just can’t say enough about the whole thing. The preparation, relevance and the genuine passion for helping people protect themselves. – The actual participation in simulated attacks is invaluable! It’s one thing to do a drill but the experience really builds confidence. – D.O.

Excellent! The instruction was clear, powerful, thorough, helpful, and so important. Everything was appropriate and equips us to do more than we would have… – S.L.

I thought the training was excellent. I’ve never experienced anything like this. I couldn’t believe how my adrenaline was pumping after I was finished. – The physical scenarios were great. It was nothing like I expected. I’ve never actually hit someone and it was a strange feeling. – I loved it! – R.M.

Great job guys! …Thank you so much for the opportunity! Element of surprise. The experience of being able to really clock someone! – A.D.

I really feel like I can and will use these skills in a real life situation. The simulation was very realistic and got my adrenaline pumping. – I never really thought about an attack by multiple people, that was a great scenario (and made me think of the possibility) – Thank you [Instructor]. I so appreciate your energy and passion for this. – K.F.

I appreciate this program and what it is doing for women. – Excellent!… – B.B.

I benefited the most from the real life situation type thing and the discussion portion. – I thought it was very beneficial for me because I felt like I now know what a real situation would feel like if I was put into a similar situation. I liked the discussion part because I feel like now I know what to look for and to be alert. – B.F.

I thought this was an amazing training. I feel so much more confident with defending myself in everyday life. – The discussion part was very beneficial my favorite part was acting out the real live situational events. – [Instructor] did a FANTASTIC job. – J.F.

The actual scenarios gave me a glimpse of what it would be like under actual attack conditions that really made me think about my ability to protect myself and others. – Very informative, fun and possibly a literal life-saver. – I would like to receive more training based on this experience. – G.S.

Thanks so much – I feel better prepared but hope I never have to face that situation. – I think this was a very thorough excellent hands on training. – The hands on how to stand for balance how to protect my head and to remember to scream. – S.L.

Very well executed, I feel that a lot of valuable information was delivered clearly, effectively. I feel much more confident in myself with my ability to protect myself. [Instructor] is an excellent instructor. – Using my voice. The scenarios were very beneficial. The lecture and discussion about what to do in different situations was helpful while we were going through drills. – K.L.

All of it was definitely great but I most appreciated the hands on combat with the attackers. This makes me feel most prepared. – Outstanding I feel more prepared and empowered to ward off an attacker(s). This is info and training that is all new to me so I ate it up. I’m very thankful to have been a part of the training. – J.C.

I thought it was very helpful and I feel empowered now to defend myself. – Great! I am sooo happy I did this class. – D.H.

Amazing!… – The “real life” scenarios were amazing. – Super! – M.R.

It was great. I learned so much. All that I thought I knew is not what I should do at all. [Instructor] is a great trainer. – …I do feel more empowered . – N.F.

Thank you so much for everything! You’ve saved my life!! – Very inspiring and excellent! I feel more confident with myself. I feel like I won’t have to be as scared about getting abducted, like I’m just way more confident. – F.M.

Very informative, a bit intimidating, but also something I will keep with me the rest of my life. I am extremely appreciative for the experience… – From learning about securing my home better, to being more aware, to knowing a few simple important skills can make a difference between life and death. – It far exceeded my expectations and I wish every female I know could be fortunate enough to experience it! I had no idea how important self defense is in a woman’s life until listening about (and learning) everything [Instructor] had to say last night. Thank you, Thank you! – D.M.

Great!! I loved it and would like my teenage daughter to take the class. – All of it together was perfect. – Perfect! Loved it!! Thanks! – T.C.

I really enjoyed learning the physical aspects, how to hit and how to stand, etc. – Fantastic! So useful for everyday situations. – Thank you so much, would love to suggest the course to friends… – C.B.

It was so eye opening and the awareness of how powerful 1st response is. – It’s easy to imagine how to defend myself but actually doing it will hopefully never need to be used… but I’ll be ready. [Instructor], thank you this is invaluable!!! I would do it again and recommend it to any and everyone! – M.M.

The training was delivered clearly and practically. [Instructor] delivered everything tactfully and sensitively. Thank you for doing that. Discussion of being aware of your environment… – S.H.

