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What is CQD for Law Enforcement?

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CQD provides our nation’s law enforcement with unarmed and armed defensive skills, tactics, and equipment. Our training prepares students to succeed both professionally as well as in their personal lives. CQD provides students with specialized skills necessary to respond appropriately to all situations.

Noted for maintaining high standards of training, CQD has a earned a reputation for sustained quality control standards that are continually monitored and measured. As a result, in over 30 years of training, CQD has been utilized with great success under the most stringent applications and has never had a use of force incident for either operators or suspects.

Why CQD?

Seamlessly Integrated

The CQD training and validation process provides an integrated solution for law enforcement departments across the country. The system enhances a student's technical capabilities, instills appropriate ethos, and provides the ability to utilize justifiable force in all occasions.

• Full Circle System - CQD training seamlessly integrates unarmed and armed training for the individual and team and instills justifiable actions and responses.

• Validation & Accountability - CQD provides undeniable methods of evaluation and assessment for each officer; followed by review, remediation, and advancement ensuring the highest level of officer readiness.

• Core Confidence - CQD training combined with stress inoculation and management instills the ability and confidence within each officer to instantaneously "dial" their level of intensity and action dependent upon the situation.

• Tactical & Compassionate Officer - The training develops a tactical proficient officer, as well as someone who serves their community as a positive example and mentor.

• Universal Applicability - Immediately applicable for all male and female officers, public safety and emergency services, courts and security, child protective services and social workers.

CQD Tactical Training System

Full Circle ReadinessTM

Full Circle Readiness is a term within the system that designates the complete integration of all skills in the CQD program. It encompasses physical and mental skills, which when united with the warrior spirit, creates the greatest tactical capabilities. The six divisions of CQD and the overarching model of force control comprise the fundamental basis of Full Circle Readiness.

The Full Circle ensures that the officer understands, and can responsively utilize, the skills and only the force necessary to accomplish the task safely and efficiently.


“Operational” means that all skills taught within initial and advanced CQD® courses are applicable to high-risk situations and can be functionally utilized for both personal defense and all aspects of an officer’s duties. Upon completion of the course the individual has attained “operational readiness” and is capable of using the skills appropriately within the scope of the level achieved.

For all courses, CQD provides a high level of accountability and quality control through its Validation/Accountability Service. This service utilizes various methods to undeniably evaluate the capabilities of each officer under the realistic pressure and chaos of the high-risk situation. These methods ensure all personnel undergo the same training and evaluation allowing for true assessment and subsequent remediation and produce a greater depth of understanding and confidence. Various Maryland law enforcement agencies have utilized this Validation/Accountability Service for pre- and post- engagement assessment as well as to evaluate the student's suitability for duty.


Sustainment Training is available for course graduates who wish to maintain and strengthen their skills. These courses will provide a greater depth of knowledge and includes the addition of new skills and drills to ensure the advancement of the officer is continually evolving. Time is allotted throughout the course for questions on all topics, as well as clarification on points that may arise from a change in operational objectives.


For law enforcement groups that have an established program, CQD offers training certifications that enable vetted course graduates to become Sustainment Representatives (SR) for their organization in order to maintain CQD readiness at their own facilities. Students will participate in an intense training program designed to provide a deeper comprehension of CQD theories and techniques thereby providing integration and interoperability among all personnel within their unit.  SR’s provide a resident expert to reinforce, sustain and advance components of the CQD system, thus ensuring a high level of quality and accountability.

For more information on the Sustainment training or the Sustainment Representative Program, please contact us.

Instructor Training And Licensing Program

For those law enforcement agencies that choose to make a commitment with personnel and facilities, CQD® has established the Instructor Training, Sustainment and Licensing Program. This program certifies selected and fully vetted individuals to teach components of the system and is designed to provide a progressive, operationally focused, and standardized program of instruction for an entire organization. By utilizing a system that integrates the individual to team in the appropriate use of all physical and mental skills, officers are employing the same operationally proven tactics and techniques, regardless of team or geographic location, thus maintaining a high level of interoperability in high-risk environments within the organization, or with any other unit or agency possessing CQD skills.

Though the skills of CQD may be utilized as a student learns it, the system is complex to teach with the depth of knowledge necessary to maintain a high standard of excellence. Therefore, CQD employs an in-depth process to produce the highest quality instructors. This process develops the candidate professionally and mentally, and instills an ethos in each instructor. In the standard CQD Instructor Training Program, prospective students undergo Forging, Instructor Training, and Validation/Accountability Training, followed by periodic Sustainment Training.

The success of the CQD Instructor Training and Licensing program has been demonstrated through the adoption by Naval Special Warfare. Since 1996, over forty-five NSWC CQD instructors have gone through the rigorous components of Forging and Instructor Training. The instructors have in turn trained thousands of SEALs and support personnel in one of the most sought after and successful courses at NSW. The success of the CQD Instructor Training process has been proven through student and leadership approval, and through official operational documentation proclaiming its relevance and necessity.


“Outstanding. More officials would survive if they had this training. This should be mandatory! – I have been in law enforcement for 22 years and this is the best training I have ever received. As a former training officer I am ashamed at some of the information I have passed on. Thank you.”- S.H.

“Dialing up and down” is crucial for law-enforcement and I felt this drill not only tested your ability to respond immediately to the given situation – it also helped us to control bleed-over emotions that often affect us on the street.”- J.W.

“In my 38-year law enforcement career, I have not been exposed to a more relevant or necessary system of training that will not only develop our officer's technical capability to its highest level, but also provides character and ethos development...the character and integrity of the program and it cadre are unmatched.”- D.S.

“The training itself focused on integrated and highly effective techniques that could be executed quickly in extremely stressful situations…The end result is a gained confidence in core skills that allows for an “internal dial” to administer the appropriate force to a particular situation due to reduced stress and much less fear during an encounter. This is exactly the confidence and mindset that is needed for any officer working today.”- R.M.

“Outstanding. Best training I have had in my life. Never thought an attack could be trained for with such realism. – Once again, this is the best training that I have experienced. Very job oriented and personally oriented. I would like to continue with the training to advance with further skills.”- B.H.

“Mr. Dieter has worked closely with law enforcement agencies and personnel for many years. In 1988, he was recruited by the DEA to be an integral part of drug enforcement efforts. He was chosen due to his tactical expertise, his close relationship with local law enforcement personnel, and his extensive knowledge of the area and the community…I cannot emphasize enough what an important and valuable asset Mr. Duane Dieter is to all levels of law enforcement.”- Helen Delich Bentley

“Great training. I learned more in this week than over the last 20 years of police work.” - R.W.

“Outstanding. Changed my perception of a lot of the techniques law enforcement currently uses and validated why we need to change them. – It was great, I want to stay another month and learn more. – I can’t say it enough, outstanding instruction. Course content, job relevance. The six instructors we brought are all 11+ year cops and you found a way to wow! Us all. We want more! - M.M.

“This training was a true eye opener. I wish we had this training before. Each officer should learn some portion of this training to help them survive on a daily basis.”- L.T.

“Outstanding. In 14 years of SWAT this was the most productive and vital training. I just wish I heard of this sooner. As the SWAT Team leader I have a better respect for capability versus opinion. I also have a better confidence in my operators who have attended.”- S.H.

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