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Amidst stress, chaos and confusion, CQD provides the

method to confront life’s most difficult challenges.
"Life is a Fight"

The “fight” is not simply a physical encounter, but an everyday challenge to remain positive and solidify your purpose. A positive attitude ensures the ability to achieve your objectives against life’s most intense struggles. Its most dynamic effect is in building the strength needed to handle personal difficulties, to fight through high-anxiety situations at the workplace or on the field, or to stop a threat. Throughout our lives we must fight to remain positive, encourage others, as well as defend ourselves or those who are preyed upon.


CQD training creates greater confidence and allows individuals to understand the dynamics and challenges equally mirrored by the physical fight and the everyday internal battles faced in personal situations.

Forging the
Critical Edge™

The Critical Edge is that significant skill and capability that is taught and forged under pressure, allowing the student to adjust and succeed in the most demanding situations, both in personal protection and daily life. The greater the challenge, the more refinement of skill and clarity of purpose necessary to seize the advantage and achieve success.

CQD's Critical Edge course provides the specially designed training, forging of skill, and validation that allows the individual to capture the edge and dominate their environment. Attain personal and leadership growth including:

  • Self-confidence through validated skill attainment
  • Clarity of thought and focus amidst stress and confusion
  • Realistic assessment and prioritization of threats and opportunities
  • Determining the appropriate level of actions and reaction in all situations
Take Your Training
to the next level

We are pleased to announce that Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, California is now licensed by Dieter's Close Quarters Defense to offer training and services for athletes, citizens, organizations and law enforcement professionals. Relying upon CQD's extensive history in developing our nations elite to achieve peak performance, Sports Academy is the only performance training environment in the world to make the CQD "Full Circle Readiness™" system a cornerstone of its world-class sports development programs.

CQD's Internal Warrior™ and Operational Physical Training™ (OPT™) division develops the athlete's mind, body, and spirit to maximize their potential for greatness within their sport and personal life. CQD and Sports Academy delivers unparalleled training and performance results for individuals and teams of all ages.

For more information on Sports Academy, 
visit them at

Excel to your
maximum potential

This training is intended for vetted men and women who desire a training program to defend themselves, their families, and their homes from various forms of attack.

Using a progressive teaching process, our instructors teach adults of every age the most effective, direct methods of personal protection appropriate for the home, work place, open environments, and travel. Students learn to be aware of their surroundings, to recognize trouble and avoid it if possible, and defend against physical harm when necessary.

Training encompasses personal security awareness and assessment, peaceful conflict resolution and avoidance of danger as well as the justifiable use of physical force for personal safety.

Below are just a few examples of the training and services we offer:

  • Unarmed/Armed training
  • Family Personal Protection
  • Security Awareness & Protection

For more information on CQD Training Courses for Citizens, 
please Contact Us.

Thrive where others fear

The CQD system was developed with the purpose and dedication of defending and training those that are preyed upon by the criminal elements. It is impossible to overstate the significance of a woman’s capability to defend herself and the critical decisions she must make to save her life or the life of another.

  • Women's Personal Protection - Unarmed/Armed
  • Family Personal Protection
  • Security Awareness & Protection

This course presents women with a complete array of unarmed tactics and techniques to enable them to:

  • Defend against personal assault
  • Gain an understanding of assessment and avoidance techniques crucial to detecting a threat before physical conflict occurs.

For more information on CQD Training for women, please Contact Us.


“A ‘10’. Excellent skills, excellent training, excellent trainers. CQD has the whole package to enable trainees to excel to their maximum capability. Great individual and team confidence and skills building experience. I also admire and appreciate the constant emphasis on values, morals and righteousness. It is important to hear these values as part of a course like this and life generally. Thank you guys… ” - R.P.

“I wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to train with you and your team last week in Maryland. The quality, professionalism and enthusiasm that you bring to your work is amazing. As a businessman and investor I have long felt that I can tell almost everything I need to know about a company or organization by looking at the quality of people they employ and the attitude they bring to work. [Instructors] and all of your team make it clear that you have built the kind of organization I am proud to have been able to spend time with. ” - R.C

“Top notch – this is the best training for personal and professional growth. Thank you all so much for such a fantastic experience. The training was phenomenal, and you guys are amazing! Thank you simply doesn’t say enough. ” - D.H.

“Excellent. It is the most practical application of basic physical and mental components that I have ever seen put together to deliver such powerful results. Going from intense adrenaline to mental thinking/communicating situations. Very professional and just really impressive. “- J.M.

“I will tell anyone now that they will feel so empowered after going through this training… knowing I can protect myself and especially others. ” 
- C.F.

“Extraordinary! Gets to the core of what works, what doesn’t and why. Really like the mix of physical, mental and even ethical blend to the entire training. That’s life and that is what makes this real. Thanks!“- B.B.

“Excellent. It has changed my outlook. – Mental pressure applied to us showed me I am capable of being able to execute my training regardless of situation. It has been life altering for me in a very positive way. Thank you CQD” .- B.F.

“I thought your team was extremely professional and able to develop skills in me that I did not know existed. You have a great team of guys that are obviously skilled, but more importantly, kind.“- S.S.