This training is very empowering, I’m so glad I signed up Thank you!! – Its all beneficial. –The simulations were awesome An “E” ticket from Disneyland of old. – Thanks again for putting this together – for being encouraging to all women. – L.M.

The whole thing was really fun and I learned a lot. I loved it and I know that if I ever have to use it that I will definitely know what to do. – AWESOME JOB… – S.F.

Coaching, encouragement, your patience bringing awareness – acceptance and the action of following through, I need this. – Thank you so very much for bringing this to us… – R.P.

Thank you again [Instructor]! I will always remember this evening and I now have a new sense of empowerment, thank you for opening my eyes to what I already had! – Thank you [Instructor] for believing in me and telling me “I could.” – A.M.

Excellent! Wished it could be an all day class. – [Benefit the most] Sticking with it – going through things you can do at your house. – [Instructor] you are the best, and the boys and you have blessed and grown these women. Thank you! – N.H.

The way to hit, I think that is a much better technique than what I would have done. – This was so helpful I’m glad I did it. – I think it was great! I really had no idea what to do and now I know exactly what I want. – M.F.

The validation portion, it puts into perspective how quickly something bad can happen. – Good. For the time allowed I feel the training will better help me to protect myself if needed and get away. – S.B.

It is very informative. The break down is easy to understand and to put into action. – [Benefit the most] The actual attacks at the end! Not just all talk. – C.W.

[Benefit the most] All portions. I was oblivious to everything before. Now I can quickly get my position ready and react immediately. – The training was extensive, comprehensive, and thorough. Very good/excellent! – K.M.

I’m appreciative. To be able to learn these skills – life saving skills – is priceless. It was very empowering. I hope I am never in a situation that calls for these self defense skills, but should I be – I am ready! – Excellent. Thank you so much. – Enhanced the training by making it very realistic. – M.F.

Thank you and everyone who helped with this kick ass training – I thought it was awesome that we learned as much and had a great time doing it in the short period we had to learn. Definitely would do it again. – It made me be more aware of all the scenarios lurking out there. – T.M.

Anxious about the hood and I feel the aspect of not knowing what is coming at you is needed. Thank you for this experience. – For such a short amount of time that was allotted for this class I feel I will bring a hope of getting out of a bad situation – sense of confidence – knowing the correct way to fight off an attacker if needed. – K.G.

Realistic. Incorporated all training received today. Good briefing on what to expect. Appreciate critiques. – Awesome – Outstanding. Excellent explanations on self–defense with rationales – Empowering! Hooah! – W.C.

This is such a wonderful course – thank you for giving me more confidence and also awareness of what it would feel like to actually be in a threatening situation. Priceless! Thank you all so much! – I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities in this situation. This course was very real life training! Awesome! – W.A.

GREAT! I feel so good about myself if I were put into a bad situation. Wish it could have been longer! – It really was great to have the pressure put on you. It felt real. – S.M.

Totally awesome – I learned so much in such a short time. Duane is an excellent instructor and I truly appreciate what he has done for all of us. – Wasn’t sure if I could react the way I should, but after going in the room – it was like the real thing. – M.B.

Awesome! We are very fortunate to have had this privilege. – [Hooded Box] Gave a more real situation, to use the techniques taught. – J.E.

Wish I would have had this training earlier. After becoming a surviving spouse or before when my husband was always deployed, I felt invincible. After [my husband] was killed [I] did some dumb stuff that put me in bad situations Thank God I was never hurt. Thanks. – Super Job – good explanations. I feel I can walk away from this and have a “fighting” chance – C.O.

It was unbelievable. I really feel that you have helped fulfill what my husband can’t be here to help me with – thank you. – Unbelievable. Great scenarios very realistic. – …I have to and can protect my own self. Thank you so much. – E.M.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have given us an amazing gift, and we are honored, and so very grateful. May God bless you. – Fantastic! It was a bit scary, but it was a wonderful and unique learning experience. – V.B.

Very physical and intense. I would recommend to any woman. – S.H.

I truly appreciate all the time and patience of the instructors and your ‘bad guys.’ – Lastly – Thank you for your understanding and empathy. I hope to keep in touch. – S.H.

