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Thank you for your interest in the Close Quarters Defense® (CQD®) line of merchandise. These innovative products (excluding Wiley-X goggles) created by Duane Dieter, founder of the CQD Tactical System, include specialized weapons, weapon enhancements, tactical gear, and training equipment that improve the operator/officer’s and team’s operational capabilities. All CQD products are measured for effectiveness, tested for durability, and proven in combat. When you purchase CQD merchandise, you can be assured that you are buying a product of the highest quality. A number of our products have become standard issue for many of the special operation teams and other agencies throughout the world. For over a decade we have sold our products as a direct result of training courses and word of mouth. Due to the overwhelming response and referrals, we are now offering them to all professionals and citizens. It is now possible for you to own the same equipment used by the military’s finest. For military and law enforcement discounts, please note it on the order/checkout form, by calling us directly at 1-877-822-7161, or through email at contact us.

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