CQD® Centermass Pad – Dieter's Close Quarters Defense
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CQD® Centermass Pad

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The CQD® Centermass Pad was designed to provide the operator with a means to safely practice hand and weapon strikes with or without a training partner. Constructed of select materials, the Centermass Pad is built to last. The heavy nylon webbing and foam inserts provide great training partner feedback as well as outstanding protection from extremely powerful or accidental contact. The hand pocket is made from easily cleaned ballistic nylon and contains a fist-strap for rapid and challenging pad movements. Nylon loops are sewn in the outside top and bottom and provide securing points to tie or suspend the pad.


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Product Description

• Internal fist grip for quick reactionary pad movements
• Nylon suspension loops can be used to hang or suspend pad
• Nylon-reinforced striking area for withstanding CQD weapon strikes
• Removable pad for cleaning nylon covering and replacing foam padding
• Extra long to provide protection of arm and elbow from strike contact
• Shell is constructed from heavy ballistic nylon
• Length: 22.5″
• Width: 8.5″ at widest