Duane and his group were excellent, providing possible life saving skills with enough humor to provide a relaxed and trusting atmosphere. – A.H.

Wow! Informative and realistic – this training would benefit any woman, regardless of age or condition. – A.H.

Very realistic, necessary, vital, very, very good. – [Benefit the most] Knowing that all the techniques I would have used are ineffective and equipping me with the right ones. – I really appreciate you taking the time to teach me. I admit being a small girl leaves me vulnerable and have been put in situations where I needed this THANK YOU!!! – K.M.

Amazing. The training could not have been more informative or complete. In a short period of time I understood and then was able to demonstrate the skills needed to protect myself. – A must. I would highly recommend this drill to anyone before buying a weapon. – I am extremely impressed and would recommend to anyone concerned about home safety. This program/ training should be a gun safety requirement. – K.L.

It was perfect for what I needed. There was the right amount of introductory information while still being interesting and a lot of fun! – The progression of work on the range was very good. It gave me enough time to practice while still keeping it fun. – I had a great time and learned a lot. Thanks! – A.N.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This was so helpful. I really didn’t know how I’d feel afterwards, but I really do feel empowered. God bless this organization! – A.R.

Wonderful! So helpful – both learning what to do and also just helping me be more aware to look for potentially dangerous situations and staying away! – This was amazing! Thank you Duane and all the guys for giving up your time like this. I am so grateful! – A.B.

Excellent! Practical, empathetic, and very challenging – in a good way. – Duane – God bless you for your heart and help and the skills you teach. This training has been an eye opener and one I will recommend to all my female friends. – S.R.

So glad I attended. I feel this was an awesome training, wish more women could learn the steps to feel empowered and be more aware. – Great! Would love to take additional training. – T.C.

I felt the training was very informative, instruction was fun, and I’m leaving feeling empowered. – The biggest benefit for me was learning to use my hands with confidence. – Amazing! – I’m looking forward to coming back for more training! – L.F.

Fantastic. – Loved it. – I will definitely be an advocate for your course. I want my 15 year old and 13 year old to take the course next time. –T.A.

Excellent – real confidence builder. All instructors were encouraging- even when I wanted to run, they gave helpful critique in a professional manner. – Have “talked up” your course to all ladies here – encouraged all to take it; invaluable training, hope to return. – K.F.

It was very good. It helped us not only to learn techniques how to defend ourselves but also to be aware of dangerous situations. Excellent job! – Every part of the training was important for me. – [Hooded Box Drill] It was an extraordinary experience. It put us in a situation where we had to concentrate in what we were doing. – I just want to congratulate everybody for the great job you all did. Thanks. I hope I don’t have to use all this but if I have to,I’ll know what to do. Thanks. – S.A.

Very empowering. Lots of good strategies and info. – [Hooded Box Drill] Super scary. Hated it while it was happening, but was glad I had the experience. I’ve always been concerned that I might freeze up, etc if ever really attacked. But this has boosted confidence. – I’m just sad that my kids couldn’t be here, esp. my daughter. – A.L.

It was really good and I’m glad I took it. I would like more because it went fast. I feel like you taught me a lot. – [Benefit the most] I really liked the training and how you made me aware that I don’t have to feel helpless and scared if something happened to me. – Thank you for teaching us these skills. It has taught me that I need to be aware and fight when needed to keep alive. – C.B.

I thought it was absolutely amazing! I was scared day one but was so excited to come back for the second part. – [Hooded Box] I was very nervous about it, but think it really was able to make me feel the “rush” I would get in an actual situation. – Thank you so much for that! You guys were great teachers! – K.J.

I thought it was great. Most of what I thought I knew about self-defense was wrong. – B.K.

Very helpful – Think I would be much better prepared to deal with an attack. – [Hooded Box] Scary, but I can see the value of having to make the immediate decision in crisis. – I think it would help me in an attack situation… [Instructor] explained well and he and [assistant] were both patient and helpful. – J.W.

Excellent, Skills were taught in a logical progression and in a manner that emphasizes basics rather than overly complicated maneuvers. – [Hooded Box] Frighteningly awesome. Very realistic and highlighted both strengths and weaknesses. – [Instructor] was a fabulous instructor and made sure I understood and could implement concepts/techniques before moving on to the next level. – L.T.

