CQD® Chest Protector – Dieter's Close Quarters Defense
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CQD® Chest Protector
CQD® Chest ProtectorCQD® Chest ProtectorCQD® Chest Protector

CQD® Chest Protector

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The CQD Chest Protector is designed to prevent training injuries from blunt force and non-lethal marking cartridge impacts to the chest, shoulder and groin region. Constructed from easily cleaned durable nylon and equipped with removable pads at the shoulders and groin. The CQD Chest Protector is manufactured by FIST™, exclusively for Close Quarters Defense®.

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Product Description

Features & Specifications
• Detachable/Adjustable flaring shoulder pads for individualized impact protection
• Detachable groin pad with Velcro connection (tapered to allow maximum protection with the greatest mobility)
• Zippered openings on chest protector and groin pad with removable padding for ease of washing with layers of removable padding as well as room to insert additional padding
• Adjustable back strap
• Available in black only