CQD® Helmet with Thin Shield – PHASE 1 – Dieter's Close Quarters Defense

CQD® Helmet with Thin Shield – PHASE 1

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This protective helmet system, designed by Close Quarters Defense®, established a new standard for training partner/ Tactical Role-Player™ (TRP™) head protection. CQD Helmets represent the only true protective helmet system that allows trainers a convenient, modular approach to equipment needed to train students throughout the use-of-force continuum. From simple protection against incidental contact to full-blown, realistic scenario-based training involving both shooting (using non-lethal marking cartridges) and non-shooting responses, CQD Helmets are the way to go. All three helmet phases come standard with polycarbonate visors, which, under normal circumstances, are unbreakable. CQD Helmets are constructed of heavy-duty nylon and the inside is made of smooth, padded vinyl for comfort, safety, and easy cleaning. Each helmet features an expandable top with an adjustable draw string on top of the helmet for a custom fit, full head protection including a back-of-head guard, adjustable straps to securely hold the lens and removable protective ear covers. These helmets are manufactured by FIST™, exclusively for CQD.

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Product Description

The CQD Phase-One helmet has a standard 1/8″ polycarbonate visor. This base helmet is recommended for incidental contact and light, surface-level hand strikes.