Very, very good. The best I have ever had. – [Hooded Box] Love, love, love it. The second night I was off, but it was more real feeling because of it. – L.L.

Though I am shy and I hated PE in school, the guys made it fun and as light as possible. They gave me confidence that I can do it. – [Hooded Box] It’s completely terrifying! It got my adrenaline going! But I understand why it is necessary. – K.O.

The training was really exciting and I think it will make me feel more prepared and safe. – I think I benefited most from the Hooded Box Drill because I could see how I would react in a real-life situation under pressure. – I liked the fear and surprise factor because it made the situation more realistic. It helped me know how I will react if something bad really does happen. – T.A.

I think it will help if I was ever in a situation that I need to defend myself. I had a good time. – It was good to see the different levels of aggression there can be in different situations to show how you should react. – The instructors were willing to work with all different levels of ability. – E.B.

I think that the training I received will be very helpful if I am actually confronted by a bad guy. I feel more confident that I will be able to defend myself. – I thought that it prepared me for confrontations with bad guys more than anything else could. – M.H.

I feel like now, because of the training I will know what to do if I’m attacked. Before If I were attacked, I wouldn’t have known what to do! –M.H.

Very helpful and insightful because what you do in the box is what you would do in real life since there is so much pressure. – Loved it! Helped me understand what will happen in real life situations and how to handle them in the best way. – I wish we had more time so we could learn more. – B.L.

I learned a lot of great skills in such a short amount of time. When I walked in the door I thought I knew things but everything that I have learned in these two days were things that I would never have thought of. – I think that I benefited the most from the Hooded Box Drills because they put me on the spot in a stressful situation which allowed me to panic similarly to the way I would in the actual situation. – I felt that this was very helpful because I was

able to have actual physical contact with a bad guy in close quarters. – In reality the person could be anywhere and move at any speed, so this helped me prepare for that. – The trainers were very friendly and never made you feel bad for doing something incorrectly… – P.O.

Amazing! I never stopped to realize how I would actually defend myself. The training was very helpful. I wish all women had the opportunity to have this kind of training. – It felt like the real thing. – A.L.

The training was excellent, practical, which was what I was looking for. – [Hooded Box] This was the most stressful part of the training but it was the most important. Practical application of the skills you’ve learned in a “bad-guy” situation. – M.G.

Very informative. Increased awareness of true dangers. – I have never experienced that feeling before. – Unlike any other defense classes- this felt real. At no time did I say to myself, this is practice. It felt real and now I have the confidence to know how I would approach a bad situation. –K.S.

Very helpful and empowering! I feel like if I were ever put into a dangerous situation I would handle it. – The hood exercises were by far the most effective because you can practice all you want but without the adrenaline and actual experience it’s almost useless. – I loved the personal anecdotes and experience because it really enforces the fact that anyone can be targeted and that it is a real danger and not abstract. During all of it I felt very safe and well prepared for all of the Hooded exercises. – K.C.

Excellent! [Instructor] is very clear, convincing and motivational. – [Hooded Box] Excellent opportunity to experience potential threats- great simulation. – Very professional. [Instructor and assistant] were attentive, helpful, and knowledgeable. I loved [Instructor’s] stories. Excellent utilization of time. – D.M.

Excellent. I would recommend this course to every woman. I have room to grow in being as prepared for the uncertainty. – My adrenaline is pumping. I also enjoyed the group sessions and the interactive conversation. – I would love to take additional training. I feel more aware of my surroundings. – P.C.

Excellent, a must for all females. – Especially loved the different scenarios of attack. – A.F.

Very well done- good balance of instruction, drills and exercises. – [Benefit the most] The drills- adrenalin rush/stressful environment good to practice. – [Hooded Box] Very intense! Good to practice physical contact in close proximity. – Helpful to have scenario set up each time- very realistic exercises. – Stressful and intense course but very rewarding. – A.B.

[Benefit the most] Analysis of the situations and understanding of real physical personal abilities. – [Hooded Box] It allows to understand your own body abilities. – Thank you. Hope we’ll never have to do it… – E.C.

Intense! Very helpful to know how to protect myself and pray if I have to use that I will. – Very scary. Adrenaline is up! – I did feel calm and felt I could (hope that I will) react calmly to the situation. – You have taught me to be more aware of people in different scenarios… – I.P.

Very good and educational. – [Hooded Box] Scary but after felt empowered. – I feel very good after this course. I would like to have all my family take it. – H.R.

I think the training overall was great. – The scenario training was great. This training was closer to real life situations that might happen. – Overall I think this was a great course. – R.R.

100% satisfaction, it was awesome and the guys are professional. Very nice. Everyone needs to attend this class at least once! – I really believe that I benefited from the overall experience especially the scenario training. I feel great! – Everything was explained to us and we were able to share stories about things that had happened to us and our families. – [Hooded Box] I was afraid at first but then instinct kicked in and the instructors let me go and I felt so empowered! Great exercise too! – I would love to take this class again! Very informative. – S.V.

Fantastic! Very professional instructors; knew what he was doing – great experience. – [Benefit the most] Day 1 hood scenarios: anticipation, anxiety; helps to know how to defend on surprise and put it to use. – [Hood] Best training ever! Very effective tool. – The element of surprise; great! Scary; hands on learning’ very effective technique. – J.F.

Helps an individual to be prepared for a possible attack since you are able to practice skills taught. – Great opportunity to practice skills taught in class. – Gives students an idea how they would respond should that scenario really occur. – R.R.

Informative and techniques were useful. – Scary but very helpful. – It was stressful but very helpful in a real scenario way. – Training was very helpful. Makes me more aware of my surroundings. Taught great techniques I never knew I had. – R.T.

The demonstrations were well articulated enabling easier emulation. – All questions were well answered, however everything was well explained from the outset. – This provided good common sense insight and useful and powerful physical tools to defend oneself. The instructors were very professional and pleasant. – C.F.

Brilliant! Simple so it’s easy to remember and effective when we get to try “real life” situations. Also simple, clear instruction. – [Hood] Terrifying! But very effective and a great way to test skills with adrenalin… – [Instructor] is a great instructor and I felt very safe. All the guys are great. Right mix of professional and friendly. Thanks guys. – B.G.

It was excellent, I’m still pumped with adrenalin! I feel it’s going to be very useful and I’d love to repeat doing this course a few more times! – [Hood] It’s very scary, although I thought the adrenalin helped a lot to concentrate… – It was excellent to do that and understanding how it would probably feel in reality. I loved it. – Loved it, loved it, loved it! I feel empowered and more aware of what could happen and how to protect myself. – M.P.

I really enjoyed the course. It was very practical and anyone can benefit from it. – I enjoyed the box the most, because it gave me a chance to put to use everything that I learned. – I think the guys did a wonderful job explaining and demonstrating what we had to learn. – M.W.

I absolutely loved the training and would definitely like to go through it again. I’ve gained confidence and an understanding of how to use skills physically and mentally to save my life. It is a great feeling. – Very intense much more so the second night a very big difference. It made me feel more confident of my capabilities to defend myself. – R.S.

Awesome! Well organized. Actual exercises in stressful situations even though it was scary it proved that I could do it. – I think all females should have to take this class young and old. – B.F.

The Hooded box. The fear and surprise that it generated couldn’t compare to doing just drills. – Even though I knew I wasn’t going to be hurt, it was surprising to feel the force of someone wishing to do you harm. It was an invaluable experience. – A.S.

I think it was great. It was well informative and well taught. I now feel very prepared to defend myself. – IT SCARED ME! But it was the only way to fully know the stress of the real situation so it is definitely needed and helpful to the learning process. – I loved the course and I am so glad it was offered. I feel safer now. – M.D.

I was impressed with the instructors. They are extremely professional and VERY patient. – I loved it. It was unlike anything I have ever done and really made the training worthwhile. – I think it has been extremely beneficial they should definitely do more classes like this. – J.H.

AWESOME! Couldn’t receive more useful instruction in such a short period of time with no prior skills. – Teaches one to be on alert, ready for anything. – Love it! Sign me up for the next round!! – B.H.

Very detailed about safety measures and the variety of situations that could occur. – [Benefit the most] The actual hands on situations gave me an idea of how powerful a woman could be in defending herself. – J.F.

A wonderful presentation. I learned about things that I didn’t think that I could do. You should offer this course continually. – I truly enjoyed it. – S.M.

Very well organized, tremendous effort on everyone’s behalf. I think it’s just the tip of the iceberg, though there’s an awful lot to learn. – Great class-everyone was really, really nice, the time and effort are appreciated. – A.B.

I truly can’t say enough about how awesome this training was. Having the confidence of knowing how to react in terrible situations is comforting. – Thank you guys so much for taking time to teach us that very valuable course. – J.R.

Wow! It was so amazing and I feel so much more confident about protecting myself against predators. – Thanks so much. Having you guys take the time to really help us means so much. I learned things that might save my life! – L.B.

I’m appreciative. To be able to learn these skills – life saving skills – is priceless. It was very empowering. I hope I am never in a situation that calls for these self defense skills, but should I be – I am ready! – Excellent. Thank you so much. – M.H.

[Hooded Box] The best training I’ve ever done in my life, it’s scary as hell, but the benefit of having that knowledge is amazing. – Very valuable!! Amazing!! I really enjoyed it and it taught me a lot about myself. – L.A.

The training was excellent! Duane and the other instructors are very professional and it was apparent that they took their role very serious. I thought it was great to have one-on-one training with the instructors. Their immediate feedback is important to getting the technique mastered. – [Hooded Box] Very Intense! – P.D.

Thank you so much for giving us your time! I really felt quite blessed to have been given a great opportunity to learn those skills. I would love to continue some training at some point. – Fantastic!! – [Benefit the most] The realistic training at the end. The real life stories. – L.R.

I appreciated the effort and enthusiasm of the instructors. It was awesome. I’ve had other assault training and it can’t touch this. – [Benefit the most] Being able to apply the techniques to as close to real life scenarios as possible. Awesome!! – T.B.

Outstanding. After going through one round of training previously, I was so impressed that the “feeling” (being terrified) came right back, and I was able to defend myself. – L.A.

There was a perfect balance of “lecture” and hands on technique training. – Thank you to Duane for caring enough to spend so much time and heart to work with us. It’s a gift, your knowledge and experience that you have, and we are grateful for you sharing with us! – S.B.

The instructor was correct – very empowering to know what to expect – I was caught in a bad situation as a teenager and just knowing how to be aware, what to look for was extremely enlightening. – Loved it I think the techniques were very useful! – [Hooded Box] Surprisingly helpful! – V.F.

TAC-HOUSE was awesome! I really like the realness of it. – Wonderful! – A great job in the amount of time we had. Thank you for putting your time and heart into tonight’s training! I can tell you all love doing this! Keep up the great work. – J.N.

It was amazing – made me feel like I could defend myself, like I have power. – The practice scenarios helped me to feel the anxiety of a real threat. – Thanks for everything. – C.C.

We received excellent training that I believe I am equipped to apply if the situation occurred. – The Hooded Box was great in teaching you to react fast and in different circumstances. – Loved it! I enjoyed learning the real life stories. – T.S.

It was helpful to hear all the scenarios and stories in the beginning. I would recommend this to every woman! – Thank you for such a great experience. – J.H.

[Benefit the most] All of it, from the stories (that made me mad) from the theory to practice (that made me ready) and the trial exercise (that gave me the confidence). – Great I’m so glad I’m here! The best thing I ever done for myself. – So happy to be here I would like to do the final exercise again…Thank you so much, I feel stronger. – F.A.

Wonderful. I really do feel like I came out of this with a better understanding of what can happen and what needs to happen. – Thank you so much for today! – B.J.

I think it’s wonderful! Truly, I wish I could be a part of this more often, if not training, then helping other women to empower themselves. – A.P.

It is useful to everyday situations. Every woman should have this type of training. – Great instructor and I so appreciate the time and energy all the guys put into us. – T.J.

Phenomenal! Very informative and very professional. Excellent presentation – time flew! – Every female should attend!! – M.S.

Excellent! This class was exactly what more women need. Dieter was informative and supportive and explained all aspects of self defense so that everyone understood. – [Hooded Box] Awesome! If there was any fear in me of facing an attacker this helped me to feel more confident and self sufficient. – All of the guys helping out were all very respectful and supportive. I will recommend this class to all my friends. – L.L.

I’ll say it again, I loved it. I’d really enjoy coming to this kind of thing more often, whether it was with Mr. Dieter or with the CQD instructors. The CQD guys were professional and made me feel comfortable until we got to the Hooded Box. I loved it! Sign me up for more!!! – M.L.

Absolute professionals!! – Training everyone should have! I’m glad I had this experience! Great explanations of purpose. – [Hooded Box] INVALUABLE! Highly effective in putting your mind and adrenaline in a real scenario that most of us wouldn’t experience until it’s too late to react. – I would love more! Thanks so much for your time, care, and thoughtful expertise! – B.M.

Awesome!!! Woman Power!! Thanks guys! Thanks Duane! – [Hooded Box] Very effective, key to bringing all the drills together for real time use!! – E.S.

It would be good for our children, both boys and girls to go through this training. – Excellent. – B.S.

Excellent and very empowering as a woman. I really appreciate your time. – Thanks for everything!! – A.B.

Excellent = 5 Stars ***** = 2 thumbs up!! I’d do it again… – Thanks for the empowerment. – J.G.

Awesome – we will never experience training like this again. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Amazing – the reason I loved the class – best training for a bad experience. – Would take this class again in a heartbeat. – C.B.

Excellent. Life like situations were well simulated. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] It was life like. Scary but helpful for training purposes. – A.S.

Very beneficial. I think this is a very good class to take. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] A little scary but very beneficial and good to learn especially if you are caught off guard. – Wonderful instructor and assistants. – E.K.

Excellent. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] A+++. – It was an amazing experience. Thank you for perfecting this amazing technique. You will save a lot of lives!!! – J.S.

Excellent – informative, eye-opening. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Intense but helpful as it is more of a surprise as a real attack would be. – D.P.

Excellent. Very challenging both mentally and physically. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Very helpful. Really ups your adrenaline and makes you fight harder. – Excellent teacher and staff! – H.S.

That it is critical to many people’s survival. That it goes through many of the circumstances that I am fearful. – [Benefit the most?] On our back while asleep, coming from behind, close up to use asking us to leave with him – mostly all the hood drills. – Very good course. Would highly recommend it! – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] It brings it more into a real circumstance where you don’t know what is coming and feels like it could be happening. Very real. – Overall, thought it was fabulous. – L.C.

Loved it! Very Informative and I feel I can protect myself a lot better now if needed. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Best part! Let me know I can protect myself if I get into a bad situation! – A.B.

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this training. It was in depth and detailed and I will take what was taught in life with me for the rest of my life. Excellent class! – Everything taught went beyond my expectations. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Loved it! Helped me utilize the skills I learned in an actual situation. – Such an amazing experience! – S.L.

Priceless. These are all techniques that I would’ve never done without this training and now I feel prepared. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Completely necessary! To be put in a situation where I need to decide how to react and use my new skills was wonderful. – E.P.

Amazing. Information that will stick. Makes me feel safer, stronger. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Was my favorite part – hope to make it to Maryland to take the gun portion of the training! – L.R.

Excellent. I love knowing a more powerful way to fight when I need to. – I thought it was extremely comprehensive for a day. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Horrible in a good way. Very realistic. – Such nice, supportive teachers talking about such a difficult topic. I would take it again. – D.J.

Wonderful, life-saving training that could save my life. – Great group of men who have a true passion to help others. – L.D.

Informative and well delivered. This was all new information and skills to me. – [Benefit the most?] Hood work because it felt like it could be a reality. Seeing the knife was freaky! – Great job gentlemen! – K.B.

I think it was great. I do not think I would have ever learned these skills had this class not been offered. – I think everything was addressed accordingly. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] I think this is necessary to practice the techniques we learned. It’s as close to real world situation as we could get. – Thanks for coming to [our town]! It helped me feel more prepared and made me more aware if I ever find myself in a situation we discussed today. – E.K.

Unbelievable! Such a great life experience/tools. It was very empowering and informative. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Super intense and stressful. – Wish everyone could take this class! – C.P.

Great class – I learned a lot. – The closed hood/open hood was very life like and I feel like should an attack happen I would be more prepared. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Very life-like and exhausting mentally and physically. – L.D.

I thought it was very informative and I learned a lot of skills. – [Benefit the most?] The training room with the real life scenarios. It made me feel like I could use what I learned today. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] I thought it felt very real and I got a lot out of it. It was very scary. – Thank you! – L.H.

Very valuable – will continue to practice. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Very effective – being a visual person it gave me an experience I can use to channel positive energy as needed. – J.S.

Remarkable. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Memorable/important – class is better because of it. Gets the adrenaline going. – Mr. Dieter seems focused. – R.F.

Extremely helpful – I feel like I have learned some very valuable, yet basic skills. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Very unsettling – allows the element of surprise to be preserved. – I would love to take more classes. –C.A.

Very helpful and practical. Everything can be used in everyday situations. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Very helpful in that it really gives you a chance to react, practice, and learn in a high-stress environment. – Everything was wonderful. Thank you! – B.O.

The training was very beneficial and the employees were very professional. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] It was a little nerve-racking for me but effective. I feel like it’s the only way to really simulate an actual situation. – K.G.

Very good. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] This was the most educational to me. – T.C.

Great balance of hands on and instruction enthusiasm and humor. Keep it interesting. Definitely recommending to others. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Unexpected; impactful; empowering. – A.A.

It was excellent, extremely valuable, worth every penny! – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] It was great! Extremely beneficial, helped you to be prepared for whatever situation, that you are unprepared for. Loved it! – I never thought that I could do anything to fight off someone, that I wasn’t strong enough but maybe I am. I would love to do a second tier class in a few months. – K.J.

Organized, specific, and built confidence. – [Benefit the most?] Role planning, actual drills for practicing what we learned and real life scenarios (hood exercises). – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Excellent, element of surprise important. Learned my reaction time. – Very appreciative of the opportunity to empower women! Awareness and being present most important skill. – F.M.

Excellent. – [Benefit the most?] Hooded Box Drills. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] I thought they were great. The best part. – C.M.

Very good, a lot of information. – [Benefit the most?] The hood drill, knowing that I need to react after and think clearer. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] It is a good drill. It helps clear your mind so maybe one might react safer. – The program was very good and a lot of benefit in helping one to re-think their thinking. Thanks for having me. – L.F.

Wonderful, very informative and empowering. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Guys did a great job simulating the attacks. It really helped take the training to a new level. – The enthusiasm is incredible and it really helps set the tone for the day. I’d love to see what other courses you offer! – A.M.

Intense. I appreciated that they were trying to hone instincts into usable reactions. Made me feel like I could protect myself even though I don’t have much physical strength. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Intense but very valuable – gets the adrenaline going. – All instructors were courteous, helpful, and gave direction when they thought it was needed. – E.W.

Very beneficial. I would recommend this course to everyone. I’m very glad that I did it. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] They were great – it taught me the most of how I would probably react and areas I need to be aware of. – Wonderful presentation. The day went by faster than I anticipated. I feel empowered to protect myself now. – A.M.

Excellent training. Would like a two-day course. – I love how simple the approach was. The movements can be remembered. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Loved it! After learning the technique the role play was something we never do – great stuff! – Everyone should take this course every other year! – P.J.

It was a fantastic course. Duane was very engaging, kept our attention the whole time, extremely informative, and funny at times. Made things easy to understand. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] I thought it was important because we need to have a realistic scenario of what it would be like to be attacked. – This was awesome! I wish I could bring my children for a kids class! – B.M.

Best thing I could have done. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Best part to realize what you actually can do. – Thanks so much. – A.C.

Excellent. – [Benefit the most?] Hooded-attack responses. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] It made the exercises more realistic and more meaningful. – I had no idea the quick hand/arm movement would be so powerful. – C.H.

Really liked it a lot. A really great experience and would love to come back. – I liked the crawl, walk, run phases and the real life scenario. – [DDS Closed/Open Hood] Really awesome and keeps you on your toes. – R.V.